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									Welcome! As we have promised on our Facebook fan page, today, we’ll do the biggest Minecraft
Gift Code giveaway yet! Currently we have a huge amount of Minecraft gift code - enough so that
everyone gets one. All Minecraft Gift Code are limited, one per IP Address. In our previous
giveaway there were many people who got more then one Minecraft - that’s the main reason why
we have limited this giveaway to only one Minecraft Gift Code per IP Address.

We guarantee that all Minecraft gift code on the list below are unique and unused. All Minecraft
gift code are ready to be activated .
Note: You have only 20 minutes to activate your Minecraft Gift Code after you take it. After 20
minutes your Minecraft Gift Code will become blacklisted and will be unavailable for use. We
hope that this will help us from people that unlock our Minecraft gift code and then sell them,

Note: If all Minecraft gift code are Unavailable, please check back in 2 minutes. Our website
manager is updating the list every few seconds. After someone takes a Minecraft Gift Code it will
be automatically marked as Unavailable.
So what are you waiting for? Check our list below and grab your Minecraft Gift Code. Make sure
you select a Minecraft Gift Code that’s Available.
Don’t wait till it’s too late. This is your last chance to get your Minecraft Gift Code.

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