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					                                                 Inside this Issue:
          Best In The West!!                     Director        1
                                                 Asst. Director 2
                                                 Secretary       2
Fort Worth, Texas H.O.G. Chapter #1260           Safety Officer 3
                                                 Membership      3
                                                 Photographer 3
                                                 Sgt At Arms     4
                                                 Activities      5
                                                 Contact List    8
                                                 Meeting Minutes 9
                                  October 2010   Events         10
                                                 Calendar       11

     From the Director...
                                                                                                                               Page 2
Fort Worth HOG                                                     Best In The West!!!

               From the Assistant Director...
 Much Thanks and Congratulations to Mark and Jennifer Smith, Fort Worth Harley-Davidson and
Fort Worth HOG for the Water for Life event. The day's activities went smoothly and were enjoyable
for all. A lot of planning, expense, hard work and behind the scenes preparation go on to hold an event
of this size. The most important thing though was the participation of riders and passengers who cared
and Mark Smith's generous donation. Makes you proud to be a Fort Worth HOG Chapter member and
be involved.

    Before you know it much cooler weather will be here, so now is the time to find your leathers, gloves,
  rain suits or other cold weather gear and give it a thorough inspection. The key to safe and enjoyable
  riding is proper preparation. Make sure you, your bike and your riding gear is in good condition. This
  can help avoid some unpleasant surprises while on the road. Also check your Roadside Assistance cov-
  erage. Need to upgrade? Is it about to expire? How about your National HOG membership? It may
  have a different expiration than your local membership. Go to and visit the

See you on the next ride!

                       Has your address
                       changed recently?
                                                                                               Treasury Report
       We don’t want you to miss out on any of the fun we                               Beginning balance: $3470.41
                   have planned this year!
                                                                                        Expenses:          $1032.74
   If you were receiving newsletters, but are no longer getting                         Deposits:          $1055.00
       them in the mail, please check with the Secretary or
     Membership Officer to make sure they have your correct
                                                                                        Ending balance:    $3492.67

             From your Chapter Secretary...
Hello all you HOG members out there! Well my favorite time of the year is upon us….The Fall
season with cooler weather approaching, changing of the leaves on the trees and of course,
HALLOWEEN!!! I love Halloween! It is my favorite Holiday??? Well I consider it a holiday and
love seeing all the kids dress up for trick or treating fun! The other most important event in
October for the HOG Chapter is our “HOG Picnic!!” Yippee!! If you have not experienced our
annual chapter picnic, you have truly been missing out on a lot of fun. We have bike games
along with our regular games such as the water balloon toss, the infamous Poke and Run game!
What is that? Well you need to come out and see what it is all about. The fun is for everyone so
bring your family too! We also have food and drinks too so don’t forget to purchase your tickets
for the picnic, as we need to get an accurate headcount for the special day! The picnic is on
October 24th so come one come all to one of the best shindig’s that Fort Worth HOG Chapter
Now don’t forget to check your National HOG# to make sure you are a current national member along with your local Fort Worth
HOG membership, as you need to always be a current member of National HOG to be a member of any local chapter. If you are not
receiving our weekly email blasts of upcoming rides or events, please email me at or so we can update your email address to get all of our current information in the future. You are
really missing out on our quick updates to events coming up if your are not included in our email blasts!!
Sooo hope to see you soon and be safe out there on the road!

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Fort Worth HOG                             Best In The West!!!

         Membership Officer...          Photographer...

Membership & Photographer : 
Yea!!!!! The weather is breaking if only slightly, but signs of cooler weather are 
here.  This means that the riding is just perfect, and there are several really nice 
rides on the calendar this month.  We also have the Chapter Picnic coming up 
so I know everyone is out practicing their slow ride technique and hot dog 
snatching abilities.  I for one will be right there with my camera to catch the 
experts in action, I’m hoping some of you will be there with your cameras as 
so much is happening at the picnic that we don’t want to miss getting that 
great potential blackmail photo. 
We’re getting into the cooler weather and holiday season so plan those great 
rides to see the changing of the leaves and eating some of the holiday feasts 
coming up, starting with the Halloween candy  mmmmmmm.  Don’t forget the Haunted House 
Ride to kick off the season.  I hope to see you on the road, keep the shiny side up!! 
Membership questions or have a fellow HOG rider you’d like to have join our great 
chapter send me an email at: . 
Share your HOG Activity pictures with the group. Get your pictures to us; via, or leave your media at the dealership check out counter. 
Membership and Photographer Skeeter 
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Fort Worth HOG                                           Best In The West!!!

             Sgt at Arms Officer
Well…How ya’ll doing? We got a little rain…it’s cooled off a bit now to where it is actually
enjoyable to ride and we are busy busy as a chapter. So now that it’s cooled down a little, I
would like to talk a second or two about “critters”. That’s right “critters”…Now that I have
been tagged as living out in the country as a lot of ya’ll do I see a lot of dead critters on the
road….and I am talking big ones and little ones and medium size ones…they are every-
where….funny thing is….I don’t see them. I go to work at 4:00 in the morning and I never see
them anywhere….Ahhhh… but I have been trained to be and stay alert when riding of the eve-
nings and at night and early morning hours to constantly be looking for these “critters”. I
know they are out there just lurking in the bushes waiting for that perfect time to jump out and test me and my training
and I sure hope I will be prepared to handle the situation. Anyway it’s that time of the year when they move around a
lot so please be careful and enjoy your rides and STAY ALERT for those Texas size “CRITTERS”!


              Head Road Captain...

                       Out On the Road
What a wet year 2010 has been, huh? If you haven't been caught out in the
rain this year, apparently you're not riding your Harley Davidson nearly
enough!!!! And that means you're not helping with the Million Mile
Challenge! Coming into Fall, we will definitely have some rides that
encounter a taste of the wet stuff. Being prepared can make the ride just as
enjoyable as any other. I will give out a few suggestions of my own below, but
please feel free to let me know of other items that you feel will heighten your
'wet weather ride'
1. Make sure you have a serviceable rain suit. What do I mean by
serviceable? One that works! I know of a gentleman that bought 5 suits until
he found one that did not leak. Any idea how he was testing them? That’s
right…… the shower!
2. If you don't have a helmet with shield, i.e.; full face, 3/4 , or 1/2 helmet, get one. You will be patting yourself
on the back the next time you're riding in rain.
3. Make certain your tires are inflated to the proper psi as stated on the sidewalls. Massive amounts of R & D
(research and development) went into determining how much air is the best for all weather and road conditions.
4. Lastly, make sure you are in the frame of mind to handle wet weather riding. The concentration level it takes
to ride a motorcycle triples in adverse weather conditions.
I hope this helps a little. I can't wait to hear what some of you do to prepare for the Fall.
Until next month………………………………We'll see you "out on the road"
Kevin Briggs
Head Road Captain
Fort Worth H.O.G.
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Fort Worth HOG                                                         Best In The West!!!
               Activities Officer...
Hi Everyone
Here are some highlights of what’s coming in October!!!
Wednesday October 6th, we head out to Canyon West to eat lunch and maybe ride the cart
paths??? Meet at 9:00am, Leave at 9:30am Sunday October 10th we have a couple of things
happening. The advanced rider course is going on. Contact Carlos at
We also have a ride planned out west to Thurber to enjoy lunch at the New York Hill Restaurant.
Meet 8:30am, Leave at 9:00am.
Friday and Saturday October 15th and 16th, the ever popular DEMO DAYS!!! Come get on the bike
you’ve been thinking about and take a ride.
Sunday October 24th is the Chapter Picnic!!! This is a fantastic event and fun is had by all. We
promise to have something going on for everyone!!! Tickets are $10 for adults and kids under 5
are free. You can purchase tickets at any event or at the dealership, heck you can even get’em online just visit the website.
Finally on Saturday 30th, don’t be scared, this event will likely involve food and might even have something to do with Halloween. The ladies are
working on it, so you know it’s gonna be fun!!! We will get the details posted ASAP!!!
Remember, always check the ride line and web site before you leave the house for any event as we head into the fall and winter months.
Thanks everybody for being "THE BEST IN THE WEST"!!!
Hope to see ya soon!!!
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Fort Worth HOG                            Best In The West!!!

         Special Thanks to our
          Sponsor Fort Worth
                                                                    All rides start at
                                                             Fort Worth Harley-Davidson

                                                         Always come with a full tank of gas
                                                                and an empty bladder!

 Welcome to our New & Returning Members!! September
 Jeff    Adair        Donna Crites           Valerie Jones                Debra Perry
 Frank Allen          Glen    Crooks         Monty Lee Jones              Joseph Pignatelli
 Randy John Anfin     John    Douglas        Judy     Lanehart            Casey Proffitt
 Steven Baker         Daniel Dowd            Ronald Legg Jr.              Don      Putman
 Bennie Barr          Lincoln Dunham         Randy Lindsey                Geneva Putman
 Dennis Blankenship   Jeremy Eaton           Richard Lopez                Thomas Sabot
 Chuck Blankenship    Glen    Fannin         James Lumby                  Tony     Seabourn
 A.W.    Booth        David Fletcher         JK       Marthers            Donny Ship
 Michael Boothe       Jorge Flotte-Baca      Gary     Mason               Jacob Sigman
 Brett   Bowen        Marco Garcia           Jay Craig Massey             Kenneth Smith
 Ronald Branscome     Albert Garcia          Jerry    Mayo                Chris Teague
 Robert Brown         Justin Grover          Elizabeth McFarlain          Doug Thornton
 Joe     Brown        Richard Gumm           J.P.     Mitchell            Donna Thornton
 Janie Bryden         Scott   Hanner         Ernie    Mondragon           Marcos Torrado
 Jerry   Bryden       Gary    Hayes          Gary     Moody               Brian    Vater
 Bryan Buchanan       Deborah Helt           James Moon                   Michael Warner
 Barry Burrage        Sandra Henson          Joe      Nicolini            Charles Jay Webb
 Leopold Celiz        Thomas Hindman         William Orgass               Jason Weir
 Barbara Celiz        Warren Horgan          James Osborne                Roger Wimett
 Jerry   Chen         Glenn Hughes           Waylon Pearce                Kevin Woodson
 Darren Cornum        Jimmy Jenkins          Bobby Joe Pennington         Natalie Wright
 Jeffery Crites       Don     Jones          Timothy Perry                James Wright II
                                                                                                                          Page 7
Fort Worth HOG                                                 Best In The West!!!

                                               Next Hog Social Nite
October 25th @ Spring Creek Barbeque 6701 Lake Worth Blvd, Fort Worth, TX

Social Nite is not a ride, but a monthly event for Chapter members to gather for a night of camaraderie with new and existing
HOG members.

Ride or drive… just come on out for an evening of fun with good friends and great food!

              Announcements and Notes
                       Thank you to all of the volunteers who help Fort Worth HOG to be the BEST IN THE WEST!!

New section open to members, email with your information and pictures.
                                                                                                                  Page 8
Fort Worth HOG                                                  Best In The West!!!

                                                                              Officer Contact List
                                                                                      Director-Kim Briggs

                                                                                 Assistant Director-“Doc” Wood

                                                                                      Secretary-Joni Ballard

                                                                                      Treasurer-Kim Briggs

                                                                                 Membership-Jeanine Barker

                                                                                      Activities-Rick Shaffer
                                                                                       Safety-Carlos Jones

                                                                                 Ladies of Harley-Chris Goodwin

                                                                                   Webmaster–Roy Hinrichs

                                                                                 Head Road Captain-Kevin Briggs

                                                                                 Sergeant at Arms-David Byrge
Contact for information on advertisements section.
                                                                                 Photographer - Jeanine Barker

                        TOP HOG                                                        Editor - Bob Corey
                 September 2010
           Fort Worth Harley-Davidson

                      Randy Mitchell
                       wins again by one!!!!

        The race for second was close with a tie between
                         Race and JW.


    Thanks for referring HOG members to us! You will
    be getting a $50 visa gift card to show our gratitude!
                                                                                                                       Page 9
Fort Worth HOG                                            Best In The West!!!
                                     Fort Worth HOG Chapter Meeting Notes
                                              September 11, 2010

Director –
   Chapter Picture in front of the dealership before Chapter Meeting – Yea!
   Sept 10 – 911 Ceremony at local school – Tribute / Appreciation to all Military, Firefighters, EMT’s etc for your hard
       work. Thank you!
   Sept 2-4 – Rally Pin stop for State Rally participants. Had lots of visitors!
   Sept 4 – Labor Day Bash! Thanks to all who helped out.
   Sept 18 – Water for Life Ride-Ft Worth HD will pay $50 per person to charity for each participant on the ride which
       gives water to a child for life. Free lunch at Billy Bob’s afterwards.
Asst Director –
   Sept 6 – Labor Day MDA Telethon (live TV) presented check for MMC to MDA for $15,736.00.
   41 People attended. Current 2010/2011 challenge is to ride 2million miles collectively!
   Last months winners– 1st Place / Valerie Sparkles with 5458, 2nd Place / Carlos Jones with 4193.
   October – New Chapter T-shirts to order
Secretary – 875 members currently. Let me know about any email/address changes or additions!
Safety –
   Experienced Riders course – Need at least 12 for the class which is Oct 10. Register if interested.
   Trikes – No set rules for riding within a group, ride where comfortable. Give Trike riders extra room to maneuver.
       Brochure available for Trike riders course.
   Chris & Brett healing well from accident. Should rehab ongoing and Brett in walking boot. Care Calendar was great
       but no longer needed. Thank you to all who supported this effort!
   Sept 16 – Meeting Los Vaqueros to talk about Halloween
   Garage Party was great! Stage 3 Garage Party-3rd Thurs in November in place of LOH meeting.
Editor – Sept 16 newsletter deadline. Send in your business ads or announcements to editor!

Head RC – Riding attire. Be prepared for the weather-long sleeve shirt, light jacket (windbreaker), rain jacket. Also if
interested in RC program, see Kevin.

Activities – Check out calendar for rides and events. Chapter Picnic Oct 24. Buy tickets now! $10 – adults, Kids 5 yrs
and under are free

Webmaster –
  New hidden link on website. 1st 20 members to find the link will get a concho. On members only page. See webmaster
     if you need details
  Found concho’s (heart shaped) – Adopt a family for Christmas. Blue and Pink concho’s asking minimum of $10
     each. Anything over $5 goes directly to the family. Fund set up for family.

    Membership / Photographer – Send pics to or at the cash stand at dealership.

Raffle winners / membership winners / 50-50 winner :
Nancy Fitzgerald - $20 gift card, Light, Free membership          Steve Cornish – Free membership
Sharon Schwartzkopf – Free membership / Pouch                     Lynette Wilbanks - $10 gift card
James Roberts - $10 gift card                                     Lynda Hambrick – Flashlight/Tool
Dorothy Coggins – Skull Patch                                     Tom Sonsel – Sun Shade
Carl Ziegler – First Aid Kit                                      Jeff Williams – Riding glasses
Romel Coleman – Calendar                                          Barbara Celiz – Fishing Hat
Brian Gatley – Ball Cap                                           Melinda Greene – Glaze & Polish Kit
Glenn Hughes – Battery Tender                                     Tammy Smart – Back Pack. Necklace
Keith Teeter – Comfy throw                                        George Cooper - Pant / Boot clips
Ernie Conn – Care Kit                                             Dean Dunnaway – Zippo Lighter
Carl Martin – Orange do rag                                       Justin Shaffer – White do rag
Steve Cornish- Gray T-shirt                                       Lee Celiz – Black T-shirt
50/50 Winner – Charles Smart - $135.00!

Next meeting – October 2 ! First weekend in October, not 2nd weekend at Billy Bob’s!
                                                                                            Page 10
Fort Worth HOG                                                 Best In The West!!!

Chapter Meetings
Where: Billy Bob’s Texas in the Stockyards
When: The First Saturday of the Month – (some exceptions so check the calendar!)
Time:    Meeting starts at 12:00 High Noon
Who:     All H.O.G. members and interested guests
Ride:    Meet: 11:00 am   Leave: 11:30 am from Fort Worth Harley-Davidson
Why?     To learn about H.O.G. and what it can offer you, and to meet others that
                                share your sense of adventure and love for the open road.

                                Come on out, we won’t bite… too hard!
                                                                                                                                                                 RUN = 1 Hr to 5 Hrs
            Schedule of Events                                          FortWorth Texas H.O.G. Chapter                                                           RIDE = 5 Hrs to All Day
                                                                                                                                                                 OVERNIGHTER = Stay away from home
•   OCT 2 - RUN-EBBR M 7:30am, L 8:00am Just a quick
    bite before the meeting ride somewhere local.
                                                                             “The Best in theWest”
                                                                                                                                                                    RIDE LINE: 817-459-8867
•   OCT 2 - Chapter Monthly Mtg. Take a ride with us
    parade style to Billy Bob’s Texas in the Stockyards. M                                                                                       All rides meet at and return to Fort Worth Harley Davidson
    11:00am, L 11:30am.          Meeting starts at high noon!
    Come check us out, all welcome!
•   OCT      2     -        Movie       Night      at   FW-HD
                                                                        October 2010                                                                  
    The Worlds Fastest Indian is the movie and it will begin
                                                                  Sun                    Mon                Tue                 Wed                   Thu                  Fri                   Sat
    when it gets dark!!! Bring your family to watch the movie
    with your HOG family!!! Be sure to bring your favorite seat
                                                                                                                                                                          1                     2
    and snacks and enjoy!!!. Meet at 8:00 pm.                                                                                                                                                       M 7:30am L 8:00am
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Chapter Meeting
•   OCT 5 - RUN - Gone Fishin Again Dinner Ride
                                                                                                                                                                                                     M 11:00am L
    We are headed to Azle to David Beards to enjoy some                                                                                                                                               11:30am
    really good catfish!!! M 6:00pm—L 6:30pm!!                                                                                                                                                       Movie Night

•   OCT 6 - RUN - Canyon West Lunch Ride We will
                                                                  3                      4                  5                  6                     7                    8                     9
    enjoy some lunch at the golf course and who knows
    maybe ride the cart paths??? M 9:00am, L 9:30am                                                         Goin Fishin Dinner Canyon Cart Ride
    Burger Buffet lunch $8 per person.                                                                             Ride        M:9:00am, L:9:30am
                                                                                                             M:6:00p, L: 6:30p
•   OCT 10 - RIDE - Advanced Rider Course Email
    Carlos at for more info.

•   OCT 10 - RIDE - Brick Yard Lunch Ride We will
                                                                  10                     11                 12                 13                    14                   15                    16
                                                                   Brickyard Ride            Columbus Day                                                                   DEALER DEMO          DEALER DEMO
    head West to Thurber to enjoy some lunch at New York           M: 8:30a, L:9:00a                                            Road Captain Mtg.                               DAYS                 DAYS
    Hill Restaurant. M 8:30am, L 9:00am                           Advanced Course                                              6:30 pm RC’s Only                             10am to 4pm           9am to 4pm
•   OCT 15 - Dealer Demo Days 10:00am to 4:00pm,
    Come out and ride the Harley of your choice!!! Be sure        17                     18                 19                 20                    21                   22                    23
    you have a current Motorcycle endorsement and the                                                                                                    LOH Meeting
    proper riding attire. Volunteers Needed!!!                                                                                                            Las Vaqueros
                                                                                                                                                          Willow Park
•   OCT 16 - Dealer Demo Days 9:00am to 4:00pm,                                                                                                             7:00 pm
    Come out and ride the Harley of your choice!!! Be sure
    you have a current Motorcycle endorsement and the             24                     25                 26                 27                    28                   29                    30
    proper riding attire. Volunteers Needed!!!                        Chapter Picnic      Monthly Social                                                                                        Haunted House &
                                                                       M:9:00, L:9:30a   Spring Creek BBQ                                                                                         Dinner Ride
•   OCT 21 - LOH Meeting- Las Vaqueros Willow Park                     $10 per ticket       Lake Worth                                                                                           M:6:00p, L:6:30p
    Meet 7:00pm All Members are welcome and encouraged                                          7:00pm
    to attend.

•   October 24 - Ride –Chapter Picnic Canyon West
                                                                  Happy Halloween!                                                  **If there is no ride planned on the weekend, come by Fort Worth Harley at
    Don’t miss this one (remember last year) a great time                                                                           10:00 am and see who else is looking to ride. Make some new friends and
    was had by all!!! Lots of games and plenty of food. Your
                                                                                                                                                          discover some roads together.
   Best in the West!
Fort Worth Texas H.O.G Chapter

3025 West Loop 820 South
Fort Worth, Texas 76116

Ride Line: 817-459-8867
                                                  Are you receiving this newsletter by mail?
Voicemail: 817-386-8247
Website:                                                Do you have internet access?                   You can download the color copy from the HOG members website.

                                                        Please let our secretary know.
                                               We can save Chapter Funds in printing and mailing.

         Don’t Miss in October, Chapter Picnic &
                  Dealer Demo Days!!!

                                      See inside for more details!
            Visit our HOG website and calendar for more information plus additional activities.

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