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									             e di tor s ’ l e t t e r                                   e di tor s ’ l e t t e r
                                             June 2000                                                    June 2010

                                               ew ideas are rarely                               In the summer of 2000,
                                               without criticism.                                Net-A-porter opened its
                                               Fashion via the                                   virtual doors for business in
                                      Internet? Will anybody buy                                 a tiny office, with a miniscule
                                      without trying things on?                                  budget, big dreams, some
                                      Consider a similar refrain over                            visionary brands, a handful of
                                      100 years ago when made-                                   hard-working team members
                                      to-measure clothes were                                    and a few daring fashion-
                                      de rigueur. Another                                        forward customers. In the early
             technological introduction – the sewing machine –          days, we only had about two customers a day so it was
             turned fashion houses into production lines. Couture       a big moment when we received an order from a name
             customers balked. How could a standardized sizing          we didn’t recognize. Over the years we went from
             system address individual fit? We are, after-all,          producing one issue of online content a month – all
             unique. Ready-to-wear, or prêt-a-porter as we call         clickable and shoppable – to one issue a week. We’ve
             it in the industry, was a fashion revolution both          gone from two orders a day to thousands; 35 brands
             economically and creatively. And when designers,           to over 400; five staff members to over 600 across
             including Coco Chanel and Christian Dior put their         three locations in the UK and US. But it all had to start
             stamp on ready-to-wear, today’s fashion frenzy             somewhere, and in this week’s issue we introduce you
             was born -- with all of us repeatedly looking for          to three women – the first employee, customer and
             a Fashion Fix – that outfit made “just for me.”            label. Without these three magic ingredients, we would

                                                                                                                                    BURBERRY PRORSUM FW10
             Today’s shopping revolution is online. Here at             never have survived our first year. We also share with
             Net-A-porter you can enjoy access to boutique              you some of our favorite stories in our gallery and take
             fashions that are featured in your favorite magazines      you on a whistle-stop tour of ten years of key fashion
             but not for sale on every corner. You may be a frequent    moments. And don’t forget to watch our Studio 10
             flyer, but sometimes you just need the clothes to come     video, featuring the beautiful model Kim Noorda
             to you. What is the future of prêt-a-porter? Like you I    in some of FW10’s most statement-making looks.
             believe the internet can improve but not replace fashion   thank you for indulging us in this celebration
             as we know it. But in 100 years, will offline shopping     of our first decade. Here’s to the next ten
             be regarded as the new couture? time will tell. In the     years, and on behalf of everyone at
             meantime, try this website on for size.                    NET-A-PORTER, thank you for
             Welcome to the age of net-a-porter.                        making our virtual dreams a reality!
number ’s
  We caught up with our first ever customer,
designer and employee to celebrate a
  fashionable decade at NET-A-PORTER
                                     ThE fiRsT designer                                             10 yeARs of Net-A-PoRteR
                                                                                                  How did it feel to be
                                          founder and Chief Creative Officer                      Net-A-PoRteR’s fiRst
                                          of Jimmy Choo,Tamara Mellon looks                       “We were delighted to jump on board
                                          back on ten stylish years in fashion                    and support NET-A-PORTER. It was a
                                                                                                  great decision for us to have an online
                                                                                                  e-commerce presence and partner back
                                                                                                  in 2000 – right from the start I totally
                                                                         tAmARA’s fAll wisHlist   believed in Natalie’s vision and capability
                                                                                                  to capture such new territory.”
                                                                                                  do you RemembeR wHAt
                                                                                                  tHe sPecific Pieces weRe?
                                                                                                  “Key seasonal collection items, iconic
                                                                                                  to the Jimmy Choo brand at the time.”

                                                                                                  How HAs Net-A-PoRteR
                                                                                                  develoPed siNce its lAuNcH?
                                                                                                  “It is incredible to see the evolution in
                                                                                                  the site and to see so many more brands
                                                                                                  come on board has been amazing.
                                                                                                  It’s truly unique and the best fashion
                                                                                                  portal for meeting today’s woman’s
                                                                                                  fashion needs.”
                                                                                                  wHAt HAs cHANged iN fAsHioN
                                                                                                  iN tHe lAst 10 yeARs?
                                                                                                  “I think the change in our attitude
 10 things tamara loves about net-a-Porter                                                        towards fashion has been remarkable
                                                                                                  over the last ten years. Fashion tends
• Easy navigation             • The packaging                                                     to be much more casual on a day-to-
• Perfect for the             • It’s the perfect place to                                         day basis. Women also want to invest
  working woman                 buy gifts for girlfriends                                         in pieces that will last more than one
• The best picks of           • The great online magazine                                         season.”
  the season                  • The fact that no other
• Great selection and           fashion site has been
   diversity of designers       able to beat it!
• The ‘make your life easy’   • For its innovation and
  approach to shopping and      forward thinking ethos in                                                   Click the phone to
  returning items               regards to e-commerce                                                       hear a birthday message
                                                            shop the look4 shop jimmy choo4                 from Tamara Mellon
                                 ThE fiRsT employee                                            10 yeARs of Net-A-PoRteR
                                                                                               How did you come to
                                                                                               woRk At Net-A-PoRteR?
                                              Editorial Director Claudia Plant is              “Natalie and I worked together at Condé
                                              NET-A-PORTER’s first employee.                   Nast. She left to pursue a freelance career,
                                                                                               we met for lunch and she told me she had
                                              she talks us through her fashion                 an idea for a new business – to launch a
                                              moments and key buys for fW10                    website selling pieces we love in the style
                                                                                               of a magazine. It would combine our two
                                                                  clAudiA’s fAll wisHlist
                                                                                               favorite things – fashion and shopping.
                                                                                               I thought the idea was genius!”
                                                                                               you weRe tHe fiRst
                                                                                               Net-A-PoRteR emPloyee!
                                                                                               How did it feel to be PARt
                                                                                               of sucH A New iNNovAtioN?
                                                                                               “There was nothing like it, which was
                                                                                               a challenge in itself – speaking to the
                                                                                               different brands and convincing them to
                                                                                               come on board. We got a really positive
                                                                                               response from everyone and it’s thanks to
                                                                                               all the labels that had faith in us – Jimmy
                                                                                               Choo, Matthew Williamson, Paul & Joe,
                                                                                               Anya Hindmarch to name a few – that we
                                                                                               are where we are today. We are
                                                                                               extremely proud of everything that we
 10 things claudia loves about net-a-Porter                                                    have achieved, and the extent to which
                                                                                               the business has grown.”
• The fashion!                     looking through them
                                                                                               wHAt wAs youR
• The 24/7 shopping              • The weekly magazine and                                     fiRst Role?
  experience, and trying           video content which really                                  “I came on board as Fashion Editorial
  everything on in my              bring fashion to life                                       Director – I was a one-woman band
  bedroom                        • Our new iPad app                                            running the magazine but also getting
• Working with dedicated,        • The fact that we are forever                                involved in product editorial, and checking
  passionate people who are        innovating means it’s an                                    the quality of products. We produced a
  as fashion-obsessed as I am      exciting, fun place to work                                 magazine every 2 months, then it went
• The ‘What’s New’               • The gorgeous new London                                     monthly and finally weekly. ”
  uploads every Monday and         headquarters
  Wednesday – I still get that   • MRPORTER – so my
  excited feeling when             husband can shop too
                                                                              shop the look4
                                  ThE fiRsT customer                                      10 yeARs of Net-A-PoRteR
                                                                                          wHAt wAs youR fiRst
                                              Milan-based Anna Östergren Guglielmone      Net-A-PoRteR PuRcHAse?
                                                                                          “I knew Natalie Massenet and wanted to
                                              was NET-A-PORTER’s first ever customer.     be the first to shop at NET-A-PORTER
                                              here she takes a trip down memory lane...   and followed the whole process from
                                                                                          business plan to the opening of the
                                               ANNA’s fAll wisHlist                       site. My first purchase was a leather-
                                                                                          embellished light blue Souchi sweater. It
                                                                                          felt very fresh and summery. I wore it to
                                                                                          lunch in Paris with white jeans and nude
                                                                                          sandals to complement my tan.”
                                                                                          do you still HAve it?
                                                                                          “I do!”
                                                                                          How did you feel About
                                                                                          sHoPPiNg oNliNe?
                                                                                          “I had confidence. I loved that you
                                                                                          were inspired, you clicked, shopped and
                                                                                          your delivery would arrive in a stylish
                                                                                          black box. It felt so luxurious, like giving
                                                                                          yourself a super gift!”
                                                                                          do you still sHoP At
 10 iconic Pieces in anna’s wardrobe                                                      “Yes, I also frequently visit the site
                                                                                          to update myself on trends and
• A silver Jean Paul Gaultier       tunics and kaftans                                    new designers.”
  necklace – a fantastic piece    • An Erikson Beamon
  of art, it always looks right     necklace                                              wHAt do you love
• An Yves Saint Laurent black     • A Roberto Cavalli                                     About Net-A-PoRteR?
  Le Smoking suit always            maxi dress                                            “The balance between inspiration and
  makes me feel elegant!          • A pair of slim-fit black                              efficiency. It always feels up-to-date;
• My first pair of gold sky-        Acne jeans                                            a mix between classic, established and
  high Louboutin heels            • A Chloé bag. It’s just gets                           new designers. I love to have access to
• My Emilio Pucci mini dress        better and better. I will                             labels that aren’t available where I live.”
  for fantastic summer parties      never stop using it
• Melissa Odabash                 • A Missoni knitted sweater
  beachwear – I have it all,        which is easy to wear with
  from bikinis and hats to          white jeans and high heels
                                                                      shop the look4
10 th
                  The heels, the bags, the gowns, the
                  coats, the faces, the names and all
                  the runway highlights from ten
                  years of glorious fashion at

        ViVienne WestWood runWay shoW, fW10
                                                EIGH T I E S rE du x: A L L
                                                ST rONG C OL Or A N d
net-a-Porter.CoM launched on June               SH A rP SI L HOu ET T E S
10, 2000, in a former artist’s studio off the
King’s Road in London, with five staffers,
over 75 designer labels (including Jimmy
Choo, Boyd, Matthew Williamson, Luella,                   ColoR
Diane von Furstenberg) and one founder                    Clash,
(Natalie Massenet) with the conviction                    luella, ss00
that this radical new website would be
the future of shopping. and the world
into which we launched? stock markets
were reeling from the shock of the
dot.com bubble that had burst. With a
unique and innovative fashion magazine-
inspired layout, we offered the discerning,
style-conscious woman something
thrillingly new; they could, literally, shop
straight from the page – and they did.
 and in fashion at the time, a kind
of conservative chic prevailed: think
pussy-bow blouses, tweed skirts and                                            GRaffiti-
40s-inspired dresses, pieces that we                                           spRayed
took as the subject of our first shoot,                                        aCCessoRies,
                                                                               Bottega Veneta, 2001
featuring a porcelain-skinned Jasmine
Guinness as lady of the manor. A few
months later, the fashion landscape
changed again to an ironic take on eighties
candy colors, pattern on everything and
bold stripes. Women embraced this
more playful aesthetic: thanks to our
new style icon, Carrie Bradshaw, the
ballet tutu and wraparound cardigan
were no longer just a kooky New York
phenomenon but a worldwide one too.                              BuBBleGum
                                                                 paul smith,
                                                                                         10 yeaRs of net-a-poRteR
                                                                     dResses and
                                                                     dRapinG diane von    What’s more, the designer ranks at
                                                                     furstenberg fw03     NET-A-PORTER began to grow with
                                                                                          the arrival of a clutch of big names,
            the Chloe                                                                     including Missoni, Alberta Ferretti,
            GiRl on the                                                                   Narciso Rodriguez and Roberto Cavalli.
            Runway,                                                                       By fall 2001 they had been joined by
            fw03                                                                          catwalk darlings Marc by Marc Jacobs
                                                                                          and Roland Mouret. And several what-
                                                                                          turned-out-to-be-significant      fashion
                                                                                          moves took place. Clements Ribeiro
                                                                                          were taken on to re-invent Cacharel. A
                                                                                          shy and retiring Israeli designer named
                                                                                          Alber Elbaz went to the house of Lanvin.
                                                                                          Christopher Bailey joined Burberry.And
                                                                                          just as New York Fashion Week kicked
                          the hiGh-                                                       off, the calendar clicked round to 9/11.
                          waisted jeans
                          Chloé, ss04
                                                                                           how did fashion respond to this
                                                                                          setback? It embraced color, nostalgia
                                                                                          and a magical, transporting mood. new
                                                                   sophistiCated          labels at NET-A-PORTER during this
                                                                   satin Carolina
                                                                   herrera, fw 2003       time included Marni,Temperley London
                                                                                          and Juicy Couture – brilliantly surfing
                                                                                          the crest of its velvet loungewear wave –

THE LOUBOUTINS                                                                            and emilio Pucci. of course, we can’t
                                                                                          forget that this was also the era of
                                                                                          designer denim,and Earl Jean and 7 ForAll
We just can’t get enough of these red-soled beauties,                                     Mankind were the new names to know:
whether classically simple or delightfully daring                                         hard to remember now but there was a
                                                                                          denim desert before low-rise jeans, and
                                                                                          women took to this flattering new cut
                                                                                          with joy. Jeans were instantly elevated
                                                                                          from casual wear to wear-everywhere
                                                                                          and for all occasions, laid-back or luxe.

the privé        the Big lips        the décolleté   the pigalle
We continued to bring in up-and-coming                                                    10 yeaRs of net-a-poRteR
names too like Ashish, as well the big
guns: Calvin Klein, Azzaro, Moschino
and Miu Miu, in a romantic display of
bows and rosettes and pretty sherbet
pastels that looked feminine and fresh.
The shoe of the year was Louboutin’s
see-through sandal, decorated with
numerous tiny pink satin bows: the boot
of the year was Chloé’s suede knee-
highs with fringing that swung satisfyingly
as you walked. By 2005 this carefree
mood had segued from the girly to the
grown up. Roland Mouret debuted his
miraculous siren dresses, the Galaxy
and Titanium, which transformed every
figure into a perfect hourglass, giving
new meaning to the term ‘power
dressing’. net-a-Porter didn’t miss a
beat, showcasing this elegant new trend
under the heading ‘hitchcock heroine.’

                                                                   the ultimate
                                              Cool ClassiCs        lBd
                                              lurex and tweed at   the Galaxy dress,
                                              miu miu, fw04        as worn by dita
                                                                   Von teese, 2006

                                                                                       rOLANd MOurET
                                                                                       GALAXY DRESS
               sliCk City tailoRinG
               alexander mcQueen, fw 05
sweet                                                      10 yeaRs of net-a-poRteR

miu miu, ss06
                The trend for statement handbags,               I love the fact that
                which had been bubbling under since
                Chloé’s bead-embellished Bracelet             each year – each day in
                style in 2003, reached critical mass          fact – wE PuSH THE
                in 2006 in the shape of a bag, called,
                innocently enough, the Paddington.            bOuNdArIES further

                the moment we saw it on the shelf                   and further
                of Chloé’s Paris showroom, we knew
                this soft, unstructured bag would be
                                                             alison loehnis,VP sales and Marketing
                a hit. sure enough, the camel-colored
                leather tote, with signature oversized
                buckle, was seen on every fashionable      The waiting lists worked overtime when
                arm as women began to realise the          roland Mouret returned to fashion in
                transformative power of the right          fall 2007 under a new label, RM, but still
                accessory (in fact, we sold 376 of these   with his signature womanly aesthetic.
                It bags in 36 hours). In contrast to the   Our online exclusive, where you
                Paddington, in clothes a soft, angelic     could shop directly from the runway
                femininity was the order of the day.       show, had women around the world
                There were three key dresses: Michael      rejoicing. At last! Roland was back!
                Kors’ white lace floor-skimming             They were also excited by Christian
                shirtwaister, Miu Miu’s broderie           Lacroix, another master of silhouette
                anglaise babydoll; and Marc Jacobs’ one-   and color, who showed women how to
                shouldered silver sheath. Ruffles looked   work the satin party dress: wear it with
                fresh, nude became a color rather          a black leather biker jacket and serious
                than an adjective, and our new season      attitude. The girl-woman vanished in
                muses were retro-inspired; imagine a       favor of the all-woman: silhouettes
                wide-eyed Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s         were fitted or flared from the waist,
                Baby and ’60s model Penelope tree.         the color palette darkened, and we
                By fall 2007 the It bag obsession had      featured the extras a woman needed
                reached extraordinary heights with         to lift her look: a cocktail ring or two,
                online waiting lists and near-hysteria     satin heels, an embellished clutch. It was
                among those unable to secure their         sophisticated and statement making
                Edith/Stam/Bayswater. We ordered and       and NET-A-PORTER showed the way.
                re-ordered to keep up with demand.
    In 2008, we got involved with one
    of fashion’s most important causes,
    selling ralph lauren’s pique polo
                                                                                                          10 iconic
    shirts online to raise money for
    fashion targets Breast Cancer. and
                                                                                               RUNWAY MOMENTS                                      AlexAnder
    following on from the success of our                                                                                                           fW06 kate
                                                                                    famous faCes                                                   moss appears
    RM by Roland Mouret collaboration,
                                                                                    supermodels        MAriA GrAchvoGel                            as a hologram.
    showcased      halston’s   relaunched                                           pose for fashion
    collection (now under the guiding                                                                  fW00 Victoria Beckham
                                                                                    targets Breast     takes to the runway.
    hand of Jimmy Choo’s Tamara Mellon)                                             Cancer, 2008
    to an audience who could once again                                                                                             hussein chAlAyAn
    place orders straight after the show.                                                                                           ss07 a high-necked
                                                                                                                                    dress transforms into
                                                                                                                                    a beaded flapper dress.
                    puRe Beauty
                    emilio pucci            BaGs of style
                                            the Chloé                                                      lAnvin ss08                           MAttheW
                    sandals, ss 2007                                                                                                             WilliAMson
                                            paddington                                                     models wear versions
                                            takes off, 2005                                                of elbaz’s signature                  ss08
                                                                                                           tuxedo and bow-tie                    prince kicks
                                                                                                           ensemble.                             off the show.


                                                                                                          ss08 natalia
                                                                                                          Vodianova takes               issA ss09 naomi
                                                                                                          to the runway                 Campbell walks with
Chloé continues to give us beautiful arm candy.                                                           three weeks after             heir jourdan dunn.
                                                                                                          giving birth.
Here are four of our favorite bestselling styles...
                                                                                                                                           ProrsuM fW10
                                                                                                       fAshion for relief                  the British label
                                                                                                       2010                                live-streams a super-
                                                                                                       kate moss makes a rare              slick london show.
                                                                                                       runway appearance to
                                                                                                       honor late designer
                                                                                                       alexander mcQueen.

                                                                                                       MArc JAcobs fW10
                                                                                                       jacobs tears down brown
the paraty                                      the Bracelet Bag                                       paper to reveal over fifty
                                                                                                       models posed on set.
                      the Bay                                      the paddington
2008 – ROLAND
                                                  haRd and soft
10 yeaRs of net-a-poRteR
                                                                      2008 - THE
                                                  Balmain, fw08;
                                                  Christopher kane,
2008 also saw the emergence of some
seriously modern new designers.
                                                                      FIERCE HEEL
there was erdem’s striking, conceptual
sensibility;Charlotte Olympia’s towering
bi-colored heels and Balmain’s silver                                     “to feel like a woman
sequined and black jersey asymmetric
dress. the net-a-Porter woman had
                                                                            wear heels,” said
become confident, strong, even fierce.                                  Christian louboutin, “and
Cool new designers, ideally suited to                                    to feel like a Goddess,
dress this strong woman, arrived thick                                   weaR fiVe inChes.”
and fast: Camilla Skovgaard, Christopher
Kane, Marios Schwab, Markus Lupfer.
                                                                         women didn’t need any
Everything was studded, or grommeted,                                          convincing...
or buckled, or zipped, or, ideally, all four.
Balmain’s military-minded drummer-
boy jacket, with its don’t-mess-with-me
power shoulders, atop lean pants and
vertiginous heels, outshone all others.

                                                jewel identity
                                                missoni, fw08;
                                                lanvin, fw09
                                                                          10 yeaRs of net-a-poRteR

                                                                          and what does this sophisticated
                                                                          glamazon covet from NET-A-PORTER
                            tuRn up the                                   in 2010? For spring it was Proenza
                                                                          Schouler’s surf couture, Alexander
                            isabel marant,
                            Chloé, proenza                                Wang’s laid-back sportswear and
                            schouler, and                                 Balmain’s khaki canvas lace-ups, paired
                            alexander                                     with J Brand’s Houlihan low-rise skinny
                            wang, ss10.                                   cargos, so desired that consignments
                                                                          sold out the moment they arrived. For
                                                                          fall it will be a re-worked perfectionism,
                                                                          cozy knits and shearling jackets fit for
                                                                          a fashion adventuress, and bourgeois
                                                                          colors to suit the woman of the world.
                                                                          one thing's for sure, the net-a-
                                                                          PORTER woman has come a long way…

                                       the new
                                       ‘it’ Boots
                                       isabel marant,

                                                        pop aRt
f rOM u PdAT E d C L A S SIC S                          the andy
T O H IGH-T E C H PrI N T S,                            warhol-inspired
N ET-A-P OrT E r                                        & Gross, ss10
SHOw E d I T A L L
     EntEr thE nEt-a-portEr gallEry

                  click here to enter4

to sEE our top storiEs from thE last 10 yEars
PERFECT                                     10
 Read our celebration of all things cool since NET-A-PORTER
  was born in 2000, the models, the movies, the new designers,
                  and even the celebrity pets!
                                                       ALExANdER                         10 YEARS OF NET-A-PORTER

Dream TEAM                                             WANG
                                                        Who: This New York
Here we round up ten new labels                         designer whose nickname
                                                                                                      Who: The Serbian-
                                                        is ‘the T-shirt master’ has
to emerge over the decade                               built a loyal following for                   born designer has built
                                                        his grungy-cool style and                     a strong reputation for
                                                        counts fashionistas like                      effortless elegance.
                                                        Erin Wasson among his                         What: This season is
             RichARd                                    many fans.                                    brimming with billowing
                                                                                                      silk dresses guaranteed
               NicOLL                                   SHOP it4                                      to make every party look.
  Who: The London-                                                                                    SHOP it4
  born Australian-raised
  designer launched his
  eponymous label in 2005.
  What: Cool-girls love
  the tailored looks with
  a sporty-luxe twist.
  SHOP it4

                                           Who: Thakoon
                                           Panichgul is one of
                                           the leaders of the                                 ThE ROW
                                           new wave of Big Apple
               Click the phone to listen   talent sweeping the                        Who: cool-girl twin
               to an exclusive message     fashion arena.                             sisters Mary-Kate and
               from Richard Nicoll         What: Think vibrant                        Ashley Olsen’s high-
                                           prints and soft draping.                   end New York label.
                                           SHOP it4                                   SHOP it4
                                  Who: The Italian designer
                                  honed his skill at Fendi and
                                  Emanuel Ungaro before                                                               MARiOS
                                  starting his line in 2005.                                                         SchWAB
                                  What: Think mini dresses
                                  with a hint of ’60s glamour.                                             Who: The Athens-
                                                                                                           born, London-based
                                  SHOP it4                                                                 designer’s sharp cuts
                                                                                                           have helped to shape
                                                                                                           the body-con trend.
                                                                                                           What: style-lovers
                                                                                                           can’t get enough
                                                                                                           of his signature
                                                                                                           dramatic flair.
                                                                                                           SHOP it4

                                             JASON Wu
                                              Who: Renowned for his
                                              polished tailoring, Jason
                                              Wu gained acclaim when
3.1 PhiLLiP LiM                               Michelle Obama chose        ERdEM
                                              a Wu gown for
Who: New York designer                                                    Who: London designer
                                              the inauguration ball.
Phillip Lim’s label is loved by                                           Erdem Moralioglu is known
                                              What: Elegance that
the likes of Diane Kruger,                                                for his striking floral prints
                                              epitomizes modern Park                                            Click the phone to listen
Blake Lively and Helena                                                   and haute-chic detailing.
                                              Avenue chic.                                                      to an exclusive message
Christensen. In 2007,                                                     He won the prestigious
                                              SHOP it4                                                          from Victoria Beckham
Lim received the Council                                                  Fashion Fringe competition
of Fashion Designers of                                                   in 2005.
America Emerging Talent in                                                What: Sweeping satin
Womenswear award.                                                         gowns and sleek day dresses.
SHOP it4                                                                  SHOP it4
                        ThE cAPEd                              10 YEARS OF NET-A-PORTER

             PuSS iN                                           PRiNcE
             BOOTS                       ThE GEEK              chARLES

JAcKSON                                                                   ALExiS

           Unlikely                                                  cARRiNGTON

          STYLE ICONS
          Presenting 10 unique fashion muses that
          have inspired our wardrobes since 2000

                                                                         ThE cAMEL
                         Mc                              WiNEhOuSE
                     hAMMER          AMELiA

                                                    SHOP it4
  Decade GLOSSARY                                                                                         1m REEL
                                                                                                                           or , 20
                                                                                                                adiat we’s shining
                                                                                                                        Cr o
                                                                                                            russell t earwedthimstiav t s this
                                                                                                               omen do r t , in led

                                                                                                                                   en s l n
                                                                                                             mcount y awandhralnd au
                                                                                                                                       an er scree

  The ultimate fashionista phrase book                                                                     We cadem ave etatus a
                                                                                                              a at h            s

1 2 3
                                                                                                           hits th ing man oring female us
                                                                                                                          of ad         Maxim
                                                                                                               legion ho else but f f an
                                                                                                                fans. W s could pull l wor k
            ThAT’S hOT!                        WhATEVER                           hOW’S ThAT                             imu
                                                                                                                 dec ini kilt and      stil         ?
                                                                                                                                             e time
            Translation:                       Translation:                       WORKiNG OuT                    u l t r a m o at t he s a m
            Californian                        A teenager’s                       FOR YOu?                        machis
            heiress-speak                      way of telling you                 Translation: I say old chap,
            for ‘That is really                they don’t care; but

 4 5 6
                                                                                  is everything OK?

            rather fetching.’                  they really do.

SO FiERcE                         LiKE…                               ÜBER
Translation: Tyra                 Translation:                        Translation: Like,
Banks’ way of                     Simply insert                       it’s so fabulous,
telling somone                    after every                         we can’t say it

7 8
they look nice.                   other word for                      in English                                                 eBack
                                                                                                                          Brok tain, 20 05 tor y was
                                  the modern way.                                                                         Moune’s epic love htaking
                                                                                                                           ang   Le            br ea t       ed
                                                                                                                                      s t t he         spawn
                                                                                                                           s et again g backdrop, s and
               SicK                             GNARLY                                                                              in
                                                                                                                            Wyom nd for Stetso
               Translation:                     Translation: Only                                                                   a
                                                                                                                             a dem denim.
               Über cool.                       used by the So-                                                               double
                                                Cal set. It can

                                                                                             Click the phone to listen
                                                mean cool
                                                                                             to an exclusive message

                     9 10
                                                or really bad.
WhAT cOLOR                                                                                   from Roland Mouret
YOuR PLANET?                      PhAT
Translation: much-                Translation:
used boardroom-                   Note, this is not
speak for ‘your                   a comment on
expectations are                  your weight,                                                                                                   og         8
entirely unmanageable.            merely stating that                                                                                  Slumd naire, 20 0 ance
                                                                                                                                               o            m
                                  you look lovely.                                                                                     milli mbai-set ro ever and
Please leave me alone.’                                                                                                                          u            f
                                                                                                                                        This m Bolly wood leads
                                                                                                                                                 d             g
                                                                                                                                        spar ke its two youn r night.
                                                                                                                                         tu r n ed    ar s ove
                                                                                   ROSiE                                 10 YEARS OF NET-A-PORTER
                                                                                   WhiTELEY                                  FREJA BEhA

                                                                                   has just been named                      Erichsen made her
                                                                                   as Megan Fox’s                           debut on the Miu
                                                                                   successor in the new                     Miu fall 2005 runway
                                                                                   Transformers movie.                      when she was
Introducing the new model                      AGYNESS                                                                      given the honor of
faces from the last 10 years                                                                                                opening the show.
                                               Like the other famous                          chANEL
                                               supermodel chameleons,                         iMAN
                                               Deyn is known for the
                                               frequency with which                            Iman has an exotic
                                               she changes her hair                            heritage: her father is                  JOuRdAN
                                               color and style.                                African-American and                     duNN
                                                                                               her mother is Korean.
                                                                                                                                         She was famously
                                                                                                                                         spotted at the age of
                                                            LARA                                                                         fifteen while shopping
                                                            STONE                                         LiLY                           with friends. The rest
                                                                                                          dONALdSON                      is fashion history.
                                                             Stone’s signatures
                                                             are the gap in her                           Daughter of fashion
                                                             front teeth and her                          photographer Matthew
                         JESSicA                             soft curves.                                 Donaldson Lily has
                         STAM                                                                             worked for everyone
                                                                                                          from Burberry to Lanvin.
                         The model entered                                                                                              Click the phone to listen to
                         the fashion hall of                                                                                            an exclusive message from
                         fame when New
                                                    KiM                                                                                 Julien Macdonald.
RAquEL                   York designer Marc         NOORdA
ZiMMERMANN               Jacobs named his           NET-A-PORTER is
Zimmermann’s career      Stam bag after her.        such a huge fan that
was launched when                                   we asked Noorda
Steven Meisel booked                                to star in our 10th
her for the cover of                                anniversary video
Italian Vogue in 2000.                              in this issue.
                                             JiNxY                                           10 YEARS OF NET-A-PORTER
          NEMO                               LONGORiA-                               ThE WiNdSOR
  Who didn’t want                            PARKER                                  cORGiS
  to find Nemo?                               Eva Longoria-Parker’s                   The famous canines
                                              Maltese dog was                         are often featured in
                                              crowned ‘best groomed                   royal portraits with

                                              pet’ by InTouch weekly.                 the Queen.
                                            BELLA                                                    MEET ThE
                                       MAcPhERSON                                              PARENTS’ MR JiNx

These celebrity pets have pawed
                                       The supermodel’s
                                       labradoodle has a
                                       lucrative advertising
                                                                                                 Gaylord ‘Greg’ Focker
                                                                                                 (played by Ben Stiller)
                                                                                                 meets his match in this
                                                                                                 pampered Himalayan cat.
their way into our hearts

                                                                                                              Tune IN
                                                       Paris Hilton’s chihuahua
                                                       loves all things pink,                                 We relive our favorite
                                                       including mini coats.                                  dancefloor hits. Prepare to
                                                                                                              break out your best moves!
                                  BO OBAMA
                                  The First Pet – a                                                           1 Music Madonna, 2000
                                  Portuguese water dog –                                                      2 Can’t Get You Outta My Head
                                  has racked up impressive                         ShREK’S PuSS                  Kylie Minogue, 2001
                                  frequent flyer mileage on                        iN BOOTS                   3 Last Night The Strokes, 2001
                                  Air Force One.                                                              4 Seven Nation Army The White
 LOST’S                                                                            This swashbuckling           Stripes, 2003
                                                        WiNSTON                    hero has been              5 Hey Ya! OutKast, 2003
 ViNcENT                                                                           around the block a
                                                        ROSSdALE                                              6 Gold Digger Kanye West, 2005
 The golden retriever is                                                           few times and he’s         7 Rehab Amy Winehouse, 2006
 one of the first things                                 When rocker Gavin         got the swoon-             8 Umbrella Rihanna, 2007
 central character Jack                                  Rossdale married Gwen     inducing Antonio           9 Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
 sees in the series’                                     Stefani in 2002, their    Banderas’s voice             Beyoncé, 2008
 opening scenes.                                         dog was guest of honor.   to prove it.               10 Poker Face Lady Gaga, 2009
h  appy
birt d !
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