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									Society of
Women Engineering
Bi-weekly Newsletter: September 22, 2010
                                             husband, 2 year old
President                                    son Brandon, and
                                             chocolate lab named
Happy Hump day! If you would like to         Brody. Lauren is expecting her second
join National SWE we have mail for you to    child this December – it’s a girl!
fill out and hand in to the e-board. The
membership is 20 dollars for one year or     If you have any ideas of topics you’d like
50 for all years you are                     to hear presented, feel free to talk to me
a collegiate member. Being a national        at a meeting or send me an email! And if
member of SWE provides you with many         you have some companies you’d like to
opportunities with scholarships as well as   see next semester let me know. We’re
networking. Here is also the website for     almost all booked though, so let me know
Region H (MSU is in this region of           soon! Have a great rest of the week!
swe)          Christina
Vice President
Hey SWE!
This week we have the pleasure of having     Treasurer
Lauren Thompson from Chrysler here to
present on resume building and career        Hey Girls !
fair conversations. Here is a Lauren’s
biography:                                   It's the fourth week and we're off to a
                                             great start! The Sarah-Gabi Treasurer
Lauren Thompson, the counselor for the       Duo have been taking submissions for the
MSU SWE section, is your link to industry    t-shirts and we are voting on them
and to the professional sections of SWE.     TODAY. Please cast your vote and have
 Lauren graduated from MSU in December       your say in the t-shirt design! Thank you
2000 with her BSME. She started working      for coming out today and hopefully you'll
at Chrysler right away, and has been there   learn a lot today from Lauren about
ever since. Lauren received her MSME         resume-building and career fair
from U of M Dearborn in December 2002.       conversations as the Career Gallery is in 2
 After graduating with her masters, she's    weeks!
been very active in the Detroit section of
SWE, holding positions such as VP of         <3
Membership, Section Representative, and      Gabriela
Section President. Lauren has gained a       Sarah
ton from SWE and hopes you get the
chance to benefit from the organization as
well. Lauren lives in Oxford with her
Community Service                            Catherine Dudgeon -
                                             Vanessa Stuart -
Hey ladies! This is Anu and Alexa, your
community service chairs. We have some       Member Relations/SEC/Publicity
great ideas for volunteer opportunities
cooking up, so keep an eye out for sign-     Hey ladies! I would like to invite everyone
ups within the next couple of weeks. Also,   (especially freshman) to O-night!! O-night
don't forget we are always open to ideas!    is an informal event for several of the
Alexa (                     engineering groups on campus to show
Anu (                       you what they're all about. It is next
                                             Tuesday from 5-7 pm in Wilson Hall.
Outreach                                     Bring a friend and stop by before or after
                                             dinner! Make sure to stop by the SWE
Hey ladies,                                  booth!!
Hope everyone is doing well and getting      Sarah Mozdrzech
settled into classes. We have our first
Woodcreek visit coming up for the            Corporate Relations
semester! Woodcreek is an elementary
school that we visit to introduce to         Hello ladies - For those looking for an
student about engineering. We do             internship or a full-time position, Career
projects with them that work with            Gallery is approaching very quickly (Oct.
science-based backgrounds and then           6-7)!
discuss some of the concepts with them.      Prepare yourself for success: 1) Write and
We will be working with fourth graders       fine tune your resume 2) Prepare a formal
this year from 1:10 to 2:10 every other      dress for the event 3) Work on your
Tuesday starting the 28th of                 'commercial' introduction 4) Practice
September.                                   interviewing skills
Liz                         If you need to, look at sample resumes to
Kim                          get an idea how you want to form your
                                             own. Afterwards, have your resume
Social                                       critiqued often! Lastly, I will compile a
                                             SWE resume disk to submit to employers
 Hi girls! This Saturday is our kick-off     at Career Gallery. Look for an email
event for social!! Come to the Lock In in    soon containing the address to email your
the Engineering Building and hang out        resume attachment to as well as the due
with your fellow SWEsters. We bring your     date.
favorite games and movies, and snacks        There are critique sessions hosted by the
will be provided. So come join us from       Center and by visiting companies before
7PM-2AM right here in room 2250 EB.          Gallery. Mock interviews are available to
Worried about creepers in the dark? We       practice. A wealth of information is
will coordinate rides afterward so no one    available on the Center website:
has to walk outside late at night. If you    www.egr.msu/career
have any questions feel free to ask either   <http://www.egr.msu/career>
of us. And your website for the              Sarah Stoner
                                              engagement, and also serves as an
Banquet                                       academic advisor for first year
                                              engineering students. Prior to coming to
Hey SWE!                                      MSU, Colleen spent ten years as a
We will have more information coming up       development officer in the non-profit
closer to the spring semester. Stay tuned!    sector. She earned a bachelor’s degree in
Danielle                     sociology and gender studies from
Cori                         William Smith College in Geneva, New
Rachael                      York and a master’s degree in Public
                                              Administration from the University of
Great Lakes State Conference                  Southern California. McDonough is
                                              currently a third year doctoral student in
Hey girls!                                    the Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education
We are on the lookout for fun activities to   program at Michigan State. Her areas of
include in the Conference next spring. If     interest include educational theory and
you have any suggestions, let Becca           policy, student development and
know. To give you an idea of what we're       engineering education. When she’s not
looking for, we had swing dancing lessons     procrastinating or hanging out in the
and painted piggy banks last year.            Engineering Building, Colleen enjoys
We look forward to hearing your ideas!        hanging out with Reilly, her unruly plott
Becca (                      hound, traveling, snowboarding and
Chelsea (                    attempting to get in shape.


Hey ladies!
Check out the website at
bin/index.php ! There are some cool
features, like course connections, where
you can see what other SWE ladies are in
your classes!


Hey ladies! This year we have a new
advisor along with Judy. Her name is
Colleen. Here is a little more about her!

Colleen A. McDonough is a graduate
assistant at the College of Engineering at
Michigan State University. She is the
coordinator of two component projects of
a National Science Foundation grant
focusing on retention issues and student

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