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									                                     SILENT AUCTION ITEMS                                                     1
                                    ITEMS #1 - #69 Close at 7:30pm

#    Basket Name:                   Items:                                          Donated by:
1    For a Little Munchkin          Purple Backpack, Book and Paints                Auction Donor
                                    Markers and Crayon

2    VCSU Tumblers                  4-Piece Set of Etched Glasses                   VCSU Athletic Dept.

3    Merry Christmas                Christmas Storage Box and (2) Ornaments         Marlys Kunze
                                    Table Cloth 60x120 and Christmas Cookbook
                                    (2) Matching Bowls, Tray and (2) Towels
                                    Candle, Napkins and Paper Plates

4    Time for Tea and Reflection    Tray, Mug, Tea Pot and Various Teas             Ric & Lauri Kupitz
                                    Journal, Magnets and Flour Sack Towels

5    Beautify Me!                   Nail Polish and Pedicure Set                    Alana Wendel -
                                    Energy Lotion                                   Mary Kay Consultant

6    Fun Times in the Kitchen       17-Piece Silicone Bakeware Set                  Chris & Trina Kvilvang
                                    Yum Yum Childrens Book
                                    Cupcake Plates and Napkins
                                    Stuffed Bunny                                   Phyllis Machtell

7    You are loved!                 Angel Figurine                                  Foss Drug

8    Kids Baking Bonanza Set        Sandwich Cookie Cake Pan and (2) Mugs           Susan Pfeifer
                                    Kids Kitchen Set, Cake Mix and Candy

9    Pasta and Bread Board Basket   Bread Board, Pasta and Pasta Sauce              Susan Pfeifer
                                    Napkins and Coasters

10   Tee Time!                      12-Pack of Golf Balls                           Farmers Union Insurance
                                    Visor                                           KOVC

11   Garden Basket                  Bird House, Birds, Bird Food and Flag           Susan Pfeifer

12   Oh Boy - Twins!                Baby Blanket                                    Auction Donor
                                    Striped PJs - Size 2T and (2) Stuffed Animals

13   Bling!                         Cookie Lee Jewelry                              Mark & Patty Oberlander

14   Fore!                          VCSU T-shirt - Size XL                          VCSU Alumni Association
                                    Golf Tees, Balls, Towels and Misc. Bag

15   Simply Cotton                  Simply Cotton!                                  Shelley Schmidt -
                                    Shower Gel, Lotion and Fragrance                Mary Kay Consultant

16   Spreading the Word             Ed Hardy Messenger Bag                          Kerry Gregoryk
                                       SILENT AUCTION ITEMS                                                 2
                                      ITEMS #1 - #69 Close at 7:30pm

#    Basket Name:                     Items:                                      Donated by:
17   Knit me a sweater                Knitting Needles, Yarn and How To Books     Trina Kvilvang

18   Be Thankful                      Cornucopia                                  JoNell Shaefer
                                      Beverage Charms                             Auction Donor
                                      Cookbooks                                   Mark & Patty Oberlander

19   Pretty in Pink                   Stuffed Animal                              Joanne Pithey
                                      Bendaroos, Play-doh and Googly Bands        Auction Donor
                                      (1) Session Child's Swimming Lessons        VCSU Student Center

20   Crafty Mouse                     Fashion Watch                               Rob & Ina Thomsen
                                      Glitter Wand and Felt Critter Kit           Auction Donor
                                      Markers and Chalk

21   We All Scream for Ice Cream      Certificate for Ice Cream Cake              Dairy Queen

22   Living Well                      First Aide Kit                              Mercy Hospital
                                      Set of (3) Living Well Books                Blue Cross Blue Shield

23   Fun with Cake!                   Babycake Cake Pop Maker                     Chris & Trina Kvilvang

24   School Days                      Backpack w/School Supplies and Roll ups     Circle of Friends

25   Puppy Dog Tails                  Dog Wall Hangings and Chew Toy              Auction Donor
                                      $15.00 Gift Certificate                     Bow Wow Suds & Chow
                                      Ceramic Puppy                               Bea Wendel

26   Oh Christmas Trees               Set of (2) Silver Christmas Trees           JoNell Schaefer

27   My Turn to Cook?                 $20 Gift Certificate                        Robys

28   It's Snow Much Fun!              A Snow Family                               JoNell Schaefer

29   Fall Scarecrow                   Fall Floral Arrangement                     Darlene Freadhoff
                                                                                  Danielle Gazeley

30   Vacation Time?                   $30 Spray Tan                               #1 Sun / Movieland

31   Ho Ho Ho!                        Ho Ho Ho Picture Frame                      JoNell Schaefer
                                      Santa Tin/Coasters, Candles and Ornaments   Auction Donor

32   Looking Good!                    Cookie Lee Jewelry                          Mark & Patty Oberlander

33   TLC                              30-Minute Massage                           Bodywork Therapy Center

34   Back to School Little Munchkin   Backpack w/School Supplies and Roll ups     Circle of Friends
                                        SILENT AUCTION ITEMS                                                 3
                                       ITEMS #1 - #69 Close at 7:30pm
#    Basket Name:                      Items:                                      Donated by:
35   Snip Snip Here, Clip Clip There   Matrix Gel, Paul Mitchell Spray and Combs   Makin' Waves
                                       Gift Certificate for (2) Free Haircuts      Nance's Hairstyling
                                       1-Month Subscription                        Times Record

36   Munchkin Fun                      Play-doh and Hi Bounce Balls                Auction Donor
                                       Yo-Yo and Googly Bands

37   Heartland Basket                  Cold-Milled Flaxseed and Roasted Flaxseed   Heartland Products
                                       Cleaning Solution and Moisture Cream

38   Sports Time!                      $25.00 Gift Card                            Scheels

39   Boy Fun                           Airplane picture                            Ho-den-attes
                                       Red Blanket                                 Mark & Patty Oberlander
                                       Chess Set                                   Auction Donor

40   Books o' Fun!                     Backpack and Books                          Mark & Patty Oberlander

41   Trick or Treat                    Stickers, Glow Sticks and Kitten Cup        VC Children's Center
                                       Popcorn and Vampire Teeth
                                       Halloween Cookbook                          Auction Donor

42   Merry Christmas                   Wreath                                      Auction Donor

43   My Teddy Bear                     Bear, Book and Basket                       Marlys Kunze

44   Iron Works                        Floral Sculpture                            Trader Brothers

45   For Her!                          Cookie Lee Jewelry                          Mark & Patty Oberlander

46   Family Fun                        Movieland Gift Certificate $5.00            Luther & Erin Dietrich
                                       Board Game and Frame
                                       Shirley Temple Recipe and Ingredients
                                       Chips, Salsa and Cheese Dip

47   Take-Out Anyone?                  $25.00 Gift Certificate                     Chinese Palace

48   Flight and Fire                   Bird Candle Holder                          Ho-den-attes

49   Wall Elegance                     Tapestry                                    Diane Weber

50   Department 56                     The Old Curiosity Shop                      Auction Donor

51   Department 56                     The Spider Box Lock                         Auction Donor
                                       Climb Every Mountain                        Joanne Pithey

52   Pamper Yourself in Fargo          30-Minute Massage                           Ashley Rae's Massage
                               SILENT AUCTION ITEMS                                                    4
                              ITEMS #1 - #69 Close at 7:30pm
#    Basket Name:             Items:                                         Donated by:
53   Have a Seat              Stadium Chair                                  Ag Country

54   Salad Solutions Basket   Colander, Herbs and Oils                       Susan Pfiefer
                              Salad Shaker and Vegetable Brush

55   Emerald City Spa         White Citrus Lotion and Shower Gel             Rob & Ina Thompson
                              Bath Beauty Kit and Spa Socks

56   Spoil Her Rotten!        Cookie Lee Jewelry                             Mark & Patty Oberlander

57   Eagle Picture            Framed Eagle Picture                           Joanne Pithey

58   Robots                   Robot Refrigerator Magnets                     Ho-den-attes
                              Transformers and Truck & Tractors Book         Auction Donor
                              Firehouse Dog Movie
                              Fire Prevention Book

59   Beauty Certificate       $25 Gift Certificate                           Picks & Pins

60   Play Time                Boys Long Sleeved Shirt - Size 10/12           Joanne Pithey
                              Twins Calculator
                              Balls, Silly Putty, Cars and Beethoven Movie   Auction Donor

61   Basket o' Coffee         Mug and Malted Milk Balls                      Ho-den-attes
                              Dunkin' Donuts Coffee                          Auction Donor

62   Happy Holidays           Live Well Sign and Mug                         Joanne Pithey
                              Hot Chocolate Mix and Cocktail Napkins         Auction Donor

63   Beauty Basket            Total Miracle Cure Matrix Hair Treatment       Glenda's Salon/Darla's Dos
                              Manicure Certificate w/Jamie Peterson          Jamie Peterson

64   Golf Pack                Visor                                          KOVC
                              12-Pack of Golf Balls                          Farmers Union Insurance

65   For the Birds            Decorative Bird Hanger/Metal Hanger            Ho-den-attes

66   Snowy Day                Snowman Plate                                  JoNell Schaefer

67   Send Flowers             $30 Gift Certificate                           Dakota Rose

68   Game Time                (2) Stadium Chairs                             Edward Jones

69   Snuggle Time             Stuffed Bear and Blanket                       Mark & Patty Oberlander
                              Floral Binder                                  Auction Donor
                              Stuffed Bunny                                  Joanne Pithey
                                    SILENT AUCTION ITEMS                                               5
                                   ITEMS #70 - End Close at 8:30pm
#    Basket Name:                  Items:                                    Donated by:
70   Theres No Place Like Home …   Wall Hanging and (2) Picture Frames       Pam Tombarge
                                   Wall Hanging w/Hooks
                                   (4) Hot Pepper Plates and Raspberry Jam   Auction Donor
                                   St. Anthony Medal

71   Home Is Where the Heart Is    Picture Frames and Table Runner           Pam Tombarge
                                   Heart Candle Holder
                                   Blanket                                   Mark & Patty Oberlander

72   Faith                         Holy Family Faith Figurine                Auction Donor

73   Baking Basket                 Muffin Tin and 9x9 Cake Pan               Sadie, Drew, & Maggie
                                   (2) Cake Mixes and (2) Oven Mitts         Oberlander
                                   (3) Dishtowels and (1) Dishrag            Ruth Baumann

74   Living Well                   Set of (3) Living Well Books              Blue Cross Blue Shield
                                   First Aide Kit                            Mercy Hospital

75   New "Do"                      Free Haircut with Tammy                   Classic Cuts

76   My Country 'tis of Thee       Cleaning Solution                         Heartland Products
                                   Amvet Cookbook                            Auction Donor
                                   Dolls, Mugs, and Miniature Lanterns

77   Renovation Time               Cap and Paint Brushes                     Valley Lumber
                                   Caulk and Caulking Gun                    Mark & Patty Oberlander
                                   Painters Tape and Trim Roller

78   Whatcha Got Cookin?           Hand Embroidered Towels                   Joanne Pithey
                                   Cookbooks and Recipe Cards                Auction Donor
                                   Cupcake Liners and Stencils

79   Cocktail Anyone?              Cocktail Bible and Cocktail Journal       Auction Donor
                                   Notepad, Picks and Napkins

80   Indulge Yourself              Book Light                                Rob & Ina Thomsen
                                   Books and Notepad                         Auction Donor
                                   Chocolate Nips and Bath Fragrances

81   Let's Go to the Movies        Movies and Candy                          Auction Donor

82   Puppy Spa                     Rabies and Distemper Certificate          VC Vets Clinic
                                   $15 Certificate                           Bow Wow Suds & Chow
                                   Dog Mug, Treats and Dog Toy               Auction Donor

83   Tool Time                     Tool set and Car/Stadium Blanket          Alliance Pipeline

84   Our Parish                    St Catherines Church Print                Duttons
                               SILENT AUCTION ITEMS                                                      6
                              ITEMS #70 - End Close at 8:30pm
#    Basket Name:             Items:                                         Donated by:
85   Swim Time                20-Punch Swim pass                             AmericInn
                              Towel                                          Bank Forward Insurance
                              Insulated Bag                                  Auction Donor

86   Christmas Coffee         Victorian Christmas Mugs                       JoNell Schaefer
                              Door County Coffee                             Auction Donor

87   Things for Her           Bath Set                                       Rob & Ina Thomsen
                              Cookie Lee Bracelet, Makeup set and Wallet     Mark & Patty Oberlander
                              Stuffed Bear                                   Phyllis Machtell

88   Gift Prep                Christmas Boxes, Bags and Tags                 Rob & Ina Thomsen

89   Barbie                   Barbie and Outfit                              Chris & Trina Kvilvang
                              Velvet Doodles and Barbie Pen
                              Books                                          Mark & Patty Oberlander

90   For Chilly Days          Sweatshirt                                     Hi-Line Electric, Inc.

91   Hunters Basket           Hunter's Socks, Gloves, Hat and T-shirt        Mark & Patty Oberlander
                              Cranberry Mustard

92   Work Time                Working Gloves and Cap                         Valley Lumber
                              Wrench Set and Tape Measure

93   The Power of Prayer      Prayer Changes Things                          Alana Wendel

94   Golf Accessories         12-Pack Golf Balls, Golf Hat and Golf Gloves   Bjornson Park Golf Course

95   Playing in Style         Mens V-neck Pullover - Size Large              Bjornson Park Golf Course

96   Frosty the Snowman       Frosty the Snowman DVD                         Mark & Patty Oberlander
                              Stuffed Snowman                                Phyllis Machtell
                              30" Diameter Snow Tube                         Auction Donor
                              Hot Chocolate, Hat and Scarf

97   Time for Work            Saw Blade and Wrench Set                       Valley Lumber
                              Work Gloves and Cap

98   Aquacise                 Gift Certificate for Month Aquacise Session    VCSU Swimming Dept.

99   BFF                      Blanket, Littlest Pet Shop and Erasers         Mark & Patty Oberlander
                              Ear phones and Panda Mittens                   Rob & Ina Thomsen
                              Glow Bracelets                                 Auction Donor
                              Pearl of Friendship Necklace

100 Best Seats in the House   (2) Stadium Chairs                             Titan Equipment - Lisbon
                                 SILENT AUCTION ITEMS                                                         7
                                ITEMS #70 - End Close at 8:30pm
#   Basket Name:                Items:                                             Donated by:
101 Time for a New Look         $25 Gift Certificate with Brenda                   Classic Cuts

102 Dad's Christmas Breakfast   (1) Butter Braid/Puffin Product Gift Certificate   Monte & Kathy Wendel
                                (6) Santa Bowls and (6) Red Plates                 Auction Donor
                                Frosted Flakes and Kiss the Chef Books

103 Wildlife                    Wildlife Picture                                   Joanne Pithey

104 Pamper Time                 Blanket                                            Mark & Patty Oberlander
                                Festive Vanilla Fig Fragrance Mist and Lotion
                                Exfoliating Sponge

105 Christmas Time              Sleigh                                             JoNell Schaefer
                                Mantel Scarf and Table Runner

106 Treat Yourself              $20 Gift Certificate                               Duttons Parlour

107 Extreme Makeover            Cosmetic Travel Bag                                Rob & Ina Thomsen
                                Redkin Products                                    Shear Klass Beauty Salon
                                1-Month Unlimited Tanning                          Central Hair Salon

108 Forever!                    Forever!                                           Shelley Schmidt
                                Orchid Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Cologne         Mary Kay Consultant

109 Lexee                       Lexees - Size 8                                    Auction Donor

110 Game Night                  Battle Strikers                                    KOVC
                                Dominos                                            Joanne Pithey
                                Monopoly and I Spy Games                           Auction Donor
                                Fiddle Faddle and Candy

111 Make me Over                Cookie Lee Bracelet and Assorted Makeup            Mark & Patty Oberlander
                                Picture Frame
                                Cut n' Style with Tonya                            Salon 356

112 Comfort and Style           Softspot Black Mules - Size 8.5                    Auction Donor

113 Angel Basket                Angel Stationary and Notecards                     Auction Donor
                                Prayer Book
                                Praying Girl Figurine

114 Rejoice in the Lord         Removable Vinyl Lettering                          Mark & Patty Oberlander
                                Faith Wall Hanging                                 Auction Donor
                                Madonna and Child Notecards
                                Bookmark and Prayer Book

115 Christmas Night             Stuffed Bear and Plush Blanket                     Mark & Patty Oberlander
                                Christmas Socks and Children's Books
                          SILENT AUCTION ITEMS                                                      8
                         ITEMS #70 - End Close at 8:30pm
#   Basket Name:         Items:                                         Donated by:
116 As seen on TV        Snuggie                                        Auction Donor
                         Meshdrier Bag
                         Sunglass Readers

117 Tea Time             Snowman Tray and Tea Set                       JoNell Schaefer
                         Handmade Dishtowels                            Ruth Baumann
                         Santa Mug and Hot Chocolate Mix                Auction Donor

118 Ladies Day           Lady's Golf Balls, Hat and Glove               Bjornson Park Golf Course
                         Lady's Bjornson Golf Shirt- Size Large

119 Dr. Seuss            Cat in the Hat Movie and Dr. Seuss Books  Auction Donor
                         Mickey Mouse Mugs and Cindy Loo Who Socks

120 Tri-State Area Fun   Transforming Perry                             KOVC
                         Phineas and Ferb Twin Bed Sheets               Auction Donor
                         Phineas and Ferb Activity Book

121 Dish Towels          (7) Handmade Dishtowels                        Joanne Pithey

122 Skechers             Men's Sketcher Shoes - Size 10.5               Bongs Bootery

123 Red Purse            Red Purse                                      Mark & Patty Oberlander
                         Sunglasses                                     Looysen Eyecare
                         Cun n' Style with Jesse                        Salon 356
                         $25 Gift Certificate                           Valley Fashions
                         1-Month Subscription                           Times Record

124 Heritage             (2) Caps and Men's V-neck Pullover - Size XL   Heritage Insurance

125 Working Basket       Set of (6) Utility Pliers                      Napa
                         Red Wing Socks                                 L & H Shoe Shop
                         Cap                                            Valley Lumber
                         17-Piece Socket Set                            Auction Donor

126 VCSU                 VCSU Travel Mugs                               VCSU Atheletic Dept.

127 Electronics          MP3 Player                                     Larry & Mary Ann Leier
                         24-Disc CD Case                                Rob & Ina Thomsen
                         Arm Phone Case and MP3 Player Case             KOVC

128 Cowboy               (5) Trees                                      B.C. Soil Conservation
                         Boot Dish                                      Bea Wendel
                         (1) Free Car Wash                              Petro Serve
                         $10 Stallion Bucks                             Iron Stallion
                         John Wayne Movie                               Auction Donor
                         1-Month Subscription                           Times Record
                                     SILENT AUCTION ITEMS                                                    9
                                    ITEMS #70 - End Close at 8:30pm
#   Basket Name:                    Items:                                         Donated by:
129 Potpourri of Christmas Coffee   Christmas Mug & Coffee                         Bea Wendel
                                    Christmas Mug                                  Rob & Ina Thomsen

130 Basket of Snowmen               Ceramic Snowmen                                Auction Donor

131 Something Nice                  $20 Gift Certificate                           Bettin's Floral

132 Happy Christmas                 Holiday Shaker, Wine Stopper and Coasters      Auction Donor

133 Watch                           Ducks Unlimited Watch                          Rob & Ina Thomsen

134 Home Is Where It's At           Picture Frames                                 Mark & Patty Oberlander
                                    Picture Frames                                 Central Ave Pharmacy
                                    Handmade Dishtowel                             Ruth Baumann
                                    Pillow                                         Angela & Clint Hoggarth
                                    Pillow                                         Colette Jenson
                                    Tea and teapot                                 Auction Donor

135 Chef Time                       Rotisserie                                     Mark & Sam Klabo

136 Bliss                           Bliss Chocolate, Be Mine Mug and Candy Dish    Auction Donor

137 Back to Nature                  Stuffed Bird and (2) Scented Candles           Auction Donor

138 Home Basket                     Matching Cruets and Apple Shaped Placemats     Rob & Ina Thomsen

139 U Dance                         U Dance                                        Mark & Patty Oberlander

140 Eye Care                        Lense Cleaner and Glass Cases                  Sayler Optometry
                                    Set of (3) Living Well Books                   Blue Cross Blue Shield

141 Liberty Bell                    Bi-Centennial Liberty Bell Plate and Holder    Auction Donor

142 Toy Tractor                     CaseIH Magnum 315 Tractor                      Titan Machinary -
                                                                                   Greg Schulz

143 Tastefully Simple               Tempting Taco Cheese Ball Mix                  Auction Donor
                                    Pine Nut/Basil Pesto Mix & White Bean Chili

144 Eagle                           2011 Silver Eagle Coin                         Frank & Donna Weis

145 Denver                          2011 Denver Mint Uncirculated Coin Set         Frank & Donna Weis

146 Philadalphia                    2011 Philadelphia Mint Uncirculated Coin Set   Frank & Donna Weis

147 Proof                           2011 US Mint Proof Set                         Frank & Donna Weis

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