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					Beef Checkoff Program
Fires Up for Grilling Season
      In an effort to keep drive listeners to visit         of sale materials. Major
beef 'king of the grill',    designated HEB stores          retail markets across the
the Texas Beef               for beef samples and           nation will receive beef
Council's (TBC) sum-         grilling guides. In addi- posters and merchan-
mer grilling advertising     tion, "Beef It's What's        dising displays coupled
and promo-                                                             with coupons,
tional partner-                                                        beef recipes
ships are in
full swing.
                 "   This campaign is a great example of our
                                                                       and grilling
                     industry building partnerships and work- guides for
The summer           ing together to promote our product               customers.
grilling cam-
paign utilizes
                     during the summer grilling months.
                                            Rosemary Brizendine,
                                                                       markets also
current mar-                         TBC chair and beef producer       receive Beef
keting pro-                                                            Fast Facts, an
grams while extending        For Dinner" advertise-         informational outline
national efforts to con-     ments will appear in           for meat retailers and
sumers and retailers.        print publications in the their customers. These
The campaign centers         Austin, Houston,               fact sheets not only pro- As the summer heats up, so does the grill, and the Texas Beef
around summer grilling       Dallas, Fort Worth and         vide great beef informa- Council is making sure consumers continue to grill the beef
and runs through             San Antonio markets.           tion for retailers, but       they love.
September, extending         TBC expects to reach           also give tips and ideas
the promotions through an estimated 1.6 million on merchandising beef                     provide grilling guide-        and the ten most popu-
Labor Day and fall           consumers through              products. The summer          lines, new ideas on            lar grilling cuts broken
football season.             radio and print adver-         grilling fact sheets also     grilling beef value cuts       down by region.
      Throughout the         tising.
campaign, TBC will
reach consumers
                                   TBC has also part-
                             nered with Ste.
                                                                  Understanding the Checkoff Structure
through radio inter-         Genevieve Wine and                                      Cattlemen’s Beef Board
views, on-air grilling       Fiesta Spices to bring
demonstrations,              consumers the 'Mix it                 Created by the Beef Promotion senting their recognized producer
endorsement spots,           Up with Beef ' promo-            and Research Act* to administer            organizations. Duties include certi-
print advertising and        tional partnership.              the Beef Checkoff Program, the             fication of state beef councils, eval-
live retail storefront       Throughout the sum-              Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB) is            uation of programs, annual budget
radio remotes. TBC will mer grilling months,                  made up of 104 volunteers nomi-            approval and overseeing collection
provide listeners step-      customers in over 600            nated by state producer organiza-          of the $1-per-head beef checkoff.
by-step grilling infor-      retail markets in Texas          tions and importers, and appointed         Administrative costs for the CBB
mation during the radio will receive point of sale            by the U.S. Secretary of                   are capped at 5 percent of projected
demonstrations and           materials, recipe cards          Agriculture. The number of pro-            revenue, and the board has always
interviews. The              and beef coupons with            ducers serving on the CBB fluctu-          remained well below this level.
endorsement portion of       the purchase of Fiesta           ates from year-to-year depending
                                                                                                         *The Beef Promotion and Research
the campaign features        Steak Seasoning. TBC             on the current cattle inventory.
                                                                                                         Act outlines the specific responsibilities
culinary and nutritional     will also provide retail-        There are currently 14 Texas pro-
                                                                                                         of the organizations that comprise the
information, encourag-       ers on-package beef              ducers serving on the board repre-
                                                                                                         checkoff structure.

                                                                              CBB Directors Representing Texas
ing consumers to select      grilling labels and
beef as the protein of       coupons. During
choice in their diet.        August, TBC will part-
      "Consumers love to ner with Kroger super-                & Independent Cattlemen’s Association of Texas –
grill beef, which makes      markets in Houston and                  Robert Bruner, Richard Hodge, Chuck Kiker III
grilling season the per-     Dallas to conduct in-
fect opportunity to          store grilling demon-             & Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers
showcase beef as a           strations giving cus-                   Association – Austin Brown III, Sugie Sartwelle,
nutritious, delicious,       tomers grilling tips and                Dick Sherron
versatile product," said     beef information.
Rosemary Brizendine,               On the national             & Texas Cattle Feeders Association – Walter Lasley,
TBC chair and beef           level, the Beef Checkoff                Jay O’Brien, Daryl Berlier Owen
producer. "This cam-         Program's summer
paign is a great example grilling campaign pro-                & Texas CattleWomen – Sharon Spenrath
of our industry building motes beef as America's
partnerships and work-       top-selling protein and           & Texas dairy industry – Bryant Fisher
ing together to promote encourages shoppers to
our product during the       visit their local meat            & Texas Farm Bureau – Pete Case, Dan Dierschke,
summer grilling              departments. The Beef                   Justin Dauer
months."                     Checkoff Program is
                                                                      To request a free copy of the
      Live radio remotes     working in cooperation
                                                               CBB’s Annual Report or the Texas
with stations in the         with partners and major           Beef Council’s Annual Report, please
Austin and San               retailers to offer in-store       call 1-800-846-4113.
Antonio markets will         promotions and point
                                                                  June Highlights
                                                A look at some of the projects funded by Texas checkoff dollars

     1    Export Efforts                                                                         2    Beef Training
 Austin, College Station, Amarillo:                  Caribbean sales managers trav-
                                                                                                Austin:      In June, TBC hosted a Beef
 eled to Texas June 3-9 to learn about quality attributes and versatility of U.S. beef.
                                                                                                 Boot Camp for 18 HEB employees, fol-
 The team of 11 sales managers participated in a ‘Beef 101’ training session at Texas
                                                                                                lowed by a second Beef Boot Camp later
 A&M University where they learned about quality differences, grading, muscle uti-
                                                                                                in the month for 16 Super S Foods and
 lization and carcass fabrication. The sales team also toured a cattle ranch, feedyard,
                                                                                                Nolan Ryan All Natural Tender Aged
 foodservice plant and processing plant where experts in the industry shared their
                                                                                                Beef employees. The day-long Beef Boot
 beef knowledge and insight. TBC hosted the Caribbean sales team through a
                                                                                                Camp training sessions provide retail
 coordinated partnership with the U.S. Meat Export Federation.
                                                                                                employees with a variety of beef informa-
                                                                                                tion such as recipes, cooking tips, cuts of
                                                                                                   beef, cooking methods and beef ’s nutri-
                                                                                                   tional benefits. TBC hosts monthly

                                                                                                   Beef Boot Camps arming retailers with

                                                                                                   beef knowledge that will be shared
                                                                                                    with their customers.

                                                                                                                   6 6
     Chef Peter Rosenberg explains the advantages of underuti-
     lized cuts while Jason Bagley, TBC’s Beef Quality Manager,
     performs a beef cutting demonstration.

 7       Ultimate Travels
                                                                                                                                                 Retailers master the grill during the

                                                                                                                           1 4                           Beef Showcase
                                                                                                                                                 grilling portion of TBC’s Beef Boot Camp.

San Antonio, Longview: The

                                                                                                     4   1
Ultimate Backyard, TBC’s mobile marketing


                                                                                                       7 5
unit, continued its travels to festivals and events                                                                                                              “Seasons of Beef ” was the
across the state showcasing beef, conducting cook-                                                                                                   theme for the TBC Culinary Showcase
ing demonstrations and delivering educational                                                                                                        and exhibit booth at the 70th Annual
materials directly to consumers. The first stop in                                                                                                   Southwest Foodservice Expo held in
June was the Longview Alleyfest where beef cook-                                                                                                 Dallas June 24-26. Singing Chef Jackie
ing demonstrations took place and consumers                                                                                                  Gordon entertained guests with unique stories
enjoyed sampling Advance Brand fully cooked burg-                                                                                        and songs filled with humor and beef facts, while
ers. Next it was off to San Antonio for the Folklife                                                                                 TBC Chef Tiffany Collins demonstrated beef recipes.

Festival where TBC served 6,800 samples of HEB                                                                                   Guests at the Culinary Showcase enjoyed delicious seasonal
fully cooked burgers to festival goers. Throughout                                                                          beef dishes and visitors to the exhibit booth received educational
the festivals TBC distributed grilling guides, beef                                                                      beef information to utilize in their foodservice and restaurant
recipes and nutritional information to consumers.                                                                      establishments. Produced by the Texas Restaurant Association,

 6 Hispanic Advertising
                                                                                                                       Expo is the second largest foodservice trade show in the nation and

                                                                                                                                                     Producer Outreach
                                                                                                                       attracts an average of 10,000 attendees per day.

 Dallas, Fort Worth, Lower Rio

                                                                                                              TBC Board
 Grande Valley: As part of the Hispanic

 outreach effort, TBC is answering the need for                                                                                                Amarillo, College Station,
 Spanish-language beef information with a print                                                                                                Fredericksburg: TBC staff shared
 advertising campaign. In May, TBC began                                                                                                       information on the Beef Checkoff Program
 advertising in Spanish-language publications                                                               Austin:      TBC held its quar-    during industry organization meetings and
 such as Al Dia in Dallas, La Estrella in Fort                                                              terly board of directors meet-     conventions held across the state. Staff
 Worth and RUMBO in the Lower Rio Grande                                                                    ing June 13 at which time          highlighted the past 20 years of the checkoff
 Valley. The beef ads focus on enjoyment, vari-                                                             advisory committees in Beef        and provided industry leaders with informa-
 ety and nutrition. Nearly a full-page, the ads                                                             Quality, Communications,           tion on current and future TBC programs
 are accompanied by advertorials and beef ban-                                                              Nutrition, Product and Export      and events. In June, TBC attended the Texas
 ners on the publication’s Web sites. The               One example of the ads placed in Spanish-           met to review the 2008 mar-        and Southwestern Cattle Raiser’s Association
 Hispanic advertising campaign will run through         language publications translates to “The only       keting plans. The TBC board        summer board meeting, Texas Farm Bureau
 September reaching an estimated one million            limit to the delight beef brings to your table is   consists of 20 members repre-      Beef and Dairy Commodity meeting and the
 consumers.                                             your imagination. Make grandma proud.”              senting nine different industry    Independent Cattlemen’s Association
                                                                                                            organizations.                     Convention.

                                                For more information on these programs, contact TBC at 1-800-846-4113.


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