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Tex Noel, Editor                                                (


In Search of a National                          as the inaugural national
                                                 champion? As you can see,
                                                 things are not always as simple
                                                 as they seem.
     By Richard Billingsley
                                                 The popularity of college football
The sophisticated game of college                spread widely in the early 1900’s.
football we know today scarcely                  What began in 1869 with two
resembles that first game played                 teams grew to almost 90 major
in 1869. Those games were                        teams by 1920. The NCAA was
brutal by some accounts, and                     founded in 1906 to regulate the
one dimensional by today’s                       sport and points for scores, size
standards. In the early years                    of field, and penalties etc were all
teams just lined up and used                     standardized by 1912. But the
brute strength to move the ball                  NCAA failed to address the one
forward. Today we have complex                   issue that burned in the hearts
offensive and defensive schemes                  and minds of players, alumni,
that make the mental part of the                 and fans of all ages…the
game just as important as the                    question of “who is #1”. Perhaps
physical. But the simplicity of the              if they had addressed it 130
game in the pioneer era of the                   years ago we would not have the
sport was not without                            controversy we have today.
controversy.                                     Instead we have a plethora of
Like determining a national                      polls and ranking systems which
champion for instance.                           don’t always agree.

In 1869 there were two games                     The History of Polls
played, Rutgers beat Princeton 6-                The first widely recognized
4 and in a rematch Princeton                     college football poll did not
beat Rutgers 8-0. So, who do you                 originate until 1926. It was a
think should have been crowned                   mathematical rating system
The College Football Historian-2-     developed by Frank Dickinson, a
                                      professor of economics at the
University of Illinois. Later, an     on from the Golden Dome to the
onslaught of pollsters came onto      Tiger Den, from the Coliseum to
the scene, all prepared to crown      the Swamp, from Happy Valley to
college football’s best. The list     Death Valley, and everywhere in
was staggering; 1927 Deke             between. Eventually everyone got
Houlgate; 1929, Dick Dunkel;          in on the action, from the New
1930, William Boand; 1932 Paul        York Times, Football News,
Williamson; 1934 Edward               Sports Illustrated, Sporting
Litkenhouse; and in 1935,             News, Sears, and McDonalds.
Richard Poling. Mathematical          Heck fire, there are more polls
systems were considered to be         than bowls and God knows we’ve
the “norm” for determining            got more than we need of both.
national championships in those       Over the years there have been
days. But all of that changed in      many fine rating systems
1936 when the Associated Press        developed, and with the advent of
(AP) began publishing a poll          the internet you may easily
voted on by a national board of       access all of them simply by
sportswriters and broadcasters.       clicking a button. Check out
Because of their national             David Wilson’s Library of College
distribution, the AP poll instantly   Football Polls at:
became gospel. The United Press
International (UPI) joined the
hoopla in 1950. Their theory I
suppose was that coaches know         This past summer college football
more about football than writers      lost a great pollster, historian
and broadcasters.                     and wonderful human being.
                                      Herman Matthews died on
It was bound to happen sooner
                                      August 22, 2008 at his home in
or later, but it wasn’t until 1954
                                      Middlesboro, Kentucky. Herman
that the AP and UPI disagreed on
                                      was part of the BCS from 1999-
who the national champion
                                      2001, but politely resigned as the
should be. The AP chose Ohio
                                      BCS moved towards a no margin
State and the UPI favored UCLA.
                                      of victory status. The Matthews
Both teams were undefeated as
                                      Grid Ratings were a staple in
was Oklahoma. Ever since that
                                      college football from 1966-2007.
fateful day when the two “biggies”
couldn’t agree, the controversy of    He appeared regularly in the
“Who’s Number One” has raged          Football News and later provided
The College Football Historian-3-

                                        He was a good friend and will be
rankings for the Scripps-Howard         greatly missed.
news service.
            *             *         *   Paul Hornung of Notre Dame,
                                        who Maisel had in the number
Jay Langhammer                          two slot. Among Heisman
reviews…                                winners in his overrated top ten
                                        were George Rogers, Tim Brown,
The Maisel Report (Triumph              Gino Torretta, Andre Ware and
Books), written by Ivan Maisel,         Tim Tebow. Moving next to the
reviews college football's most         national champions
overrated & underrated players,         category, Maisel went with the
coaches, teams and traditions.          1966 Notre Dame team as most
                                        overrated and the 2003 USC
Since 1987, he has covered              team as the most underrated
college football for Sports             champion. He also covers the
Illustrated, Newsday, the Dallas        most overrated/underrated
Morning News and               moments, coaches, stadiums &
(over the last six years). The          campuses plus traditions, fight
book's format is similar to             songs and mascots. One of the
baseball and pro football books         most interesting categories was
done recently by Jayson Stark           his selection of the most
and Sal Paolantonio, which also         overrated and underrated players
address the overrated &                 from the 19 winningest college
underrated issues.                      programs (plus Army, for
                                        historical reasons).
Maisel's first few chapters focus
on school football programs,            Maisel's 240 page book is very
conferences and rivalries. Next         well researched and covers as
comes his review of overrated &         many as 10 selections in a
underrated Heisman Trophy               number of categories. I was
winners. His most overrated             surprised at how many of his
Heisman pick was Charles                choices I agreed with. The Maisel
Woodson of Michigan (instead of         Report is available at all major
Tennessee's Peyton Manning). My         bookstores and online.
personal pick would have been
                                        Used by permission of Eye Witness to
            *             *         *   History,

College Football, 1884                  Major college football is big
                                        business. Each autumn weekend
                                        millions of fans pack stadiums
                                       Springfield College (Mass.). In
The College Football Historian-4-      1892 he became athletic director
                                       and football coach at the
around the country to root for         University of Chicago, remaining
their favorite team. Millions more     there for the next 41 years. His
watch on television. A major           age forced him to retire, but he
college football program, such as      was not done coaching. In 1933
Ohio State, Notre Dame or Texas,       he became a coach at the College
generates big bucks - an average       of the Pacific and left that post in
of over 29 million dollars             1947 at the age of 85. But wait,
annually with some topping 50          he's not done yet, for in that
million dollars a year.                same year he becomes an
                                       assistant coach at Susquehanna
It all started shortly after the       University (Pa.) and does not go
Civil War when students at a few       into final retirement until 1952
eastern colleges combined              at the age of 90.
elements from rugby and soccer
to make a new game they called         During his long career, Coach
football. Students at Princeton        Stagg helped codify the rules of
led the way in 1867 by                 football and introduced several
establishing the first rules for the   innovative plays such as the
game. The first intercollegiate        lateral pass and the man in
game was played in 1869                motion. He was elected to the
between Princeton and Rutgers.         Football Hall of Fame as a player
The game was taken up by the           and a coach in its inaugural
Ivy League schools and by 1873         year.
an agreed upon set of rules was
established. Football was on its       "There were no coaches, trainers,
way to becoming the dominate           rubbers, or even a water boy."
college sport.
                                       Amos Stagg published his
Amos Alonzo Stagg contributed          memoirs of early football in 1927.
much to the development of the         We join his story after his
sport and remains a football           admission to Yale:
legend. He entered Yale in 1884
as a divinity student which            "The recruiting officers already
qualified him for a reduction in       were at work, it will be seen, and
tuition from $50.00 to $39.80 per      not always so unobjectionably,
semester. He was a natural             apparently, for in 1881 the
athlete whose skill on the             intercollegiate convention had
baseball diamond was a major           agreed to bar players whose
factor in his admission.               college expenses were paid.

He joined the fledgling football       Months before, I had written
team and after graduation in           President Noah Porter, of Yale,
1888 became football coach at          and in due time he had answered
                                       football team, but the captain
The College Football Historian-5-      still was a captain, not a coach's
                                       foreman. He chose the team, ran
                                       it, and was not always above
me personally in his own hand.         playing favorites.
'To good scholars the college has
given from the Ellsworth Fund          Once elected, he was answerable
$175 a year,' President Porter         to no one. Walter Camp was in
wrote. 'Beyond this the college,       business in New Haven and
as such, can do little or nothing;     interested in the team, of course.
but opportunities for self-help        Once under Camp's captaincy
present themselves and are soon        the Yale squad came near
discovered by those who keep           dissolving in mid-season over a
their eyes open to discern them.'      quarrel between the forwards and
                                       the backs. Camp and his fellow
I arrived at Yale in September,        backs favored the newer running
1884, and turned out for the           mass style of play. The rush line
squad. The college bought its          was unanimous naturally for the
first athletic field that year         old open, kicking, passing,
...Paying good money for a             individual running game in
playground caused talk and             which they could be as
revived faculty criticism of the       spectacular as the backs.
attention being given to athletics.
                                       Camp was particularly fearful of
Prof. E. L. Richards, who              a muddy field for the
promoted the present Yale gym,         Thanksgiving Day game with
dug into the records on his own        Princeton, with Eaton and Fred
initiative, proved that disciplinary   Remington, heavy ends, and
cases had decreased sharply and        insisted on drilling the line in
progressively since 1875, and          mass formations. The line
silenced the conservatives.            revolted. That night Camp
                                       summoned the squad to his room
The old gym was a primitive            in Durfee Hall, told them that the
thing where freshmen were              responsibility was his, that he
marshaled in street dress and          either would run the team or get
forced to swing Indian clubs and       off, resigned and left the room.
dumbbells. No bath followed and        Ten minutes of heated debate
the drill probably did as much         followed. The rush line was as
harm as good. One of the joys of       little convinced as ever, but so
growing to sophomore stature           disturbed at the threatened loss
was escaping the gym...                of Camp's leadership that they
                                       coaxed him back. Camp led the
There were no coaches, trainers,       eleven against Princeton and
rubbers, or even a water boy.          won, but Yale played the old
Occasional graduated players           open game.
were drifting back to advise the
                                        In those years at Princeton the
The College Football Historian-6-       team customarily practiced at
                                        noon and jog-trotted half a mile
                                        to a mile at sundown. A full
Camp resigned another time.             three-quarters of-an-hour period
There were no training rules or         of continuous playing against the
training table, but the squad had       scrubs was Yale's daily practice,
pledged themselves not to leave         and injuries were disregarded.
the campus for ten days before          There was no freshman rule, but
the Princeton game, and to be in        no particular attempt was made
bed by eleven each night.               to interest the incoming class.
                                        Two or three dependable
Catching Johnny Moorehead               substitutes were all that a team
sneaking back from the theater          thought of needing. The
one night late, Camp called every       freshman who made the varsity
man out of bed and quit on the          was either a natural player or
spot. Moorehead offered his own         had played in prep school. The
resignation instead, and Camp           bulk of the newcomers never had
reconsidered. As Moorehead              seen the game. If they turned
played in the Princeton game, he        out, they were expected to teach
seems to have been restored to          themselves." "
At Princeton as early as 1879 the       Amos Stagg's account appears in:
students had so criticized the          Stagg, Amos Alonzo, Touchdown!
football squad for smoking that         (1927); Hill, Dean, Football thru
the players gradually gave up           the Years (1940).
tobacco during the season.
                                        I Champ from 1970-1996, 1976
            *             *         *   Texas A&I, but lost 28-34. 1976
                                        Texas A&I continued to advance
  WHICH TEAM IS THE                     in the Champions Round. This
                                        issue will feature NCAA Division
        BEST?                           I-AA teams from 1978 through
  NCAA DIVISION I-AA                    2007. As I stated previously, I
     (1978-2007)                        am using Tex Noel’s rankings to
                                        pair these champions, with the
By Patrick M. Premo                     proviso that no individual school
                                        is represented more than once in
In the previous issue, we saw           each tournament.
1969 North Dakota St. capture
the College Division (1958-1974)        THE FIELD:
all-time best crown. 1969 North
Dakota St. then battled the NAIA        1. 1996 Marshall
                                        16. 1988 Furman
                                      2003 Delaware 48-41. 2006
                                      Appalachian St. had little trouble
The College Football Historian-7-     with 2002 Western Kentucky,
                                      winning 31-21. 1995 Montana
                                      had a very close game with 2004
9. 1994 Youngstown St.                James Madison, but eked out a
8. 1981 Idaho St.                     42-37 win. 1987 NE Louisiana
                                      could not stop 1978 Florida
12. 1984 Montana St.                  A&M, but gave them a tough
5. 2003 Delaware                      game before losing 38-41. 1982
                                      Eastern Kentucky defeated 1983
13. 2002 Western Kentucky             Southern Illinois, 42-35, by
4. 2006 Applachian St.                scoring a late touchdown to win
                                      in a slight upset. The first major
3. 1995 Montana                       upset of this tournament came
14. 2004 James Madison                when the fifteen seed, 1980 Boise
                                      St., stunned the number 2 seed,
6. 1978 Florida A&M                   1999 Georgia Southern, by
11. 1987 NE Louisiana                 kicking a game winning field goal
                                      as time ran out and won 35-33.
7. 1983 Southern Illinois
10. 1982 Eastern Kentucky             ROUND TWO:

15. 1980 Boise St.                    1981 Idaho St. gave 1996
2. 1999 Georgia Southern              Marshall all it could handle and
                                      seemed to have the game in the
ROUND ONE:                            bag, but Marshall intercepted a
                                      pass near the end of the game
1996 Marshall had a tough time        and ran it back to score the go-
with 1988 Furman, but managed         ahead and winning touchdown,
to pull out a close victory, 39-33.   34-29. 1984 Montana St. could
1994 Youngstown St. could not         not pull off another upset as
hold off 1981 Idaho St., losing       2006 Appalachian St. won a very
32-46. 1984 Montana St. and           close game, 34-31. 1978 Florida
2003 Delaware staged a very           A&M delivered an upset of 1994
exciting game. With time              Montana 43-42. 1982 Eastern
running out, Delaware scored a        Kentucky ended the Cinderella
touchdown to tie the game at 41       run of 1980 Boise St., easily
all, but then missed the extra        winning, 35-21.
point that would have won it. In
overtime, Delaware won the coin       ROUND THREE:
toss and deferred to Montana St.
which scored a touchdown.             1996 Marshall defeated 2006
Delaware could not score, thus        Appalachian St., 45-35, in a
allowing 1984 Montana St. to          game that was not as close as the
pull off a mild upset, defeating      score seemed; Appalachian St.
The College Football Historian-8-                underdog against 1996 Marshall,
                                                 the NCAA Division I-AA winner.
scored a late and rather                         The game pretty much played out
meaningless touchdown. In                        that way as Texas was finally
another game that was not as                     dethroned, 38-42, by 1996
close as the score indicated,                    Marshall who now advances in
1982 Eastern Kentucky                            the Champions Round.
seed 1978 Florida A&M, 32-24,
and advanced to the                              NEXT MONTH:
Championship game against
1996 Marshall.                                   In the next couple of issues we
                                                 shall feature the Major College
THIRD PLACE:                                     teams from 1883 through 2007.

In somewhat of an upset, 1978                    Since I am using Tex’s ratings, he
Florida A&M defeated 2006                        has requested that I conduct two
Appalachian St., 40-31.                          tournaments: 1883-1936 teams
                                                 and then 1936-2007 teams. The
CHAMPIONSHIP:                                    winners of each of those
                                                 tournaments will then play to
1982 Eastern Kentucky’s luck                     determine the best Major College
ran out as the number one seed,                  Team of all-time.
1996 Marshall, dominated and
won 42-27.                                       And the winner of that
                                                 tournament will take on 1996
                                                 Marshall, the NCAA 1-AA
CHAMPIONS ROUND:                                 champion, to determine the best
                                                 college team of all-time,
1976 Texas A&I, the NAIA                         regardless of division.
Division I champ, was a slight
                                                 See you then!


Remember, if you were to conduct these tournaments again using my FAST-ACTION
COLLEGE FOOTBALL BOARD GAME, your results will most likely vary. Just as
in real life, when two teams play one another twice (or more) in the same season, the
results are not always the same. [NOTE: As I mentioned in the last issue, after 40 years
of designing and distributing sports board games, I have decided to discontinue
operations. Annual updates will no longer be prepared. My web site features a half-
price close-out sale (except the computer games) that will be on a first-come, first serve
basis. Some games are in very short supply; in fact, the Major League Baseball game is
already sold out. My web site address is: If you have
any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at]
            *             *         *         President Gerald R. Ford
                                              Legends Award

The College Football Historian-9-       Team Notables...

                                          •   Southern California won its
In honor of…                                  400th victory at Los
                                              Angeles Coliseum against
Recent Respective Schools Hall                Arizona State, on Oct. 11.
of Fame or Ring of Honor
                                          •   Western Michigan captured
                                              its 500th victory, Saturday
Miami (Fla.)—RB Edgerrin
                                              Oct 4
James, QB Jim Kelly, DT Cortez
Kennedy, C Jim Otto and QB
                                          •   Oklahoma recently became
Gino Torretta…Texas A&M—R.
                                              the first college football
C. Slocum, its winningest football
                                              team to score 30,000
coach…Rutgers—DB Ron
                                              points all-time.
Allen…Baylor—Ray Crockett and
former AD Tom Stanton…
                                          •   West Virginia honored its
Kansas State—retired head
                                              1988 Fiesta Bowl team, the
coach Bill Snyder and New
                                              only Mountaineer team to
Mexico State—Pervis Atkins,
                                              play for a national
Denvis Manns and Walt Williams
                                              championship, prior to its
                                              game against Rutgers.
Retired Numbers...
SMU had retired the uniform
number of Don                             •   TCU celebrated its 40th
Meredith…Princeton will honor                 annual Frog Club Hall of
1951 Heisman Trophy winner                    Fame Class with additions
and NFF Hall of Famer Dick                    of football standouts W.C.
Kazmaier.                                     Nix, Dr. John Richards and
                                              the remaining members of
Coaches Receiving Awards...                   the 1938 TCU national
                                              championship squad not
                                              already admitted to the
    •    John Gagliardi (St. John's,
                                              school's Hall of Fame. Six
         Minn.) was named the
                                              members of the '38 squad
         2009 recipient of AFCA's
                                              attended the celebration.
         Amos Alonzo Stagg Award

    •    New Georgia State head
         football coach, standout       In Memory of...
         center at Georgia Tech and
         television commentator Bill      • Charles Walemon
         Curry has been named as          "Cotton" Price, 90,
         winner of the 2008               quarterback of the 1939
                                         season that did not meet and
The College Football Historian-10-       match them in a national
                                         championship game. For
national champion Texas                  example, how about Tennessee
A&M…Dick Lynch, 72,                      vs. Michigan State in 1952,
linebacker at Notre Dame…Bert            Auburn vs. Ohio State in 1957,
Robinson, 86, San Jose State             LSU vs. Iowa in 1958, Mississippi
HB…Wally Hilgenberg, 66,                 vs. Syracuse in 1959,Mississippi
lineman at Iowa…Plato Gus                vs. Iowa in 1960, Alabama vs.
Andros, 86, guard at                     Ohio State in 1961 or Mississippi
Oklahoma…Dom Rosselli, 93,               vs. USC in 1962. Do you know
former assistant football coach          who would win all those games?
for 21 seasons at Youngstown             Michigan State in 1951 and
State…Bill "Moose" Matthews,             1952, Ohio State in 1957, Iowa
73, former assistant AD at               in 1958, Syracuse in 1958, Iowa
Virginia Tech from 1964-                 in 1960, Ohio State in 1961, and
86…Craig Fertig, 66, Southern            USC in 1962.
California QB great…John
Godfrey, 87, head coach at               And how would they win? By
Whittier (Calif.) from 1960-             forfeit. These Southern teams
79…*Larry Birleffi, 90, former           would not play against integrated
voice of the Wyoming Cowboys.            opponents. Suppose you had a
                                         national championship game and
            *             *          *   one team didn’t show up!

From Bob Kirlin…                         The following concerns Georgia
                                         Tech’s 1955 football team and it
Was Alabama of 1961 college              is taken from Allison Danzig
football’s greatest team? Well,          “The History of American
compared to a team of today,             Football” copyright 1956 by
they would be outweighed by at           Prentice-Hall, Inc. Englewood
least 0ne hundred pounds per             Cliffs, New Jersey.
man. They were an all-white
segregated team who would not            Then once again Dodd took his
play an integrated opponent. And         team to a bowl game. It was back
they did not play two-platoon            to the Sugar Bowl for the fourth
football since the rules did not         time, to play Pittsburgh, winner of
allow it. Have you ever thought          the Lambert Trophy as Eastern
about the disadvantages of a             Champion. Though outgained by
one-platoon football team, trying        as good margin, 311 yards to
to play against a two-platoon            142, and having failed to
team?                                    complete one of its three passes it
                                         launched, Tech won the game, 7-
Suppose you could pick two               0, to maintain its perfect bowl
leading teams from the same              record in six appearances under
                                         Dodd. A pass interference penalty
                                      burned in effigy by rioting Tech
The College Football Historian-11-    students, the regents permitted
                                      the Engineers to go through with
                                      their commitment but took steps to
called against Bobby Grier of         prevent any state team in the
Pittsburgh, the first Negro to play   future from taking part in games
in the Sugar Bowl, led to the only    in the South where segregation
touchdown of the game, It gave        customs were not carried out.
Tech, which had recovered a
fumble on Pitt’s 33-yard line
before throwing the pass, the ball    In conclusion, Bob said ”The
on the 1-yard line, and               above was inspired by the College
quarterback Wade Mitchell carried     Football Historian/Intercollegiate
it over.                              Football Researchers Association
                                      issue Volume one, Number four:
Because of Greer’s presence on        Best All-Time NCAA College
the Pitt team, the Governor of        Football Team by Mo Johnson,
Georgia had called on the state       SEC stating that
board of regents to bar Tech from     1961 Alabama was the best
playing in the Sugar Bowl game.       NCAA college football team.
After the governor had been

Consecutive                                   *        *         *

College/Junior College                THIS MONTH'S HISTORICAL
Record for Consecutive                            INSIGHT…
Losses                                  College Football’s version of: Been
                                      there, saw that, wrote this about it!
College of Marin a community
college in California established
the National Junior/Community         The Funny side of
College record for consecutive        football
defeats, with its 42-27 setback to
West Valley College. The game         By George Jean Nathan
was played Oct. 4.
                                      FELL WITH ALL HIS WEIGHT ON
A 35-31 loss to San Jose City         WHAT HE BELIEVED TO BE THE
College made it 50 losses in-a-       BALL, BUT WHAT IN REALITY
row, tying the standard of            WAS THE HEAD OF HIS TEAM-
Coahoma Community College of          MATE.
Clarksville, Miss which was
winless between1978-84.               "Ned" Torney, one of the best
                                      football players at Cornell in the
                                             confused and started at top
The College Football Historian-12-           speed for his own goal line.

late nineties, was extremely                 The Lafayette players, naturally
nearsighted.                                 allowed him to keep on, making
                                             feeble attempts to tackle him in
During a fierce scrimmage in a               order to urge him all the faster.
game in the season of 1899, he               "Tar" Young, one of Torney's
ran madly down the field and fell            fellow players, dashed after him
with all his weight on what he               when he saw what the
believed to be the ball but what             nearsighted man was about to do
in reality was the head of Frank             and a beautiful race resulted
Porter, his team-mate, encased in            between the Cornell man who
a leather head-guard. Porter's               was trying his level best to score
nose was broken and as a result              a touchdown against his own
of Torney's falling on the "ball"            team and the other Cornell man
the Cornell team lost an able                who was trying to stop him.
player for several weeks.
                                             Two yards from the goal line,
On another occasion, during a                Young finally caught up with
game with Lafayette, Torney,                 Torney, tackled him, and then
after receiving the ball, became             told him what he had been about
                                             to do.

                                     *   *        *
Outing, by J. Parmly Paret
1898 December (as is)

                                             Arthur Poe, the right end of the
The annual game between Yale                 Tigers, was the bright, particular
and Princeton was held this year             star of the game, and the only
at Princeton, November 12th, at              score of the game was due to his
the new Brokaw Field, and                    quickness and a fumble by one of
resulted in a victory for Princeton          the Yale backs.
by 6 to 0, exactly the same score
as that of Yale on her home
grounds last year.

Poe.. . . . . . . . . . . . . right—end—left . . . . . . . . . . . Eddy
Hillebrand . . . . . . . . right—tackle—left . . . . . . . . . Stillman
Edwards. . . . . . . . . . . right—guard—left . . . . . . . . Brown
Booth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . center . . . . . . . . . . . Cutten
The College Football Historian-13-

Geer . . . . . . . . . . . . . left—tackle—right . . . . . .Chamberlain
Crowdis. . . . . . . . . . . . left—guard—right . . . . . . . .Marshall
Palmer . . . . . . . . . . . left—end—right . . . . . . . . . . . Coy
Duncan . . . . . . . . . . . quarter-back . . . . . . . . . …...De Saulles
Kafer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . right—half-back—left . . . . . .Durston
Beardsley. . . . . . . . . . left—half-back—right . . . . . . Benjamin
Ayres.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . full-back . . . . . . . . . . . . . .McBride

Princeton substituted Mills                Yale substituted Ely for De
for Crowdis, Hutchinson for                Saulles, Townsend for
Duncan, Black for                          Durston, and Corwin for
Beardsley, and Wheeler for                 Benjamin.
                                                   *         *        *

Bo Carter Reports on the first decade (1998-2007) of the
BCS Poll
    Florida, Michigan, Texas, and                Texas is the first school to
    Virginia Tech appeared in at                 be included in 60 different
    least one BCS Standings every                surveys and has appeared
    year since 1998. Florida State               in 69 of the first 76
    made each year’s Standings                   standings (91 percent).
    from 1998-2005 before not                    Florida is next with 68
    being included on any 2006 or                appearances through the
    ‘07 worksheets.                              2007 season.

                                           Ohio State –          52
Top 12 Schools by Appearance               Tennessee –           52
   (Through Dec. 2, 2007)                  Florida State –       50
                                           Miami (Fla.) –        50
Texas –                              69    Southern California – 49
Florida –                            68    Georgia –             46
Michigan -                           62    LSU -                 44
Oklahoma –                           60    Nebraska –            44
Virginia Tech –                      60

                                           Ohio State 8, Oklahoma 8,
Most Seasons in BCS Standings              Tennessee 8, LSU 7, Miami (Fla.)
(1998-2007): Texas 10, Florida             7, Nebraska 7, Oregon 7,
10, Michigan 10, Virginia Tech             Southern California 7.
10, Florida State 8, Georgia 8,
The College Football Historian-14-         Missouri 1, Texas 1; UCLA 1 –
                                           total of 11 schools.
Hawai’i, Rutgers, Tulsa, and
Wake Forest all made their first           All-time appearances at No. 2
appearances in the Standings in            (through 2007): Miami (Fla.) 9;
2006 to bring the total                    Oklahoma 9; Ohio State 7;
representation to 72 schools.

Cincinnati, Connecticut, Kansas,           Southern California 7; Texas 7;
Kentucky, and USF in 2007                  Florida State 5; Michigan 5;
raised the tally to 77 of 119              Virginia Tech 5; UCLA 4; LSU 3;
current total FBS members.                 Tennessee 3; Boston College 2;
                                           Florida 2; Nebraska 2; Oregon 2,
Oklahoma has been one of most              Penn State 2; USF 1; Kansas 1,
active “latecomers” to the                 West Virginia 1 – 19 schools.
Standings. After not being among
the Top 15 in either 1998 or ’99,          Ohio State (1998), Oklahoma
the Sooners have been in 60 polls          (2000) and USF (2007) each
since Oct. 2000 and have been              made their standings’ debuts at
No. 1 on a record 18 occasions.            the No. 2 locale.
They are tied for fourth in total
BCS standings’ appearances with            No. 1 By Conferences
Virginia Tech.                             (memberships at the time of
                                           standings through 2007) – ACC,
Appearances at No. 1 (through              7; Big East, 7; Big Ten, 14; Big
2007): Oklahoma 18; Southern               12, 25; Pac-10, 16; SEC, 7.
California 15; Ohio State 14;
Florida State 7; Miami (Fla.) 7;
Nebraska 5; Tennessee 5, LSU 2,
Total       Appearances          by        MAC -                              20
Conference (through 2007):                 MWC –                              51
                                           Pacific-10 -                      213
ACC –                                243   SEC –                             297
Big 12 -                             290   WAC –                              40
Big East –                           111   Independent –                      37
Big Ten -                            261
C-USA -                               23

Total Schools Represented by
Conferences (through 2007):                3, MWC – 5, Pacific-10 – 10,
ACC – 10, Big 12 – 10, Big East –          SEC – 11, WAC – 3,
8, Big Ten -10, C-USA -6, MAC -            Independent – 1.
                                           •    Florida State
      All-Time Teams and Dates at No. 1    1999: 10/25; 11/1; 11/8; 11/15; 11/22; 11/29;
The College Football Historian-15-                         2000: 10/30; 11/6; 11/13; 11/20; 11/27; 12/3
                                                           2001: 10/22
                                                           2002: 10/21; 10/28; 11/4
•   LSU                                                    2003: 10/20; 10/27; 11/3; 11/10; 11/17; 11/24;
2007: 11/11; 11/18                                         21/1; 12/7
•   Miami (Fla.)
2001: 11/26; 12/3; 12/9
                                                           •    Southern California
                                                           2004: 10/18; 10/25; 11/1; 11/8; 11/15; 11/22;
2002: 11/18; 11/25; 12/2; 12/8
                                                           11/29; 12/5
                                                           2005: 10/17; 10/31; 11/7; 11/14; 11/21; 11/28;
•   Missouri                                               12/4
2007: 11/25
                                                           •   Tennessee
•   Nebraska                                               1998: 11/9; 11/16; 11/23; 11/30; 12/6
2000: 10/23
2001: 10/29; 11/5; 11/12; 11/19
                                                           •   Texas
                                                           2005: 10/24
•   Ohio State                                             • UCLA
1998: 11/2                                                 1998: 10/26
2002: 11/112006: 10/15; 10/22; 10/29; 11/5;
11/12; 11/19; 11/26; 12/3
2007: 10/14; 10/21; 10/28; 11/4; 12/2                                 *            *            *
•    Oklahoma
                                                           *Bo Carter
                                                           National Football
The Lynn “Pappy” Waldorff                                  Foundation
Award will be awarded for                                  *Paul Gallegos
the first time in 2008;                                    IFRA member
honoring the Walk-on Player                                *Tex Noel
of the Year.                                               1st-N-Goal / IFRA
                                                           *Travis Normand
Five members of IFRA are                         
part of the 88-man selection                               *Kent Stephens

The winner will be announced in a future issue of The College
Football Historian.

                                           *           *          *

Greatest Football Players of the first half of the         Gipp (Notre Dame), Charlie Trippi, (Georgia), Sid
                20th Century*                              Luckman (Columbia), Steve Van Buren (LSU), Willie
                                                           Heston (Michigan), and Chick Harley (Ohio State).
    *Selected by the Associated Press in 1950

Jim Thorpe (Carlisle), Red Grange (Illinois), Bronko       •   The current membership of IFRA is 72…THANK
Nagurski (Minnesota), Ernie Nevers (Stanford),                 YOU…keep spreading the word.
Sammy Baugh (TCU), Don Hutson (Alabama), George

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