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									                                         It’s Allergy Season!
                   Volume 4, Issue 2     Elizabeth Lamb, ATC/L

                                                  pringtime has arrived.       worsen your asthma                allergy medications. Here’s
                      April 2005                  The time of year when        symptoms. If the allergen is      how they work: When you
                                                  all of the flowers are       in the air, the allergic          are exposed to an allergen, it
                                                  blooming, the grass is       reaction will occur in the        triggers your immune system
                                        green, and we step outside to          eyes, nose, and lungs. If the     to go into action. After this
                                        engage in all the outdoors has         allergen is ingested, the         exposure, immune system
                                        to offer! Unfortunately, this          allergic reaction will occur in   cells in your nose and sinuses
                                        too, is when spring pollens            the mouth, stomach, and           release a substance called
                                        make their appearance in many          intestines.                              histamine, which
                                        parts of the country, causing                                                   attaches to receptors in
                                        over 35 million Americans to           REDUCTION OF                             blood vessels located
                                                                               ALLERGY                                  in nasal tissues,
                                        suffer from seasonal allergies.
                                                                               SYMPTOMS                                 causing them to
                                        WHAT IS AN ALLERGY?                                                             enlarge. Histamine
                                                                               Anyone can
                                        Allergies are an overreaction of       develop an                               also binds together
                                        the immune system. Let’s use           allergy, but the                         receptors located in
                                        pollen for an example.                 probability is                           nasal tissues causing
                                        Antigens on the pollen of plants       increased if one or                      redness, swelling,
                                        activate antibodies in white           both parents                             itching and, changes in
                                        blood cells to release                 suffer from some kind of                 nasal secretions. By
                                        histamines which cause the             allergic condition. Typically,    blocking histamine receptors,
                                        allergic reaction. The body            most people develop their         antihistamines prevent these
                                        detects harmless pollen as an          allergies by the time they        symptoms. The swelling in
                                        invader and responds as it             reach early adulthood.            the nasal tissue causes an
                                        normally would; it releases            Allergies cannot be cured,        overproduction of mucus and

                                        histamine. But with allergies,         but there are steps you can       the swollen blood vessels in
                                        the body produces much more            take to reduce the symptoms       the eyes cause redness.
                                        than is necessary. This excess         they cause. Allergy-proof         Decongestants shrink
                                        histamine then binds with other        your home by keeping the          swollen nasal tissues and
                                        cells to produce the symptoms          windows closed and refrain        blood vessels to relieve the
                                        of allergies such as sneezing,         from using fans since they        symptoms of nasal swelling,
                                        itchy eyes, and a stuffy nose.         can stir up dust. If you have     congestion, mucus secretion,
                                                                               pets, consider keeping them       and redness.
                                        COMMON CAUSES
                                                                               outside, or at least not in the   When searching for a
                                        There are a number of allergy-         bedroom. Vacuum your              medication to relieve all of
                                        causing substances. The most           home twice a week, and            your symptoms, you may
                                        common triggers include                wash shower curtains and          want to search for those that
                                        pollen, dust mites, mold,              tiles with mold-killing           contain both an
                                        animal dander, insect stings,          solutions.                        Antihistamine and
                                        latex, and certain foods and                                             Decongestant. If you suffer
                                        medication. Allergy symptoms
                                                                               MEDICATION OPTIONS
                                                                                                                 from allergies more than
                                        can range from mild eye                Avoiding your triggers isn’t      three months out of the year,
                                        irritation and congestion to a         always practical or possible;     you may be a candidate for a
                                        more severe reaction causing           therefore many people turn to     prescription medication. As
                                        swelling and difficulty                medication for relief.            always, check with your
                                        breathing. For those who suffer        Antihistamines and                doctor about what medicine
                                        from asthma, any offending             Decongestants are the two         is right for you, and have a
                                        allergy-causing substance can          most common types of              fun, allergy-free spring!

                                       It’s Allergy Season                           1
                                                                                                  •    Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
                                       Preventing Shoulder Injuries in               2            •    Living with Arthritis
                                                                                                  •    What is a Certified Athletic Trainer?
                                       Evaluation of Soccer Players                  3
                                                                                                  •    Preventing Heat Illness in Sports
                                       Doctors Hospital Balance and Mobility         4
Preventing Shoulder Injuries in Baseball
Benetta Albaugh, MA, ATC/L

           s any baseball player knows,       is key since most of the time during            •     Dumbbells, flexible tubing, and
           shoulder pain is a common          delivery body weight is supported on one              medicine balls are much more
           complaint. Many may think          leg. When the legs, hips, and trunk are               functional than using machines in
           is it just part of the game.       weak, coupled with poor mechanics, the                the weight room.
However, this is not the case. Your           arm takes most of the stress of the throw.
                                                                                              SOME EXERCISES TO AVOID:
baseball season can be pain free with         The following are conditioning tips for all
proper preparation.                           players to develop their functional             •     Bench press with the bar– use
                                              strength:                                             dumbbells instead
Throwing is a fundamental skill that is
often overlooked by coaches at all levels.       • Work the whole body - focus on             •     Military press
Many coaches believe that throwing                 functional exercises that help
                                                   develop the rotational forces of the       •     Clean and Jerk
ability is innate: you have it, or you don't.
                                                   hips and trunk– like multi-                •     Upright rows
Although some athletes have more
                                                   directional lunges, one-legged
natural ability than others, almost anyone         squats, medicine ball abdominals, or       •     Dips
can improve their throwing by                           rotational pushups.                   •     Lat pull-downs behind the neck
understanding and
practicing proper                                       •    In the beginning of your         •     Preacher or concentration curls
throwing mechanics.          A proper conditioning      training you can build strength
                                                                                              ADDITIONAL INJURY PREVENTION
                                                        in the lower body using heavier
By using proper
mechanics many
                           program is essential for weights as well as the upper              Many young players fail to realize the
                                                        body using lighter weights, but       importance of a proper warm-up and
shoulder injuries can           injury prevention.      as the season progresses your         stretching routine. Without this you are
be prevented.                                           concentration should move             risking injury each time you take the
                                                        towards functional exercises.         field. A general body warm-up (jogging,
STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING                        • After strengthening the legs, focus        etc) should be done prior to stretching.
                                                   heavily on the hips and the trunk.         By following these tips you can reduce
A proper conditioning program is                                                              your risk of injury and improve your
essential for injury prevention. However,     •    Do arm care exercises for the
                                                   shoulder three times a week. Use           performance. For any additional
the weight room alone will not provide                                                        questions please contact Doctors Hospital
the necessary functional strength for              light weight dumbbells or flexible
                                                   tubing. Also incorporate abdominal         Sports Medicine at 651-2270.
throwing. You should include proper
balance training in this functional                exercises emphasizing twists for
program. For pitchers this core stability          rotation.

Rehab Health Center Staff Members
Brian Lancaster, MSM, ATC/L - Director of     Will Duncan, MPT - Physical Therapist               Laurie Cox, COTA - Occupational
the Rehab Health Centers and                                                                      Therapist Assistant
Cardiopulmonary Health                        Stacy Rush, DPT - Physical Therapist
                                                                                                  Trudi Dunn, RN - Cardiopulmonary
Benetta Albaugh, MA, ATC/L -                  Kevin Seymour, PT - Clinical Manager/               Rehabilitation Nurse
Coordinator of Sports Medicine/Athletic       Physical Therapist - North Augusta
Trainer                                                                                           Jane DuMond - Office Manager
                                              Melissa Pitts, PT - Physical Therapist, Evans
John Ellis, MS, ATC/L, CSCS - Athletic                                                            Michele Herron - Medical Secretary-
                                              Ray Domyslawski, MS, OTR/L, CHT -                   Evans
Trainer/ Strength and Conditioning            Occupational Therapist and Hand
Specialist                                    Specialist                                          Adrianne Burchette - Medical
Elizabeth Lamb, ATC/L - Athletic Trainer                                                          Secretary - North Augusta
                                              Karen Dorr, OTR/L - Occupational

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Evaluation of Soccer Players
John Ellis, MS, ATC/L, CSCS

         occer is a popular area sport for     Soccer players experience a wide range
         girls and guys between the ages       of energy demands during the 20-40
         5 and 18. Because the sport’s         minute halves (depending on the age of
         popularity is increasing, soccer      the athlete). At times players stand still
is becoming more competitive. Coaches          or walk if the ball is not on their end of
and parents are beginning to focus more        the field, and at other times they are
on strength and conditioning to assist the     required to perform maximum sprints.
performance of soccer players. Most            Aerobic and anaerobic capacity plays a
competitive players are currently              large role in soccer performance and
involved in resistance training and sport-     should be evaluated.
specific conditioning programs, but how
                                               Leg strength and power are required for
do we evaluate the progress of athletes’
                                               gaining position over opponents, winning
conditioning and assess the training
                                               balls by out-jumping opponents,
methods used to condition them?
                                               preventing injury, and kicking the ball
THE IMPORTANCE OF EXERCISE TESTING             with velocity or for distance.
Exercise testing should be done                 Like many team sports, soccer requires
                                                                                                        NORMATIVE VALUES FOR 16 TO 19 YEARS OF AGE
periodically throughout your conditioning       players to be fast and agile. Speed and
program to assess athletes’ progress and        agility, combined with the ability to
                                                                                                  Males              Females              Value
the effectiveness of their program.             handle the ball, are characteristics
                                                                                                  <15.2 sec          <17.0 sec            Excellent
Choosing appropriate field tests can be an      shared by good soccer players. Speed
effective and cost efficient evaluation         is the ability to cover a distance in a           16.1-15.2 sec      17.9-17.0 sec        Above Average
method. It is important to select field         certain amount of time, while agility is 18.1-16.2 sec               21.7-18.0 sec        Average
tests valid for your sport. Tests should be     the ability to decelerate, change
                                                                                                  18.3-18.2 sec      23.0-21.8 sec        Below Average
able to provide data on skills, movement        direction, and accelerate. Speed and
patterns, and other attributes a sport          agility should definitely be a focus of           >18.3 sec          >23.0 sec            Poor
demands. The data can then be used to           soccer conditioning, therefore should
evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of        be evaluated by coaches and players.
players and/or the conditioning program         Below is an example of a soccer-specific                COACHES
they are participating in.                      field test to assess agility.                           Soccer coaches should look at the
PHYSICAL DEMANDS OF SOCCER                      ILLINOIS AGILITY TEST                                   demands of their sport to see what
                                                                                                        activities and/or movements should be
Soccer is a sport that demands                                                                                           tested. Test data should
exceptional coordination between the          Course Setup (As shown at top) : The length of the course is 10            be used as a tool to
eyes and lower extremity (also hand-eye       meters and the width (distance between the start and finish points) is     identify strengths and
coordination for goal keepers). Examples      5 meters. 4 cones are used to mark the start, finish and the two turn-     weaknesses on their team
include:                                      ing points. Another four cones are placed down the center an equal         and for individual
                                              distance apart. Each cone in the center is spaced 3.3 meters apart.        players. Strength and
•   Dribbling to advance the ball and
                                              Test Procedure: Subjects should lie face down (head to the start           conditioning goals should
    avoid opponents
                                              line) and hands by their shoulders. On the 'Go' command the stop-          be set after evaluating
•   Passing and receiving passes              watch is started, and the athlete gets up as quickly as possible and       test data. If you need any
                                              runs around the course in the direction indicated, without knocking        information about soccer
•   Handling the ball while observing         the cones over, to the finish line, at which the timing is stopped.        field testing or
    the field of play                                                                                                    conditioning please give
                                              Equipment and Personnel: One tester (coach), one athlete, a flat
                                                                                                                         us a call.
•   Shooting at the opponents goal            non-slip surface, 8 cones, a stopwatch, and measuring tape.

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Doctors Hospital Balance and Mobility Center

               ost of the time you take your    balance disorder. The dizziness and loss of     assessment of balance, vision, dizziness and
               balance for granted. Then        balance you may be experiencing are             strength as well as walking and movement
               suddenly, without warning,       among the most difficult symptoms to            tasks. This assessment will take about one
               your world turns upside          understand and diagnose. This is why we         hour to complete. A comprehensive report
down. A spell of dizziness, a flash of          have the most advanced technology               will be provided to your physician and
unsteadiness, a wave a nausea. What’s           available to help our specialists and your      recommendations for individualized
going on? In most cases, it’s a problem         physician assess the symptoms you are           treatment will be discussed.
with the body’s balance                                    experiencing. Our SMART
center.                                                    Balance Master objectively           THE STEPS TOWARDS SUCCESS
                                                           assesses physical function,          Following the evaluation, a program is
Three systems– your inner                                  balance disorders, sensory
ears, your eyes, and your                                                                       designed to meet your specific needs with
                                                           deficits and mobility problems.      progressively challenging balance and
muscles and joints —                                       Our program includes a
continuously work together to                                                                   strengthening activities. Most rehabilitation
                                                           comprehensive balance                programs last about 45 minutes twice a
send information to your                                   evaluation and individualized
brain that helps you walk,                                                                      week for 6-8 weeks. Computerized training
                                                           training program designed to         equipment and home exercises help you
turn, and bend over easily. If                             restore your function and
one of these systems develops                                                                   learn about your balance and how to control
                                                           improve your mobility.               your movements. At the end of the
a problem, you may experience dizziness
or loss of balance. Injuries from falls are     Most balance disorders can be successfully      program, a reassessment is completed.
due to a combination of poor balance, weak      treated by using our specialized program of     Results of the evaluation, rehabilitation
                                                balance retraining. Using the sophisticated     program and reassessment are summarized
bones and loss of muscle strength.
                                                technology of the SMART Balance Master,         and made available to the participant and
KEEPING LIFE IN BALANCE                         your therapists will design exercises for you   their physician.
The goal of Doctors Hospital Balance and        that will send the correct signals to your      If you are interested in more information
Mobility Center is to help find the source of   brain to maintain balance.                      regarding Doctors Hospital Balance and
your problem and successfully treat your        The initial visit consists of an objective      Mobility Center please call (706) 651-2270.

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