AE 3903 Airfoil Design (3-0-3)

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					                            AE 3903/4903 Airfoil Design (3-0-3)
                                       Fall 2002

Objectives: The objectives of this course are to:

   a)      Learn several commonly used techniques for designing airfoils in the subsonic
           and transonic regime
   b)      Understand desirable aerodynamic characteristics, and establish criteria that a
           properly designed airfoil should meet
   c)      Use items (a) and (b) above to design one of the following: a laminar airfoil, a
           general aviation airfoil, or a supercritical airfoil
   d)      Use the airfoil designed under item c) in a 3-D analysis of a wing, or a
           helicopter rotor, or a wind turbine, to assess the improvements in the
           performance as a result of the design. Alternatively, implement and critique
           two or three design techniques for the same design problem.

This course will have approximately 10 lectures that cover items (a) and (b) above. These
will be scheduled during the first 10 weeks of class. You will also be supplied airfoil and
boundary layer analysis tools in the low speed regime, and in the transonic regime. These
will be in MATLAB, or Fortran, or in *.EXE executable form on a PC. You will be
expected to supplement the material covered in the class with your own literature survey
of airfoil and boundary layer analysis and design tools.

You will be periodically asked to document the work you have done under items c) in the
form of a written report. There will be 5 such reports (~ 5 pages each including figures),
and a final report (~25 pages including figures and a coversheet).

You will also be asked to make a 15 minute oral presentation to the class during the
month of October, and a 15 minute final presentation at the end of the design, in
November. I will contact each one of you individually to schedule the presentation. The
purpose of these presentations is to share your successes as well as failures, and learn
from each other’s experience.

Your grade will be based on:

Interim Reports                25%
Interim Oral Presentation      25%
Final Report                   25%
Final Oral Presentation        25%

A 90% or above is needed to receive an ‘A’ in this course. A 80% average is needed to
earn a ‘B’.

I am available by appointment for discussions in my office (Room 360, 404-894-3014, You may see me individually, or in groups. Mornings are
preferred. I teach another class during MWF 2-3.

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