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									                                                                                         By Maureen Meyers Farrar
 INDOUT IF or                                'S MOST PERFECT FOODS


B 6 6 S . One could consider them             begin with one drop, and increase by          (A small percentage of the popula-
Nature's workaholics. Their days are          one drop a day up to 20 ifrops, says          tion may he allergic; symptom^
spent maintaining the hive, collect-          Ken Babal, (^N, a I-os Angeles-based          include hives, wheezing, itchy throat
ing pollen, serving the queen hee—            nutritionist. When allergy season             or other discomfort.) And if you are
and unknowingly producing a                   begins, increase your dose, if needed,        allergic to bee stings, use extreme
nutritional supplement thtit may              by five drops A day until you find a          caution in taking any bee products.
help build up the immune system,              level that works for you—usually                 ft's smart to stick witb a single bee
increase energy and improve                   between 20-70 drops daily.                    pollen brand and type once you have
strength and endurance.                          You can find bee pollen as                 determined dosage because pollen
   Bee pollen—simply pollen                   granules, pills or tincture, and how          content may vary among products.
collected hy bees—is considered by            you lake it is a matter of preference.        If you're taking granules or pills for
some to be one of Mother Nature's             Drop tincture or sprinkle granules in         supplementation, Babal suggests
perfect foods. And no wonder: Ii's            cereal, or mix it into a drink. You           these dose guidelines: '/• teaspoon
rich in protein (35-40 percent);              can even eat it out of the palm of            of granules or two to four tablets.
contains almost all known minerals,           your hand. "Because it is a very              After adding bee pollen to your diet,
trace elements, enzvnies and amino            concentrated food, you may want to            you may find yourself buzzing
acids; and is high in B-comp)e\               start with a couple of granules under         around the office alert and full of
vitamins. It's also got some vitamin C        your tongue to make sure you're not           energy. Just beware of adopting the
and K. This mix of nutrients is behind        allergic to it," suggests Babal.              hee's '—'-"'" -'--'- -•---
its reputation as an energy source.
   Taking bee pollen in small doses
may help combat allergies by allow-
ing your body to build up an
immunity and become desensitized
to allergens. Here's how to try it:
About lour to six weeks before
allergy season, start taking bee
pollen to help defend yourself
against hay fever. Using a tincture,

                  Bee Pollen

                                               Add GOLDEN FLOWER'S SPANISH B             SOLGAR's
                                               POLLEN granules to your favorite juice,   tahlets are chewable a:
      NATURE'S WAY BEE POLLEN                  or sprinkle it on your cereal. Granules   should be taken witfi f
      CAPStJLES are an easy way to             are usually found locatly and sfiould
      enjoy tfie benefits—no mixing or         be refrigerated.
      sprinkling. Just swallow witfi water

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