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					                                                                “Boating is fun…we’ll show you how”

                                                                   Nat’l USPS MISSION STATEMENT

                                                                  To Promote recreational boating
                                                                  skills and boating safety through
                                                                   education, hands-on training,
                                                                       and civic activities while
                                                                         providing fellowship

     USPS District 13
                                                                            for members.”

   United States Power Squadrons®
                                 Commander Victor speaks - - -
                                            CHAMPIONS FOR CHANGE.

It is heartening to note that our National organization has taken great pains to deal with the challenges that confront
each and every squadron. Changes are being implemented to focus on our membership, our achievements and our
growth. This will be accomplished .without detracting from our mission statement but emphasizing the FUN aspect
of our recreational activities.

2009 will be the year for growth and expansion. A lot of exciting programs are underway.
   •	 A National advertising campaign to attract the attention of the general public and through information gain
       new members
   •	 The America’s Boating Course 3rd edition has gained favorable reception and we are very excited with its
   •	 Newer marketing and public relations material to support Squadron participation

Growth of our membership must take place from within and from without.

Our basic tenets: Civility, Communication, Camaraderie, Cooperation, Civic duties and Education are the hall mark for
good behavior. Do unto others as you would expect them to do unto you. At all times and more so with new members
show them respect, be courteous, demonstrate politeness and good manners. Get them involved with Squadron activities.
There is no harm in saying: “Welcome” “Please” and “Thank you”.
Let us all be the Champions for Change.

I look forward to see you all at the Annual meeting in Anaheim. We can all benefit from this rare opportunity.

                                DISTRESS SIGNALS FOR BOATERS HAVE CHANGED
                                             Larry Saumur, Treasurer

Like callers dialing 911 and getting no answer; boaters could
end up stranded – or worse- - if they haven’t upgraded their      NOAA and the U.S. Coast Guard, which responds to
emergency distress beacons by this weekend.                       maritime distress calls, will instead limit their watch
                                                                  to newer digital signals coming across the 406 MHz
The DNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration              frequency.
have stopped using its satellites to monitor the 121.5MHz
frequency used by older analog boater distress beacons.
                                                                                                                      page 2
                                     “Boating is fun…we’ll show you how”
                            Spring Conference,
                     “Desert Escape” is on March 13-14
                       Hosted by Arrowhead Sail & Power Squadron
                                Location: Doral Resort
                                     Room rate $129 per night (plus tax & resort fee)

                                             Raffle Prizes
                 Honda 2Hp Outboard Motor                                Palm Springs Follies Celebrity Home Tours
                     Flat screen television                                    Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
              3-day 2-night Palm Springs Escape                              Local Indian Casinos Palm Springs
               Other Activities available include                               Air Museum Living Desert
                              Golf                                       Thursday Palm Springs Village Fest Tennis
               Spa Facilities Desert Jeep Tours                                       …and more……

            For more information, e-mail
                   Or call Wendy Sherwood (760) 346-4697
From the XO desk - - -RONNIE’s RAMBLINGS
Hello VEs,
Good News! You will be happy to know that West Marine has agreed to provide their popular VSC Discount
Coupons again for 2009. The coupons are good through 12/31/09 and apply to regular priced (not sale) safety items
only. I have sent the graphic off to our new webmaster with a request to get it posted on the web site as soon as he can
get to it. The file is too large to distribute through this mailing list so if you will be a bit patient
R/C Bob Miller                            Boating is fun...we’ll show you how

                               Let s Celebrate!
         On Behalf of the District Commander                        *The annual meeting is at the Hyatt
            You are invited to a Reception                          Regency Orange County near Disney Resort.
                   Celebrating D 13                                 The address is 11999 Harbor Blvd Garden
            At the 2009 Annual Meeting*                             Grove 924840. The suite number has not
              Friday, February 20, 2009                             been assigned yet. Call 909-223-6976
                      1700-1900                                     for the suite number after Wednesday 18
             District Commanders Suite                              February 2009.
                                                                                                                  page 3
                                  “Boating is fun…we’ll show you how”
                     Education                             Department
         District Education Officer- -D/Lt/C Mike Mann, AP
In this Issue:
     •	 How effective are our public courses?
     •	 Upcoming Attractions
     •	 Boating Classes
     •	 Big news
                                 How effective are our public courses?
The USCG 2007 Recreational Boating Statistics are out. See
For the full report. One of the items that caught my eye was the relationship between operator education and

Operator Education                       Fatalities

None                                             282
Unknown                                          309
Informal                                         21
Other                                            34
State Courses                                    24
USCG Auxiliary                                   12
U.S. Power Squadrons                             1

                                            Upcoming Attractions
Annual Meeting February 17-22 in Anaheim.

On Friday February 20 there will be 2 seminars. How to sell public courses in the AM and Train the Trainer for
seminars in the PM.

D13 Spring Conference March 1-15 in the Palm Springs area.

The Education Department will have the following seminars:
    	Instructor Rectification: This is a 2 hour class that will be presented during 2 of the seminar time slots. There
      are about 70 members who need this recertification to remain boating instructors. Contact ADEO Doug
      Dworski for additional information.
    	P/D/C Ken Boyd will present a seminar on the new “N” Course.
    	P/D/C Ken Griffing will present an overview of USPS seminars and what they can do for you Squadron.
    	Your DEO and ADEO will have a seminar for SEO’s and ASEO’s and anyone else interested in the Education

                                                 Boating Classes
The number of students in our public boating courses have dropped over the last 3 years from 2005-06 with 383
students to 2007/08 with 208 students.

Might I suggest you refrain from listing a boating course on the National Web site with “Class Pending”. Please put a
date for a class and if you do not get a response cancel it.
                                                                                                                     page 4
                                           “Boating is fun…we’ll show you
America’s Boating Course—3rd Edition (ABC3) Chapter Review Answers. The homework answers (PDF, 13 KB)
      with references were inadvertently left out of the Instructor’s Manual (IM) for ABC3. They are on the student
      disk for those who do home study of the course. Please get this information to all who need it as soon as possible.
      We will be adding a separate sheet to the IM for future deliveries. (09 Jan 09)

   Basic Boating Skills CD
        There is a problem with the Basic Boating Skills CD 6.2 and earlier with Chapter 3 VHF Radio audio slides
        when run on Windows Vista based machines. The slides for Call Demonstration, Mayday, Pan-Pan and Securite
        do not play. Vista does not recognize the compression technology used in these slides. There are no problems
        with XP machines. If you are using Chapter 3 PowerPoint on a Vista based machine, please substitute these 4
        PowerPoint slides (4818KB) for those on the Basic Boating Skills CD Chapter 3. (03 Jan 09)

November and December 2008 Boating Class Reports available for printing or download. (05 Jan 09)

PDF Files
–.ED272 - Boating/Boat Smart/ABC statistics by                  –.Excel Files
District                                                        –.ED272 - Boating/Boat Smart/ABC statistics by
–.ED272a - Educational Year comparison of the                   District
number of classes                                               –.ED272a - Educational Year comparison of the number
–.ED273 - Annual Educational Year statistics                     of classes
                                                                –.ED273 - Annual Educational Year statistics
–. America’s Boating Course 3rd Edition America’s Boating Course 3rd edition has arrived at Headquarters. The
       catalogue number for the student kit is 03-73-110. The Student Manual includes the Student computer aided
       instruction CD and the Maptech CD. The cost to the Squadrons is $22.00.((ABC 3 has 2 new exams, ABC
       3 Exam 1 (02-73-118) and Exam 2 (02-73-119). Exam 1 is the primary exam and exam 2 is to be given to a
       student who fails the first exam. The answer keys remain the same. Please remember to order the exams and
       the answer sheets with your course material.((All the brochures that you normally hand out in class are now
       on a “Free Brochure Order Form” located on the Educational Department home page under “Order Course
       Materials”.((The Instructor Manual (03-73-111) includes a completely new set of PowerPoint presentations.
       The cost for the IM kit is also $22.00 dollars and includes all the student material, instructor manual and
       PowerPoint CD. There are no free instructor manuals for this course.((The Squadron Materials Catalog has
       been updated with all the new item numbers.((Questions should be directed to the Chairman of the Basic
       Public Education Committee, R/C Gene Molteni, SN. (Updated 05 Jan 09)
–. America’s Boating Course 3rd Edition. Many of you have asked what the new America’s Boating Course layout
       will look like. This PDF file (196KB) shows the chapter layout and a preliminary teaching plan that can be used
       to by instructors for the NASBLA required material. As a reminder the student will get a CD that leads them
       through the NASBLA portion of the course. The NASBLA portion of the course will take a full four sessions to
       complete. We are still on schedule to have the manuals at Headquarters by November 1, 2008. Questions may
       be directed to R/C Gene Molteni, SN, Chairman of the Basic Public Education Committee. (06 Sep 08)
–. America’s Boating Course Flash Player Issue (Updated). A recent version of Flash Player from Adobe, version, may not be compatible with the ABC Courseware on all computers. If you experience difficulties,
       you can either download the latest version of the Flash Player (, or use your previous version by
       downloading the roll-back procedure and files (ZIP, 1405KB) to the root directory of your hard drive (C:\). To
       simplify typing the roll-back commands, ensure that you download and unzip all three (3) files to the C: drive
       of “My Computer”. Print and follow the instructions. (01 May 08)
                                                                                                                        page 5
                                        “Boating is fun…we’ll show you how”

–. Revised Slides for The Squadron Boating Course Presentation. See the Download section of The Squadron Boating
        Course web page for an update to this presentation. (05 Mar08)

–. Boating Course Recruiting Aid. A five slide recruiting aid is provided here for all squadrons. The purpose of the
        presentation is to attract students, considered to be high potential members, from the 8-hour Squadron Boating
        Class to a follow-on class on charts and digital waypoint navigation. There is PowerPoint presentation (1293KB,
        PPT) and Instructor Notes (1477KB, PDF). (07 Nov 07)

–. Exam Administrator Information for All USPS Public Boating Courses. See the important summary sheet of exam administrator
       information (57KB, PDF). (10 Jul 07)

–. Running the Maptech Digital Chart Training CD under Vista. Maptech’s Offshore Navigator (and related products, such as
       Offshore Navigator Lite and Chart Navigator Viewer) was created long before Microsoft Windows Vista was released. As
       you may be aware, Microsoft Vista is designed to restrict access to certain core components of the operating system, in order
       to make the system more robust and secure. Unfortunately, by doing this, older applications must be run “As Administrator”
       and in “Windows XP Compatibility Mode” in order to function correctly. Click on the following link to get instructions for
       how to do this Just a reminder, once you have this Chart
       Navigator software on this CD loaded and operating, you can download and use any charts you would like from Maptech
       following the “Download - Free NOAA Charts” link on this page. (12 Apr 07)

–. Special Update and Information Package. This 8-page document (40KB, PDF) provides information necessary to conduct
        short eight (8) hour and longer twelve (12) hour boating courses for the public using The Squadron Boating Course . The
        document provides course syllabuses for both formats, as well as instructor manual and exam information.

–. Updates and Tips. The current status of public course updates and a Chart Smart recommendation is available here (PDF, 13
–. Public Courses Roadmap. Several USPS public boating course items are being phased out and others are being updated. Download
         a summary (PDF, 25 KB) of planned updates and direction.

  This monthly newsletter is published by United States Power Squadrons - District 13. Copy is wel-
  come from any District 13 member. Copy deadline is the 20th of the month, earlier submission ap-
  preciated, the district reserves the right to edit any submitted copy.
  Commander D13:          Victor Sam AP                   email:
  Newsletter editor:      Darrell Sausser, JN             email:
  Webmaster:              Ed Hansen                       email:
  Distribution is by D13 website & email. Readers wishing a hard copy mailed, please advise the edi-
                                                                                                                           page 6
–. The Best Public Boating Course Afloat. It pays to advertise, so get the word out that USPS has the the best public boating course
        afloat (PDF, 19KB). (31 Dec 05)

–. Important Information Concerning Digital Charting CDs Packaged with USPS Courses. Read the PDF file (8KB) that contains
         information regarding updates for the Digital Charting CDs included with The Squadron Boating Course, Piloting, and Advanced
         Piloting. (28 Dec 05)
If you are interested in becoming a member of this committee, submit a resume on-line at the Committee on Nominations web site.

Anaheim , CA                                               Nat’l Meeting
National Meeting schedule:
                                               17 February- TUESDAY
                                              Uniform Of Day - Casual
Closed         0000-2400       Ship’s Store Storage/ Inventory                              Imperial Available 6 am
Closed         0600-1800       Headquarters Storage                                         Valencia
Closed         0730-1700       Board of Director Meeting                                    C/C’s Parlor
Closed         0800-1700       Com Nom                                                      Commodore Boardroom - ST
Closed         0900-1000       Pre-Con                                                      Terrace E-F ST
Closed         1230-1400       BOD Lunch                                                    Restaurant 7*
                              BOD Dinner                 TBD

                                          18 February- WEDNESDAY
                                        Uniform Of Day –USPS Polo
Closed              0600-2400 Headquarters Storage                                              Seville ST
Closed              0000-2400 Ship’s Store Storage/ Inventory                                   Imperial - ST
Closed              0730-0830 O Com Breakfast                                                   Valencia - ST
Closed              0800-1500 Educational Leadership                                            Royal A
Closed              0800-1700 Com Nom                                                           Commodore Boardroom
Open                0800-1630 Activities Registration                                           Royal Reg. Desk -ST
Open                1300-1630 Voter Registration & Ensign                                       Royal Reg. Area-Foyer
Closed              0830-1700 O Com Meeting                                                     Regal - ST
Closed              12301400    O Com Lunch                                                     Valencia -ST
Closed              1300-1700 Planning                                                          Madrid- ST
Closed              1400-1445 Aides Meeting                                                     C/C’s Parlor
Closed            1500-1700Boat Operators Cert                                                 Royal B- ST

                                                    19 February –THURSDAY
                                    Uniform Of Day- USPS Polo
Closed              0000-2400 Headquarters Storage                                              Seville -ST
Open                0800-1630 Ships Store                                                       Imperial - ST
Open                0800-1630 Activities Registration                                           Royal Reg. Desk-ST
Open                0800-1700 Table Tops                                                       Royal Foyer - ST ’ t

                       Annual Meeting-2010                 1 Table (Fri move to EXPO)
                       Orlando Disney Coronado
                       Boat Insurance                      2 Tables (Elec Pwr)
                       Boat US                             1 Table
                       Commodore                           3 Tables
                       Co-op Charting                  3 Table (1w/Elec Power,& Internet for EXPO 3 chairs
                              “Boating is fun…we’ll show you how                      page 7

               Educational Fund               1 Table
               Governing Board-2009           1 Tables (Fri move to EXPO)
               Hyatt Kansas City, Mo
A beautiful week-
  end at CBYC                                 Member Benefits 1 Table
               Membership & 1 Timers
                                              3 Tables
               National Cruise 2010           1 Table w/Elec Pwr (Fri move to EXPO)
               National Boating Federation 1 Table
               Parade of Publications         6 Tables
               Planned Giving                 1 Table
               Public Relations/MKT           2 Tables (Elec Pwr)
               Social Activities              3 Tables
                Squadron Development        0 Tables
                 The Ensign 1 Table       3 chairs
                 USPS Voter Registration 1 Table -3 chairs
                 Vessel Safety Check        1 Table
                 Hold Table                    5 Table
                 These Tables Remain until Sat Noon

Closed           0700-1200    DEO’s Meeting                     Royal-A –ST
Closed           0730-0830    O Com Breakfast                   Valencia -ST
Closed           0800-1000    Inland Coastal Nav ED- ST         Terrace A - ST
Closed           0800-1000    Instructor Development ED         Terrace B- ST
Closed           0800-1000    Marine Environment( Ed Dept)      Terrace C- ST
Closed           0800-1000    Offshore Navigation ED            Terrace D -ST
Closed           0800-1000    Publication Support ED            Terrace E.- ST
Closed           0800-1200    Co-op Charting                    Garden 1- NT
Closed           0800-1700    Com Nom                           Commodore- ST
Open             0800-1000    Historian                         Garden 2 - NT
Closed           0800-1700    Law                               Barcelona- ST
Closed           0800-1700    Planning                          Madrid- ST
Closed           0800 1700    Gov Relations & Partners          Garden 4- NT
Closed           0800-1000    Operations Manual                 Terrace F- ST
Closed           0800-1000    Squadron. Activities              Granada- ST
Closed           0830 1230    Budget/Finance & Fund Groups      Regal- ST
Open             0900-1100    Dist/SQ. Officer/Gen Members      Royal C,D,E,F
Closed           0900-1200    CPS Bridge                        Salon IV - NT
Closed           0900-1200    Market/Public Relations           Salon V-NT
Closed           0900-1200    USPS Marine Environment           Pacific
Closed           1000-1200    Basic Public Boating ED           Terrace A.-ST
Open             1000-1200    Amateur Radio Club                Granada -ST
Closed           1000-1200    Curric Develop Coord ED           Terrace B -ST
Closed           1000 -1200   Electro Mech Systems ED           Terrace C -ST
Closed           1000-1200    Educational Operations ED         Terrace E -ST
Closed           1000-1200    Boat Handling ED                  Terrace F -ST
Closed           1030-1200    Secretary Dept Meeting            Sect/ Treas. Parlor
Open             1000-1100    1st Timers Orientation            Harbor -NT
Closed           1230- 1400   Executive Dept Lunch              Royal B
Closed           1230-1700    Administrative Dept Lunch
                                 &Leadership Meeting            Salon 1-NT
Closed           1230-1400    Educational Dept Lunch            Salon II -NT
Closed           1230-1400    Secretary’s Dept Luncheon         Garden 2 -NT
                                                                                                   page 8
                              “Boating is fun…we’ll show you how”
Closed           1230-1400      Treasurer’s Dept Luncheon           Garden 3 -NT
Closed           1400-1700      Grant Writers                       Malibu Suite- NT
Closed           1400-1700      Area Monitors                       Terrace A _ ST
Closed           1400-1500      Educational Fund Trustees           Terrace C - ST
Open	            1400-1500	     Member	Benefits	                    Terrace	D-ST		
Closed           1400-1700      National Meetings                   Garden1- NT
Closed           1400-1700      Rules                               Granada -ST
Closed           1400- 1700     Finance Com.                        Salon III NT
Closed	          1400-1700	     Corporate	Membership	               Pacific-	NT	
Closed           1400-1500      SQ… Development                     Terrace F -ST
Closed           1400-1700      Flag & Etiquette                    Royal E -ST
Closed           1400-1700      Vessel Safety Check                 Terrace E -ST
Open             1400-1700      Education Dept                      Royal BR- C&D ST
Closed           1400-1600      Budget/ Treasurer                   Valencia- ST
Closed           1430-1700      Information Technology              Salon IV -NT
Open             1430-1700      Membership                          Royal A
Open             1430-1700      Weather Seminar                     Garden 2
Open             1500-1700      Auxiliary Advisory                  Salon II -NT
Closed           1500-1700      Publications                        Garden 3- NT
Closed           1500-1700      Rec Boating Safety                  Harbor - NT
Closed           1500-1700      The Ensign                          Salon V - NT
Closed           1600-1700      Pvt Reception CF                    Royal B
                 1700- 2200     Pirates Dinner                      Off Site
Closed            2200-2400     Expo Set up                         GD BR

                                   20 February – FRIDAY
                 Uniform Of Day - Polo/Blazer or Blazer dress shirt and tie
Closed 0000-2400Headquarters Storage                Seville -ST
Open               0800-          Ships Store                       Imperial - ST
Closed             0730-0830      O Com Breakfast                   Valencia - ST
Closed             0730-1700      D/C’s& DXO’s Meeting              Pacific – NT
Closed             0800-1700      Com Nom                           Commodore -ST
Closed             0800-1200      Grant Writers                     Malibu Suite -NT        Hol Sq 12
Open               0800-1200      Seminar- Selling Public Courses   Royal D
Open               0800-1630                                        Activities Registration
Open               0800-1630      Voter Registration                Royal Reg. Foyer
Open               0800-0900      1st Timers Orientation            Royal C
Open               0900-1000      Sea Scouts                        Royal C
Open               0800-1000      Publications                      Barcelona - ST
Open               0800-1700      Table Tops                        Royal Foyer
Open               0800-1700      EXPO                              GD BR

Open               1000-1200     DB2000 Seminar                     Harbor – NT
Closed             1200-1230     D/Cs & DXOs Reception              Royal E
Closed             1230-1400     D/Cs & DXOs Luncheon               Royal E
Open               1300- 1700    Seminar- Train the Trainer         Royal D
Open               1500-1700     Co-op Charting                     Garden 4 –NT
Closed             1400-1600     Social Activities                  Valencia - ST
Open               1400-1500     Treasurer                          Royal B- ST
Closed             1630-1800     New Life Members Reception         Harbor Room - NT
Closed             1630-1800     1st Timers Reception               Royal C,
                                                                                                 page 9
                                 “Boating is fun…we’ll show you how”

                   1700-2000      Teardown – USPS                  Gd BR- A - Hall    Exhibits
Open               1700-1745      Jewish Services                  Regal -ST
                   1700-2200     Expo Tear Down                    GD BR

                                          21 February- SATURDAY
                                         Uniform Of Day- Day Uniform F
                                         Evening Uniform A, W/ Bow Tie
Closed 0000-2400   Headquarters Storage                             Seville -ST
Open/Closed        0800-1100/1100-1400 Ships Store & Storage
Closed             0730-0830     O Com Breakfast                    Valencia - ST
Open               0800-1100     Activities Registration            Royal Reg. Desk
Open               0800-1100     Voter Registration                 Gd B/R A-D-
Open               0800-1200     Table Tops                         Royal Foyer
Open               0900-1200     Annual Meeting                     GD BR’s-A-D
Open               1100-1200     Shipmates Reception                Garden Foyer -NT
Open               1200-1400     Shipmates Lunch                    Garden 1-3 - NT
Open               1200-1230     Members Reception                  Royal Foyer- STREV
Open               1230-1400     Members Luncheon                   Royal A-D
Open               1400-1630     Annual Meeting reconv              GD BR’s- A-D
Open               1700-1745     Catholic Services                  Pacific - NT
Open               1700-1745     Jewish Services                    Valencia -ST
Open               1700-1745     Protestant Services                Regal -ST
Open               1830-1930     Reception                          Grand Foyer
DNP                1930-2000     Holding Area for Bridge            Grand G
Open               2000-2300 Dinner Dance                           Grand A-D

                                            22 February- SUNDAY

       0800-0900   Catholic Services              Imperial -ST           Theater 50

       0800-0900   Protestant Services            Regal - ST             Theater 25

Note: Bold denotes open meetings. HT = Head Table Rds = Round Tables C/C = Chief Commander
Com = Committee * = Spread out as working room ** = Estimated Meals A = Addition D = Deletion
Da = Date M = Meeting Name R = Room change S = Setup change T = Time Change NT-north
tower ST-south tower

Prepared by: Stf/Trudy Brown, H: 425-454-0115 C: 425-753-3667
                  E: or
NOTE: Florida Phone Number until 3 February 2009 - 727 551-0253 l
                                                                                                               page 10
                                     “Boating is fun…we’ll show you how”

                                                                             16 year old sailor
                                                                              left Marina Del
                                                                                  Ray, now
                                                                             in his Islander 36
                                                                         Zac Sunderland is more than halfway toward
                                                                      his goal of being the youngest circumnaviga-
                                                                      tor on record. He left Los Angeles in June 2008
                                                                      when he was 16-years-old on his rebuilt Islander
36 INTREPID, bought with his own savings. So far he has crossed the Pacific and the Indian Oceans and is just about to
set off from Cape Town, South Africa,on his way to the Panama Canal. You can learn all about Zac and his trip and read
his daily blog at: UK-Halsey is a proud sponsor of Zac’s effort and is happy that he chose to
make his record attempt using an inventory of UK-Halsey sails. The following is an article by Zac written just before
sailing into Cape Town:
    “It has been some 14,000 nautical miles beneath the     and fasten it to the bow for mast support. For four days
keel of INTREPID and as I prepare to sail on around the     I was is 30 knots of wind with 16 foot breaking seas as
Cape of Good Hope and into the Atlantic I find myself       I tried to sort out this problem. But in the end, the sail
marveling at the amount of work the sails have done         shredded, the forestay broke inside the furler, my pulpit
this far. My solo circumnavigation has not been without     got mangled and I truly feared for my life as I worked
event, most of which has been written about on my blog.     on the bow. Finally on the fourth day I collapsed in my
    UK-Halsey decided early on to sponsor me in my          bunk too tired to move. I awoke some hours later to
campaign. I had been looking for a good partnership with    find that the conditions had subsided. I changed course
a sailmaker to provide the sails for my trip. I must say    for an unplanned stop at Rodregus Island where I could
that I was very impressed with the new sails when they      make some substantial repairs.
arrived. Oliver from UK-Halsey in Marina del Rey, Ca-           Dad was there to meet me in Mauritius and had
lif., was a pleasure to work with. Even when we put him     already been in contact with UK-Halsey and yes they
under a serious time crunch, the team at UK-Halsey came     were already on it, ready to provide the much needed
through. I found that the performance of INTREPID had       replacement genoa. There was no delay at all. The sail
improved considerably with the new sails. Putting the       was made and shipped. Mauritius was a busy place for
sails up the first time, and I knew that my UK- Halsey      me. We needed a new forestay, new boom, welded the
sails were second to none and would go the distance.        bow pulpit and installed a new roller furler among other
    Unfortunately my trip from Cocos Keeling to Mau-        things.
ritius in the Indian Ocean was not without some major           As I hoist the sails when leaving port I see the all too
calamity. Some 400 nautical miles from a small island       familiar logo on the sails and I smile to myself. Another
called Rodriges, my forestay let go. I came on deck         ocean, another challenge and as bird stretches its wings
that night after feeling the motion of the boat change. I   before taking off I pull out the sails with the confidence
switched on the spreader lights and found my gennie 15      knowing I have the very best in the business.”
feet from the boat held by the furling line and the sheet.
It looked like a spinnaker. As I looked at it I knew that I
was in for one of those adrenalin-filled sleepless nights.
The first thing I did was to grab the spinnaker halyard
                                                                                                             page 11
                                      “Boating is fun…we’ll show you how”
                        RBOC warning
      Unless boaters act now, Cal Boating will be gone in 3 months, the boating advocacy group Recreational
                                          Boaters of California warns.

      Please take a moment to e-mail your California state representatives: Send them a message to show your
                                            support for Cal Boating!

 To locate your individual representative, please refer to this Web site: Please
                            take the time to write to your representative an original letter,
  or copy and paste our sample letter below. Remember that you express your opinion, NOT that of USPS or
 your squadron.
 Also, due to the fact that many state legislators opt out of disclosing their email addresses, our sample letter can
 be used for postal mailing.
Dear Legislator:

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is submitting a reorganization proposal to the California State Legislature
that would eliminate the Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW).

The governor’s plan is set to take effect this spring – UNLESS the California Senate or the Assembly adopts by
majority vote a resolution rejecting the plan.

I STRONGLY urge you to reject this wrongheaded plan, which would neither save money nor provide any benefit
to California taxpayers. On the contrary: It would negatively affect the state’s more than 3 million boaters and
California’s $17 billion per year recreational boating industry.

What does the DBW mean to California boaters?

• DBW receives no General Fund dollars: It is entirely funded by boater fuel tax dollars, boat registration fees and
interest payments on infrastructure loans (including those for boating access projects, marina improvements and
launch ramp construction).

• DBW has a compact organizational structure and administers boating programs in a timely and non-bureaucratic
manner. Its statutory charter is directly boating-related.

• DBW provides accountability, transparency and leadership in its allocation and use of boater-derived taxes and fees,
and in providing the best use of these funds for programs benefiting boating.

• California’s more than 3 million boating enthusiasts, who support a $17 billion per year boating industry, must have
a dedicated department to represent their interests — with a director whose primary focus is boating.

• The elimination of DBW will not provide the governor’s projected $600,000 in savings, and would eliminate
essential boating programs and services including:
         o Maintaining safety on the waterways for more than 3 million boating enthusiasts.
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                         “Boating is fun…we’ll show you how”
             District 13 & Squadrons combined CALENDAR
                         for February, March, 2009
 February 2009        (2009 calendar will be out soon)
 03               Executive Board Meeting            TRE           Draper
 05               Executive meeting, Skinny Dugans   LSV           Richard Stevens
 07               COW                                CDO
 07                              COW                               ARH               Rick
 11               D/13 Bridge Meeting, Salvatore’s                 Joan Faircloth
 17-22            Anaheim, CA USPS Annual meeting
 19               General meeting, Ellks Henderson   LSV           Richard Stevens
 24               General meeting – election meeting TRE           Draper
 26               D/13 Council, CBYC                               Joan Faircloth
 28               COW                                TRE           Draper

 March 2009
 TBD              COW                                LSV           Richard Stevens
 06-08            Spring Conference - Arrowhead
 11               D/13 Bridge Meeting, Salvatore’s         Joan Faircloth
 13-15            Spring Conference – COW
                  DORAL RESORT Palm Spring,
                  Cathedral City                     ARH           Wendy Sherwood
               a tin

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