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									San Antonio Chiropractic Doctor, Dr. James Franklin, Educates Locals
About Spinal Health

San Antonio TX, 12-JULY-2012 - Franklin Chiropractic & Accident Clinic
Inc and San Antonio chiropractor, Dr. James Franklin, D. C., are pleased
to announce a facet of the role of chiropractors that many individuals
are not aware of. Chiropractic physicians understand that education of
community members is important individually and community wide. Spinal
health plays an enormous role in overall wellness.

The spinal column is both a delicate and a complicated structure. It
consists of the series of bony vertebrae separated by discs of cartilage.
The spinal cord runs through the vertebrae. The nerve roots that carry
signals to all parts of the body branch off from the spinal cord.

When the vertebrae are not aligned correctly, the discs can be
compressed. The nerve bundles can be compressed as well. If there is
swelling of tissue in the area, the flow of nerve signals can be
compromised. The result is improper completion of electrical impulses in
the muscles. The signals are sometimes mistakenly interpreted by the
brain as pain.

Dr. Franklin offers various ways   to improve spinal health through
education. There are educational   seminars available to locals. These
talks can be focused on the type   of audience who is present. There are
also newsletters and articles on   the website.

Learn more about ways in which a San Antonio chiropractor can assist the
local community health using chiropractic philosophy, techniques and
information by visiting the website at today. Members of the press and
others who have additional questions regarding specific techniques
described in this press release should contact Dr. Franklin at the
location below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. James Franklin, D. C.

Company Name: Franklin Chiropractic & Accident Clinic Inc

Address: Nacogdoches Office, 12802 Nacogdoches, San Antonio TX 78217

Contact Telephone Number: (210) 657-6744

Contact Fax Number: (210) 657-7230



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