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					                                                                                                                               ISSUE #5

                                                                                                                     OCTOBER 21, 2011

                                                Principal’s Message
                                                                                                                                  , 2010

                                                  The Bobcat Code: For All Members of our School Community, All of the
                                                As you are aware, the Ventana Vista Bobcat Code is our school-wide positive

                                                behavior management system. Students are explicitly taught to Be Kind, Be          09
                                                Safe, and Be Your Best in the classroom and around the school. We expect that
                                                students demonstrate these same behaviors during school events that take place
                                                outside the school day, as well. With the FFO Halloween Extravaganza just
                                                                                                                       APRIL 24, 2009
                                                around the corner (Friday, October 28 at 5:00), students will be expected to:

                                                         Be Kind                        Be Safe                    Be Your Best
                                                • Follow directions         • Walk                              • Be a good     , 2008
                                                • Treat everyone with       • Stay with an adult at all times                           ,
                                                respect                                                         • Be caring and fair
                                                                            • Leave costume weapons at

                                                The Bobcat Code also extends to adults in the parking lot and on the street at
                                                arrival and dismissal times daily.

                                                         Be Kind                        Be Safe                     Be Your Best
                                                • Treat crossing guards,    • Drive slowly                      • Model good
                                                other staff, and drivers                                        citizenship for
                                                with courtesy               • Be patient                        students

                                                • Use good manners          • Use designated crosswalks         • Drop off/pick up in
                                                                                                                designated areas
                                                                            • Put away your cell phone          only

                                                Thank you for helping to make special events such as the Halloween
                                                Extravaganza, as well as our day-to-day operations, successful by following and
                                                reinforcing our Bobcat Code!

                                                                                                                         Kim Boling
       UPCOMING EVENTS                                                      Catalina Foothills
                                    Music In The Works!                      School District

 Friday, October 21st               The students at Ventana                 Dr. Mary Kamerzell,
 •School Newsletter posted on                                                 Superintendent
                                    Vista are busily singing,                    209-7500
       Ventana Vista website        playing and dancing their     
                                    way through the school year.
 Tuesday, October 25th                                                 Governing Board Members
 •EARLY RELEASE @ 1:30 PM           Third and fourth grade               Carole Siegler, President
 •AM Kinder 8:00-10:15              classes are learning to play                529-1379
 •PM Kinder 11:15-1:30                                          
                                    the recorder, while fifth grade
                                    students are rehearsing           Todd Camenisch, Vice President
 Friday, October 28th               songs for the Holiday concert              615-9855
 •Halloween Extravaganza            this year. We will be doing a
                                    winter surprise show. The              John Bergan, Member
                                    K-2 choir will perform on                    878-6180
 Friday, November 4th                                             
                                    December 16th at 10 AM,
 •Picture Retakes
                                    and the 3-5 choir will perform     Mary Lou Richerson, Member
 •School Newsletter posted on
                                    on December 19th at                         299-4746
        Ventana Vista website                                  
                                    6:30 PM.
                                                                         Sherri Silverberg, Member
 Saturday, November 5th
                                    Kindergarten through second                   615-9224
 •Bobcat Run                        grade classes will also be  

                                    performing. They will sing          State of Arizona Legislative
 Tuesday, November 8                and play instruments to              Representatives for CFSD
                                                                      (check for
 •NO EARLY RELEASE                  accompany the songs.                    contact information)
                                    Some of our talented                   Legislative District 26
 Friday, November 11th              students are going to                     Senator Al Melvin
                                                                              Rep. Vic Williams
 •Veteran’s Day – NO SCHOOL         accompany the singers on                  Rep. Terri Proud
                                    piano and violin.                      Legislative District 30
                                                                           Senator Frank Antenori
                                                                             Rep. David Gowan
                                    All in all, we have a lot of               Rep. Ted Vogt
                                    exciting happenings coming
                                    up. Look for more
                                    announcements to come…
                                                                           Mission Statement
                                             Colleen Zandbergen
                                                  Music Teacher          The mission of Catalina
Office Hours for 2011-2012 are as                                     Foothills School District and
             follows:                                                  Ventana Vista Elementary
                                                                       School is to guarantee that
                                                                          each student achieves
       7:30 AM – 3:30 PM
                                                                         academic and personal
                                                                         excellence, becomes a
       7:30 AM – 2:00 PM                                                 lifelong learner and is a
    (Early Release Tuesdays)                                            responsible citizen of the
                                                                           world, by engaging all
                                                                          students in meaningful
Main Office       209-8000
                                                                        programs which meet the
Health Office     209-8004                                               highest educational and
Attendance Line   209-8090                                              ethical standards within a
FAX               209-8070                                            caring, collaborative learning
Durham (Bus)      615-7864                                                      community.
                                  Principal’s Lunch

       The following students were invited to have lunch with Mrs. Boling on Friday,
       October 21st. Each student received a certificate of recognition for classroom

             Sammi Frankle                            Andrew Krupp
             Jared Rogness                            Khristian Smith
             Zoe Iacomini                             Lilli De Jonghe
             Derek Kay                                Alberto Miranda
             Jake Gee                                 Ziare Nnamdi
             Shawn Rhodes                             Logan Chung
             Maddie Shirah                            Macy Goode
             Sabrina Shulick                          Andrew Moukabary
             Alyssa-Michelle Gilbert                  Bella Wexler
             Mason Huff                               Austin Hrubiak
             Riley Murphy                             Adam Pace
             Cooper Flanigan                          Madeline Schmit
             Kenyon Sanders Getz                      Cory Tertel
             Quinn Cohen                              Vinessa Van
             Charlotte Teeple                         Zoe Wolfe
             Shay Desai                               Makenzie Hillegass
             Jasmine Moussa                           Julia Taki
             Jose Aviles                              Casey Cash
             Lauren Stoner                            R J Clark

To all parents, faculty and staff of Ventana Vista Elementary:

Ventana Vista does not have any asbestos-containing building materials in its school
buildings. However, Ventana Vista Elementary is required to comply with the
Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). AHERA rules regulate
activities involving asbestos-containing materials in school buildings.

An asbestos management plan detailing AHERA required information is available for
review at the Catalina Foothills Facilities Office located at 4300 East Sunrise Drive,
Tucson, Arizona.

If you have any questions regarding asbestos-containing building materials you are
encouraged to review the management plan or contact the Director of Facilities, Basil
Callimanis, at 209-8508.
Third grade is in full swing! The students have enjoyed meeting new friends and having their break in
the morning while it's still cool. Most students are actively playing tag, football, or four-square.

Math classes are focusing on the multiplication/division concepts. Each third grade class has been
reading both literature books (in small groups) and working with information text. One focus has been on
finding the main idea for a paragraph, passage, or article. We will continue to work on that skill for the
next month.

In Social Studies, some classes have learned about our economy, while others focused on government.
In the months ahead, don't be surprised if you hear a third grader talking about ancient cultures like the
Greeks, Romans, Aztecs, or Mayans. There's a lot to learn in third grade about the contributions of other
cultures that we enjoy today.

Third graders are experiencing their learning in many different ways. Technology is up and running in
every class. Some have used KidSpiration to write stories, while others have engaged in using clickers
for reviewing their learning.

All third graders will have a pen pal this year. We are writing back and forth with the three third grades
over at Canyon View. It's a great "authentic" way to teach letter writing. We are hoping to meet our pen
pals at the end of the year.

In Science, each class began the year by learning the scientific process. The engaging experiments were
a fun way to learn to ask a question, write a hypothesis, record observations, and share results. Students
will continue to use the scientific process as we learn about plants. During this unit, we examine the
inside of a seed, learn about the parts of plants and what their job is, and watch our own seeds grow!

The tradition of carving pumpkins for the Halloween Extravaganza is just around the corner. We will not
only "light up the night" with our glowing jack-o-lanterns, but will directly connect this activity to learning
about life cycles in our plant unit.

Make sure to stop by the 2/3 area stairs and admire our creativity during the Extravaganza. Each glowing
jack-o-lantern will be a work of art!

                                                     Holly Hansen, Kristi Lafrentz and Barbara Stansbury
                                                                                        Third Grade Team

MILEAGE CLUB PARENT HELPERS NEEDED! No experience necessary! Tuesdays and Thursdays
at lunch time!

Here is how it works. Volunteers sign in at the office between 11:35 and 11:40, pick up the small
container of mileage club supplies in the MPR, and meet students at the lower field at 11:45. Third,
fourth, and fifth grade students come first from 11:45 - 12:05 and 1st and 2nd graders come from 12:05-
12:25. Parent volunteers are needed to pass out mileage club cards to students, punch cards as
students complete their laps, hand out foot charms to students completing punch cards, and return punch
cards to their appropriate class envelopes when finished.

You can sign up for either specific days, specific weeks, every Thursday for a month, every Tuesday and
Thursday, it is totally up to you and your schedule. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
Being a mileage club monitor is a fun and rewarding way to help our students be active during lunch. If
this sounds like something you would be interested in doing please email me at

                                                                                  Janet Holland, PE Teacher
                           FFO News…

 Come join the fun at this year’s Halloween Extravaganza on Friday, October 28th
            from 5:00-7:30 PM! See the attached flyer for more details!

 Thank you to the following sponsors for the First Annual Bobcat

                   Nova Home Loans (title sponsor)
                           Einsteins Bagels
      University of Arizona Cancer Center/Skin Cancer Institute
                              Krupp Family
                             Thomas Family
                            Holland Family
                            Johnson Family
                         Arizona Roadrunners

                          The next FFO general meeting
             will be held on Wednesday, November 16th at 6:00 PM
                            in the Kaleidoscope Room.

   Make sure to visit often for updates on school events,
volunteering info, important resources and to learn easy ways you can contribute.
          2011 Halloween Extravaganza
                        Friday, October 28
                          5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
                 *HOT DOG STAND, BOOSTER JUICE
                        *WEAR YOUR COSTUMES!
                                  *DJ in the MPR
                             *TRICK or TREATING

VIP Parking and Buses
Parking will be $10 per space at the school. Please fill out the form to pre-purchase a
parking pass, detach and send in with payment. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! FREE
shuttle buses will run from Basha’s at Sunrise and Kolb beginning at 4:30 p.m. and
running every 15 minutes through 7:30 p.m.

YES! I would like to purchase a parking pass for the Halloween Extravaganza for $10. I
understand that the limited spaces are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. Cash or checks must
be returned with this form to the front office. Cash or checks accepted. (Checks can be
made out to VV FFO).

NAME: ______________________________________________________________
CHILD/TEACHER: ______________________________________________________

 All parking pass orders must be received by WEDNESDAY, OCT. 26. Passes will come
                    home in your child’s folder by FRIDAY, OCT. 28.
Catalina Foothills School District Foundation
                                                                                 Save	the	Date	for
                                                                     LOVE	OUR	SCHOOLS	GALA
                                                                       Friday,	January	27,	2012
                                                                               6:00	p.m.
                                                                      Loews	Ventana	Canyon	Resort
                                                    Enjoy	an	elegant	dinner,	casino	fun	with	prizes,	music	
                                                    and	dancing,	a	fabulous	live	and	silent	auction,	and	
                                                    recognition	of	our	Teachers	of	the	Year.		

                                                                We	Need	Your	HELp!
                                                  •	 Do	you	have	donations	for	our	Live	
                                                     or Silent Auction?
                                                  •	 Do	you	own	or	shop	at	a	local	
                                                                                             Remember to nominate
                                                     business	that	could	donate	or	
                                                                                                 your choice for
                                                     sponsor our event?                        Teacher of the Year
                                                  •	 Can	you	volunteer	your	time	to	help	     by November 10th at
                                                     make the Gala a success?     
                                                 If	your	answer	is	YES,	please	contact	
                                                 Foundation	Board	Members			
                                                 Wendy	Marquez	at	891-0387	or		 	
                                                 Kara	Rawson	at	269-2269	or			
                                                                                                  Golf Fore the
                                                                                                 Endowments !
                                                Go to                Friday, March 9, 2012
                                                 to purchase Gala tickets NOW!!             Skyline C ountry Club
                                                 $90 on or before November 25th             Shot gun Tee O ff – Noo
                                                     $100 after November 25th
               Registration Sun. Oct. 30th
         Rillito Fields—1st Ave. South of River

      4th/5th/6th grades — 11am-12pm
          7th/8th grades – 12pm –1pm

           No prior playing experience required
   Practice starts late November. Season runs
   January through early March. Download
    registration forms at
Sports physical & US Lacrosse membership required.

       Questions? Contact Patricia Shaffer at
      440-6852 or

    Check out Lacrosse every Sunday at the
          Rillito fields starting at 11am
   go to for more information
                    about fall ball

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