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					July 28, 2011

Dear Prospective Wind Ensemble and Concert Band members;

Can you believe the school year is almost here? I am very excited about the upcoming year! I have some really fun projects
planned and I know that you will enjoy digging into them as much as I will.

On our fall schedule is a couple of projects that should be really fun. Our first concert will feature a couple exchanges and us
on the same day. In short we will share the stage with an all star brass group from Denmark as well as Don Immel and Alan
Vizzutti! The second concert will feature our newest faculty member, Oksana Ezhokina and a piano concerto.

In the spring we will perform for the College Band Directors National Association Conference in Reno, Nevada as part of our
regional tour. More specifics will be emerging but we will either spend a few days in Northern California (San Francisco)
and do exchanges with schools down there or catch a bus and begin to head north for concerts in Oregon. Part of this
performance will be a World Premier from composer Scott McAllister called Mercury on the Moon. It is going to be a piece
based on current events but styled after the Glam Rock heavy metal bands Pink Floyd and Queen! It will feature Dr. James
Brown as a tenor cantor singing a style akin to Freddie Mercury and Brett Michaels! McAllister said that he wants to include
electric guitar!!! I told him to put a whammy bar on the harp and we are good to go (kidding). Naturally I am pretty fired up
about this performance, as it is very high profile and could place PLU in the national eye where it belongs!

One special note:

If you are an Instrumental Music Education Major, it is highly recommended that you have experience with more than one
ensemble each semester. It is our desire to provide you with as broad a base of experiences as possible. This is a challenge
to do in nine semesters. Where work is important to put food on your table, I ask that you consider trying to accommodate
your schedule; this investment of time now will pay rich dividends in the future. Those in my conducting classes are
encouraged to take Concert Band as well so that I may get you involved with warm-ups and conducting in real life situation.

Please take note of these dates and times:

•   The auditions during the weekend (Labor Day) before classes start (Bring the enclosed ensemble preference form.) If
    you wish to play in the Wind Ensemble, you must be present for a live audition. Any exceptions must be cleared by me
•   The first rehearsal for the Wind Ensemble will be held at Wednesday, September 7th @ 3:40 pm.
•   The first rehearsal for the Concert Band will be held Wednesday, September 14th @ 7:15 pm

Percussionists, please note: All percussionists on a music scholarship must audition on Saturday at 6PM if they want to
also audition for the Jazz Ensemble. It is also highly recommended for non-scholarship percussionists.

Please fill out the enclosed audition form and bring it with you to your audition. Make sure you sign up for
an audition time when you arrive on campus. I have really missed rehearsal! Enjoy the rest of your
summer. I am VERY excited about this new season!


Edwin Powell
Edwin Powell, DMA
Director of Bands
Pacific Lutheran University

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