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                                                                             Frank Jewell, usual suspects endorsed
                                                                    Let’s just say the Duluth           CIO Political Director) to not     in his bid to sit on the St. Louis
                                                                AFL-CIO Central Labor Body              send me all that paperwork,        County Board of Commis-
                                                                screening and endorsement               because we’ll just ask them        sioners in District 1, which
                                                                discussions on August 10                what we need to know.”             covers approximately the east-
                                                                weren’t wild and wooly times.               And that's how the time        ern half of Duluth. Jewell will
                                                                    With all the Minnesota leg-         was spent...talking about the
                                                                islative incumbents in Districts        DECC expansion’s failure,          See 23
                                                                6 and 7, the two areas the              House        Speaker       Steve

 An Injury To One Is An Injury To All!
                                                                Central Body has jurisdiction
                                                                over as determined by the
                                                                                                        Sviggum’s call for cooperation
                                                                                                        as he shuts out anyone
                                                                Minnesota AFL-CIO, running
                                                       VOL. 112 again with Labor’s endorse-
                                                                                                        opposed to his ideas, universal
                                                                                                        health care, the transportation
                  AUGUST 30, 2006                        NO. 5 ment from their last campaign,
                                                                the outcome was a done deal.
                                                                                                            Sen. Yvonne Prettner
                                                                    Following the screenings,           Solon’s opponent, Steve             and
                                                                which were attended by all              Khalar, had asked for an audi-
                                                                candidates except Rep. David            ence with the delegates and              U.S. Senate
                                                                Dill, who was out of state, a           spoke after legislators screen-          Amy Klobuchar
                                                                motion to endorse all six was           ed. He described himself as
                                                                passed unanimously. The                 coming from a strong union               U.S. House
                                                                process was especially pain-            family and of having been a         Dist. 8~Jim Oberstar
                                                                less for Dill and Rep. Mike             DFL delegate in 1988 and
                                                                Jaros, who have no opposition           1990 but his more conserva-           MINNESOTA
                                                                in their races.                         tive nature won out and made         Governor/Lt. Gov.
                                                                    Rep. Tom Huntley, Rep.              him a Republican. Northern          Mike Hatch/Judi Dutcher
                                                                Mary Murphy, Sen. Tom Bakk              Minnesota needs a Republican          Attorney General
                                                                and Sen. Yvonne Prettner                at the legislature he said.                 Steve Kelley
                                                                Solon will have opposition in               It was suggested to him that      Secretary of State
                                                                the General Election.                   he should go about enlighten-               Mark Ritchie
                                                                    “I didn’t bring any lengthy         ing the state Republican Party
                                                                questionnaires (to the screen-          on things like living wages and              Auditor
                                                                ing) because these are our              health care for all.                        Rebecca Otto
                                                                friends,” Central Body Presi-               County Commissioner                  MN House
                                                                dent Alan Netland said in                   Former      Duluth      City            District 3
                                                                opening the screenings. “I told         Councilor Frank Jewell won a             Sen. Tom Saxhaug
                                                                Brad Lehto (Minnesota AFL-              near unanimous endorsement                3A--Tom Anzelc
                                                                                                                                                 3B--Loren Solberg
Joan Linski gave her personal, gripping account of life as a             St. Louis County attorney                                                  District 4
minimum wage worker at an Aug. 18 rally with Amy
Klobuchar, the AFL-CIO-endorsed U.S. Senate candidate,
                                                                       candidates to screen Sept. 14                                            Senate-Mary Olson
                                                                                                                                                  4A--Frank Moe
and Congressman Jim Oberstar. Read her story on page 12.                  Duluth AFL-CIO Central Labor Body delegates decided at
                                                                       their August 10 meeting to hold a screening in the St. Louis                 District 5
    Fewer choices Labor Day                                            County Attorney race. That screening will be held before the
                                                                       Thursday, Sept. 14 meeting at 6:00 p.m. in Wellstone Hall of the
                                                                                                                                               Sen. Dave Tomassoni
                                                                                                                                                5A--Tom Rukavina
    The Duluth AFL-CIO Central Labor Body’s Labor Day                  Duluth Labor Temple.                                                      5B--Tony Sertich
Picnic has been a tradition nearly as long as Labor Day itself,           Incumbent Alan Mitchell is being challenged by Melanie                    District 6
which dates back to 1882. This year will mark the 118th Labor          Ford in that race. Screenings are open to interested affiliated            Sen.Tom Bakk
Day observance in Duluth as far as can be ascertained. It’s            union members.                                                             6A--David Dill
always a tough go, pulling the event off with only donations and          An endorsement will be discussed at the regular meeting fol-           6B--Mary Murphy
volunteers. Just ask trade unionists in Superior and St. Paul.         lowing the screening. Only delegates can vote for endorsement,
    The central labor bodies in those two good union towns have                                                                                     District 7
                                                                       which requires two-thirds of the votes cast.                        Sen. Yvonne Prettner Solon
both cancelled their activities for this year. In Carlton County,         Delegates also discussed possible screenings in the 6th
that central body has ended its free retirees’ banquet. In all three                                                                            7A--Tom Huntley
                                                                       Judicial District races but decided to not screen those contests.         7B--Mike Jaros
areas a lack of resources for the amount of participation seems
to have been the undoing of events.                                                                                                                 District 8
    Superior’s dance is done for this year, St. Paul hopes to come         WHAT’S INSIDE THIS ISSUE?                                           Senate--Tony Lourey
back with a celebration next year after having speakers like                 Come on, you’re ready for a bus 2                      8A--Bill Hilty
Garrison Keillor and Jim Hightower in recent years, and Carlton                   David Newby on Labor 3                             8B--Tim Faust
County has added a car show to replace the retirees’ banquet.                    Molly Ivins & Ditchview, 4                     St. Louis County
    The Duluth AFL-CIO Central Labor Body’s Labor Day
Picnic will be at the beautiful, spacious Bayfront Festival Park                        Letters to 5                       Commissioner Dist. 1
on the waterfront from noon to 4 p.m. Last year was the first              A great chance to take in Unionism 6                        Frank Jewell
year at Bayfront after being at Fairmont Park and Park Point.                 UA endorses single-payer, H.R. 9
The new venue was a huge success. The site affords accessible            Univ. Wisconsin hires non-union Kontny 11             PLEASE VOTE
parking and rest rooms, and room for growth in the future.                     Joan’s story on minimum 12                      September 12 &
    Every year a host of elected officials attend the picnic and
with St. Paul off the charts, Duluth might get even busier. This
                                                                              Public schools beat charters, 15                   November 7
year a very distinguished speaker will address the event after            Hillary has opposition from union 16
years of being a quiet donor and attendee.                                         A View From the 18
    Picnic Chair Yvonne Harvey said more volunteers are need-                 Surviving Sago miner sues 19
ed as well as donations. Contact her at 728-1779.                                      Labor Day 20
                  Carlton County Celebration                                           Worst Boss found.....page21
    The Carlton County Central Labor will sponsor their 87th
Cloquet Labor Day Celebration beginning Thursday, Aug. 31                      Yvonne Harvey says “Thanks” 22
through Labor Day. Their agenda is too extensive to list. Suffice        Teacher wins arbitration over strike 24
it to say that no matter when
you go to Carlton County dur-
ing the 5-day gala you’d find
something happening. A short
                                                                       Labor Day, 2006
list appears in an ad on page 2.
For Carlton County info con-
tact Tom Beltt, 879-7148.
    See Labor 2
        Come on, you’re ready for a bus trip!                                                              Labor 2006 getting results
  Labor to make trip to            states, “I have been a teacher,   sengers but one-third of the          Doorknocks and phone banks being conducted on the Iron
 International Falls for           coach, county commissioner        seats have been reserved for       Range are finding huge support for AFL-CIO-endorsed candi-
                                   and was honored to serve with     another group of riders that       dates says Labor 2006 Northeast MN Director Mike Sundin.
“Old Style” political rally        the administration of Gov.        will be picked up at the              “Labor’s work on the Range is being carried by AFSCME,
    The plans are in the works     Rudy Perpich. Since then I’ve     Operating Engineers Local 49       the Steelworkers, and Building Trades, who are all finding
and you’re all that’s needed       fought for workers’ rights as a   union hall in Mountain Iron        tremendous support for Labor candidates,” said Sundin.
says Mike Sundin, the              labor official. Our next repre-   about 3:30 or 4:00 p.m.               On August 16, 100 union households were doorknocked in
Minnesota AFL-CIO’s Labor          sentative needs to be effective      “Seating is limited so peo-     the Nashwauk/Keewatin/Pengilly area and only one person said
2006 director for northeast        right away.”                      ple that want to go need to        they were voting for Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty.
Minnesota.                             “Helping Tom Anzelc win       give me a call to reserve a           “Ida Rukavina led a AFSCME Council 65 phone bank
    “We’ve got a free bus trip     his Primary Election is our top   spot,” said Sundin. He can be      August 23rd with a bunch of volunteers and Mike Hatch got 72
for any and everyone to            priority in northern Minne-       reached at 391-5911.               ‘votes,’ Pawlenty 13, and 43 undecided,” Sundin said. “Amy
International     Falls     and    sota,” Sundin said.                                                  Klobuchar beat Mark Kennedy 69 to 10 and Tom Anzelc had
Smokey the Bear Park set for           The bus trip will leave at      Save 9/23 for                    the DFL Primary covered 89 to 7. Those are good numbers.”
Friday, September 8,” said         2:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 8
Sundin. “It’s going to be fun.”    from the Carpenters Union          Sen. Edwards,                        Sundin said nearly every town in the region will be door-
                                                                                                        knocked and phone banked and so many volunteers are needed.
    Sundin said Rep. Tom
Rukavina will be the host for
                                   Hall on Hwy 53, just south of
                                   the Ugstad Road by a quarter
                                                                      Union picnic                         Along with the usual Labor Day activities, a bus trip to
                                                                                                        International Falls Sept. 8, and a huge Buffalo House picnic
the event, which will make the     mile or so. You can see the           Mark your calendar on          Sept 23 with Sen. John Edwards (see adjoining stories), door-
trip worth it on its own. Amy      huge building a few hundred       Saturday, Sept. 23 as a day        knocks are scheduled for Duluth Sept. 19 & 26, and Oct. 3, 10
Klobuchar will be there. Mike      yards off the highway.            when you’ll be at the Buffalo      & 18. Virginia, Mt. Iron, Eveleth and Gilbert will be knocked
Hatch has said he’s clearing           The bus can take 55 pas-      House for a grand political        Sept. 21 & 27 and Oct. 4. Hibbing will be done on OCt 12,
his schedule to make it.                                             soiree and picnic.                 Chisholm on Oct. 19.
    “We’re going to the Falls to                                         Sen. John Edwards (D-NC)          Sundin can be reached at 391-5911. On the Iron Range con-
fire up the troops for Tom                                           is considered one of the lead-     tact Jerry Fallos at 744-2757.
Anzelc, Labor and the DFL’s                                          ing Democratic candidates for
guy in House District 3A,”                                           president in 2008 after being
Sundin said. “Our job is to
retain that seat with Irv
                                                                     John Kerry’s running mate in
                                                                     2004. He’ll be the featured
                                                                                                           Labor Day activity...from page 1
                                                                     speaker at a DFL Unity Rally                              Iron Range Picnic
Anderson having retired.”                                                                                  The Iron Range Labor Assembly will hold their “3rd Annual
    Anzelc has a long history                                        that should include every
                                                                     Democrat running for office in     Day Before Labor Day Picnic” on Sunday, Sept. 3. The Virginia
of being a supporter of work-                                                                           picnic will be held in Olcott Park from noon to 5:00 p.m. with
ing families that goes beyond                                        the state.
                                                                         Also that day at the Buffalo   the whole nine yards of activities. For Virginia information con-
the years he spent as political                                                                         tact Gerry Knaeble at 263-5704.
director for the Laborers                                            House, a Union Family
District Council. At his web-                                        Solidarity (Pig Roast) Picnic         The Brainerd Trades & Labor Assembly will have their pic-
site,, he                 Tom Anzelc               will be hosted by AFSCME.          nic at Baxter Park. For information contact Ken Zelinske at
                                                                     Call Lynn Whipple (218) 485-       829-0222.
          I.U.O.E. Local 70                                          8353 or -5300 with questions
                                                                     or to help the picnic effort.
                                                                                                           St. Cloud’s Central Minnesota Trades & Labor Assembly
                                                                                                        will hold their picnic at Riverside Park. For information contact
 Monthly Arrowhead Regional Meeting                                                                     Richard Steffes at (320) 251-5615.
  Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006, 5:00 P.M.
     Duluth Labor Center, Hall B
  Dick Lally, Business Manager (651) 646-4566                             Labor                         MELANIE
                                                                                                                  St. Louis
  Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 10
      Retirees’ Luncheon
                                                                              Day                            County Attorney
                                                                                                         “For the People, For a Change!”
   Tuesday, Sept. 5, 1:00 p.m.                                         A chance for
                                                                        all workers                       See you at the Duluth Central
            Dry Dock                                                                                     Labor Body screening Sept. 14!
                                                                         to again                     
  Carlton County Central Labor Body
 87th         Labor Day Celebration
                                                                        Thank                           Prepared and paid for by Ford Campaign Committee, POBox 16734,
                                                                                                        Duluth, MN 55816                           ~Paid Advertisement~

  Thursday, August 31 thru Labor Day                                    Unions
     Carnival Dunlap Island Park, Thursday-Monday                          for their
    Softball Tourney Pinehurst Park Sat., Sunday                            Holiday.
                        Call Steve Martin, 879-3094                                                                           Sunday
         Fireworks Sunday, 9 p.m., Veterans Park                                                                            September 3
                                                                                                                          Noon to 5:00 p.m.
         Parade Labor Day, 11 a.m., Cloquet Ave.                                                                             Olcott Park
         Free Picnic After Parade @Labor Temple
   Nifty-Fifty Car Show Monday, Noon to 3 p.m.                                                                FREE FOOD & MUSIC!
     Next to Labor Temple
                                                                                                           *Kids Entertainment: The Amazing Charles, Space Walk
      See You In                                                                                                             *Cash Bar
                                                                                                                   *Raffle Drawing at 4:00 p.m. for:
  Carlton County!                                                                                                            1st Prize: $500 Cash

    For information                                                   Roofers                               2nd Prize: Weber Genesis Gold Stainless Steel Gas Grill
                                                                                                                (Union-made in USA-$750 Value, Grande’s Ace Hardware)
                                                                                                                3rd Prize: Wool & Leather Jacket (Union-made in USA-
    call Tom Beltt
     (218) 879-7148                                                   Local 96                                       Donated by All American Imprints-Wyoming, MN)
                                                                                                              For information call Gerry Knaeble, (218) 741-0508
 PAGE 2                                                                                                 LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006
Labor Day: A time for honor & reflection, separating YOYOs from WITTs
    by David Newby                    The core question we face                                          al responsibility” but in reality        we have a floor beneath which
    President, Wisconsin State     as a country today is this: Are                                       it means we’re on our own,               no one falls.
AFL-CIO                            we going to recognize that we                                         there’s no common safety net.                Combined with Bush tax
    Labor Day is a time to         really are all in this together,                                      And if our health fails or our           policies that are shifting vast
honor those who do the work        and we need to support and                                            job is outsourced and we’re              amounts of wealth from work-
and actually create the real       take care of each other? Or are                                       not rich enough to survive on            ing families to the super-rich
wealth of this country: work-      we going to repudiate that                                            our own, then that’s too bad,            (who can afford to be on their
ing people! It should also be a    value and any mutual obliga-                                          it’s our own fault. We’ve                own), YOYOism sums up the
time to reflect on what union-     tions and say instead it’s                                            obviously failed in our “per-            policy agenda of this adminis-
ism is all about: Solidarity—      everyone for themselves?                                              sonal responsibility.”                   tration and its right wing con-
an injury to one is an injury to      Jared Bernstein from the                                               The union movement has a             gressional majority. These
all. That is the basic principle   Economic Policy Institute                                             completely different philoso-            anti-worker policies are rapid-
of the Labor Movement, the         summed it up well in a recent                                         phy. Recognizing that “we’re             ly eroding the economic foun-
understanding that we’re all in    article, saying it’s YOYO                                             all in this together,” we want to        dation for the middle class as
it together.                       (“You’re On Your Own”) vs.                                            share risks and pool our                 well as rolling back the protec-
    Without romanticizing the      WITT (“We’re In This                                                  resources. So that everyone, at          tions we all need by undermin-
past, that understanding also      Together”).                                                           a minimum, has the health                ing everything from environ-
used to be a fundamental              For years the Right Wing                                           care they need. So that all our          mental standards to health and
                                   has been promoting a YOYO                  David Newby                kids have a good public educa-           safety protections in the work-
value among the vast majority
of Americans. It was the way       vision for America. The entire     Wing solution to our health        tion. So that everyone has               place.
we related to each other as        Bush domestic agenda is            care crisis: not universal,        work—and that work pays a                     So on this Labor Day
neighbors and as co-workers.       based on the YOYO principle.       quality, affordable health care    living wage. So that everyone            2006, let’s think a bit about the
It was the basis of community.        YOYO underlies Bush’s           for all, but high-deductible       can retire in dignity. So that           basic principles of the Labor
    But today that sense of        attempt to privatize Social        policies that expect us to                                                  Movement: Solidarity—an
community has been weak-
ened—in fact it’s under sys-
                                   Security and leave our retire-
                                   ment income to the mercy of
                                                                      “shop” for the lowest cost
                                                                      health care providers and
                                                                                                                               "Come              injury to one is an injury to all.
                                                                                                                                                  And let’s remember why our
tematic attack.                    the stock market.                  which stress “personal respon-                            one,              government was formed: “. . .
                                      YOYO underlies the Right                                                                                    to promote the general wel-
                                                                      sibility” for our health—as if
                                                                      we could all become mini doc-
                                                                                                                                come              fare, and secure the blessings
                                   Monday - Friday
                                   9 am - 5:30 pm
                                                                      tors and could have complete                               all!"            of liberty to ourselves and our
                                                                                                                                                  posterity.” These are precisely
                                                                      control of our health!                             And meet the
                                                                         YOYO also underlies the                                                  the principles we all need to
                                                                                                                          candidates!             follow in order to meet the
                                                                      corporate shift from “defined
                                                                      benefit” guaranteed pensions        Carlton County                          needs of the vast majority of
2002 London Road • 218.728.2863                                       to “defined contribution” pen-                                              Americans and put America
                                                                      sions or 401 (k)’s—which, like     DFL “Fun” Raiser                         back together again.
 F   Doctor On Site                                                   privatized Social Security, do     Live Milkbone music,
 F   Convenient Parking                                               not provide a guaranteed             Food, Beverages                         In Solidarity
                                                                      income, but an income based         Saturday, Sept. 2
 F   Located in the Duluth Labor Temple                               on how lucky we are in that
 F   European Style Glasses                                           grand casino called the stock       1:00 to 5:00 p.m.
                                                                      market.                                    Rain or Shine @
 F   Contact Lenses                                                      The fundamental goal of           Larry the Laborer's
                 Owners                                               YOYO policy is to shift all          97 E. Palkie Rd, Esko                      September 4, 2006
     Kim Bujold & Eric Saksa, O.D.                                    economic risk to individuals       Free to political contribution refund-
                                                                      and our families. Those cur-         ers, but $20 donations accepted
                                                                      rently in power call it “person-
                                                                                                                                                    Have a Safe
 To All Our Affiliated Union Members:                                                                                                                   and
    Come enjoy your Labor Day Picnic with your                                                                                                     Happy Holiday...
        f a m i l y a t B a y f r o n t Fe s t i v a l Pa r k                                                                                       And Enjoy It!
                             Monday, Sept. 4, Noon-4
                                        The Duluth
                                     AFL-CIO Central
                                       Labor Body
   Please remember to vote in the Tuesday, Sept. 12 Primary Election
   and the Tuesday, Nov. 7 General Election. Bring someone with you
   to the polls! Call your city clerk (Duluth, 723-3340) or county auditor
       (St. Louis Co., 726-2385) for voting requirements and locations.
       Politics begin at your dinner table, in your neighborhood and at your worksite. Help
     others realize how important politics and voting are in the lives of working families.
   See the graphic on page one for your Duluth AFL-CIO Central Body-
     endorsed candidates and support them when you go to the polls.                                                                                LOCAL 49
 LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006                                                                                                                             PAGE 3
Only Cheney could think Sen. Joe Lieberman’s lose would help al-Qaida
     By                            tioned the Indiana move --          Veep Dick Cheney to the men-         a phased withdrawal of troops       gets serious -- a task
 Molly Ivins                       some claiming it is a waste of      ace. Ned Lamont, the guy who         from Iraq would be “taken as a      Lieberman, ranking Democrat
AUSTIN, Texas --                   money trying to stop attacks        beat Lieberman, said he was          tremendous victory” by the          on the Government Affairs
The most cunning                   on the Wabash Cannonball.           surprised that Cheney claimed        terrorists. Cheney said it          Committee, has avoided. No
refinement yet in                  The Statue of Liberty and the       his victory would embolden           would encourage “the al-            surprise that the lobbyists and
the     administra-                Washington Monument might           Osama bin, as we call him            Qaida types” who want to            insiders want to keep their guy.
tion’s plot to scare               merit a little more attention.      Texas.                               “break the will of the                  In other news, we have the
the liver, lights and              This is precisely why it is bet-        “My God, here we have a          American people in terms of         answer to a troubling part of
onions out of us with Tales of     ter to have Michael Chertoff        terrorist threat against hearth      our ability to stay in the fight    the Middle East jigsaw puzzle:
Terror Plots is the Department     and Karl Rove making these          and home, and the very first         and complete the task.”             how to rebuild Iraq. We ought
of Homeland Security’s bril-       Homeland Security decisions,        thing that comes out of their             Wow. How little we real-       to drop Halliburton like a skil-
liant move to declare Indiana      rather than Osama bin Laden.        mind is how we can turn this         ized the fate of a single senator   letful of rattlesnakes and get
the national center of terror-        The defeat of Connecticut        to partisan advantage,” com-         -- especially such a whiny and      Hezbollah on the job. Did you
ism, with 8,591 potential tar-     Sen. Joe Lieberman in the           plained Lamont. Lieberman            sanctimonious one -- meant          ever see a better rebuilding
gets. Many citizens have ques-     Democratic primary alerted          warned that Lamont’s call for        everything to Osama bin.            bunch than this Hezbollah?
                                                                                                            Must’ve pulled off his turban       The shooting hadn’t even
                                                                                                            and danced around his cave          stopped yet when the “Army
  Enjoy a Safe & Happy Labor Day!                                                                           when he got the news. The
                                                                                                            whole al-Qaida bunch stayed
                                                                                                                                                of God” was hustling around
                                                                                                                                                with plywood and duct tape,
                                                                                                            up just to hear the late returns    putting everything back
                                                                                                            from Darien, Conn.                  together. And who do they get
                                                                                                                Give President Bush anoth-      to pay for it all, but the Arabs.
                                                                                                            er five years or so, and he’s       Now that’s what I call rebuild-
                                                                                                            bound to figure out that Osama      ing!
                                                                                                            bin is not in Iraq -- then we’ll    © 2006 CREATORS SYNDICATE, INC.
                                                                                                            be right on his tail.     
                                                                                                                Meanwhile, back in Wash-
                                                                                                            ington, The Hill newspaper           This Day In History
                                                                                                            reports that an Enron lobbyist                    from
                                                                                                            (former aide to Joe Lieberman
                                                                                                            and money-raiser for him and
                                                                                                            convicted Republican Connec-           August 30, 1834
                                                                                                            ticut Gov. John Rowland,            Union delegates from New
                                                                                                            whom he describes as being          York, Boston, Philadelphia
                                                                                                            “like-minded        guys”)     is   and other East Coast cities
                                                                                                            demanding that Democratic           met in convention to form
                                                                                                            senators not campaign against       the National Trades
                                                                                                            Lieberman. When asking other        Union.The NTU united
                                                                                                            professional influence-ped-         craft unions to oppose "the
                                                                                                            dlers to contribute, he tells       most unequal and unjustifi-
                                                                                                                                                able distribution of the
        Have a Safe and Happy Labor Day                                                                     them to come back for
                                                                                                            Lieberman, saying, “Who             wealth of society in the
                                                                                                                                                hands of a few individuals."
                            from your friends at                                                            knows what Lamont would be
                                                                                                            like?”                              Active for only a few years,
                                                                                                                For example, Lamont             NTU nonetheless helped
                                                                                                            might use his power to make         spawn the organization of
                                                                                                            sure the Enron investigation        more than 60 new unions.
                                                                                                                                                 I don’t know if I’ve ever in-
                                                                                                                                              dulged my sense of self-impor-
                                                                                                                                              tance to this level, but I’ve placed
                                                                                                                                              myself on the same page with our
                                                                                                                                              favorite, Molly Ivins, in the hopes
            Greater Northland Area Local                                                                                                      someone would read my work.
                                                                                                                We couldn’t have ended up with better placement in the
            American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO                                                          paper to continue our little talk, because we need to talk. After
                                                                                                            all, this is the last issue of the paper before the Tuesday, Sept.
                                                Duluth, MN                                                  12th Primary Election, which means it’s time to start paying
                                                                                                                First, go mark your calendar on that day in red with the let-
                                                                                                            ters “V-O-T-E.” Maybe underline it. Alert your herd to it too.
                                                                                                                Primaries aren’t difficult, but they’re very important in some
                                                                                                            races, the equivalent to a thumbs up or down from Caesar.
                                                                                                                Sept. 12 will be good practice for the Tuesday, November 7
                                                                                                            General Election when the ballot will be really full and scary.
                                                                                                            Kind of like reading James Joyce “Ullyses” versus Tom
                                                                                                            Sawyer. No, I didn’t.
                                                                                                                The Vikings, Twins, your lawn, the golf course, the lake, and
                                                                                                            the couch can give you up for the half hour it will take to push
                                                                                                            a few butts through to November.
                                              State Rep. David Dill is endorsed by:                             Here are important races that will/may be on your Sept. 12th
                                            4 DuluthRange Building & Construction Trades Primary Election ballot if and when you vote DFL:
                                                 Iron Building and Construction Trades
                                            4 Iron Range Building & Construction Trades                         U.S. Senate: This one shouldn’t be close, but Amy
                                                 Duluth Building and Construction Trades                    Klobuchar ( does have a Primary
                                            4 Iron Range Labor Assembly 4 USWA District 11 opponent. She will make a great U.S. Senator when she beats
                                                 Iron Range Labor Assembly - MN AFL-CIO
                                            4 Minnesota Association of Professional Employees               Mark Kennedy in the General Election. He can’t possibly keep
                                                 U.S. Steelworkers of America, District 11
                                            4 Minnesota Farmers Union - PAC                                 lying about not being a Bush Boy for two more months can he?
  4 DFL House Caucus Endorsed                             4 Associated Contract Loggers and Truckers
              Paid for by David Dill for 6A Committee; JoAnne Pagel, Treasurer, P.O. Box 293, Orr, MN 55771     Minnesota Governor: Hang on to your home boy Mike
                                                                                                            Hatch here but I’m going to vote for Becky Lourey just because
                 4 International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers 633                        I’ve always believed in her progressive politics. Hatch is AFL-
                4 Minnesota School Board Association "House Legislator of Year 2004"                        CIO and DFL-endorsed and some Building Trades have a prob-
    Paid for by the David Dill for 6A Committee, JoAnne Pagel, Treasurer, P.O. Box 293, Orr, MN 55771                          See Ditchview, 18
 PAGE 4                                                                                                    LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006
    Pollution price in the future is too high to justify Polymet mining jobs
    Editor:                         ant stated, "The present state-     Floodwood residents are upset      in the St. Louis as long as great   Americans seem to judge
    "It is difficult to get a man   of-the-art technology does not      about this, and some hay           great grand-daddy had a job.”       every issue by asking the ques-
to understand something when        provide any universal solu-         farmer’s fields will be flooded.       I also know that a lot of       tion, Will this make the econo-
his salary depends on his not       tions for sulfide drainage."        This 200 acres of wetland          union workers love to fish, and     my larger? Maybe instead we
understanding it." -Upton           The mining company will con-        replacement will be the largest    the idea of retiring to days of     should think about this quote:
Sinclair                            tain the toxins and acids in        in Minnesota history! If my        relaxing and fishing is the         “Only when the last tree has
                                    liner filled pools in the ground.   husband, who’s a union brick-      dream. Think about that! You        died, and the last river poi-
    That quote could be about       If the liner goes bad, or the       layer mason, works on build-       work for the company that pol-
the proposed PolyMet mine.                                                                                                                     soned will we realize we can’t
                                    pool overflows , oops! If this      ing the PolyMet mine, he can       lutes the water you want to         eat money. What’s more
This copper, or sulfide, mine,      mine is approved and built,         be happily assured that            fish when you retire. So is that
is a hot topic. Unions need to                                                                                                                 important?
                                    there are plans to build three      Floodwood residents are mad,       paycheck worth it?                     Jackie Bartosh
decide where they stand on          more copper mines around the        St. Louis catfish will die, but        Funny thing is we
this issue. What is more                                                                                                                          Lakeside, WI
                                    Boundary Waters area.               at least he’s coming home with
important? The jobs it’ll create
or the toxic mess it’ll create.
                                        In the U.S., acid mine
                                    drainage and other toxins from
                                                                        a paycheck. If that doesn’t
                                                                        sound greedy, I don’t know
                                                                                                            Joan Growe supports Ritchie
Both the economy and the            abandoned mines have pollut-        what does.                             Dear Friends,
preservation of the environ-        ed 180,000 acres of reservoirs          I would like the unions to         I am writing to ask you to support my friend, the next
ment are major issues to            and lakes, and 12,000 miles of      think about this PolyMet mine.     Secretary of State of Minnesota -- Mark Ritchie. Mark is the
Minnesotans. When they go           streams and rivers. Estimated       If the mine operates for 25        endorsed Democratic Party candidate. I am honored to join the
head to head, we must decide        cleanup of these polluted           years, is 25 years of employ-      thousands of Minnesotans who are supporting Mark in this race.
which is more important.            waterways will cost taxpayers       ment more important then a             I had the privilege of serving as Minnesota’s Secretary of
    This copper mine is pro-        between $32-$72 billion.            thousand years of cleaning up      State from 1975 to 1999. It was a time of great change in our
posed for south of Babbitt on       Clean up costs don’t stimulate      sulfuric acid in the St. Louis     state and elections. Minnesota was behind many states in voter
the Partridge River in the          the economy, they hurt it.          and Lake Superior? Let’s           turnout when I took office. We were number one when I left.
Superior National Forest, not           PolyMet wants to locate the     bump ahead to your great,              I am most proud of the respect that Minnesotans held for the
far from the Boundary Waters.       mine on top of 1200 acres of        great, great grandchild’s time     office -- a reflection on the non-partisan and open approach we
The Partridge flows into the        wetlands. PolyMet has chosen        and ask him what he thinks.        took to administering our election laws. No one worried about
St. Louis River and then into       Floodwood to replace the wet-       You can hear his mom saying,       the fairness of voting in Minnesota. Sadly, this is no longer the
Lake Superior. The waste            lands. I hear a lot of              “ It’s ok you can’t swim or fish   case. Minnesotans worry the Office of the Secretary of State
product of a copper mine is                                                                                has become partisan -- working to help some, but not all, of the
sulfuric acid. The sulfur in the                                                                           voters. This erosion in trust in our elections cannot be ignored.
ore will continually react with                                                                                I am happy that Mark Ritchie has entered this race to restore
air and water to form sulfuric                                                                             integrity and trust to this important office. His 20 years of expe-
acid for thousands of years to                                                                             rience in non-partisan voter registration and civic engagement
come. Once sulfuric acid                                                                                   are excellent preparation for both the work of the office and for
enters a water system, it can                                                                              returning nonpartisanship to Minnesota’s elections.
turn into a biological waste-                                                                                  Before Mark can get started turning around this office we
land. Fish can’t live with bat-                                                                            have to help him get elected. I am writing today to ask you to
tery acid in their water.                                                                                  join me in supporting Mark. The contribution you make today -
    Sulfuric acid isn’t easy to                                                                            - which you can do by going to and
contain. One mining consult-                                                                               clicking on “Contribute” -- will help to ensure that Minnesota
                                                                                                           does not become the Florida of 2000 or Ohio of 2004.
  ~NOTICE~                                                                                                     I know there are many requests coming to you in this busy
                                                                                                           political season. This race is special because it affects us all. If
 Next issues of Labor World                                                                                we do not have fair elections in Minnesota it will not be possi-
     are Sept. 13 & 27,                                                                                    ble to move our state forward again.
  Oct. 11 & 25, Nov. 8 &                                                                                       Joan Anderson Growe
      21, Dec. 6 & 20.
   Known office of publication
2002 London Road, Room 110
                                     Consumers’ rights trampled Remember GOP scam in Nov.
     Duluth, MN 55812                   Editor:                                                                When it comes to greed few can surpass Republican leaders.
       (218) 728-4469                   Proposed legislation that would have given Minnesota con-              Consider the minimum wage. U.S. Senate Democrats
    FAX: (218) 724-1413              sumers dealing with customer service centers around the world         attempted to block an estate tax cut, which would have helped              the “right to know” whom they are speaking with, and where            only the wealthiest. Republicans wanted to link that cut to a               they are located, was recently defeated in the Minnesota House        minimum wage increase, which shows their sympathies.
 Owned by Unions affiliated with the of Representatives. This legislation was blocked by Republican            The minimum wage is $5.15/hour. Maybe folks like House
Duluth AFL-CIO Central Labor Body House leaders who put the special interests of corporate giants,         Ways & Means Chair Bill Thomas (R-CA) should try living on
                                     credit card companies, and financial institutions ahead of pro-       it. Tom DeLay too, who’s linked to Mr. Lobby, Jack Abramoff,
             6                     7
                                     tecting consumers from possible identity theft.                       who could be one of yours if you have a few million to spend.
        Periodical Postage              The Communication Workers of America Minnesota State                   The idea was to raise the minimum wage to $7.25/hour over
         Paid Duluth, MN             Council introduced a bill giving consumers the “right to know”        three years--the first minimum wage increase in nine years. But
 Larry Sillanpa, Editor/Manager where a company has located their call centers. If a consumer is           Thomas packaged permanent estate tax cuts with them. It would
  Deborah Skoglund, Bookkeeper uncomfortable giving personal information (credit card, social              have reduced our federal tax revenue by $268 billion over the
 Published 24 times per year security number, etc.) to someone located outside of our coun-                next decade, adding to our ever-increasing deficit!
    Subscriptions: $22 Annually try, then the consumer would have the option to ask that they be               U.S. Senator Bill Frist, (R-TN) supports the estate tax cut
         POSTMASTER:                 transferred to a worker in America.                                   and wants to be our next president. Count on Frist to bring it
    Send address changes to:            As American companies continue to outsource customer               back. The responsible thing is to let a minimum wage increase
  2002 London Rd., Room 110 service centers overseas, it is becoming increasingly more                     stand alone, and have an up or down vote on it. But that will
          Duluth, MN 55812           important for Minnesota consumers to closely protect their per-       have to wait, until after the November elections.
     Board of Directors              sonal information. Identity theft is on the rise and U.S. laws do         Frist, Thomas & Co. failed June 8 in the Senate by 3 votes
President/Treas. Mikael Sundin,      not pertain if your identity is stolen in a foreign country.          even though Thomas had packed the bill with lots of goodies to
Painters & Allied Trades 106;           For the record, the DFL leadership in the Minnesota Senate         get those 3 votes. George J. Kourpias, president of the Alliance
V.P. Paul Iverson, BMWED 1710; allowed this legislation to be voted on. It passed with a margin            for Retired Americans, said blocking the bill was a matter of
Sec. Marlys Wisch, CWA 7214;         of 63-1, receiving strong bipartisan support.                         economic and social justice.
Jim Walters, Plumbers & Steam-          This fall when you cast your votes, please remember that the           Frist, Thomas & Co. should link the minimum wage increase
fitters 11; Tom Selinski, IBEW       Democratic party is the political party that is watching out for      to their pay raises: no pay increases for them until they raise the
242; Laurie Johnson, AFSCME          your personal interests while attempting to rebuild the
Co. 5; Lynette Swanberg, MN
                                                                                                           minimum wage. It won’t happen, but it does reflect the anger
Nurses; Mike Kuitu, Operating
                                     American job base.                                                    many of us feel about those elitists. In November, they could
Engineers 49; Al LaFrenier,             Kenneth L. Cusick, Executive-VP, CWA Local 7214                    learn just that. How many of them will file for unemployment?
UNITE HERE! Joint Board                 Duluth, MN                                                             John DeRosier, Eau Claire, WI
LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006                                                                                                                        PAGE 5
         When Eliot Seide decides to “talk union” it’s a good idea to listen
    It started out as a discussion   says there are still too many      noon on Wednesday, Sept. 13         York and throughout nation as                  2006.
among AFSCME Local 3801              fair share workers on campus.      in the Kirby Student Center         a Business Agent, Legislative                      Seide has a Bachelor of
members, clerical and techni-            This region does far better    Ballroom.                           Director and International                     Arts from New York Univer-
cal employees of the Univer-         than public unions nationally         Eliot Seide is the first exec-   Area Director. He serves on                    sity, and a Master of Arts from
sity of Minnesota Duluth,            on the issue, however. For         utive director of the recently      HealthPartners’ Board of                       the University of Toronto. He
about how to get more fair           example, the National Asso-        created AFSCME Council 5,           Directors, the Minnesota AFL-                  has completed all his course
share employees involved in          ciation of Letter Carriers         which built power for its           CIO Executive Board, and was                   work towards his Ph.D. with a
the union.                           Zenith Branch 114 has only         43,000 members with the             elected as an AFSCME Inter-                    major in political science and a
    In the public sector each        one fair share employee, Steve     merger of three Minnesota           national Vice President in
worker can decide whether to         Merrill, who gets his name         councils, including Council
be a part of the union that cov-
ers their work or not. Even if
                                     listed in each issue of the
                                     union newsletter.
                                                                        96, which had been Duluth-
                                                                        based. Seide has spent 28
                                                                                                                Duluth Building Trades
they choose not to join the
union, they get the union ben-
                                         AFSCME 3801 decided to
                                     have a public discussion about
                                                                        years working for AFSCME
                                                                        members in Minnesota, New
                                                                                                            Health & Welfare Fund Members
efits and the union is obligated     unions and invited their                                                 All Thrifty White and White Drug Pharmacies are participating pharmacies for your
                                                                                                             new health plan. We can fill a 90 day supply for you and for convenience we offer our
by law to represent them.            statewide AFSCME Council 5                                               Ready refill ™ program for automated refills. Our mail order takes three or four days
    AFSCME Local 3801 has            Executive Director, Eliot                                                                 instead of 10 to 14 as you are accustomed to seeing!
been organized at UMD only           Seide, to lead it. Damberg said                                                                               We also offer:
since 1992, but Local Union          they’ve asked Seide to give a                                            • Many convenient locations in                  • Order your prescriptions by phone,
Secretary Nancy Damberg              short history of unions, talk                                              Minnesota and North Dakota                      24 hours a day
                                     about why unions are impor-                                              • Free mail out service                         • Free daily blood pressure checks
  INTERSTATE                         tant, and why workers should
                                     join unions. She said they
                                                                                                              • Free in town prescription delivery            • 122 years of pharmacy service
                                                                                                                                                                in the upper Midwest
                                                                                                              • 30 day private charge accounts
           SPUR                      expect a discussion will follow
                                                                                                              All of our pharmacies are ready to fill all of your family’s prescription needs.
                                     Seide’s presentation.
                                         It was such a good idea, the                                                                   Pinetree Plaza • Inside Super One Foods • Cloquet, MN
                                     free event has been opened up
                                     to the public and would be a                                                                                    218-879-6768 • 1-800-967-3421
                                     great “Unions 101” course for               Eliot Seide                                               For a listing of all locations visit
                                     new leaders in unions, appren-
                                     tices, and young union fami-
                                     lies as well as fair share
  2700 W. Michigan St.               employees at UMD. Atten-
                                     dance will be required for
    GAS - DIESEL                     Council 5 stewards who will
     GROCERIES                       be attending training at the
   OPEN 24 HOURS                     Radisson.
                                         The event will be held at

                        To All Fellow Union
                       Members...Come in or
                      call to set up a test drive!
                    BENNA FORD SUPERIOR
                      Roush and Saleen
                     3022 Tower Ave., Superior, WI 54880

 Roger Childs
     Sales                 218-343-6596
  Cement Masons      Toll Free 1-866-992-3662
    Local 633 Special Pricing for Union Members!

 Labor Day Greetings
 To All Union Members and Area Contractors
                                                                                            Talk with Eliot Seide
                                                                                          AFSCME Council 5 Director
                               Cement Masons
                                 Plasterers                               UMD Ballroom B                                    September 13                                            Noon
                                & Shophands                                Discuss how unions build power for workers:
                                  Local 633                                   Membership Growth + Political Action =
                                         Minnesota                                     Bargaining Power
                                        North Dakota
                                     Northwest Wisconsin                     Free and Open to the Public with a Special Invitation to
 America’s Oldest Building Trades Union uEst. 1864
                                                                            all Union Members, Apprentices, and Fair Share Employees
 PAGE 6                                                                                                     LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006 an eye opener                                                                 With best wishes for a safe and
    Sick of lies, incompetence, and corruption?   thoughts, ideas, frustrations, and hopes about
Tired of broken promises from politicians?
Aching for another blog/website?
                                                  this year’s elections. Here’s a sample:
                                                      “(Pawlenty’s) reelection campaign slogan
                                                                                                          relaxing Labor Day holiday!
    Check out America Votes Minnesota’s web-
site at www. to read about
                                                  should be ‘cut and run.’ He makes cuts to the
                                                  services that really matter to Minnesotans –
                                                                                                            Please take time to vote.
and discuss what’s going on in Minnesota, with    like education and local government aid -- and
daily posts about happenings in state politics,   then runs for reelection claiming to support the
get facts about what Gov. Pawlenty and other      very services he tried to eliminate...,” said Josh
officials/candidates are up to, and share your    Syrjamaki, State Director of America Votes.

                                                                                                        National Association of Letter Carriers
                                                                                                             Zenith Branch 114 Merged
                                                                                                           Duluth, Two Harbors, Silver Bay

                                                                                                            All Workers are Entitled
                                                                                                            to a Fair and Just Share
                                                                                                              of America's Wealth

                                                                                                         Operating Engineers Local 49
                                                                                                             "Pulling Our Weight"
                 TH E M O ST D I R E CT WAY TO                                                       
                    G ET YO U R WO R K E R S’
             C O M P E N SATI O N P R E S C R I PTI O N S.
                                                                                                        TWO HARBORS RESIDENTS...
                                                                                                       ...Should be aware that a substantial development
                                                                                                       planned for the Lighthouse Point is being held
                                                                                                       hostage by a group named Save Lighthouse Point
                                                                                                       founded by Todd Ronning. This group has seized
                                                                                                       control of the Planning & Zoning Board and
      We’re Injured Workers Pharmacy. We              There are absolutely no out-of-pocket            convinced the City Council to resist this
      do just what our name says – provide            expenses for you, your attorney
                                                                                                       opportunity to Revive Downtown Two Harbors.
      prescribed Workers’ Compensation                or physician. No confusing claim                 The project would provide 124 direct jobs and
      medications to injured workers. How             forms. And no catch. Seriously.                  many more in spin-off development rebuilding the
                                                                                                       Downtown. Contact city counselors and express
      we do it is every bit as simple. We ship        Contact us today and we’ll make
                                                                                                       your support for the project.
      medications right to your door and              sure you can focus on recovery,
      the insurance company pays us.                  not reimbursement.                               Please visit our website,
                                                                                                       to find out more about us and our plans, and feel
                                                                                                       free to contact me at
                                                                                                       “Sam Cave has been exceptional about meeting with our
                  8 8 8 - 3 2 1 - 7 9 4 5                                  17 construction unions and ensuring that his project will
                                                                                                       have a labor agreement, which means our union members
                                                                                                       in this region will work on his job.       ~Craig Olson,
                                                                                                            President, Duluth Building & Construction Trades Council
                                                                                                                         Paid for by Sam Cave

 LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006                                                                                                                PAGE 7
                                                                                                    Have a safe and enjoyable
                                            Health Care                                               Labor Day weekend
                                                                                                               And please buckle up
                                            DFL Majority                                    From the Blue Cross Organized Labor Department

Mary Murphy
                                                                                                            (651) 662-2934

  State Representative
         Prepared and paid for by the Mary Murphy Vol. Comm., Jean McDonald Treasurer,
                      5180 West Arrowhead Road, Hermantown, MN 55811
                                                                                          Best Wishes for a Safe and
                                                                                         Enjoyable Labor Day Holiday.
  It’s all just raw dirt, steel, wood,                                                         Thanks to Labor,
   brick and concrete until it gets
 shaped by skilled hands and minds.                                                           I’ll enjoy mine too!
                                                                                           Senator Yvonne
                                                                                           Prettner Solon
                                                                                         Minnesota Senate District 7 F                   DFL & Labor Endorsed
                                                                                           Paid for by the Prettner Solon Volunteer Committee, Elaine Hansen, Treasurer

Have an enjoyable Labor Day break
LABORERS LOCAL 1097                                                                                                              Remembering
                                                                                                                                 Brother Debs’
We Appreciate Your                                                                                                              151st Birthday!
                         The only Reef
                        worth steering
                          into has...
                   Happy Hour 4-7 p.m.
                     7 Days a week
  Tuesday is Karaoke Night
  Wednesday has Live Music
 Live bands Friday & Saturday,
      from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.
The largest game room in town!
    We can set-up employee
   parties of up to 80 people!
In the Labor Temple, 2002 London Road, Duluth
PAGE 8                                                                                                            LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006
Determined Plumber convinces Int’l Union to back single-payer health
    By Mark Gruenberg             $250,000 to $75,000.                pointed out to Plumbers that       their elected representatives        needs the churches, too. 0“I
    PAI Staff Writer                  Literally, Love said, with      non-union contractors--who         repeatedly and forcefully,”          tell them: ‘No man can look
    SAVANNAH--Jack Love’s         changes like that, Plumbers         don’t provide health care--        Oswego Local 73 Business             you in the eye and tell you
members were upset. Raises        had to “stay home and die”          were underbidding union con-       Manager David DeCaire said.          Jesus Christ won’t support
disappeared. Out-of-pocket        rather than go to the hospital if   tractors, costing UA members       “They must help lay the              national health insurance.’
costs skyrocketed. The bal-       they had heart attacks, given       and UA members their jobs.         groundwork for change in             You claim to be a Christian,
ance in the union’s health        the costs of care.                     Not only that, but when         Washington, D.C., and they           but if you don’t do anything
fund skidded to $167,000.             Business Agents in Canada       uninsured workers and their        must be prepared for a long          about this, you’re a liar,” Love
Visits to the emergency room      told Love of organizations in       families came from out of state    and difficult fight,” with a         says. “The churches have got
cost them a $100. The insurer     the U.S. that advocated gov-        to Georgia and got ill, local      GOP-run Congress and the             to get involved. It’s a human,
wanted more money.                ernment-run        single-payer     health facilities, paid for by     powerful health insurers.            public issue.”
    Whenever Love, Business       health care. The more he            local property taxes, or federal      Love says single-payer
Manager of Plumbers Local         probed, the more he liked it.       programs, paid for by all tax-
188 in Savannah, Ga., and a           Three points were especial-     payers, took care of them.
trustee of its health insurance   ly attractive, Love said: Cost,
                                  universality and affordability.
                                                                         It’s those same impacts--
                                                                      including competition from
                                                                                                         It has been my pleasure to serve working
fund, had to give them the bad
news, he had to face brickbats.   That last one helped him sell it    non-union, non-insured com-            families in the Minnesota Senate.
    “There’s got to be a better
way than this,” he thought.
                                  to Plumbers in New York, after
                                  he assembled an 18-page
                                                                      petitors--that drove the USW
                                                                      and particularly the UAW to        Please go the polls on
    Love’s problems in paying
for health insurance for mem-
                                  booklet and faxed it to every
                                  Plumber’s local in the country,
                                                                      back Conyers’ bill. UAW has
                                                                      recently said it all by pointing
                                                                                                         Tuesday, Sept. 12
bers led him to researching       and followed up with calls.
                                      “In New York City, they’re
                                                                      out that now more cars are
                                                                      made in Ontario--which has
                                                                                                         and Tuesday, Nov. 7,
alternatives to the present
employer-based health care        paying $12 an hour for health       Canada’s       government-run      and vote for candidates
system and then turning him-
self into a one-man campaign
                                  care coverage. The Canadians
                                  pay $86 a month for a single
                                                                      national health care system--
                                                                      than in next-door Michigan.        that will help maintain
for single-payer government-
run national health care.
                                  person, $96 for a couple and
                                  $106 for families. And they
                                                                         USW Pres. Leo Gerard, a
                                                                      Canadian, never tires of com-
                                                                                                         the middle-class in
    On August 9, at his United    have no deductibles and no co-      paring the quality of coverage-    America, for it is the
Association union’s Las Vegas
convention he succeeded.
                                  pays. We pay twice as much
                                  in a week as the Canadians pay
                                                                      -and cost--that his daughter,
                                                                      who lives in Ontario, gets to      middle-class that is the
    The UA, which has
219,800 members, became the
                                  in a month,” he says.
                                      At the convention, nobody
                                                                      the coverage his union must
                                                                      battle for in bargaining.
                                                                                                         engine that drives us
fourth AFL-CIO union to           disagreed and the endorsement
                                  passed by voice vote.Love
                                                                         Despite success with the
                                                                      UA, Love realizes union sup-
                                                                                                         toward prosperity for all.
endorse single-payer govern-
ment-run national health care-
-Medicare for all--advocated       Still no MN
                                                                      port alone will not be enough
                                                                      to achieve single-payer health      Senator Becky Lourey
                                                                      care. And unions are not unit-
by Rep. John Conyers (D-
Mich.) as HR 676.                 HR 676 backers                      ed behind Conyers’ bill.             Have a Great Labor Day!
    The UA joins Steelworkers,       As much as Minnesota is             The AFL-CIO Executive            Paid for by Lourey for Senate, Rosanne Haynes, Treasurer, Holyoke, MN
Auto Workers and the Long-        considered a progressive state      Council, at its August meeting
shore and Warehouse Union in      on social issues, there is no       in Chicago, called single-
backing Conyers’ legislation.     one in the Minnesota Congres-       payer one way, but not the
    “We saw the balance in our    sional delegation that is on        only one, to achieve universal

                                                                                                                THE VOICE OF LABOR -
health insurance trust fund       board with Rep. John Conyers        health care coverage, in the
going down from $4 million to     (D-MI) single-payer health          next Congress. It’s given up
$167,000--in two years,” Love     care bill, H.R. 676.                on this GOP-run Congress.
said. That crash forced the
local to arrange for a backup
                                     It has 75 congressional co-
                                  sponsors and been endorsed
                                                                         SEIU Pres. Andrew Stern,
                                                                      whose union, part of Change                     may it ring loud and
bank loan, just in case--a dis-
tasteful move. Out-of-pocket
                                  by 171 union organizations
                                  including 38 Central Labor
                                                                      to Win, has a million health
                                                                      care workers, says single-                       clear in November
deductible for family coverage    Councils, including Duluth,         payer government-run health
skyrocketed to $7,000, and the    and Area Labor Federations          care is not the way to go.
cap on yearly payments for        and four state AFL-CIO’s (KY,          To pass HR 676 unionists
any individual collapsed from     PA, CT & OH).                       “must express their views to

  Please support the Walk for Leukemia by purchasing balloons at Super
   One stores for $1 when you shop from September 24 to October 2nd.

                                                                                                                       Best Wishes for a Happy
                                                                                                                      and Enjoyable Labor Day!

             Happy Labor Day... all people, who, by their labors, have
       worked to make and keep America great!
   United Food & Commercial Workers Local 1116
                          Steve Gilbertson, President
 LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006                                                                                                                          PAGE 9
  A Day FOR honoring Working Families                                       Have a great Labor Day
 Have a great Labor Day...                                                  Holiday! We’ve earned it!
                              and thanks for everything
                             organized labor has done to
                           improve the working lives of all
                            american workers, union or not.                   Painting Co.
                                    Commissioner                            Serving the Upper Midwest since 1965

                             Peg Sweeney
                                                                            Try our“Rapid-Cure” Polyurea Coatings
                                                                            Free Estimates        Superior, Wisconsin (715) 394-5799

                                      St. Louis County • District 5
Duluth afl-cio Central Labor Body endorsed
 “I’m honored to carry the labor endorsement!”
                             Paid for by Peg Sweeney Volunteer Committee                   The Great American Labor Force
                                                                                              has been the vital sector in
                                                                                         making the good life even better

   O    n Labor Day as we honor working women and
        men for the gains America has made, let us
 remember that a quality workforce, well educated and
                                                                                           for all of us. Building America...
                                                                             with all the skill and energy characteristic of
                                                                            America Labor. We salute the men and women
                                                                              who make up our task force for progress ---
                                                                               who work today for a better tomorrow.
 well trained, is what is needed to keep America
 moving forward toward a prosperous future for all.
                                                                            Laborers Local 1091
                                                                            Duluth, MN/Superior, WI & Surrounding Counties
                                                                                                  Don Watkins
                                                                                   Business Agent/Financial Secretary/Treasurer
                                                                                 Larry Anderson                           Bill Cox
                                                                                    President                         Vice President
                                                                                 Chris Thacker                          Dan Olson
                                                                                  Sgt.-at-Arms                   Recording Secretary
                                                                                 John Schneider                     Brad Bukovich
                                                                                   Kyle Koller                        Jim Jones
                                                                                 Tim Meteraud                        Jim Gagnon
                                                                                    Auditors                         Executive Board

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   You wouldn’t think of using just one tool to do every job.
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PAGE 10                                                                    LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006
A Kontny family history lesson is in order for the University of Wisconsin
    Construction work on area           the company was violating the      months in prison and fined a       University. UWS has $75 mil-     Warf Office Bldg, 610 Walnut
schools, especially institutions        employees’ right to organize.      total of $110,000 for what U.S.    lion in construction slated in   St., Madison, WI 53726.
of higher learning, has gener-              On August 25, 1995, the        District Court Judge John C        the next four years.                 She’s said UW must take
ally been very good for mem-            U.S. District Court agreed         Shabaz called a “sophisticated        But for now he said UW        the low bid. The University is
bers of Building Trades                 with the unions against the        scheme” to defraud the federal     Facilities Management and        an equal opportunity employer
Unions. Most jobs are covered           Kontnys.                           government of taxes. Ken,          Angela Zar, who made the         too, which must make the
by Project Labor Agreements                 Then Wisconsin Attorney        who the judge charged with         decision to hire KBK, need to    Kontnys happy. Don’t it stir
and problems are ironed out             General James E. Doyle, the        perjury at one point, blamed       hear from residents. She can     your Badger pride watching
before they progress too far.           current governor, found the        his wife for everything. He        be reached at 608-263-3031,      your tax dollars at work?
    That makes pickets by               company owed employees             was accused of threatening         by fax at 265-3139, or 985
Plumbers & Steamfitters                 about $300,000 in back pay         employees lives in the past too
Local 11 at the University of           and punitive damages for not          The Kontny’s Tri-State
Wi s c o n s i n - S u p e r i o r ’s   paying prevailing wages or         Mechanical disappeared but
Wessman Arena a rare site on            overtime. Charges were limit-      its offspring, KBK Services
a campus. It only gets worse.           ed to only two years by the        and Chris Kontny, are doing
    Officials on Madison’s              statute of limitations. Then       business and earning Wiscon-
main campus decided to be the           Ken Kontny asked employees         sin taxpayers’ money at
general contractor on the proj-         to reimburse him for use of        UWS’s Wessman Arena.
ect. That’s very unusual. Then          company trucks ($6 an hour),          A union contractor’s bid
they let the mechanical bid to          travel and tools, advance          was $6,000 over KBK’s. The
KBK Services, owned by                  wages, and loans. His efforts      union contractor offered to
Chris Kontny. The name ring             to force employees to return       take $6,000 off his bid.
any bells?                              wages were Class E felonies           Mike Rydberg, Business
    The Kontny family has               punishable by $10,000 fines        Rep. for P&SF #11, said pick-
quite a history in the region. At       and/or two years in jail on        eters are getting great support.
one time the business was               each count.                           “Benna Ford owner Pat
called Shorty & Sons, a union               The U.S. Forest Service        Ringle is cancelling a car show
mechanical contractor in                refused to allow the Kontnys       there,” said Rydberg, “and         Mike Rydberg, Chad Bodin, and Ed Mickendrow of Plum-
Superior. Then a son, Ken,              to bid on the Ashland Visitor’s    Kari has one coming.”              bers & Steamfitters Local 11 are staffing a picket along
started a non-union firm, Tri-          Center. KBK Service bids              Rydberg said unions will be     with other members of the Northern Wisconsin Building
State Mechanical based in               were thrown out on other jobs.     trying to get Project Labor        Trades Council at UWS’s Wessman Arena against KBK
Ashland, that ran afoul of the              On Jan. 12, 2000, a six        Agreements drawn up with the       Services, part of the notorious Kontny family tree.
law on a number of charges in           count indictment was returned
the mid-1990s. After being              by a Madison federal grand
barred from bidding on some             jury against Ken Kontny and
projects for his transgressions,
Ken Kontny started another
                                        his wife, JoAnn, for activities
                                        that may have gone on for 20                A Labor Day salute
firm, KBK Services. Chris               years. Their scams filled their
Kontny is Ken’s son.                    pockets with overtime pay at
    In the mid-1990s Plumbers
& Steamfitters Local 11 and
Sheetmetal Workers Local 10
                                        straight time, Social Security,
                                        and Medicare tax fraud.
                                            On May 10, 2000, Ken, 50,
                                                                                  to our affiliated unions
waged a battle with the                 and JoAnn, 49, were found
Kontnys after Tri-State work-
ers called the unions to organ-
ize. During the organizing
                                        guilty in U.S. District Court of
                                        conspiring to file false tax
                                        returns and filing false tax
                                                                                including AFSCME, ATU,
campaign union officials, and           returns for their business.
then the National Labor
Relations Board, found that
                                            On July 26, 2000 the cou-
                                        ple was sentenced to 59                     CWA, IAM & MNA
     L abor D ay...                                                             for organizing more than
    A good time to reflect on how Unions have
   improved the lives of all working Americans:
    8-Hour Day...Paid Sick Leave...Higher Wages...
                                                                                   10,000 new members
     Health Insurance...Overtime Pay...Pensions...
      Paid Holidays...Safer Working Conditions...                                        this year.
          Paid Vacations...Maternity Leave...

                                                Twin Ports
                                                Twin Cities
                                               Virginia, MN
                                             Over 91 Years
                                               of Service
                                              1916 - 2006
           General Contractors, Engineers
          and Equipment Rental Specialists                                                       Our state’s largest grassroots organization

 LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006                                                                                                                      PAGE 11
         Working for the minimum wage isn’t about living, it’s about dying
    By Joan Linski, member,          only one of us will eat at the     while. Eventually those things       where I am today. Some of          the next time some Republican
UNITE HERE Local 99                  salad bar for the next week and    stopped working for me.              you work in the labor move-        boasts about keeping wages
    I’ve been working for 31         we’ll sneak out food for the           Several years ago, my            ment, others work in politics,     low you might want to remind
years, 29 as an adult.               other. That’s what it cost to      nephew said if the federal min-      some of you volunteer for pro-     them of something Abraham
    In 1977 at the age of 18 I       take one day off from my           imum wage had increased at           grams around the city to bring     Lincoln once said: “All that
found myself in Las Vegas            housekeeping job in order to       the same rate as the postage         awareness to the public on         serves labor serves the nation.
with a broken down truck and         look for a better job.             stamp it would be around $11         how these issues affect our        All that harms is treason. If a
a $2 roll of nickles. My                I never did find a better job   an hour. If that is true, the min-   lives. The work you’re doing       man tells you he loves
boyfriend and I went to the          because the union rep sent me      imum wage should actually be         is making people’s lives bet-      America, yet hates labor, he is
Showboat Casino, plugged             out on cocktail waitressing        around $12 an hour. A single         ter--I’m living proof of that.     a liar....There is no America
those nickles into a slot            interviews even though I had       person can live pretty well on           Keep pushing to raise the      without labor, and to fleece
machine and won enough to            asked for housekeeping or          that kind of money if they’re        federal minimum wage and           one is to rob the other.”
pay for a night’s stay at the        serving assistant positions. I     reasonably responsible. But
U.S. Motel down the street.          had to be 21 to waitress in Las    for anyone to live on the mini-
    The next morning I ap-           Vegas. I couldn’t lie about my     mum wage, well, that’s not liv-
pealed to the motel owner to         age because they ran a back-       ing, that’s dying from exhaus-
help me find a job cleaning          ground checks. The Golden          tion and hopelessness.
rooms. Anything, anywhere--it        Nugget manager didn’t under-           I lived throughout the
didn’t matter to me as long as       stand why I was there for a        country for 15 years. When I
I could earn enough money to         waitress interview when the        moved back to Duluth in 1992,
keep a roof over our heads.          rep knew I was 18.                 I got a job at Porter’s Restau-
    That was the beginning of a         The frustration and anger I     rant. I finally got that union
long and painful struggle with       experienced at being treated       job I’d been looking for! My
economic survival and the            with such disrespect was com-      life got better and I learned a
hopeless, grinding poverty that      pounded by the realization that    lot from being in my union.
earning the minimum wage             I had just given a union my            I know Democrats in Min-
kept me in for many years.           hard-earned money and they         nesota have worked long and
    Throughout the summer            had done nothing for me. I         hard on behalf of waitresses to
and into the fall of 1977, I         couldn’t go back to the union      make sure we get paid an
worked as a housekeeper at the       and give the woman a piece of      hourly wage instead of tip           Joan Linski received hugs from Amy Klobuchar and
Monie Marie Motel for a              my mind or try to get my           credit. I’d like to thank them       Congressman Jim Oberstar after telling her story about her
Chinese couple who treated           money back. There just wasn’t      for that, because if I didn’t get    early life as a minimum wage worker.
me very well. I cleaned 16 to        time. I had to get back to work    minimum wage I wouldn’t
18 rooms a day, 6 days a week,
8 hours a day for $2.30 an
                                     and try to figure something
                                     else out.
                                                                        have a savings account.
                                                                            Seven weeks ago, I fell and
                                                                                                               This Holiday and All Year...
hour. After taxes, I took home          This is how the cycle goes.     tore a ligament which put me          Please Patronize Businesses...
about $80 a week which paid          When a person is struggling to     out of work for about a week.
for a room in a motel, a month-      survive every little thing that    Although I didn’t receive com-         that support your Union Sisters and
ly bus pass, two packs of ciga-      happens, whether it is positive    pensation for my time off, I          Brothers of UNITE HERE! Local 99
rettes a day, the salad bar at the   or negative, is a big deal. I      was still able to pay my bills
Showboat Hotel and Casino            eventually did get out of Las      because I have a savings                        Hotels and Inns
and not much else. Forget            Vegas. I left the boyfriend        account. I was able to see a
                                     behind somewhere out West          doctor because I have afford-         Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites      Radisson Duluth
about saving money. There                                                                                     200 W 1st St, Duluth, MN        505 W Superior St, Duluth, MN
was nothing left over to save.       but not without a cost.            able health insurance.This is         722-1202                        727-8981
    People told me to go down           I’d slept on a lot of floors,   how it could be for all working       Holiday Inn                     Hibbing Park Hotel
to the union office and get my       lived in places without running    Americans if more states              1500 Highways 11 & 71,          1402 E Howard St, Hibbing, MN
card so I could get a job in a       water or electricity and my        would follow Minnesota’s              International Falls, MN         262-3481
union hotel. In those days you       spirit was broken. There was a     example on the tip credit.            283-8000                        The Lodge
had to pay to get a union card       suicide attempt in 1978. I was         Today, I live in a modest                                         Giants Ridge, Biwabik, MN
                                     so depressed I didn’t want to      home that I was able to pur-                                          1-877-442-6877
and they would send you out
to job interviews. I don’t recall    live anymore.                      chase through a first-time                      Restaurants & Eateries
how much it cost for a card. I          Poverty wages kill people.      homebuyer’s program in
                                                                                                             Pickwick                  Porter’s              Top of the Harbor
do remember it took months           Not right away. Slowly, a per-     Duluth. I make a modest living       508 E Superior St         207 W Superior St     505 W Superior St
before I had saved enough to         son’s spirit is broken by disap-   waiting tables at the Pickwick       727-8901                  727-6746              727-8981
get one. Then came the stress        pointments, struggles, and the     Restaurant, another union            Grandma’s in the Park     Greenery              Timbers
of figuring out whether I could      ongoing frustration of never       establishment. I am no longer        Hibbing Park Hotel        207 W Superior St     Giants Ridge
afford to take a day off to look     being able to get ahead with no    living in poverty. I have a lot      1-800--262-3481           727-3387              Biwabik
                                     end in sight. I smoked a lot of    to be grateful for and I cannot      The Spot Restaurant       U.W.S. Cafeteria      1-877-442-6877
for a better job.
                                     cigarettes in those days and       take complete credit for my          Int’l Falls, MN           UW-Superior Campus    Riverfront Bar &
    There is no such thing as a                                                                              283-2440                  394-8102                        Grill
financial cushion on minimum         eventually turned to drinking      success because I haven’t done                                                       Holiday Inn
wage, only sacrifices. I’ll          and drug-use--anything to          this by myself. Many, many                                                           International Falls
smoke half as many cigarettes,       numb the pain for a little         people have helped me to get                                                         1-218-283-4451
                                                                                                                        Pubs and Taverns
                                                                                                             All American Club        North Pole Bar       Hanson's Outpost
  Working For                        &   Building A Better America                                           1931 W Michigan St
                                                                                                                                      5606 Raleigh St
                                                                                                                                                           Hwy 53 & 18 St S
                                                                                                                                                           Int’l Falls-283-9200

                                                    Have A Great                                             City of Ranier
                                                                                                             Municipal-Ranier, MN
                                                                                                                                      O’Gilby’s Bar
                                                                                                                                      511 E Fourth St
                                                                                                                                                           Twins Bar
                                                                                                                                                           501 E 4th St

                                                  Labor Day Holiday                                          286-3343
                                                                                                             Fifth Avenue Lounge
                                                                                                             505 W Superior St
                                                                                                                                      Reef Bar
                                                                                                                                      2002 London Rd
                                                                                                                                                           Viking Bar & Lounge
                                                                                                                                                           412 3rd St-Int’l Falls
                                                             The Members of                                  727-8981                 724-9845
                                                                                                                                      Rustic Bar
                                                                                                                                                           V.F.W. Post #2948

                                                        IRON                                                 332 N 57th Ave W
                                                                                                             Midway Bar
                                                                                                                                      401 N Central Ave
                                                                                                                                      Sneaker’s Bar
                                                                                                                                                           236 3rd St-Int’l Falls
                                                       WORKERS                                               1909 W Superior St
                                                                                                             Moose Lodge #1259
                                                                                                                                      207 W Superior St
                                                                                                                                      T-Bonz Bar
                                                                                                                                                                 If town is
                                                                                                                                                                not listed,

                                                        LOCAL 512                                            Moose Bldg-Int’l Falls
                                                                                                                                      2531 W Superior St
                                                                                                                                                               is in Duluth

                                                 2002 London Road                      Duluth, MN              We Thank You For Your Patronage!
 PAGE 12                                                                                                     LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006
          Democrats frustrated over inability to get minimum wage increase
    While Joan Linski was              dance. She wasn’t the only one        how (life on the minimum                       unions, labor continues to bat-          paign she finds people even in
telling her story about life as a      there to have lived through dif-      wage) affects so many peo-                     tle for minimum wage workers             conservative areas concerned
minimum wage worker (oppo-             ficult years, but she was the         ple,” Duluth AFL-CIO Central                   who have not have a wage                 about low wages, increasing
site page) you could feel a            only one with the courage to          Labor Body President Alan                      increase for nine years.                 costs, and health care.
shared pain in a quiet Well-           tell her story.                       Netland told her when she fin-                     “It won’t happen in a                    “We’ve got $90 billion tax
stone Hall August 18 among                 “We appreciate your hon-          ished.                                         Republican           Congress,”          shelters being paid for by wait-
the three dozen or so in atten-        esty and helping us realize               After hugs from U.S.                       Oberstar said about a mini-              resses in Virginia, and other
                                                                             Senate      candidate     Amy                  mum wage increase. “We                   giveaways to the rich being
 Cal. to raise minimum to $8                                                 Klobuchar and Congressman
                                                                             Jim Oberstar, he thanked
                                                                                                                            Democrats have tried all the
                                                                                                                            devices available to us and we
                                                                                                                                                                     paid for by minimum wage
                                                                                                                                                                     workers who work nine hours
   (PAI)--At the rate the nation’s 50 states are going, the GOP-
run Congress may well finish last in raising the minimum wage.               Linski for having the courage                  can’t get our bills reported out         to fill the 15 gallon gas tank in
The latest, and the largest, to plan to do so is California. The             to show the pain and soul of                   of committee, we can’t get a             their truck,” Klobuchar said.
hike will benefit 1.4 million workers.                                       the minimum wage because it                    hearing!”                                “The average CEO earns more
     In another illustration of the potency of the issue in an elec-         is too often reduced to an aca-                    He said Republicans were             before lunch on their first day
tion year, GOP Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger agreed to raise the                demic exercise.                                more interested in securing an           of work in the year, than the
wage to $8 an hour by 2008. The state minimum wage is now                        Oberstar spoke of the 200                  average of $1.3 million in               average wage earner will earn
$6.75. The federal minimum is $5.15 and the GOP-run                          year battle in America to                      estate tax cut savings for 7,800         all year. Yet low-and middle-
Congress in Washington has refused to raise it for a decade.                 establish a 10 hour day, then                  rich Americans than they were            income workers are the engine
   Schwarzenegger agreed to the hike after vetoing two previ-                another 25 year fight to get to                about helping 14 million mini-           that is supposed to drive our
ous minimum wage increases, state fed Secretary-Treasurer Art                an 8 hour day but when labor                   mum wage workers, 135,000                economy. We need to increase
Pulaski said in late August. The governor got one small win:                 finally had enough in the                      of them in Minnesota.                    the minimum wage!”
Indexing the minimum wage to inflation was dropped.                          1930s, radical ideas like over-                    “We need Amy Klobuchar                   Minnesota State Rep. Mary
   Pulaski called it “not fair” that workers “had to wait for an             time pay, vacations, and health                in the U.S. Senate to say no to          Murphy asked Oberstar to
election year” to get the raise. “Schwarzenegger has become                  care started to become reality                 poison pills (when we bring a            make sure Minnesota law on
just another politician by turning the minimum wage into a                   for workers. Yet with all the                  minimum wage bill to the                 tip credit isn’t subverted by
political football," he added.           The state fed backs                 improvements that have been                    floor),” Oberstar said to cheers         federal law. “Use Minnesota’s
Schwarzenegger’s Democratic foe, state official Phil Angelides.              made in the lives of workers                       Klobuchar said as she has            law as national model,” she
                                                                             through organizing into                        traveled the state in her cam-           said. “I give my tip for the
    This Economic Policy Institute Minimum Wage Issue Guide shows as of last week, 22 states                                                                         service, not to let an owner
                                                                                                                                                                     have more money.”
       and the District of Columbia have raised their minimum wage above the federal level.
                                 2006 State Minimum Wage
  State                                   (as of 8/21/06)               Planned 2007 State Minimum Wage                Planned 2008 State Minimum Wage

  Alaska                                       7.15                                         7.15                                           7.15
  Arkansas                          6.25 (effective 10/1/06)                                6.25                                           6.25                                             I want to help
                                                                                                                                                                                            you save money.
  Delaware                                     6.15                                         6.65                                           7.15
  District of Columbia                         7.00                                         7.00                                           7.00
  Florida                                      6.40*                                Inflation Adjusted                             Inflation Adjusted                 (218) 728-6803
  Hawaii                                       6.75                                         7.25                                           7.25
                                                                                                                                                                     Call me today!
  Illinois                                     6.50                                         6.50                                           6.50
                                                                                                                                                                     You may qualify for
  Maine                     6.50 (will increase to $6.75 on 10/1/06)   6.75 (will increase to $7.00 on 10/1/07)                            7.00
  Maryland                                     6.15                                         6.15                                           6.15
                                                                                                                                                                     money-saving auto
  Massachusetts                                6.75                                         7.50                                           8.00
                                                                                                                                                                     insurance discounts.                       Jerome E Siljendahl Agency
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2002 London Rd Ste 200
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     (218) 728-6803 Bus
  Michigan                          6.95 (effective 10/1/06)            6.95 (will increase to $7.15 on 7/1/07)        7.15 (will increase to $7.40 on 7/1/08)                                                          Duluth, MN 55812
  Minnesota                                    6.15                                         6.15                                           6.15
  New Jersey                6.15 (will increase to $7.15 on 10/1/06)                        7.15                                           7.15
  New York                                     6.75                                         7.15                                           7.15
  North Carolina                           Federal level                                    6.15                                           6.15
  Oregon                                       7.50*                                Inflation Adjusted                             Inflation Adjusted                © 2000 American Family Mutual Insurance Company and its Subsidiaries
                                                                                                                                                                       Home Office - Madison, WI 53783
  Pennsylvania                             Federal level                6.25 (will increase to $7.15 on 7/1/07)                            7.15                        NA -16942
  Rhode Island                                 7.10                                         7.40                                           7.40
  Vermont                                      7.25*                                Inflation Adjusted                             Inflation Adjusted
  Washington                                   7.63*                                Inflation Adjusted                             Inflation Adjusted
  Wisconsin                                    6.50                                         6.50                                           6.50

  *=State minimum wage adjusted annually for inflation.

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                                                                                IS NO ACCIDENT.

 LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006                                                                                                                                                                      PAGE 13
          The Lakes & Plains Region-
          al Council of Carpenters
          held their annual appren-
          ticeship contest in Proctor at
          the South St. Louis County
          Fair Aug. 12.
          Duluth’s Pat Lowry of
          Carpenter’s Local 361, top
          photo, finished first in his
          division. Lowry and other
          Carpenter        participants
          make cedar picket tables
          that are raffled off to people
          who attend the fair. It’s one
          of the “don’t miss” events
          for many who attend annu-
          ally, hoping to win one of
          the beautiful tables.
          Millwrights Local 1348’s
          Ron Staskivigel of Grand
          Rapids, bottom photo, took
          second place in the               School opens next week,
          Millwright division.
          Bosch came through again
          for participants by donating
                                            Please Drive Safely!
          circular saws, cords and tool
          bags to each of the appren-
          tices, many of whom come a
                                            Labor Day Greetings
          long way to compete in the
          contest.                                               from the
                                                               of Teachers
                                                                Local 692

                                             Labor Day
                                             to our Union Friends
                                               HUNEGS, STONE,
                                               LENEAVE, KVAS
                                                & THORNTON
                                                         Attorneys at Law
                                               Representing Railway Labor
                                             and Practicing in All Aspects of
                                            Labor Law for over a Half Century

                                            HUNEGS, STONE, LENEAVE, KVAS & THORNTON
                                                      1650 International Centre
                                                     900 Second Avenue South
                                                       Minneapolis, MN 55402
                                           612-339-4511            1-800-328-4340
                                                    Arnie Flagstad, Investigator
                                              Superior, Wisconsin (715) 394-5876
PAGE 14                                    LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006
   Public schools win again with test scores
    WASHINGTON (PAI)--In          down those that are not work-      grader in math was 5.8 points
a surprise for the charter        ing. With charter schools in       lower than the average public
school movement, test scores      many states operating virtually    noncharter school mean.
for 4th-grade students in free-   unchecked, and because con-            “After adjusting for multi-
standing charter schools lag      version to a charter school is a   ple student characteristics, the
significantly behind scores for   possible sanction through the      difference in means was 4.7
public school students, a new     federal No Child Left Behind       points,” it said. Again, the
federal Education Department      Act, policymakers should take      kids who lagged were in char-
report says. Scores for stu-      note of these findings,”           ter schools not linked with a
dents in charter schools linked   McElroy added.                     public school district.
to public school districts have       Bush’s NCLB law envi-              • And in math, there was a
“insignificant differences”       sioned charters as one of the      significant difference, the                                                 A tribute to all
from scores for the public        alternatives to “failing” public   researchers said, in mean                                                 of Duluth Labor in
school students, it adds.         schools and set up the law to      scores for all charter school
    The findings, released
August 23 by the National
                                  ensure many public schools
                                  would flunk. The law’s back-
                                                                     kids and all public school kids
                                                                     in the central cities with high
                                                                                                                                                   your 118th
Center       for     Education    ers, many of them foes of pub-     minority populations--and the                                              observance of this
Statistics, did not surprise      lic schools and teachers, also     public school kids’ scores
American Federation of            pushed taxpayer-paid vouch-        were higher.                                                                 hallowed day!
Teachers       President     Ed   ers for parents of private             Spellings chose a more-
McElroy. He noted an AFT          school students as an alterna-     optimistic outlook, as Bush’s                                              STATE REPRESENTATIVE
study two years before found
much the same results.
    Meanwhile, Bush Educa-
                                  tive to public schools.
                                      The study of 150 charter
                                  schools and 6,764 public
                                                                     law comes up for renewal next
                                                                     year. She emphasized the char-
                                                                     ters’ newness. “We need to
                                                                                                                                                    M IKE
tion Secretary Margaret Spell-
ings tried to view the data on
the bright side, noting the
                                  schools found that:
                                      • The average charter
                                  school mean score for a fourth
                                                                     examine how they improve
                                                                     student performance over time
                                                                     for a better picture of how they
                                                                                                                                                    J AROS
charter school movement is in     grader in reading was 5.2          compare to traditional public           District 7B--AFL-CIO & DFL Endorsed
its infancy.                      points lower than the average      schools,” she said. Charters          PLEASE VOTE SEPT. 12 & NOV.7
    The report is important       public noncharter school           “empower low-income par-
because AFT has argued that       mean. “After adjusting for         ents…in areas where tradition-       Paid for by the Jaros Volunteer Committee, 3108 Minnesota Ave., Duluth, MN 55802
charters should be viewed not     multiple student characteris-      al public schools have fallen
as a replacement for public       tics, the difference in means      short of their responsibilities,”
schools, but as “laboratories     was 4.2 points,” the study said.   she added.
for innovation,” with what            Virtually all of the differ-       “These results are incon-
works best being taken from       ence was in charter schools        venient for charter school pro-
them and used in both sys-        “not...affiliated with a public    ponents,” McElroy pointed
tems, as McElroy put it.          school district.” There were       out. “Charter supporters can’t

    “Charter supporters should    “no significant differences” in    just keep moving the goalpost
not be blinded by ideology. It    mean reading scores for char-      when they don’t like the
only weakens the original         ter school and public school       results. Their ‘see no evil’ atti-
intent of the charter experi-     kids in central cities with high   tude ultimately hurts the char-
ment. It is time to learn what    minority populations.              ter movement.”                               The Labor Movement...
we can from the few success-          • The average charter
ful charter schools and shut      school mean score for a fourth                                           Duluth, Superior, Northern
                                                                                                          Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin

                             AND TO ALL AMERICAN
                             MILITARY PERSONNEL!
                      SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!
  Carpenters Local 361, serving northern Minnesota and north-
   western Wisconsin, salutes the working men and women of
      America who have made this nation such a great one.
 We also send our thanks to all U.S. Military Personnel and their                                          PAINTERS, GLAZIERS and
    families who work so hard to perserve this Great Nation!
                                                                                                             DRYWALL FINISHERS
                                                                                                              IUPAT LOCAL 106
                                                                                                           Painters & Allied Trades
               Carpenters Local 361                                                                           Local 106 for a List of
        Carpenters, Millwrights, Pile Drivers, Floor Coverers
       5238 Miller Trunk Highway, Hermantown, MN 55811
                                                                                                              Our Union Contractors
                                   1-218-724-3297                                                                     (218) 724-6466
 LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006                                                                                                                                 PAGE 15
  Unionist Tasini challenges
 Hillary Clinton in NY Primary                                         Enjoy Your Well-Deserved Holiday
     NEW YORK (PAI)--Jonathan Tasini doesn’t shy away
from battling big wheels in New York. First it was The New             Your days of labor number in the hundreds in a
York Times. Now it’s Hillary Rodham Clinton. Tasini, National
Writers Union president from 1990-2003, makes no bones
about why he opposes the nationally known Democratic sena-             year's time. Enjoy this long weekend with your
tor in New York’s Sept. 12 primary: Her stand on the Iraq war.
    “I believe this war should never have happened,” the
Manhattan resident told a reporter for NY1, a public-access
                                                                       family and take in the Duluth
cable channel. “Something is amiss in our country, and pro-
war, pro-corporate Democrats must be held accountable for              AFL-CIO Central Body's
their votes and their actions.” Clinton voted for the use-of-force
authorization pushed by GOP President George W. Bush and               Labor Day Picnic at our
refuses to say she was misled or her vote was wrong.
     Clinton won a first term in 2000, as her husband was
preparing to move out of the White House. Pundits and poll-
                                                                       beautiful Bayfront
sters expect her to coast to re-election this fall and then seek the
presidency in 2008. She has millions of dollars in her campaign        Festival Park.
coffers. As of early August, Tasini had $132,000. But he also
has 13 percent of the vote in pre-primary polls, the example of
businessman Ned Lamont’s primary win over pro-war Sen.                   You've earned it.
Joseph Lieberman (D) in next-door Connecticut, and the boos
Clinton got from some progressives at a Washington conference
this year for her stand. Tasini flyers were distributed there.
    Regardless of whether he wins or loses, Tasini is part of a
movement the AFL-CIO favors: Getting individual union mem-
bers involved in politics, not just as campaign workers, but as
candidates. But nobody expected this.
    Tasini managed to meet New York’s notoriously strict and
                                                                       Labor Day 2006...a small reward
detailed requirements by garnering 40,000 signatures                    Working men and women are the greatest resource this country
statewide--he needed 15,000--to get on the primary ballot
against Clinton. His poll showing indicates he may be her only         has. They are the reason for the incredible progress this nation has
viable foe this year. The Republicans had two virtually                made. We’re working to see that they’re rewarded for their efforts.
unknown hopefuls running in their primary--until one pulled
out on August 21, due to a family crisis.                                                                                                  “
    Tasini insists he’s not just campaigning on the war, though                                             from the                con A goo
                                                                                                                                          tr        d
                                                                                                                                    goo act wi
that is his top issue. Tasini has also made Medicare for All--a
government-run single-payer health care system--a key issue                                                membership
    Clinton ignores Tasini on the campaign trail. But the chal-
                                                                                                               of                 goo d unio th a
lenger has a prior win against another Empire State icon: The                                                                         d bu        n
Times. As NWU president--NWU is Auto Workers Local                                                                                   ~Jo     sine is
1981--Tasini was lead plaintiff in an electronic publishing rights
suit that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2001
over whether freelance writers had any control or rights to their
                                                                                                     IBEW                          Form hn Du
                                                                                                                                       er  U
                                                                                                                                              nlop . ”
                                                                                                                                       Secr .S. Lab
material after they sent it to major publications, such as the
nation’s leading paper. Tasini won. The justices ruled that, elec-
tronically, media firms illegally used the works of the free-
                                                                                                    Local 31                               etar

lancers without their permission or pay. Their decision pro-           Proud to be celebrating over a century of supporting workers
duced class-action suits by other freelancers and a mass settle-
ment, creating an $18 million compensation fund.                                            Representing workers at:
    Jonathan Tasini is also president of the Economic Future                Arrowhead Electric Cooperative           Crow Wing Cooperative Power & Light
Group, a national consulting group. His bio says he is a strate-                     Lutsen, MN                                Brainerd, MN
gist, organizer, activist, commentator and writer, primarily
focusing his energies on the topics of work, labor and the econ-                 Bayfield Electric Co-op            Itasca Mantrap Cooperative Electric Assn.
omy. He has an excellent blog at                                 Iron River, Wl                            Park Rapids, MN

  The Labor Day Holiday...                                              City of Brainerd - Administrative Support
                                                                                     Brainerd, MN
                                                                                                                              Lake Country Power
                                                                                                                      Grand Rapids, Kettle River & Virginia
                                                                           City of Brainerd - Fire Department            Mille Lacs Electric Cooperative
   Another one of those great improvements                                            Brainerd, MN                                 Aitkin, MN
   in all workers’ lives, like the 8-hour day,                             City of Brainerd - Water & Light Dept.         Minnesota Energy Resources
                                                                                        Brainerd, MN                      (formerly Aquila) Cloquet, MN
  overtime pay, and vacations to name a few,
                                                                           City of Moose Lake - Water & Light                   Minnesota Power
    brought to us by the Labor movement.                                            Moose Lake, MN                                Duluth, MN

  Andrew & Bransky PA                                                  City of Staples - Water & Light Commission
                                                                                         Staples, MN
                                                                       City of Two Harbors - Water & Light Dept.
                                                                                                                        Public Utility Commission of Aitkin
                                                                                                                                     Aitkin, MN
                                                                                                                       Public Utility Commission of Proctor

  Tim Andrew ~ Aaron Bransky                                                        Two Harbors, MN
                                                                         City of Wadena - Electric Water Dept.
                                                                                                                                    Proctor, MN
                                                                                                                           Superior Water, Light & Power
   Representing Unions and their Members                                             Wadena, MN                                   Superior, WI
  302 W. Superior St.                              Suite 300              Cooperative Light & Power Assn. of              Todd-Wadena Electric Co-op
  Duluth, MN 55802                   218-722-1764                         Lake County ~~ Two Harbors, MN                        Wadena, MN

 PAGE 16                                                                                           LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006
 Have a Safe Labor Day                                             Have a
    2520 Pilot Knob Road
          Suite 325
                                           750 Torrey Building
                                            Duluth, MN 55802       Holiday!
  Mendota Heights, MN 55120                   218-727-6668        Proud to be part
                                                                   of the Annual
                                                                 Labor Day Picnic!

     AUTOMOTIVE          GROUP
                                        733-0100 Teamsters Local 346
                                                                     ~Minnesota and Wisconsin~
                                                                                 Patrick Radzak
 When Others Won’t...KOLAR Will                                        Colin Hayes
                                                                                              Roderick Alstead
                                                                                                   Vice President
                                                                    David LaBorde                  Les Kundo
 4781 Miller Trunk Hwy., Duluth, MN                                Recording Secretary             Business Agent
                                                                  James McManigle                 Barry Johnson
                                                                          Trustee                     Trustee
                                                                               Wilhelmus Bothma

                                                                 If you’re thinking big, you’ll
                                                                 VOTE LITTLE
                                                                 Tim Little was raised by two
                                                                 public school teachers, Rev.
                                                                   Tom and Betty Jo Little.
                                                                  He is deeply committed to
                                                                   continuing his family’s
                                                                   legacy of public service.
                                                                 A Duluth Central, UMD, and
                                                                 North Dakota School of Law
                                                                 graduate, Tim has served Mower
                                                                 County as a prosecutor, been a
                                                                 partner in two Duluth law firms,
                                                                 and had his own practice here. He is a past president
                                                                 of the Duluth Trial Lawyers Association.
                                                                 Tim is currently an At-Large Duluth Councilor,
                                                                 Vice President of the Duluth Economic Develop-
                                                                 ment Authority, a board member of the 1200 Fund
                                                                 and St. Scholastica’s Pre-Law Advisory Program.
                                                                   Tim Little has the education,
                                                                  experience, and commitment to
                                                                 service that is required of a judge.
                                                                 Voters will decide who has the seat
                                                                   this time, not Gov. Pawlenty.

                                                                     Tim    L6th District
                                                                  Prepared & paid for by Tim Little for Judge Campaign
                                                                     Comm., 406 W. Superior St., Duluth MN 55802

LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006                                                                    PAGE 17
                                                               Ditchview, MN.....from page 4                                Tuesday, Sept. 12 Primary. See
                                                                                                                            how easy that’ll be? Take a
                                                           lem with Becky using a        musician and I love the blues.     few minutes and get to the
                                                       non-union electrician friend          MN Secretary of State:         polls, please. Help continue
                                                       for her company’s job, but this   Mark Ritchie inspires me like      the fine Minnesota tradition of
                                                       is my message vote for pro-       no one since Paul Wellstone        giving a damn about what will
          Enjoy Labor Day                              gressive women in leadership
                                                       roles in Minnesota, which
                                                                                         has. He exudes trust and a
                                                                                         sense that he’d always do the
                                                                                                                            happen to you in our represen-
                                                                                                                            tative form of government.
           It’s brought to you by unionists            doesn’t happen. I don’t think     right thing, politics can take
          who had to fight to get it for you!          she’ll win, which makes me
                                                       hope Hatch is our next
                                                                                         the back seat. In a few years I
                                                                                         want him in the Governor’s           Voting Info:
                                                       Governor, because damn we         Mansion, the U.S. Senate or            Basic requirements:
                                                       need a change! I’ll enjoy vot-    House.      Any       questions        —18 by Sept. 12, 2006;
                                                       ing for Hatch on Nov. 7 but       (               —lived in Minnesota for 20
                                                       I’m going with my heart now.          Minnesota Senate District      days prior to the election;
                                                           Minnesota         Attorney    8: While we’re talking                 —U.S. citizen 3 months;
                                                       General: Three names will         “Lourey” the vote here goes to         Absentee or election day
                                                       appear but you only need to       Becky’s son, Tony Lourey,          registrants, or to change
                                                       know        Steve      Kelley’s   who is the AFL-CIO and DFL-        address, must present:
          Bricklayers and Allied                       (www.kelleyforattorneygener-
                                              name to move on. The
                                                                                         endorse candidate. As a first-
                                                                                         time candidate facing a big
                                                                                                                                • MN driver’s license,
                                                                                                                            learner’s permit, ID card;
            Craftworkers Local                         State Senator from Hopkins
                                                       ran in the Governor’s race
                                                                                         city (Cloquet) boy in this rural
                                                                                         race, Tony will need your vote
                                                                                                                                • Tribal ID;
                                                                                                                                • If the MN license, Tribal
          Union #1 of Minnesota                        until he didn’t receive the DFL   to advance.                        ID, or MN State ID has former
                                                                                                                            address, bring it AND a recent
            and North Dakota                           endorsement that went to
                                                       Mike Hatch. Though I wasn’t
                                                                                             St. Louis Co. Board/Dist.
                                                                                         1: I’ve known Dennis Fink          utility bill;
          2002 London Road • 724-8374                  a Kelley for Governor sup-        longer than just about all of          • U.S. passport AND a util-
                                                       porter I felt bad when he         you and can’t believe he’s still   ity bill;
                                                       bowed out of the race because     getting elected. He doesn’t            • U.S. military photo ID
                                                       he’s really a good guy to have    come close to who we are as        AND a utility bill;
                                                       representing us. If I used a      northern Minnesotans. Frank            • Oath of a registered voter
                                                       sympathy vote here it would       Jewell does and he deserves        in the same precinct (voucher);
                                                       go to the Greens’ Papa John       your vote.                             • Students ID, registration,
                                                       Kolstad because he’s a blues          I think that’s it for the      fee statement or voucher.

                                                                       Enjoy your Labor Day
                                                                  at a Labor Event in your area!
                                                          Remember To Vote For Labor Endorsed Candidates
                                                                   Tuesdays, Sept. 12 and Nov. 7
Have a Great Holiday!
           From the members of
                                                                              Local Unions “In The Public Service”
                                                                                  in Northern Minnesota include:
                                                                #66--City, county, schools, others~~Alan Netland, President
                                                                         #695--MnDOT~~John McGovern, President
                                                                      #718--Minnesota DNR~~Darryl Arola, President
                                                         #1092--Moose Lake Regional Treatment Center~~Diane Firkus, President
                                                                 #1123--Two Harbors Municipal~~Gayle Ostman, President
International Brotherhood                                    #1934--St. Louis County Jail Essential~~Dan Marchetti, President
                                                            #2980--MN State Agricultural Employees~~Janet Nelson, President
 of Electrical Workers                                               #3558--Non-Profits~~Michelle Fremling, President

             Local 242                                        #3801--UMD Clerical & Technical~~Denise Osterholm, President
                                                               #3802--Silver Bay Veteran’s Home~~Susan Larson, President
                                                               #3887--Moose Lake Corrections~~Lance LaFrenier, President
Please Remember To Vote                                        #4001--MN State Colleges/Universities~~Mary Falk, President
in the Sept. 12 Primary Election                                             Eliot Seide, Executive Director
                                                        Mary Theurer, Northern Director           Eric Lehto, Organizing Director
and in Nov. 7’s General Election!                                          ~~ UNION REPRESENTATIVES ~~
“Bad officials are the ones elected                                Marsh Stenersen, Sarah Lewerenz, Ken Loeffler-Kemp,
                                                                   Laurie Johnson, John Westmoreland, Bob Buckingham
by good citizens who do not vote.”
                                 ~George Jean Nathan              Give Us A Call At 1-218-722-0577
PAGE 18                                                                                  LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006
 Sago survivor sues mine owner                                          Enjoy a safe, well-deserved holiday from your labors,
    CHARLESTON, W. Va. (PAI)--The sole survivor of the fatal
Jan. 2 blast in the Sago, W. Va., coal mine, Randal McCloy, sued       but get yourself prepared to vote in this fall’s elections
the mine owner and four other companies on August 23, one
day after a federal judge tossed out the Mine Workers’ suit
against the Bush administration on mine safety rules.
                                                                                                    from your friends
    McCloy and families of two of the blast’s 12 victims filed                                  in the 19 affiliates of the
separate suits in Kanawha County Court in Charleston against
the mine’s owner, ICG, and mining supply firms.
    McCloy’s suit said the federal Mine Safety and Health
                                                                       Iron Range Building & Trades Council
Administration cited Sago more than 200 times in 2005 for                                  Call us, we’ll direct you to high quality
safety violations, including 96 that MSHA called “significant
and substantial.” Sago’s 2005 accident rate was roughly three
times the national average, and mine managers “did not insure
                                                                                          contractors who use skilled, area workers
proper installation of equipment meant to prevent a lightning                               President John Grahek, 1-218-741-2482
strike” that probably caused the blast, his suit adds.
    The Sago explosion was the first of many disasters that have                             Recording Secretary Dennis Marchetti
claimed the lives of 34 coal miners so far this year.                    Financial-Secretary Michael Syversrud, 107 S. 15th Ave. W., Virginia, MN. 55792
Investigations have shown that besides the Sago safety viola-
tions, miners were killed by fatal carbon monoxide poisoning,

                                                                                    LABOR DAY 2006
which seeped through “protective” blocks in the mine. The firm
that made the blocks is named in McCloy’s suit.
    GOP President George W. Bush’s MSHA is not part of
McCloy’s case. The Mine Workers sued it for failures of               This Labor Day let us reflect on those who withheld their labor in order to win
enforcement earlier this year, demanding periodic emergency           an 8-hour work day for us, on those who demanded and won a “Union Shop”
training for miners and periodic checks of the emergency oxy-         contract, paid vacations, health care coverage, pensions, and improved safety.
gen units that mine owners are supposed to provide for miners.
    U.S. District Judge John D. Bates in Charleston threw out         These Election Days--Sept. 12 and Nov. 7, 2006--let’s remember those who sup-
the UMW case August 22. He said the Mine Safety & Health              port and vote for similar provisions today, and those who mouth support, wrap
Act leaves standards to federal MSHA discretion. “The loss of         themselves in the flag, and then vote against us time after time on these issues.
lives, and the risks miners presently face, weigh heavily in pub-
lic discourse and are taken seriously by this court. But the          "All that serves labor serves the Nation. All that harms is treason. If a man
tragedy of those events, and the need for greater protection          tells you that he loves America, yet hates labor, he is a liar. If a man tells you
described by plaintiff, cannot substitute for the requirements of     he trusts America, yet fears labor, he is a fool. There is no America without
the law," Bates wrote.
    Mine Workers spokesman Phil Smith said union lawyers are          labor, and to fleece the one is to rob the other."       ~Abraham Lincoln
still studying Bates’ ruling before deciding whether to appeal.
But he noted the changes the suit sought--frequent inspections               We cannot allow those who wrap
of the emergency oxygen units and “more training in real-life           themselves in the flag and say they love
situations” for miners--are already being ordered by MSHA.
    At their request, the union represented McCoy and the fam-          this country, but vote against Labor on
ilies of the other miners during investigations of the blast at the       issue after issue, to receive our vote.
non-union mine. The union is not part of the families’ civil suits
against the mine owner and the other firms, Smith said.
                                                                      SHEET METAL WORKERS LOCAL 10

                                                                       We’ll all enjoy our Labor Day Holiday!
                                                                      Twin Ports-Arrowhead Chapter
                                                                             APi Electric                 Benson Electric            Kantor Electric
                                                                               Hibbing, MN                    Virginia MN             International Falls, MN
                                                                             APi Electric               Bergstrom Electric           Laveau Electric
                                                                                Duluth, MN                    Superior, WI               Wrenshall, MN
                                                                          APi Technologies                  DECO, Inc                 M. J. Electric
                                                                                Duluth, MN                    Baxter, MN               Iron Mountain, MI
                                                                             AEC Electric                Electric Systems            North Country
                                                                           International Falls, MN            Duluth, MN            Electrical Services
                                                                                                                                          Laporte, MN
                                                                            Agate Electric              Electrical Systems
                                                                             Two Harbors, MN                 Brainerd, MN            Nylund Electric
                                                                                                                                          Duluth, MN
                                                                       APS Technology Group           Energy & Air Systems
                                                                                Duluth, MN                    Superior, WI         Polyphase Electric
                                                                                                                                          Duluth, MN
                                                                           Belknap Electric             Hoffmann Electric
                                                                                Superior, WI                 Brainerd, MN            Seppala Electric
                                                                          Belknap Tel-Com                                                 Hibbing, MN
                                                                                                          Holden Electric
                                                                                Superior, WI                   Baxter, MN
                                                                           Benson Electric              Johanson Electric
                                                                                Superior, WI                 Cloquet, MN

LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006                                                                                                        PAGE 19
                 Labor Day FAQs
     Q: When is Labor Day?                                                                Proud to be a part of Duluth’s Labor Day Heritage
     A: Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday in
September. In 2006, Labor Day will fall on Sept. 4.
     Q: Why do we celebrate Labor Day?
     A: Labor Day honors the contributions of working men and
                                                                                                                      Since 1887!
women to America’s social and economic life.
     Q: When was Labor Day first celebrated in the U.S.A.?
     A: On Sept. 5, 1882, when about 20,000 working people
marched in New York City to demand an eight-hour workday
and other labor law reforms. In a parade up Broadway, spon-
sored by New York’s Central Labor Union, they carried banners
reading, “Labor Creates All Wealth” and “Eight Hours for
Work, Eight Hours for Rest, Eight Hours for Recreation.” About
a quarter million New Yorkers turned out to watch.
     Q: When did Labor Day become a national holiday?
     A: After the first Labor Day in New York City, celebrations
began to spread as workers fought to win workplace rights and
better working conditions and wages at a time when they had
little power. In 1893, New York City workers took an unpaid
day off and marched around Union Square in support of a
national Labor Day. The following year, 12,000 federal troops
were called into Pullman, Ill., to break up a huge strike against
the Pullman railway company. Two workers were shot and
killed by U.S. marshals. In what most historians call an election
year attempt to appease workers, shortly after the strike was
broken, President Grover Cleveland signed legislation making
Labor Day a federal holiday. Cleveland lost the election.
     Q: Who founded Labor Day?
     A: Some say Peter J. McGuire, general secretary of the
Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners and a co-founder of the
                                                                                      Celebrate Labor Day
American Federation of Labor, first suggested it. Others credit                           (and our 24th Anniversary!)
Matthew Maguire, a machinist who served as secretary of the                           LSALMA (incorporated in 1982) thanks our 2006 member/investors
Central Labor Union in New York.                                                     AFL-CIO Community Services                     MEDICA
                                                                                     AFSCME Council 24/WI State Employees           Mercy Hospital & Health Care Center (Moose Lake)
   Q: What international holiday is a Labor Day relative?                            AFSCME Council 40                              Midwest Energy Resources Company (Superior)
   A: May Day. In 1889, a Paris workers’ congress voted to                           AFSCME Council 5                               Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services
support U.S. labor’s demand for an 8-hour workday. It chose                          AFSCME Local 3558/Duluth Area Non-Profits      Minnesota Power/Allete
May 1, 1890, as a day of demonstrations in favor of the 8-hour                       Arrowhead Juvenile Center                      Minnesota AFSCME Council 65
                                                                                     Arrowhead Regional Corrections                 National Association of Letter Carriers-Branch 114
day. Afterward, May 1 became a holiday called Labor Day in                           Bayfield County (WI)                           Neighborhood Housing Services of Duluth
many nations. It resembles the September holiday in the U.S.                         Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Minnesota            Northeast Regional Corrections Center
   Q: Is Labor Day just about unions?                                                Carlton County                                 Operating Engineers Local 49
   A: No, visit                               City of Duluth                                 PACE/USW Local 7 (Sappi)
                                                                                     City of Hibbing                                Painters & Allied Trades Local 106
                                                                                     City of Proctor                                Range Center (Chisholm)
                                                                                     City of Superior                               School District of Superior
                                                                                     Cloquet Community Memorial Hospital            St. Louis County
                                                                                     College of St. Scholastica                     St. Luke’s Hospital (Duluth)
                                                                                     CWA Local 7214                                 St. Mary’s Hospital (Superior)
                                                                                     Cub Foods, Duluth                              St. Mary’s/Duluth Clinic Health System
                                                                                     Douglas County                                 St. Scholastica Monastery
                                                                                     Duluth AFL-CIO Central Labor Body              Service Employees International Union #113
                                                                                     Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce                SEIU-NCFO Local 939-Cloquet
                                                                                     Duluth Federation of Teachers                  Stewart Taylor Printing
                                                                                     Duluth Firefighters Local 101                  Superior/Douglas County Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                     Duluth Transit Authority (ATE Management)      Superior Federation of Labor
                                                                                     Education Minnesota                            Superior Housing Authority
                                                                                     Fairview University Medical Center (Hibbing)   Superior Water, Light & Power
                                                                                     Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service     The Development Association/Superior/Douglas Co.
         for                           for   nding
 Join us f r Personal Service… Join us f a Lending Hand… Join us Because You Can !   FIRST Plan of Minnesota                        Twin City Labor Management Council
                                                                                     Fox Cities/Green Bay Area L/M Council          UNITE HERE Local 99
61 years of Experience Now Available to all Northland Residents and Businesses       Georgia Pacific-Duluth                         United Food & Commercial Workers Local 1116
                                                                                     Holiday Inn-Duluth                             United Steelworkers District 11
                                                                                     Housing, Redevelopment Authority of Duluth     United Taconite LLC (Eveleth)
          A great                                                                    IBEW Local 31
                                                                                     Independent School District #709 (Duluth)
                                                                                                                                    United Way of Greater Duluth
                                                                                                                                    University of Minnesota-Duluth

        Labor Day                                                                    Labor World Newspaper
                                                                                     Labovitz Enterprises
                                                                                     Lake Country Power
                                                                                                                                    University of Wisconsin-Superior
                                                                                                                                    Upper Midwest L/M Health Care Coalition
                                                                                                                                    Western Lake Superior Sanitary District
      Holiday to all.                                                                Lake County
                                                                                     Lake Superior College
                                                                                                                                    Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission
                                                                                                                                    Zenith Administrators

      We’ve earned it!                                                               Lion Group
                                                                                     ME Global
                                                                                        411 West 1st St.
                                                                                                                                    Zenith Management

                                                                                                                                                         1316 N. 14th St.
                                                                                     City Hall--Room 332                                              Metro Center Room 301
                             USW Local 1028                                           Duluth, MN 55802                                                 Superior, WI 54880
                                 Serving:           ME Electmetal                        (218) 727-4565                                                FAX: (218) 730-5902
                                            Lerch Bros. (Allouez)                                                                   
                                          Duluth Steel Fabricators
                                             Cutler-Magner (Salt)                    Lake Superior Area Labor Management Association
                                       Township of Duluth (Police)                   Last Chance L/M Golf Outing, Weds., Sept. 27, Enger~~Call for Details
PAGE 20                                                                                                              LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006
World’s Worst Boss contest winner selected
    The results are in. Working                   “When we began the con-                             Talk to your boss about
America, the AFL-CIO com-
munity affiliate, has announ-
ced the winner in its Bad Boss
                                             test, we had no idea just how
                                             deep the feeling of frustration
                                             ran,” said Karen Nussbaum,
                                                                                                  your concerns. Sometimes
                                                                                                  bosses don’t know when they
                                                                                                  are making bad decisions or
                                                                                                                                                                      Enjoy your
Contest, which exposed the
hard reality of work in
                                             director of Working America.
                                             “We were overwhelmed by the
                                                                                                  treating employees unfairly.
                                                                                                  Plan ahead what you want to                                         Labor Day.
America. “Cat Scratch” won                   volume, and also by the inten-                       tell your boss. Practice keep-
the contest with a total of
2,564 votes in the final round.
                                             sity, of the stories submitted.”
                                                  A shocking number of
                                                                                                  ing cool and speaking calmly.
                                                                                                      Take back your life by                                        You've earned it!
    “Cat Scratch” told the story             entries highlighted the increas-                     establishing boundaries bet-
of a boss who, in response to                ing rarity of good jobs, jobs                        ween work and home; clearly
patients’ cancellations on 9/11,
took $100 out of each employ-
                                             that offer a fair wage, good
                                             benefits and a balance between
                                                                                                  define your time for work,
                                                                                                  family and friends. Remem-
                                                                                                                                                                                   Don L. Bye
ee’s paycheck. The boss earns
more than $1 million a year.
                                             work and family life.
                                                  In a recent AFL-CIO sur-
                                                                                                  ber your boss pays you for 8
                                                                                                  hours a day, not 24!
                                                                                                                                                                                  (218) 733-0745
    “Did he really need my $13               vey of more than 20,000 work-                            Organize a union at your
an hour that badly?” asked                   ing women, respondents over-                         workplace to have a say over                                                        Local Labor Lawyer
“Cat Scratch,” who won a                     whelmingly expressed support                         the decisions that affect your
week’s vacation and $1000 in                 for laws to help balance fami-                       wages, benefits and work
    More than 4,500 stories
                                             ly and work life, to make
                                             healthcare affordable, and in-
                                                                                                  environment; most unions
                                                                                                  have a dignity and respect                              Have A Happy Labor Day
were submitted in the contest                creased corporate accountabil-                       clause in their contracts.
that brought close to a quarter              ity.                                                     These and other tips are                             Communications Workers
of a million visitors to the                      “The stories were varia-                        available at www.working
Working America website,                     tions on the same theme,”                   Though the con-                              of America Local 7214                      Nussbaum said. “Bad bosses                           test is over, people can still
During the six-week contest,                 are toxic to working families.”                      post stories and connect with
nearly 50,000 votes were cast                     If you work for a bad boss,                     workers fighting to have a
on two million page views.                   experts recommend that you:                          voice a work.

   A Great Labor Day Holiday To All Who Labor!
                                         from your friends in the
                              Northern Wisconsin                                                                                                                               Representing workers at:
    Building & Construction Trades Council                                                                                                                  AT&T       AVAYA      Dex Media East, LLC
  President Norm Voorhees, Ironworkers Local 512, (218) 724-5073                                                                                            Paul Bunyan Telephone               Qwest
  Vice President Dan Westlund, Jr.                                            Secretary-Treasurer Larry Anderson                                                     Paw Communications, Inc
               P.O. Box 577, Superior, Wisconsin 54880, (715) 392-2129
 Boilermakers Lodge 107
        (262) 798-1267
                                                                          Laborers Local 1091
                                                                                 728-5151                                                                      Ahhhhh,
 Bricklayers Local 2
        392-8708 or (715) 835-5164
                                                                          Millwrights & Machinery Erectors
                                                                                 Locals 1348-- (218) 741-6314                                                 Labor Day...
 Carpenters Local 361
                                                                          Operating Engineers Local 139
                                                                                 (715) 838-0139                                                                  One last gasp,
 Cement Masons, Plasterers &
        Shophands Local 633--724-2323
                                                                          Painters & Allied Trades Local 106
                                                                                                                                                                then we welcome
 Electrical Workers Local 14                                              Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 11                                                      the students, and
        (715) 878-4068
 Electrical Workers Local 242
                                                                          Roofers, Waterproofers Local 96
                                                                                                                                                               another school year.
 Insulators Local 49
                                                                          Sheet Metal Workers Local 10
 Iron Workers Local 512
                                                                          Teamsters Local 346
                                                                                                                                                                Local 3801
        724-5073                                                                 628-1034                                                                 UMD Clerical & Technical Employees

  Congratulations to Labor World on your 107th bringing
  Thank You to Organized Labor forAnniversary!                                                                                                                                                   INTERSTATE
   Keep up the good all fighting for the Labor Day!
  recognition to workWorkers this workers of the                                                                                                                                                      SPUR
             state and keeping them informed.
  See you in Virginia’s Olcott Park, Sunday, Sept. 3!
     Tom RUKAVINA                                                                                                                                                                                2700 W. Michigan St.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  GAS - DIESEL
      Tony SERTICH
              Paid for by the Rukavina Campaign Committee, Mary Anderson, Chair; the Citizens for Anthony “Tony” Sertich; Rick Puhek, Chair, 1210 NW 9th Avenue, Chisholm, MN 55710
                                                                and the Tomassoni Campaign; P.O. Box 29, Chisholm, MN 55719
                                                                                                                                                                                                 OPEN 24 HOURS
 LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006                                                                                                                                                                  PAGE 21
                                                                       When you talk Trash, talk Howard Waste,
                                                                       the only Union, Residential Hauler in the Region!
                                                                       Full-Service Recycling
   AFL-CIO Community Services and United Way Partnership               Single-sort curbside recycling
  Liaison Program                by   Yvonne Harvey
   Disasters can hit anyone--                                          Yard Waste
                                                                       From your curb to WLSSD’s compost center
         --Just ask me!
                                                                       Christmas Trees
    Disasters can strike anyone and at anytime! Just ask me. On
July 3, 2006 in the very early morning hours my house burned
down. I was very lucky, no one was home at the time, and I only        Even happier holidays                                    628-2388
lost material possessions: most of which can be replaced.
                                                                                                                               414 South 59th Ave. West
    Again, I am lucky to have a very strong support system: my
family and friends, my community, my co-workers and the
                                                                       Garbage                                                    Duluth, MN 55807
labor community, who came forward to assist me and my                  Picked up at your curb, of course
                                                                                                                   Using locally-owned
granddaughter, Kalie, in our hour of need with their kindness,                                                     businesses is like
good wishes, thoughtfulness and donations of furniture, house-          All included in our regular hauling fee, making an investment
hold items, money and etc. To each and every one of them I owe
a very heart felt--Thank You!                                          which will beat your current hauler’s rate! in your community.
    However, not every disaster victim is as fortunate as I have
been. Many victims are left with just the clothes on their back             Proud to be Affiliated with Teamsters Local 346 as the area’s only Unionized Hauler!
and have no clue of where to go for assistance. That is when
area non-profit agencies supported by United Way dollars step
in to help. For example:
    • In the past year the Northland Chapter of the American Red
Cross responded to 115 house fires and assisted 308 people
                                                                              Teamsters Joint Council 32
from Duluth and the surrounding area;
    • Our local Salvation Army has provided food, emergency                              Minnesota • Iowa
shelter, clothing and furniture to hundreds of individuals and
families in crisis;
    • CHUM has provided emergency shelter and food to those
                                                                                       North and South Dakota
who would otherwise go without;
    • The AFL-CIO Community Services Program assists vic-
tims with Advocacy and Intervention Services...and the list goes
    The 2006-2007 United Way Fundraising Campaign will be
starting at your worksite soon! Please -- when you are asked to
                                                                       Labor Day Greetings
give—DO. It is through your generous donations that United
Way is able to fund the AFL-CIO Community Services                     EXECUTIVE BOARD
Program, as well as 47 other United Way sponsored human                                                       AFFILIATED LOCAL UNIONS
services programs. And, as you can see, many of these programs
assist victims of local disasters –just like me.                         C. THOMAS KEEGEL
    Because of your generous donations, the AFL-CIO                            President
Community Service programs are available to you, your union                                                Local 4    Doug Rubbelke, President
brothers and sisters and/or their families, and your community                                             Local 90   Claudia Pettit, Secretary-Treasurer
as a whole to help make it a better, safer, healthier place to raise      DANIEL FORTIER
families. Member Assistance Services, Intervention Services,              Secretary-Treasurer              Local 116 Dean Cypher, Secretary-Treasurer
Services to the Unemployed, Strike Assistance, and Advocacy
Services are available to all union members.                                                               Local 120 Tom Keegel, President
                                                                           SUSAN MAUREN
    Please remember--what you donate to United Way of
Greater Duluth stays in our community to assist our members in               Vice President                Local 160 Wayne Perleberg, Secretary-Treasurer
need, our families and our neighbors. The dollars you donate to                                            Local 238 Gary Dunham, Secretary-Treasurer
United Way touch the lives of thousands of union members and              PATRICK RADZAK
their families each year, right here at home through United Way-           Recording Secretary             Local 289 Dan Bartholomew, Secretary-Treasurer
supported programs. Even though we think we will never need
help from one of these programs, not one of us knows what                                                  Local 320 Sue Mauren, Secretary-Treasurer
tomorrow will bring-just ask me. Remember union members                      MARK RIME
                                                                               Trustee                     Local 346 Pat Radzak, Secretary-Treasurer
are, first and foremost, members of their community and the
dollars you donate to United Way stay in your community. A                                                 Local 421 Dave Baker, President
strong United Way Campaign will help build a stronger, health-         DANIEL BARTHOLOMEW
ier community for all of us to live in; and that is What Matters               Trustee                     Local 471 Dave Laxen, Secretary-Treasurer
  UPCOMING UNITED WAY EVENTS:                                                                              Local 638 Mark Rime, Secretary-Treasurer
  15th Annual United Way Chili Cook-Off Campaign                         LAWRENCE YOSWA
                                                                                                           Local 749 Randy Knudtson, Secretary-Treasurer
Kick-Off, Thursday, Sept. 7, 4:30-6:30 p.m., DECC                             Trustee
  29th Annual Labor Partnership Luncheon, Wednesday,                                                       Local 792 Larry Yoswa, Secretary-Treasurer
Sept. 13, Noon to 1:30 p.m., Radisson Harborview. Labor’s
Kick-Off for United Way of Greater Duluth’s Campaign                                                       Local 970 Dan Fortier, Secretary-Treasurer
  For more information on these events please call United                                                  Local 974 Tom Tweet, Secretary-Treasurer
Way office at 726-4770.
                                                                                                           Local 1145 Brad Slawson, Sr., Trustee
    If your worksite does not have an United Way
Campaign and you wish to donate, please send a check
made out to UWGD, Suite 402, 424 West Superior St,
Duluth, MN 55802—in memo area put union affiliation.
If you want to use a credit card call 726-4770.
 PAGE 22                                                                                           LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006
Endorsements find friends...from page 1
   be involved in the Tuesday, Sept. 12 Primary Election as
three candidates have filed for that seat.
   Jewell served on the Duluth City Council from 1987 to 1991.
During that time he was in a 15 year career as as AFSCME
Local 66 member employed by St. Louis County Social
Services. He worked as a Violence Prevention Specialist and in
other human service jobs with adolescents, the mentally ill and
the elderly.
   He is currently Executive Director of Men as Peace-makers,
one of the state’s largest in-school mentoring programs that
serves 450 local children. MAP also provides violence preven-
tion training and works with juveniles in crisis.
   Jewell said the great union tradition in St. Louis County from
the days of the IWW, the AFL, and CIO can still be seen “and
carries through to who we are today. I’m proud to have been an
AFSCME member. I’m impressed with what happens in our
area because of unions.”
   When employed by the county he said he sometimes had to
bring people to Chris Jensen, a county-run nursing home, and
realized that it was always the most difficult cases that ended up
there. That’s why the county had to get into the nursing home
business and needs to stay in it rather than contracting out the
   On project labor agreements Jewell said he supported them                  It was a relaxed crowd at the Central Body’s screening of incumbent, AFL-CIO-endorsed
as a city councilor and will continue to support them in the                  state legislators from districts 6 and 7 August 10. These usual suspects, Rep. David Dill,
future.                                                                       who was unable to attend, and Frank Jewell (inset) were all endorsed.
   He said he looks forward to serving such a hard working
populace, one that has a high union density, and to bring coun-
ty government’s role out where people can see what it does for
                                                                                                     ON DIGNITY
   “I look forward to the chance to do something for county res-              Labor Day's significance lies in one word. Dignity. Without ques- have an impact on their lives,” Jewell told delegates.            tion, it is the single most important accomplishment trade unionism has
   You can find out about candidates and voting at www.                       brought forth onto our American culture. Dignity is realized in better
                                                                              wages, and in livable, safe working conditions... in an attitude that is
                                                                              better suited to cope with retirement or ill health. Regardless of one's
                                                                              station in life—worker, manager or boss, union or non-union—each
                                                                              individual and family lives a better life because of American trade
                                                                              unions. By organizing and uniting, we've set standards, wages and con-
                                                                              ditions that we are continually improving. By insuring the survivability
                                                                              of collective bargaining, we've spread America's wealth to a broader
                                                                              populace which, in turn, has provided more purchasing power, allow-
                                                                              ing industry opportunities to also thrive and prosper.

                              THIS LABOR DAY
                                                                                 Duluth Building & Construction
                              THIS THOUGHT                                                 Trades Council
                              BEARS REPEATING:                                                                            Affiliates
                                                                                               Boilermakers Lodge 647     Laborers Local 1091 ~~ 728-5151
                                                                                                        724-6999             Millwrights & Machinery
                       “. . . The rules for employees
                                                                                              Bricklayers & Allied Crafts       Erectors Local 1348
                       are quite distinct from those for
                                                                                                  Local 1 ~~ 724-8374                 741-6314
                       stockholders. Employees con-
                       tribute more and more to compa-                                           Carpenters Local 361      Operating Engineers Local 49
nies, year after year. Yet they are paid as little as                                                   724-3297                      724-3840
possible. If they slack off, they are let go. Stock-                                          Cement Masons, Plasterers      Painters & Allied Trades
holders make a onetime investment when a share of                                              & Shophands Local 633          Local 106 ~~ 724-6466
new stock is purchased, and beyond that contribute                                                      724-2323             Plumbers & Steamfitters
nothing. Yet the company aims to create maximum                                                   Electrical Workers           Local 11 ~~ 727-2199
income for them forever. . . . The phrase stockholder                                           Local 242 ~~ 728-6895     Roofers, Waterproofers Local 96
productivity is strangely missing from [our] vocabu-                                             Elevator Constructors              218-644-1096
lary, perhaps because it points to a reality we would                                                    Local 9           Sheet Metal Workers Local 10
rather ignore. . . . this business of endless income as                                              (612) 379-2709                   724-6873
recompense for doing nothing. One wonders when                                                    Insulators Local 49       Sprinkler Fitters Local 669
we will awake.”                 The Divine Right of Capital                                             724-3223                   (701) 281-1514
                                          by Marjorie Kelly                                     Iron Workers Local 512         Teamsters Local 346
                                                                                                        724-5073                      628-1034
State Rep.
District 8A                BILL HILTY
 Paid for by Hilty Volunteer Comm., 64105 Norway Spruce Road, Finlayson, MN
                                                                                               Call Us When You’re Thinking Construction!
                                                                                                 Craig Olson, President, 1-218-724-6466
LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006                                                                                                                  PAGE 23
   C-I teacher wins arbitration after being fired for participating in strike
    A state arbitrator has ruled    Grievant was not retained due     teacher said her co-workers                   2005. The eight-week strike                         years. New hires will not
the Crosby-Ironton school dis-      to her strike activities.”        “are thrilled for Maureen.                    was the second longest teach-                       receive health coverage when
trict acted in retaliation when         Union leaders said the rul-   She’s a young woman with                      ers’ strike on record and divid-                    they retire.
it terminated a probationary        ing vindicates their position     tremendous courage.”                          ed the small community. Key                             Superintendent Linda Law-
teacher who took part in the        and refutes the claim of a for-      Morrow, who lived in                       issues had been health insur-                       rie and the school district had
bitter 2005 teachers’ strike.       mer school board chair that the   Ironton at the time but has                   ance for retired teachers, and                      hired dozens of scab replace-
    Arbitrator Eugene C. Jen-       grievance was frivolous.          moved to Grand Rapids, said                   wages and health coverage for                       ment teachers, paying them
sen ordered the district to rein-       “We’re thrilled for Maur-     she never has had to second                   active employees.                                   $300 a day– twice the rate of
state Maureen Morrow with           een and looking forward to        guess to decision to stand with                   The parties settled retiree                     pay for beginning teachers in
full back pay and benefits for      having her back,” said EdMN       her co-workers.                               health benefits by setting up a                     the district. Some of the scabs
all of the last school year.        C-I President Brian Gaffney.         “I was pretty sure what                    trust fund to make payments as                      weren’t licensed to teach.
    Morrow was the only one             On Monday, August 21 a        would happen but I’ve been                    needed. In the past retirees had                        EdMNC-I had 87 members
of five Crosby-Ironton proba-       decision to rehire Morrow was     around unions all my life and                 full family coverage for nine                       then, serving 1,300 students.
tionary teachers who partici-       made by the district, and she     just knew it was the right thing
pated in the entire eight-week      accepted. But by Friday the       to do,” Morrow said. Her
strike. She also was the only       school board had decided to       deceased father, Bob Norberg,
one with full licensure who         appeal Jensen’s decision so       was an AFSCME representa-
was not offered continued           she is “on-call” for the school   tive. Her mother, Connie
employment with the district.       year that begins Sept. 5 and is   Andrews, has been active in
Teachers must serve a three-        missing teacher orientations.     her AFSCME union. Her hus-
year probationary period when           Morrow was in her third       band, Adam, operates heavy
they first enter the profession.    year of teaching Spanish when     equipment as a member of the
    The teachers’ union, Edu-       the strike started on Feb. 9,     Operating Engineers Local 49.
cation Minnesota Crosby-            2005. Knowing her fate as a          “At first we tried to keep
Ironton, filed a grievance and      probationary employee, she        me out of the public eye to
the dispute wound up in arbi-       nevertheless was on the picket    avoid possible repercussions,
tration. After a full-day hear-     line from the first day. The      but as the strike drug on during
ing two weeks ago, Jensen           four other probationary teach-    those cold winter days I really
determined that the district        ers did not follow her coura-     wasn’t concerned about any                    Feb. 28, 2005, the first day students returned to class dur-
“went out of its way to not         geous lead. Three of those four   focus on me,” Morrow said.                    ing the Crosby Ironton teacher’s strike, Maureen Morrow
hire” Morrow.                       were offered jobs when the           The strike ended April 6,                  carried a sign letting a scab teacher know he was taking her
    “Both sides of the labor        strike was over. One was                                                        job. (Photo by Marian Segersten, EdMN C-I)
dispute retained a significant      found to not have the neces-
amount of anger following the       sary licensure. Morrow spent
strike,” Jensen wrote. “I
believe the Grievant was a vic-
                                    most of the year unemployed.
                                        “She was hurting,” said
                                                                          Education Minnesota supports the
tim of that post-strike animus.
There are simply too many
                                    Harley Ogata General Counsel
                                    of Education Minnesota. “She          labor community
inconsistencies in the Dis-         could only find about six
trict’s behavior toward the         weeks of work as a substitute         Education Minnesota looks forward to another great year in the
Grievant to ignore. Given all       teacher.” That work was in the        classroom. We are educating the next generation of Minnesota
the facts, I must agree with the    Staples school district.              workers.
Union’s claim that the                  Doug Mayfield, a C-I
                                                                          Education Minnesota is made up of 70,000
                                                                          educators doing what it takes to help students succeed.

                                                                                Education Minnesota is an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association and AFL-CIO.

                                                                                                           Visit to find out how you
                                                                                                             can support public education in this state.

 PAGE 24                                                                                                           LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 2006

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