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									                                   Otter Outlook
                                   Ocee Elementary School
                                   Deborah Pernice, Principal                      March 1, 2012
                                   Brooke Humphrey, Assistant Principal

            In this issue…                MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL…
Thank You, PTA and Parents
Fifth Grade Parents and Students
                                          Today in Thursday papers, a letter was sent home with all
Kindergarten Round-Up                     1st – 5th grade students explaining the FITNESSGRAM fitness
Music in Our Schools Month                assessment. The FITNESSGRAM physical fitness assessment
National School Breakfast Week
Ocee Talent Show                          measures aerobic capacity, muscular strength and
Junior Achievement                        endurance, flexibility, and body composition. This year
Ocee Media Center Magazine Drive
Fulton County Media Festival
                                          there are changes to the assessment due to the fact that
                                          the FITNESSGRAM fitness assessment is now a state mandate
PTA NEWS                                  (Georgia Official Code 20-2-777).
The 2012-13 Slate of Officers
Ocee Otters We Need You
AR Race to the Finish this Friday         In P.E., we are now required to take each student’s body
Walk and Roll to School
Gladiator Tickets Still Available         composition in 1st through 5th grade. In order to keep
Battle of the Books                       students’ weight and height confidential, we will call
Parents of Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd
Grade Students
                                          students over to the scale individually. There will be a
Science Zone Volunteer Sign-Ups           private area where we will weigh and measure the
COMMUNITY NEWS                            children. Students will step onto the scale backwards, and
Bingo Night at Chattahoochee HS           the results of their weight and height will not be shared
6th Annual “It’s Just Hair” Cut-a-thon    with them. Each student’s height and weight will be
Little Miss Queen of Diamonds Pageant
Jr. Cougar Cheerleaders                   entered into the FITNESSGRAM data base. This process of
                                          taking each child’s height and weight will take place the
Chick-fil-A Spirit Nights                 week of March 12th. Each student in 4th and 5th grade will
                                          get an individualized printout including assessment scores
                                          and tips for improving health later in the year.
           Important Dates
3/1 Chick-fil-A Spirit Night
3/2 Career Day                            As the parent of a minor child, Georgia law gives you the
3/2 Fifth AR Period Ends                  option of not having your child’s height and weight
3/3 Media Festival Entries Due 8 AM
3/3-8 National School Breakfast Week      measured at school. If you do not want your child’s height
3/5 Fifth Grade T-shirt Day               and weight to be measured, or if you have any questions,
3/5 Fifth Grade Class Picture
3/5 BOB
                                          please        contact        Mrs.       Moreno         at
3/6-7 Science Zone—1st Grade     For more information about
3/7 HAC Turned Off                        FITNESSGRAM, you can visit or
3/7 Georgia Writing Assessment — 5th
3/7 Walk and Roll to School Day 
3/8-23 Ocee Media Magazine Drive
3/8 PTA Meeting—6 PM                      Sincerely,
3/8 Ocee Idol Talent Show
3/9 Teacher Work Day—No School            Debbie Pernice
3/10 Gwinnett Gladiator Day
3/13 Volunteer and Business Partner
Appreciation Breakfast 8-9:30 AM
3/14 Science Zone—1st Grade
3/16 Spring Picture Day
3/16 K-Kids Meeting 7:15 AM
                                 SCHOOL NEWS
     Thank YOU , PTA and Parents, for Appreciating Ocee Staff
Last week was the conclusion of the PTA sponsored Staff Appreciation Month at Ocee. And what a
wonderful month it was! Teachers and staff felt valued and appreciated every day! The flowers,
notes, special treats, and fabulous meals were just the things to brighten up this winter month.
Thank you so much to all who contributed to that positive glow! We especially want to thank
Deborah Whitney for leading the effort and Jody Tirone and Elizabeth Andresen for all their help as
well. We also thank the many businesses who donated prizes as part of the proceedings. It was a
grand event!

                       Fifth Grade Parents and Students
IMPORTANT REMINDER: We will take the fifth grade class picture on Monday, March 5th — THIS
Monday! Please have your child wear his or her 5th grade t-shirt Monday, or a similarly-colored shirt
(dark grey). Each fifth grader will receive a copy of this picture at the fifth grade promotion

                               Kindergarten Round-Up
Ocee Elementary will be having its annual ‘Kindergarten Round-Up’ on March 23, 2012 at 8:30 AM in
the cafeteria. If you have a rising kindergartener, please make plans to join us. There will be an
overview of the kindergarten curriculum and sign-up for kindergarten screening. In addition, the
children will have the opportunity to tour the school. We could also use your help in spreading the
word to any parents of upcoming kindergarteners who may not have other children at Ocee. Thank
you for helping us welcome our soon-to-be Otters!

                           ♫ Music In Our Schools Month
The General Music Department at Ocee will be celebrating Music in Our Schools Month in March. Our
Star Searchers have discovered many musically talented Ocee parents and friends in the Alpharetta
and Johns Creek area, from opera singers to electric guitarists!!! During the week of Monday, March
19, through Friday, March 23, we will be hosting an opportunity for adult musical demonstrations for
our students. They will be held informally in the music classroom during your child’s music time.

We would like to invite all parents and other relatives, as well as friends and private instructors, to
perform on any musical instrument, including voice. Music selection may be of any variety. We are
welcoming experienced performers, as well as beginners. This will be a wonderful learning
experience for our children and the classes that have the highest amount of guest participants will
win a popcorn party given by their music teacher. This is always such a wonderful learning
experience for our children, and they always enjoy these performances immensely, so if you can
“hum a few bars” or “toot a horn,” we would love to have you participate. Sign up forms were sent
home a few weeks ago, and we do have more forms if you need one.

                        National School Breakfast Week
                               Don’t let this be the start of your day…

                                     Let us do breakfast for you!

                Please join us and your children for National School Breakfast Week.
                                    Ocee Elementary Cafeteria
                             March 5rd thru March 8th, 7:10am – 7:40 am

                              $1.55 for Parents and Non-Ocee Siblings
                                     Hot Chocolate Included!!
                                      Monday – Sausage Biscuit
                                      Tuesday - Mini Pancakes
                                   Wednesday – Chicken Biscuit
                                Thursday – Cheese Grits and Sausage
                              Cereal & Assorted Milks will be offered daily!

                            Ocee Student Talent Show
                                  Thursday, March 8th, at 6:00 pm
                                     Entrance fee-$2 per person
                                   (children 2 and under are free)
   ·    Monies collected will be donated to World Wildlife Fund.
   ·    Tickets will ONLY be sold at the door (no advanced ticket sales).
   ·    Please be prepared to pay cash. Exact change will be appreciated.
   ·    All children MUST be accompanied by an adult.
   ·    No food or drink will be permitted.
   ·    During the Talent Show there will be a Kid’s Zone.
   ·    Students are invited to sit in the Kid’s Zone and will be supervised by Ocee staff
       members. If a child chooses to sit in the Kid’s Zone, he or she is expects to show respect
               o Staying Seated
               o Staying Quite
               o Facing Forward
               o Clapping at End of Performance
               o Following Monitor’s Directions

               **Thank you for supporting Student Council and the Ocee Talent Show.

"JA brings the real world to students, opening their minds to their full potential by bridging the
business and education communities."

Imagine JA's entrepreneurial program inspiring and preparing your child year after year, from
kindergarten through high school, and giving them the tools to be "personally and professionally
successful." Imagine them writing their own business plans in high school. Junior Achievement
students have done this after being involved in the program.

Last year JA parent volunteers successfully brought JA to all grades levels except first and fifth
grades. This year Ocee Elementary has opened all grade levels to bring Junior Achievement to the
classroom. This can only be done with parent volunteers. If your child's class does not have a
parent or team volunteers, the whole grade level may miss out on this incredible educational
opportunity. Will you be the one to make a difference in Ocee's classroom?

For our March 19-23 sessions for K-2, we need volunteers in both kindergarten and second grade.
After CRCT's, third grade will hold JA in the week of April 23-27, 2012. Fourth and fifth grades will
run JA on April 26th and 25th, respectively. We also need more volunteers for some of these
Our first training session will be March 12, 2012; 8:30-9:30 a.m. in the Ocee Media center. We will
be scheduling another training session in the future. Please contact Belinda Kasmiersky at 678-516-
5555 or e-mail at to volunteer or to ask any questions about this opportunity.

                            Ocee Media Center Magazine Drive
The media center’s magazine drive will begin March 8 th and run through March 23rd. Sales packets
will be sent home in Thursday papers March 8th. Students will learn more about the program on
Otter Talk each morning.            Prizes will be awarded to students selling magazine
subscriptions. Remember, NO DOOR TO DOOR SELLING IS REQUIRED. Sales can be made via the
internet, so be sure to share the link that will be available in the sales packets with your family
members so your student can get credit!

          The Fulton County Media Festival is Going On Now!
Students are encouraged to create a media project in one of the following categories: Audio Podcast,
Live Action, Sequential Stills (“Sequential Stills” is defined as a series of still images from slides,
photographs, still video or digital images rendered into a production using photographic, electronic
or computer technology, including Quicktime, PowerPoint, or similar computer programs),
Interactive Stills, or a website. For more information about entries, please visit the 2012 Media
Festival      instructions       at
gsmfentrybooklet12.pdf . Festival packets can be picked up in the media center. ALL PROJECTS ARE
Ocee Entries to the county judges.

“Pursuant to Fulton County Schools Policy JGFA – Restraint of Student, students may be physically restrained, but only when the
  student presents an immediate danger to himself/herself or others. Policy JGFA can be accessed through the Fulton County
   Schools Policy and Procedures Manual by clicking “Quick Links” on the district’s website,, and/or by
                                 contacting the Office of Student Discipline at 404-763-5611.”

                                                PTA NEWS
                        THE 2012 ~ 2013 SLATE OF OFFICERS
The PTA is proud to nominate the following individuals for the 2012-2013 PTA Executive Board. The
nominated slate of officers will be presented for approval at the Ocee Talent Show held on Thursday,
March 8th. Should you have any questions, please contact a member of this year’s Executive Board or
Nominating Committee. Congratulations to the nominees!
         Co-President                                                   Jody Tirone
         Co-President                                                   Kim Ellithorpe
         Treasurer                                                      Jennifer Hopkins
         Secretary                                                      Andrea Stalemark
         Co-Vice Presidents of Academic Enrichment                      Amy Frank and Jennifer Lina
         Vice President of Communications                               Liz Conti
         Vice President of Family Events                                Maureen Bornstein
         Vice President    of Health & Community Services               Heather Judd
         Vice President    of Student Enrichment                        Rachel Biller
         Vice President    of Student Support                           Elizabeth Andresen
         Vice President    of Ways & Means                              Joanna Washington
                            OCEE OTTERS WE NEED YOU
In order to have a successful Ocee Elementary PTA, we rely heavily on parent volunteers and we
need YOUR help filling these very important Chair Positions. Show your children you are truly
committed to their education by supporting your school and our PTA. Should a position interest you,
please contact Jody Tirone at ( or Tia Downum at (
Remember, you can do each of these positions with a friend and serve as Co-Chairs! Thanks for your
  Recycling        Ocee PTA recycles paper, shoes, toner cartridges and cell phones. Help coordi-
                   nate this effort while helping the environment and our school at the same time.
  Directory (Ad    Coordinate the advertisements in the Ocee Directory. Solicit advertisements
  Sales)           and get the print ads ready for printing in our annual Student Directory.
  Yearbook         Compiles the annual keepsake yearbook, featuring photos of major school
                   events and student activities.
  Basket Raffle    Solicits community donations and assembles baskets for fundraising raffle held
                   in conjunction with Bingo Night.
  Red Ribbon       Organize activities to promote drug awareness educational program one week
  Week             out of the school year.
  Exceptional      Organize activities to teach students about differences in children one week out
  Children’s       of the school year.
  Parenting        Organizes guest speakers to discuss pertinent parent issues.
  Grants           Researches and writes grant applications to benefit the school.
  Room Parents     Help coordinate the teams of parent volunteers who assist in their child’s class-
                   room by planning parties, helping with special projects and assembling Thursday
  Fall             Works closely with the Membership chair to coordinate our annual membership
  Fundraising      drive.
  Membership       Coordinates the PTA’s annual membership drive, encouraging parents, teachers,
                   staff and Ocee community to join.

                   PERIOD ON FRIDAY
The fifth AR period ends this Friday, March 2nd. Has your child been reading and taking AR tests so
that his or her car will move to the next lap on the AR racetrack? After Friday, there will only be one
more AR period left in this school year. That's right; AR testing will end on Tuesday, April 10 th. If your
child earns a 5th lap reward this period or next, be sure he or she completes the reward selection
form and turns it in as soon as possible, so that the experience rewards can be scheduled with the
appropriate teacher or administrator. Please contact Jennifer Hopkins or Maria
Evonsion with any questions or read all about it at

Georgia Walk to School Day is Wednesday, March 7 th!!! We'd love for you to join us, so put on your
tennis shoes or roller blades, or grab those scooters and bicycles to walk or roll to school. Please be
sure to wear bright colors and stay on the sidewalks during this event. And don't forget, if you live
too far from school or can't walk safely from your neighborhood, you can park your car at Ocee Park
to join the fun. Also, Bagel Boys Cafe will be proving coffee and bagel bites to parents (while
supplies last). If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Stalemark at
or Jennifer Lina at

Ocee is having another great night with the Gwinnett Gladiators on Saturday, March 10 th at 7:05 p.m.
Ticket prices are $15 each and a portion of each ticket sale goes directly back to Ocee. All seats are
in the same section, so grab your family and friends and come to cheer on the Gladiators!

Today was the last day to send in your Gwinnett Gladiator ticket order and get the tickets sent home
in advance through next week’s Thursday papers. But, you can still order tickets online and pick
them up at the Will Call office at Gwinnett Arena beginning 90 minutes before the game starts. To
place your order, just go to (Use code: OCEE 0310).
Questions?? Contact Liz Conti at

                                BATTLE OF THE BOOKS
Battle of the Books is quickly approaching. Remember, the fourth and last read-by date is Monday,
March 5th, which is also the day of our final meeting. Please encourage your children to complete
their selections and take the AR test. Thank you!

                     1ST AND 2ND GRADE STUDENTS:
This is a reminder from the Young Authors committee to please return the “Dedication” and “About
the Author” pages to your child’s teacher. They are needed to insert in your child’s Young Author
book that is being compiled. The committee can’t start preparing your child’s book until you return
these forms to your child’s teacher. If you have misplaced these pages, you can go to and print new copies (look under the “Forms” tab). Thank you so much for your

It’s such a fun way to help out! Classroom volunteers are needed to help students do fun, hands-on
lab activities. However, without enough help, students will not complete all of the lab activities.
      1. To sign up to help as a leader or a helper, go to click here. Absolutely no experience is

     2. Your grade level Science Zone Grade Level Chair(s) are listed on the website. Please contact
        them with any questions.

     3. Lab descriptions and the lab presentations are online at:
        descriptions/ . To download the lab presentation, just click on the name of the lab.

Upcoming labs…
1st Grade- Mar 14th (Wed) Animal Classification with Chattahoochee Park Ranger
5th Grade- Mar 20 & 21 (Tue/Wed) Chromatography
3rd Grade- Mar 26 & 27 (Mon/Tue) Insulation/Thermal Energy
2nd Grade- Apr 24 & 27 (Tue/Fri) Meal Worms
                            COMMUNITY NEWS
                        Bingo Night at Chattahoochee HS
Bring the whole family to Chattahoochee High School for an evening of fun, food, and prizes at Bingo
Night, on Friday, March 23rd. This event is sponsored by the Chattahoochee Music Association
(CHSMA). The fun begins at 7:00 p.m. in the CHS cafeteria. Save money by purchasing your tickets in
advance are $10 per person. A limited number of tickets will be available at the door on the night of
the event at $15 per person. Tickets must be paid for by an adult (18 years of age or older) and in-
clude bingo cards, pizza, drink, and a raffle for the prize drawing of an Apple iPad! To make your
advanced reservation, please stop by Chattahoochee HS’s office between 7:45 a.m. and 4:15 p.m. or
contact Rhonda Nelson at to have an order form e-mailed to you. Come
join the fun!

                    6th Annual "It's Just Hair" Cut-a-thon
Do you have long hair? Please consider donating your locks for the 6th Annual "It's Just Hair" Cut-a-
thon to benefit Locks of Love and children with long-term medical hair loss. Most of the children
who benefit have lost their hair due to an autoimmune disease called Alopecia Areata, a highly un-
predictable disease that can cause hair loss in patches or total hair loss including eyebrows and eye-
lashes. The cut-a-thon will take place on Monday, May 14, 2012, at Taylor Brooks Salon in Alpha-
retta. Hair must be at least ten inches and cuts and styles are complimentary. Please contact Diane
Cooley to register or for more information at or 678-521-5639.

         2012 CHS Little Miss Queen of Diamonds Pageant
                         Saturday March 17
     Every contestant will receive a participation award. NO ONE GOES HOME EMPTY-HANDED.
                              Age groups: K-1st, 2nd-3rd and 4th-5th
                                   Registration begins at 10:30 am
                    Attire: Easter Sunday or Pageant Dress (long or short dress)
                                           Multiple winners
      All Queens will be recognized at the "Miss CHS Queen of Diamonds" on Saturday evening.
             For more information please contact: Karen at

                               Jr. Cougar Cheerleaders
Calling all Jr. Cougar Cheerleaders! Registration for the football cheerleading season is open for ris-
ing 4th – 8th graders residing in the Chattahoochee High School district. Informative parent meetings
will be held on Tuesday, March 6th (rising 6th-8th) and Wednesday, March 7 th (rising 4th-5th) at 7pm in
the Chattahoochee High School media center. Register at             
event_detail.cfm?event_id=2007840 or visit for more information.
                                  BUSINESS PARTNERS
                                  SPIRIT DAYS AT CHICK-FIL-A
                                      Alpharetta Commons
 Bring your family and friends to Alpharetta Commons Chick-fil-A any time on Tuesday, February
 28th through Thursday, March 1st and earn money for Ocee as well as a chance to win a FREE
 Chick-fil-A chicken biscuit breakfast for your class. Come one day, come every day. Just make
 sure you bring the form that was sent home with Thursday papers and list the amount you spend
 and the name of your teacher. There will be extra forms at the store if you come multiple
 times. Tuesday night will be Karaoke Night from 5-8 P.M. Sing a song and get a FREE Chick-fil-A
 chicken sandwich with any purchase. Wednesday is wacky with Chick-fil-A chicken biscuits and
 spicy biscuits for dinner from 5-8 P.M. We are also celebrating LEAP DAY! If you have a LEAP DAY
 birthday and show us your ID, your meal is FREE! Thursday we are kicking off March Madness with
 chances to sink a basket and win a FREE mini basketball with any combo purchase. So come join
 the fun and earn cash for your school and free breakfast for your class!

KidChess                             Johns Creek, GA 30022             Chick-Fil-A
2495 Alston Drive                    770-663-4114                      4285 State Bridge Road
Marietta, GA 30062                   Carmine's Restaurant              Alpharetta, GA 30022
770-997-3951                         3044 Old Milton Parkway           770-521-2132
                                     Alpharetta, GA 30022              Dr. Malone's Orthodontics
Unleashed Doggy Daycare              770-772-3644                      3005 Royal Blvd. Ste. 200
10950 State Bridge Road Ste. D                                         Alpharetta, GA 30022
Alpharetta, GA 30022                 Primo Activewear                  770-619-1776
770-807-6877                         355 Welwyn Walk
                                     Alpharetta, GA 30022              Music Matters
Cuzi Fresh Café                      770-235-3633                      500 Sun Valley Dr. Ste. D2
4075 Old Milton Parkway                                                Roswell, GA 30076
Alpharetta, GA 30022                 My Room Rocks                     678-456-3080
678-867-9854                         10995 State Bridge Road
                                     Alpharetta, GA 30022              Cotton Creek Car Wash
Monkey Joe's                         678-566-3200                      11725 Cotton Creek Entry
5805 State Bridge Road Ste. 600                                        Alpharetta, GA 30022
Alpharetta, GA 30022                 Homework Center                   770-752-9222
770-497-9887                         11550 Jones Bridge Road Ste. 11
                                     Alpharetta, GA 30022
Elite Martial Arts                   678-393-3100
2000 Ray Moss Connector

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