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									 The SAS Group structure
Transparency                                                                                   Competitiveness
Accountability                                                                                 Independence

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SAS Group: 4th largest airline group
in Europe and 11th worldwide




                               The SAS Group current platform:
                                –   150 destinations worldwide
                                –   32 million passengers in 2004
                                –   Approx. 1.450 daily departures
                                –   200 hotels worldwide
Long haul: Airbus 340 and 330 series

                   MOWAD/M. Pedersen
A luxurious armchair
by day…
a comfortable bed
by night

                       MOWAD/M. Pedersen
SAS business class: the best of everything

                               •        No restrictions reg. booking
                               •        EuroBonus points 200%
                               •        Fast lane security (new!)
                               •        Check in at Business counter
                               •        Lounge access
                               •        Extra wide seats and generous legroom
                               •        PC power
                               •        SAS Net Access (new!)
                               •        Individual video screen
                               •        Noise canceling headsets
                               •        Adjustable seatback, headrest, legrest
                               •        Full three course dinner with choice
                               •        Self service buffet
                               •        Back stretch
                               •        Personal water bottle
                               •        High quality wines and spirits
                               •        Wide selection of beers and soft drinks

                    MOWAD/M. Pedersen
Business class buffet
                          A SAS unique, specially designed
                          service area for in-between meals
                          A “new room onboard", not a part of
                          galley, also used for happenings.
                          passengers the possibility to move
                          around, stretch their legs.

                          Buffet Content
                          •    Warm drinks (freshly brewed
                               espresso and cappuccino)
                          •    Cold drinks (wine, mineral
                               water, beer and soft drinks)
                          •    Refreshments (fruit, sandwich
                               and snacks, to be varied if
              MOWAD/M. Pedersen
Economy Extra: efficiency,
comfort and several
• No restrictions reg. booking
• EuroBonus points 150%
• Check in at Business counter (new!)
• Fast lane security (new!)
• PC power
• SAS Net Access (new!)
• Individual video screen
• Wider seats and more legroom
• Adjustable headrest and legrest
• Improved service
• Choice of meals
• Free beverages
• Personal water bottle
• Comfort kit

       MOWAD/M. Pedersen
Economy: our basic offer

                     •Booking restrictions
                     • EuroBonus points
                     • SAS Net Access (new!)
                     • Individual video screen
                     • Individual seat mirror
                     • Standard seats and normal
                     • Three course dinner +
                      light meal before landing
                     • Free beverages

              MOWAD/M. Pedersen
Airbus A321, B737-600/700/800 & MD80s
               for Europe

                  MOWAD/M. Pedersen
                    Customers’ choice

                    Three segments for different

                    extra comfort and

                    Economy Flex
                    Efficient and flexible

                    Low fares and variety of
                    special offers

MOWAD/M. Pedersen
September 1st, 2005 - European Makeover
One way in more than one way!
Price structure: framework

       When your                  When you
         time is                  have time

    Business   Economy Flex              Economy

                   Full combinability

                                   MOWAD/M. Pedersen
Full combinability of simple products and
      Business             Economy Flex                      Economy

   Three booking classes   Two booking classes           Nine booking classes

   Rebookable within       Rebookable within             Cannot be rebooked
   same price type and     same price type and
   level                   level                         72 hours ticketing after
   Can be rebooked to      Can be rebooked to
   higher booking class                                  Lowest price levels
                           higher booking class          valid point to point
   by paying the           by paying the
   difference              difference

   Fully refundable        Fully refundable              No refund

   Child discount 33%      Child discount 33%            Child discount 33%


                                     MOWAD/M. Pedersen
    Sales onboard
     •      SAS Flightshop is part of the
            passenger's total travel
     •      Offers exclusive Scandinavian
            quality products and leading
            modern brands
     •      Price levels are 20% lower than
            in the shops for cosmetic and
            perfumes and 15% lower for
            accessories and gifts
     •      The opportunity to buy attractive
            products onboard, adds value
            and increases a positive
            experience for the customers

MOWAD/M. Pedersen
On ground

            •   The ultimate goal is ticketless
            •   Check-in via mobile phone or thru
            •   Check-in at airports via SAS Self
                Service automat or a card-reader at
                the gate
            •   Separate check-in for business and
                economy flex customers
            •   New Fast Track Security Lane at
            •   Boarding sequence
            •   New Design in SAS Lounges
                 MOWAD/M. Pedersen
             SAS EuroBonus
             works in a simple

              Every time you use SAS
              or our Parnters’ services,
              you earn the bonus points

MOWAD/M. Pedersen

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