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                                            Vocabulary Week 5
Exercise I
Match the best definition to each of the following words. Use only capital letters.

   ________ 1.      barbarism                                  A. (n) a two-footed animal; (adj) two-footed
                                                               B. a rhythmic flow or pattern (as in poetry); the
   ________ 2.      benevolence
                                                                   time or beat of the movement in dancing or
   ________ 3.      biographical                                   marching
                                                               C. having to do with a person’s life or the story
   ________ 4.      biped
                                                                   of a person’s life
   ________ 5.      bizarre                                    D. happy; joyful; carefree
                                                               E. able to float or rise in liquid or air; able to
   ________ 6.      blithe
                                                                   bounce back after a reverse or setback
   ________ 7.      brusque                                    F. a desire to do good; kindliness; an act of
                                                                   kindness or charity
   ________ 8.      buoyant
                                                               G. the process or using mathematics; careful
   ________ 9.      cadence                                        thinking or planning; estimation
                                                               H. odd; fantastic; grotesque; unusual or
   ________ 10.     calculation
                                                                   unconventional in style or appearance
                                                               I. abrupt in manner or speech; blunt
                                                               J. uncivilized, brutal behavior; cruelty; a non-
                                                                   standard word or expression
Exercise II
Read each sentence below. In each blank space, write a word or phrase that has the same, or almost the same,
meaning as the italicized word. The first sentence is done for you.

   1. “Hisself” is a barbarism __nonstandard word__.

   2. Jane Addams showed her benevolence _________________ through her work at the famous Hull House
      in Chicago.

   3. Some of the best-selling nonfiction is biographical _________________.

   4. A bird is a biped _________________.

   5. Some bizarre _________________ masks are on sale for Halloween.

   6. Blythe Danner plays a blithe _________________ heroine in the movie Lovin’ Molly.

   7. His brusque _________________ reply annoyed us.

   8. My spirits remained buoyant _________________ despite my initial lack of success.

   9. The cadence _________________ of the march was stirring.

   10. To prepare a family budget takes a lot of calculation _________________.
Grade 9 Vocabulary
Exercise III
Find the word from the following list that answers each question below. Write this word on the line provided at
the left of each question.

              barbarism                      bizarre                        cadence
              biographical                   brusque

___________________ 1.       What kind of book describes a person’s life?
___________________ 2.       What do you call the rhythmic pattern of a poem?
___________________ 3.       What do you call an uncivilized act?
___________________ 4.       Which word describes how a person acts who is blunt and abrupt with you?
___________________ 5.       Which word describes a highly unusual occurrence?

              benevolence                    blithe                         calculation
              biped                          buoyant

___________________ 6.       What do you call a two-footed animal?
___________________ 7.       Which word describes an object that is able to float in water or air?
___________________ 8.       What process do you use if you figure something out mathematically?
___________________ 9.       What do you call an act of kindness?
___________________ 10. Which word describes a person who is happily carefree?

Exercise IV
Complete each of the following sentences with a word from this week’s vocabulary list.

   1. Many young people like to read ____________________ stories about famous people.

   2. Pirates were feared for their cruelty and ____________________.

   3. The ____________________ of the music was stirring.

   4. If my ____________________ is correct, we have ten miles to go before we reach our destination.

   5. Raymond found the ____________________ ghost story so frightening that he had trouble getting to

   6. Because I was in a hurry, my manner was somewhat ____________________.

   7. Life jackets must be made of ____________________ materials.

   8. The 1979 Noble Prize was awarded to Mother Teresa, who was known for her ____________________
      toward the poor and sick.

   9. Aaron’s ____________________ attitude kept us all cheerful.

   10. Our dog Rufus looks like a true ____________________ when he dances on his hind legs.
Grade 9 Vocabulary

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