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									IHSA Solo and Ensemble Results
Recently 22 schools from throughout the region met at Carbondale Community High School for
the IHSA Solo and Ensemble Music Festival. The results of the competition were tallied by the
IHSA and ranked against schools from across the state. Some of the results of the festival

Each adjudicator is permitted to select an IHSA Music State Final Best of Day from the
approximately 45-50 events that they hear on that date. The results of the local competition may
be seen below:

Best of Day awards for Solo/Ensemble at Carbondale

Alina Tichacek, Marian Repp, Trevon Sherrill - Carbondale (Trumpet Ensemble)
Alex Taylor, Chris Glennon, Jacob Criddle, and Tyler Anderson - Carterville (Mixed Brass
Kelsey Crawford, Amanda Halter and Marissa Roath - Anna (A.-Jonesboro) (Treble
Pinckneyville Men's Octet - Pinckneyville (Bass Ensemble)
Murphysboro Madrigal Choir - Murphysboro (Madrigal Group)
Carbondale Guitar Choir - Carbondale (String Choir)
Yenna Cho - Carbondale (Flute)
Aaron Kennedy - Massac County (E-Flat Alto Sax.)
Rachel Brady - Murphysboro (Trumpet)
David Blaise - Carbondale (Marimba)
Nick Ginsburg - Carbondale (Piano)
Carbondale Percussion Choir - Carbondale (Percussion Choir)
Emily Fink - Carbondale (Female Voice)
Shannon Nehrkorn - Pinckneyville (Female Voice)
Anne Visser - Herrin (Female Voice)
Marian Repp - Carbondale (Female Voice)
Quinlan Monk, John Sarvela, Stephen Blair - Carbondale (Mixed Wind Ensemble)

Music Programs are compared across the state based upon performing group and the school
music program taken as an entirety. Two local music programs placed in the top 10 within their
division state-wide. These include: Carterville High School received 41 Division 1 Ratings and
13 Division 2 Ratings, earning 10th Place Band, 8th Place Vocal, and 9th Place Overall Class B
Music Program.

Carbondale Community High School received 84 Division 1 Ratings and 10 Division 2 Ratings,
earning 2nd Place Band, 2nd Place Strings, and 2nd Place Overall Class A Music Program.

More detailed information may be found at http://www.tourneywire.com/musicresults.htm

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