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									                           Applauding our innovators

Carrying on the tradition of world-changing innovation
      Applauding our inventors and entrepreneurs

The 1998 Patent & Licensing Awards

 Carrying on the tradition of world-changing innovation

                  Friday, January 15, 1999
            La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico
            Charryl Berger, Master of Ceremonies





Welcome to our first Annual Patent and Licensing Awards
Banquet. Tonight’s program is designed to celebrate and
recognize outstanding achievements in technical innovation at
the Laboratory. These achievements include patents issued,
copyrights asserted, technologies licensed, royalties received,
and entrepreneurial ventures launched.

This is the first celebration of what will be an annual event and you
have the honor to be our first awardees. I am delighted to recognize
individual award winners and congratulate them for their personal
achievements. Although these achievements range over a broad
spectrum of technologies, they all carry what has been the hallmark
of the Laboratory since its inception—exploring the unknown and
pursuing the impossible.

The Laboratory continues to develop and nurture an unprecedented
depth of technical richness and innovation. People the world over
expect this Laboratory to provide scientific and creative leadership.
The award winners here tonight have far exceeded those

Congratulations for a job well done! Please join me in a standing
ovation to innovation. To our winners, we call out “Bravo!”
Evening Program

5:45 pm     Reception and No-Host Bar

6:30 pm     Dinner

7:30 pm     John Browne, Director
            Los Alamos National Laboratory

            The Honorable Pete V. Domenici
            United States Senator

            Deborah Wince-Smith, Senior Fellow
            Council on Competitiveness and
            Congressional Economic Leadership Institute

8:00 pm —   Awards Ceremony
10:00 pm
            Bill Eklund, Director
            Business and Patent Law
            Los Alamos National Laboratory

            Charryl Berger, Director
            Civilian and Industrial Technology Program Office
            Los Alamos National Laboratory

            Distinguished Awards Presentations
            Distinguished Patent
            Distinguished Copyright
            Distinguished Licensing
            Entrepreneur of the Year
Method And Apparatus
For Producing Radiographs

The first patent obtained at Los Alamos National Laboratory was
filed in 1945 in the names of Seth Neddermeyer and Donald Kerst,
two original Los Alamos employees who were well-known for their
creative and unrestrained experimentations into the explosive
compression of materials. The patent covered an apparatus for
conducting high-speed x-ray radiography of explosive detonations.
This invention was part of a research program that has continued
for 55 years and for which Los Alamos is internationally renowned
— a program which will attain even greater capabilities with the
beginning of operations at DARHT later this year. The patent
makes no reference to Los Alamos as it was a “secret city” at that
Abstracts of         Diamond Fiber                           Metal Getter
Recognized Patents   Field Emitters                          Process For
                     Graciela B. Blanchet-Fincher,           Purifying And
                     Don M. Coates, David J. Devlin,         Collecting
                     David F. Eaton, Aris K. Silzars,
                                                             Hydrogen Isotopes
                     and Steven M. Valone
                                                             John D. Baker, David H.
                                                             Meikrantz, and Dale G. Tuggle
                     This field emission electron emit-
                     ter consists of an electrode formed
                                                             This patent describes a method
                     of at least one diamond, diamond-
                                                             and apparatus for purifying and
                     like carbon, or glassy carbon
                                                             collecting hydrogen isotopes in a
                     composite fiber. The composite
                                                             flowing inert gaseous mixture
                     fiber has a nondiamond core and a
                                                             containing impurities. Metal alloy
                     diamond, diamond-like carbon, or
                                                             getters are used to cleanse the gas-
                     glassy carbon coating on the
                                                             eous mixture of impurities such as
                     nondiamond core. The composite
                                                             oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon
                     fiber has application in electronic
                                                             monoxide, methane, ammonia,
                     devices that use field emission
                                                             nitrogen, and water vapor. After
                     electron emitters.
                                                             purification, hydrogen isotopes are
                                                             continuously purified and collected
                                                             with parallel-process lines using
                     Microwave                               metal getter alloys.
                     Sintering Of
                     Abrasive Grain                          Ignition Methods
                     Ross Plovnick, Ahmet Celikkaya,         And Apparatus
                     and Rodger D. Blake                     Using Microwave
                     A method for making free-flowing,       Dennis M. DeFreitas
                     alpha alumina-based, ceramic            and Albert Migliori
                     abrasive grain by coupling micro-
                     waves with a calcined, alpha            An ignition apparatus for a com-
                     alumina-based, abrasive grain pre-      bustor emits microwave energy
                     cursor. The precursor is sintered       into the combustor at a frequency
                     at a temperature of at least 1,150oC.   within a resonant response of the
                                                             combustor. The combustor func-
                                                             tions as a resonant cavity for the
                                                             microwave energy to produce a
                                                             plasma that ignites a combustible
                                                             mixture placed inside the combus-
                                                             tor. Ideally the plasma is a
                                                             noncontact plasma produced in
                                                             free space within the resonant
cavity, and is spaced away from the    apparatus on the surface extracts       regions of the detector surface.
cavity wall and the microwave          heat from the water, which is           Thus, different regions are mapped
emitter.                               subsequently reinjected into the        to different heterodyne beat
                                       reservoir to be reheated. Water is      frequencies. One can determine
                                       continuously provided to and with-      where the photons were incident
Beta Particle                          drawn from the reservoir at two         on the detector surface even
Monitor For                            different flow rates; a base rate and   though a single electrical connec-
                                       a peak rate. To generate electric       tion to the detector is used. The
                                       power to meet peak demands,             single connection also prevents the
Duncan W. MacArthur
                                       the backpressure at the outlet of       destructive interference that
                                       the production well is rapidly          occurs when multiple speckles are
This beta particle monitor detects
                                       decreased, thereby increasing the       imaged (similar to spatial diver-
and measures beta radiation emit-
                                       water flow from the base rate to        sity), which permits a larger field
ted from a surface. An electrically
                                       the peak rate. The flow of water        of view when coherent LIDAR is
conductive signal collector is
                                       into the hot dry rock reservoir is      used. An acousto-optic modulator
mounted inside an electrically con-
                                       maintained at a rate that prevents      generates the local oscillator
ductive enclosure having a large
                                       depletion of the reservoir.             frequencies and can achieve
opening for placing against a sur-
                                                                               adequate separation of optical
face. A voltage source is connected
                                                                               frequencies on the order of a
to the signal collector through an
                                       Heterodyne-                             megahertz apart.
electrometer or other display
mechanism to create an electric        Generated
field between the signal collector     Two-Dimensional
and the enclosure. Atmospheric         Detector Array                          Ignition Methods
ions created by the beta radiation     Using A Single-                         And Apparatus
are collected, and the resulting                                               Using Microwave
                                       Element Detector
electric current is indicated on the                                           Energy
                                       Charlie E. Strauss
display mechanism.                                                             Dennis DeFreitas, Timothy W.
                                       A synthetic-array heterodyne            Darling, Albert Migliori, and
                                       detection permits a single-element      Daniel E. Rees
Optimal Energy                         optical detector to behave as
Extraction From                        though it were divided into an          This invention provides an ignition
Hot Dry Rock                           array of separate heterodyne            apparatus for a combustor. The
Reservoirs                             detector elements. A 15-element         ignition apparatus emits micro-
Donald W. Brown                        synthetic array has been realized       wave energy into the combustor at
                                       experimentally on a single-element      a frequency that is resonant with
This invention provides an im-         detector, permitting all of the array   the combustor, so the combustor
proved method for extracting           elements to be read continuously        functions as a resonant cavity for
thermal energy in a cyclic manner      and in parallel from one electrical     the microwave energy. When a
from a reservoir of water in a         connection. A carbon dioxide laser      combustible fuel mixture is placed
fractured hot dry rock formation.      and a single-element mercury/           inside the combustor, a plasma is
Water is added to the through an       cadmium/tellurium photodiode            produced which ignites the
injection well and is withdrawn        are used. A different heterodyne        mixture. Ideally, the plasma is a
from the reservoir through a           local oscillator frequency is inci-     noncontact plasma produced in
production well. A heat exchange       dent upon the spatially resolvable      free space within the resonant
cavity, and is spaced away from       hexaazamacrocyclic molecule,            photoinactivation of unwanted
both the cavity wall and the          where a basic example has the           chromosomal DNA. Chromosomes
microwave emitter.                    formula LaC16H14N6. Important           may be processed in a conven-
                                      applications of the invention are       tional flow cytometry apparatus in
Solid-State                           medical diagnosis, treatment, and       which no droplets are generated.
Oxygen Sensor                         research, involving imaging por-        All chromosomes in the sample are
                                      tions of a human body by means of       first stained with a fluorescent
Fernando H. Garzon
                                      magnetic resonance techniques.          analytic dye and bonded to a
and Eric L. Brosha
                                                                              photochemically active species
                                                                              which, when activated, renders
A potentiometric oxygen sensor
                                      High-Conductivity                       chromosomal DNA unclonable.
has a logarithmic response to a
                                      Composite Metal                         After passing through analyzing
differential oxygen concentration
                                                                              light beam(s), unwanted chromo-
while operating as Nernstian-type     Ruoyi Zhou, James L. Smith,
                                                                              somes are irradiated using light
sensor. Very thin films of mixed      and John D. Embury
                                                                              that is absorbed by the photo-
conducting oxide materials form
                                                                              chemically active species, thereby
electrode surfaces while permitting   This invention provides electrical
                                                                              causing photoinactivation. As
diffusional oxygen access to the      conductors that possess both high
                                                                              desired chromosomes pass this
interface between the zirconia        strength and high conductivity,
                                                                              photoinactivation point, an optical
electrolyte and the electrode.        and methods for producing them.
                                                                              modulator deflects the inactivating
Diffusion of oxygen through the       The conductors consist of concen-
                                                                              light source so that desired chro-
mixed oxide is not rate-limiting.     tric strands of carbon steel and
                                                                              mosomes are not photoinactivated
To prevent morphological changes      copper, nickel, silver, or gold, with
                                                                              and remain clonable. The selection
in the electrode structure during     diffusion barriers placed between
                                                                              and photoinactivation processes
extended operation at elevated        the two metals. The components
                                                                              take place in microseconds.
temperatures, metal electrodes        of the conductor are assembled
                                                                              Because droplet formation is elimi-
are not used.                         and subsequently subjected to heat
                                                                              nated, chromosome selection rates
                                      treating and mechanical deforma-
                                                                              50 times greater than those
                                      tion, during which the assembly
                                                                              possible with conventional
Nuclear Magnetic                      maintains its integrity.
                                                                              chromosome sorters may be
Resonance                                                                     obtained. Thus, usable quantities
Contrast Agents                                                               of clonable DNA from any source
Paul H. Smith, James R. Brainard,     Optical Selection                       may be collected.
Gordon D. Jarvinen, and               And Collection Of
Robert R. Ryan                        Dna Fragments
                                      Mary C. Roslaniec, John C. Martin,      Highly Cross-
This invention consists of a family   James H. Jett, and L. Scott Cram        Linked Nanoporous
of contrast agents for use in
magnetic resonance imaging. The       This invention permits optical
                                                                              Warren P. Steckle, Jr., Paul G.
contrast of magnetic resonance        selection and collection of large
                                                                              Apen, and Michael A. Mitchell
images may be enhanced by incor-      (greater than microgram)
porating a contrast agent in the      quantities of clonable, chromo-
                                                                              Condensation polymerization,
object before or while forming the    some-specific DNA from a sample
                                                                              followed by a supercritical extrac-
images. The contrast agent is a       of chromosomes. Selection is
                                                                              tion step, is used to obtain highly
paramagnetic lanthanide               achieved by irreversible
                                                                              cross-linked nanoporous polymers
with high surface area, controlled      ing a resolution and a region of the   device is formed with a microwave
pore sizes, and rigid structural        data image for display. The subset     oscillator that has a half-wave-
integrity. These polymers are           of stored DWT coefficients corre-      length resonant coaxial microwave
useful for applications requiring       sponding to each requested scene       cavity operating in fundamental
separation membranes.                   is determined and then decom-          TEM microwave oscillation mode.
                                        pressed for input to an inverse        The oscillator includes an inner
Storage And                             DWT, the output of which forms         conductor that defines a drift tube
Retrieval Of Large                      the image display. The repeated        for propagating an electron beam,
                                        process whereby image views are        and an outer conductor, which is
Digital Images                          specified may take the form of an      coaxial with the inner conductor.
Jonathan N. Bradley                     interaction with a computer point-     The inner conductor defines a
                                        ing device on an image display         modulating gap and an extraction
Image compression and viewing           from a previous retrieval.             gap downstream of the modulating
are implemented with (1) a method                                              gap. The modulating gap and the
for performing discrete wavelet                                                extraction gap connect the coaxial
transform (DWT) -based compres-                                                microwave cavity with the drift
sion on a large digital image with a    Fluid Sampling
                                        Apparatus                              tube so that energy for the micro-
computer system possessing a two-                                              wave oscillation is extracted from
level system of memory and (2) a        David R. Yeamans
                                                                               the electron beam at the extraction
method for selectively viewing                                                 gap and modulates the electron
areas of the image from its com-        This invention provides a sampling
                                                                               beam at the modulating gap. For
pressed representation at multiple      syringe having an integral metallic
                                                                               high-power operation, an annular
resolutions and, if desired, in a       bellows which reduces contami-
                                                                               electron beam is used.
client-server environment. The          nant ingress, permits replication of
compression of a large digital          collection amounts, and permits
image is accomplished by first          multiple sample collections.
defining a plurality of discrete tile   Incorporation of the bellows and       Generalized Local
image data subsets that, upon           associated valving also enables col-   Emission
superposition, form the complete        lection and prolonged storage of       Tomography
set of image data. A seamless,          samples collected at remote sites.     Alexander J. Katsevich
wavelet-based compression pro-
cess is effected on the image data,                                            This invention provides improved
which consists of successively          Discrete Monotron                      emission tomography methods for
inputting the tiles in a selected       Oscillator Having                      determining locations and values
sequence to a DWT routine and           One-Half                               of internal isotope density distri-
storing the resulting DWT coeffi-                                              butions from radiation emitted
                                        Wavelength Coaxial
cients in a primary memory.                                                    from a whole object. In the
These coefficients are periodically     Resonator With                         method for determining the values
compressed and transferred to a         One-Quarter                            of discontinuities, the intensities of
secondary memory to maintain            Wavelength Gap                         radiation emitted from either the
sufficient memory in the primary        Spacing                                whole object or a region of the
memory for data processing. The         Bruce E. Carlsten and                  object containing the discontin-
sequence of DWT operations on           W. Brian Haynes                        uities are introduced into a local
the tiles effectively calculates a                                             tomography function to define the
seamless DWT of the image data.         A discrete monotron oscillator for     location S of the isotope density
Data retrieval consists of specify-     use in a high-power microwave          discontinuity. The asymptotic
behavior of the function is deter-     large-diameter optical fibers and      Fault Current
mined in a neighborhood of S, and      thin crystals of a magneto-optic       Limiter And
the value for the discontinuity is     material having a high Verdet con-
estimated from the asymptotic          stant, such as iron garnet, which
behavior of the function knowing       permits collection of a substantial    Current Circuit
pointwise values of the attenuation    quantity of light. All of the ele-     Breaker
coefficient within the object. In      ments used in the present sensor       Heinrich J. Boenig
the method for determining the         are planar, and no particular orien-
location of the discontinuity, the     tation of the elements is required.    This invention provides a solid-
intensities of radiation emitted       The sensor operates under harsh        state circuit breaker and current
from an object are introduced into     environmental conditions, over a       limiter to protect an electrical load
a second local tomography func-        wide range of distances from mag-      served by an alternating current
tion to define the location S of the   netic field sources, and produces      source having a source impedance.
density discontinuity and the          large observed signals. When a         The circuit breaker and current
location G of the attenuation coef-    tone wheel is used, intensity of the   limiter include a thyristor bridge
ficient discontinuity. Pointwise       signals is independent of wheel        interposed between the alternating
values of the attenuation coeffi-      speed, and modulation is observed      current source and the load. The
cient within the object need not       to be about 75 percent. Reliable       thyristor bridge has four thyristor
be known in this case.                 operation is achieved down to zero     legs and four nodes. The first node
                                       frequency, or no wheel rotation.       is connected to the alternating
                                                                              current source, and a second node
Lensless Magneto-                                                             is connected to the load. A coil
                                       Ultrahigh Vacuum                       having an impedance value calcu-
Optic Speed Sensor
                                                                              lated to limit the current flowing
Lynn R. Veeser, Peter R. Forman,       Focused Ion Beam                       through it to a predetermined
and Patrick J. Rodriguez               Micromill                              value is connected from a third
                                       Bruce C. Lamartine                     node to a fourth node. A control
This invention provides a speed        and Roger A. Stutz                     circuit is connected to the thyristor
sensor, which is based on the
                                                                              legs to limit the current flow under
Faraday effect. Multimode fiber        This invention provides an appara-     fault conditions to a predeter-
bundles transmit light to a mag-       tus and method for ultrahigh           mined level, and to gate the
neto-optic material, from which        vacuum focused ion beam                thyristor bridge under fault condi-
the light is reflected, modulated,     micromilling, as well as a durable     tions, thereby quickly reducing the
and returned to a detector. The        data storage medium that uses the      alternating current flow to zero
magneto-optic material is sub-         micromilling process. The data         and maintaining the thyristor
jected to a varying magnetic field     storage medium is capable of           bridge in an electrically open
created by a rotating tone wheel or    storing, for example, digital or       condition so as to prevent the
other moving magnetic device. If       alphanumeric characters, as well       alternating current from flowing
coupled directly with a 100- or        as graphical shapes or characters.     for a predetermined period.
200-mm core fiber, an LED is
sufficient to operate the sensor,
which ensures against birefrin-
gence effects in the input fiber
because of the random polarization
of LED outputs. No optical lens is
required because the sensor uses
Compression                             protective barrier materials,           Optical Imaging
Embedding                               particularly glove box gloves or        Through Turbid
Maxwell T. Sandford, II,                other barriers that protect against
                                                                                Media With A
Theodore G. Handel, and                 toxic, radioactive, or biologically
                                        hazardous materials. Conductiv-         Degenerate Four-
Jonathan N. Bradley
                                        ity, resistivity, or capacitance        Wave Mixing
This invention provides a method        between electrically conductive         Correlation Time
for embedding auxiliary informa-        layers formed in the multilayer         Gate
tion in the digital representation of   protective materials is measured        Andrew D. Sappey
host data created by a lossy com-       using leads connected to the
pression technique. The method          conductive layers. Continuous           Optical imaging through turbid
applies to data compressed with         monitoring for changes in the           media is demonstrated by means
lossy algorithms based on series        measured conductivity, resistivity,     of a degenerate four-wave mixing
expansion, quantization to a finite     or capacitance enables real-time        (DFWM) correlation time gate.
number of symbols, and entropy          detection and warning of physical       Ballistic and/or snake light are
coding. Lossy compression meth-         breaches in the protective barrier      detected while rejecting unwanted
ods represent the original data as      material.                               diffusive light for imaging struc-
integer indices having redundancy                                               tures within highly scattering
and uncertainty in value by one                                                 media. DWFM of a doubled YAG
unit. Indices that are adjacent in      Rock-Melting Tool                       laser in rhodamine 590 provides
value are manipulated to encode         With Annealer                           an ultrafast correlation time gate
auxiliary data. By a substantially      Section                                 to discriminate against light that
reverse process, the embedded                                                   has undergone multiple scattering
                                        Gilles Y. Bussod, Aaron J. Dick,
auxiliary data can be retrieved                                                 and therefore has lost memory of
                                        and George E. Cort
easily by an authorized user. Lossy                                             the structures in the scattering
compression methods use lossless                                                medium. Images have been
                                        A rock-melting penetrator includes
compressions, known also as                                                     obtained of a test cross-hair
                                        an afterbody that rapidly cools a
entropy coding, to reduce to the                                                pattern through highly turbid
                                        molten geological structure formed
final size the intermediate                                                     suspensions of whole milk in
                                        around the melting tip of the
representation as indices. The                                                  water, which are opaque to the
                                        penetrator to the glass transition
efficiency of the compression                                                   naked eye, demonstrating the
                                        temperature for the surrounding
entropy coding is increased by                                                  utility of DFWM for imaging
                                        molten glass-like material. An
manipulating the indices at an                                                  through turbid media. Use of
                                        annealing afterbody then cools the
intermediate stage.                                                             DFWM as an ultrafast time gate
                                        glass slowly from the glass transi-
                                                                                for detecting ballistic and/or snake
                                        tion temperature through the
Puncture                                                                        light in optical mammography is
                                        annealing temperature range to
Detecting Barrier                       form a solid, self-supporting glass
Materials                               casing. This process allows ther-
Robert E. Hermes, David R.              mally induced strains to relax by
Ramsey, Joseph F. Stampfer,             viscous deformations as the molten
and John M. MacDonald                   glass cools and prevents fracturing
                                        of the resulting glass liner. Both
This invention provides a method        the quality of the glass lining and
and apparatus for continuous real-      its ability to provide a rigid imper-
time monitoring of the integrity of     meable casing in unstable rock
                                        formations are improved.
Composite Metal                        are readily applied, and rapidly        Optical Limiting
Membrane                               discriminate between two chemi-         Materials
Nathaniel M. Peachey, Robert C.        cally distinct gels: K-rich sodium/     Duncan W. McBranch,
Dye, Ronny C. Snow, and Stephen        potassium/calcium/silicon gels,         Benjamin R. Mattes, Aaron C.
A. Birdsell                            identified by yellow staining, and      Koskelo, Alan J. Heeger, Jeanne
                                       alkali-poor, calcium/silicon gels,      M. Robinson, Laura B. Smilowitz,
This invention provides a compos-      identified by pink staining. This       Victor I. Klimov, Myoungsik Cha,
ite metal membrane that is             method is an alternative to conven-     N. Serdar Sariciftci, and
selectively permeable to hydrogen      tional petrographic analysis.           Jan C. Hummelen
and its isotopes. The membrane
includes a layer of tantalum or                                                Optical limiters, or optical surge
vanadium, or other Group IVB or        Ultrasonic                              protectors, which are useful for
Group VB metals, which is sand-        Characterization                        protection against the damaging
wiched between two layers of           Of Single Drops Of                      effects of short pulse laser beams
crystallographically oriented palla-   Liquids                                 and other intense light sources, are
dium, platinum, or alloys of these                                             formed from ethanofullerenes,
                                       Dipen N. Sinha
metals. This invention also                                                    fulleroids, or other
provides a process for separating                                              buckminsterfullerenes which are
                                       Two closely spaced transducers, or
and collecting hydrogen and its                                                chemically altered. The addition of
                                       alternatively a single transducer
isotopes from a mixture of gases,                                              large side chains enhances their
                                       and a closely spaced reflector plate,
by contacting a hydrogen-contain-                                              solubility in liquid solution and in
                                       form an interferometer suitable for
ing gaseous mixture with the                                                   solid blends with transparent glass
                                       ultrasonic characterization of
composite membrane and allowing                                                (SiO2) gels or polymers, or conju-
                                       droplet-sized and other small
the hydrogen and its isotopes to                                               gated polymers. The nonlinear
                                       liquid samples, without the need
selectively diffuse through the                                                absorption of the blend is tunable
                                       for a container. A droplet is held
membrane.                                                                      by selecting the host material for
                                       by surface tension between the
                                                                               its absorption wavelength and its
                                       interferometer elements, whose
                                                                               ability to transfer absorbed energy
                                       distance apart may be adjusted,
Detection Of                                                                   into the optical limiting fullerene,
                                       and is ultrasonically excited to
Alkali-Silica                                                                  such that the energy transmitted
                                       generate characteristic acoustic
                                                                               through the blends saturates at
Reaction Swelling                      resonance signals. A single drop of
                                                                               high input energies over a wide
In Concrete By                         liquid is sufficient for high-quality
                                                                               range of wavelengths (from 400-
Staining                               measurement. This invention is
                                                                               1,100 nm). This phenomenon
George D. Guthrie, Jr.                 useful for example in the charac-
                                                                               should be generalizable to compo-
and J. William Carey                   terization, diagnostic evaluation,
                                                                               sitions other than substituted
                                       or forensic analysis of biological
Concentrated aqueous solutions of      samples such as blood, tear drops,
sodium cobaltinitrite and              and other bodily fluids.
rhodamine B are used to identify
concrete that contains gels formed
by the alkali-silica reaction, which
causes premature degradation of
concrete. These reagents present
little health or environmental risk,
Synchronous                            Method And                              Method Of
Differentiation Of                     Apparatus For                           Cleaning Plastics
Remote Objects                         Measuring The                           Using Supercritical
John M. Telle and Roger A. Stutz       Intensity And Phase                     Media
                                       Of An Ultrashort                        Samuel P. Sawan, W. Dale Spall,
This invention provides a system                                               and Abdelhafid Talhi
                                       Light Pulse
for identifying designated remote
                                       Daniel J. Kane and Rick P. Trebino
objects and distinguishing them                                                This invention provides a method
from other, similar remote objects.                                            for removing organic contaminants
                                       The pulse shape and phase evolu-
The system includes a transceiver                                              from the surface of a plastic, such
                                       tion of ultrashort light pulses are
that has a stabilizing oscillator, a                                           as polyethylene or polypropylene,
                                       obtained using an instantaneously
synchronous amplifier, and an                                                  by treating the surface with a
                                       responding nonlinear optical
omnidirectional receiver, all in                                               supercritical medium of carbon
                                       medium to form a signal pulse.
electrical communication with                                                  dioxide or sulfur hexafluoride, so
                                       A light pulse, such as a laser pulse,
each other. A beacon is attached to                                            as to dissolve the contaminant in
                                       is split into a gate pulse and a
a designated object having a black-                                            the supercritical medium and
                                       probe pulse, where the gate pulse
body radiation source, the beacon                                              remove it from the plastic. The
                                       is delayed relative to the probe
including an amplitude modulator                                               medium is repeatedly or continu-
                                       pulse. The gate pulse and the
in electrical communication with                                               ously applied to the plastic surface
                                       probe pulse are combined in an
an omnidirectional optical source.                                             to effectively remove contami-
                                       instantaneously responding optical
The amplitude modulator is set so                                              nants, and is returned to non-
                                       medium to form a signal pulse
that the optical source transmits                                              critical temperatures and pressures
                                       functionally related to a temporal
radiation at a frequency approxi-                                              to allow the contaminants to be
                                       slice of the gate pulse correspond-
mately the same as or lower than                                               separated and recovered while also
                                       ing to the time delay of the probe
that of the blackbody radiation                                                allowing the dissolving medium to
                                       pulse. The signal pulse is then
source of the designated object.                                               be purified and recycled.
                                       input to a wavelength-selective
The receiver of the transceiver is
                                       device to output pulse field infor-
adapted to receive frequencies
                                       mation comprising intensity versus
approximately at or below black-                                               Multiple Laser
                                       frequency for a first value of the
body radiation signals and sends
                                       time delay. The time delay is var-      Pulse Ignition
such signals to the synchronous
                                       ied over a range of values effective    Method And
amplifier. The synchronous
                                       to yield an intensity plot of signal    Apparatus
amplifier then rectifies and ampli-
                                       intensity versus wavelength and         James W. Early
fies those signals that correspond
                                       delay. In one embodiment, the
to the predetermined frequency
                                       beams are overlapped at an angle        Multiple laser light pulses with
to differentiate between the
                                       so that a selected range of delay       differing temporal lengths and
designated, or known, object, and
                                       times is within the intersection to     peak pulse powers are used
other similar objects also emitting
                                       produce a simultaneous output           sequentially to regulate the rate
blackbody radiation.
                                       over the time delays of interest.       and duration of laser energy deliv-
                                                                               ery to fuel mixtures. Fuel ignition
                                                                               performance is improved over a
                                                                               wide range of fuel parameters such
                                                                               as fuel/oxidizer ratios, fuel droplet
size, number density and velocity       Light Gas Gun With                     Noninvasive
within a fuel aerosol, and initial      Reduced Timing                         Identification Of
fuel temperatures.
                                        Jitter                                 Fluids By Swept-
                                        Gary W. Laabs, David J. Funk,          Frequency
                                        and Blaine W. Asay                     Acoustic
Detection Of
Counterfeit                                                                    Interferometry
                                        A gas gun includes a
                                                                               Dipen N. Sinha
Currency                                prepressurized projectile held in
Donald A. Burns                         place with a glass rod in compres-
                                                                               This invention provides a method
                                        sion. The glass rod is destroyed
                                                                               for rapidly and noninvasively iden-
Counterfeit currency is detected by     with an explosive at a precise time,
                                                                               tifying and monitoring chemicals
contacting a currency to be tested      which results in removal of a
                                                                               in sealed containers or in contain-
with near-infrared beams in the         restraining pin and launching of
                                                                               ers to which direct access to the
spectrum below 1,250 nm, measur-        the projectile with minimum
                                                                               chemical is not possible. Multiple
ing reflectance of the near-infrared    timing variability.
                                                                               ultrasonic acoustic properties (up
beams, and comparing the reflec-
                                                                               to four) of a fluid are simulta-
tance values with those from
                                                                               neously determined. This
genuine currency.                       Water-Soluble                          invention can be used for identify-
                                        Polymers For                           ing chemicals and for determining
Method For                              Recovery Of Metal                      changes in known chemicals
Narrow Gap Laser                        Ions From Aqueous                      resulting from a variety of causes.
Welding                                 Streams                                It is not possible to identify all
John O. Milewski and Edward             Barbara F. Smith and Thomas W.         known chemicals based on the
Sklar                                   Robison                                measured parameters, but known
                                                                               classes of chemicals in suspect
A laser welding process includes        This invention provides a process      containers, such as those used in
the use of optical ray tracing to       for selectively separating a target    chemical munitions, can be
model a laser beam and the geom-        metal from an aqueous solution.        characterized. In addition, a large
etry of a narrow metal gap, or          The separation is achieved by          number of industrial chemicals
joint, to be welded with the laser      mixing an aqueous solution             can be identified.
beam. The resulting model               containing the target metal in with
enables prediction of the reflective    an aqueous solution that includes a
propagation and absorption of the       water-soluble polymer, such as         Laser Ablation-
beam in the metal gap. By adjust-       polyethyleneimine, capable of          Based Fuel Ignition
ing model variables such as             binding with the target metal long     James W. Early and
frequency, divergence, focal point      enough to form a water-soluble         Charles S. Lester
and angle of incidence of the laser     polymer target metal complex.
beam, optimum values of such            The water-soluble polymer target       A fuel/oxidizer mixture is ignited
variables can be selected to opti-      metal complex is then separated        by applying a laser beam to a
mize the quality of a resulting laser   from the solution.                     material surface that absorbs laser
weld. The process enables the                                                  radiation, heating the material
production of improved narrow                                                  surface with the laser beam to
gap laser welds with high depth-                                               produce an ablation plume that
to-width aspect ratios.                                                        emanates from the heated surface
as a hot cloud of vaporized surface    by a lossy compression technique.      diamond-like coating is formed by
material, and contacting the fuel/     The methods apply to data com-         chemical vapor deposition from a
oxidizer mixture with the hot abla-    pressed with algorithms based on       carbon-containing precursor gas
tion cloud at or near the surface of   series expansion, quantization to a    mixture that is passed through the
the material to heat the mixture to    finite number of symbols, and          bed. The precursor gas mixture
a temperature sufficient to initiate   entropy coding. Lossy compres-         typically includes a carbon source
ignition.                              sion methods represent the             gas, for example methane, in a
                                       original data as ordered sequences     carrier of hydrogen, and may
                                       of blocks containing integer indices   further include an inert diluent
Data Storage                           having redundancy and uncer-           gas. The precursor mixture is in-
Medium For                             tainty of value by one unit,           troduced into the fluidized bed
                                       allowing indices that are adjacent     under conditions of temperature
Focused Ion Beam
                                       in value to be manipulated to          and pressure, and with both
Micromilling                           encode auxiliary data. Also            thermal and high frequency
Bruce C. Lamartine                     included is a method to improve        plasma excitation, which result in
and Roger A. Stutz                     the efficiency of lossy compression    excitation conditions sufficient to
                                       methods by embedding white noise       form the diamond coating.
This invention provides a durable      in the integer indices. Such
metallic data storage medium for       compression methods use lossless
use with an ultrahigh vacuum           compression to reduce an interme-      Dense Gas
focused ion beam micromilling          diate representation to a final size
apparatus. The medium is milled                                               Compatible Enzymes
                                       as indices. The efficiency of the      Fu-jung Kao, Kenneth E. Laintz,
to include characters having a high    lossless compression, known also
aspect ratio so as to enable long-                                            Samuel P. Sawan, L. Dale Sivils,
                                       as entropy-coding compression, is      and W. Dale Spall
term storage of data as well as        increased by manipulating the
graphical shapes or characters.        indices at the intermediate stage,     A modified enzyme, such as a
                                       improving the performance of           lipase, protease or cellulase, has
                                       lossy compression by as much as        improved compatibility with dense
Compression                            ten percent.                           gas phase systems, particularly
Embedding                                                                     including halocarbon sytems and
Maxwell T. Sandford, II,                                                      supercritical carbon dioxide
Theodore G. Handel, and                Fluidized Bed                          systems. The enzyme is modified
Jonathan N. Bradley                    Deposition Of                          by addition of a covalently linked
                                       Diamond                                hydrophobic arm, which increases
This invention provides a method                                              the compatibility of the enzyme
                                       Joseph R. Laia, Jr., David W.
and apparatus for embedding aux-                                              with the dense gas system without
                                       Carroll, Mitchell Trkula, Wallace E.
iliary information in the digital                                             diminishing the activity of the
                                       Anderson, and Stephen M. Valone
representation of host data created                                           enzyme.
by a lossy compression technique,
                                       This invention provides a process
and a method and apparatus for
                                       for forming a diamond or dia-
constructing auxiliary data from
                                       mond-like coating on a particulate
the correspondence between val-
                                       substrate. The substrate is sup-
ues in a digital key-pair table with
                                       ported in a fluidized bed of host
integer index values existing in a
                                       particles while the diamond or
representation of host data created
Prolonged Cold                          slapper detonator is arranged           signals to a framer module. The
Storage Of                              adjacent to the explosive mixture       framer module allocates the data
                                        to initiate detonation of the           and overhead signals to multiple
Red Blood
                                        mixture. NM and DETA are not            nine-byte words, which are
Mark W. Bitensky and
                                        classified as explosives when           arranged in a selected protocol.
Tatsuro Yoshida
                                        handled separately and can be           The formatted words are stored
                                        safely transported and handled by       in a storage register for output
A cost-effective, 4o C storage proce-
                                        workers in the field. In one aspect     through the gateway.
dure preserves red blood cell
                                        of this invention, the chemicals are
quality and prolongs post-transfu-
                                        mixed at a location where an
sion in-vivo survival. Improving
                                        explosion is to occur. For applica-     Fuel Cell With
in-vivo survival time and preserv-
                                        tion in confined environment, the       Metal Screen
ing adenosine triphosphate levels,
                                        chemicals are mixed in an inflat-
along with reducing hemolysis and                                               Flowfield
                                        able container to minimize storage
membrane vesicle production of                                                  Mahlon S. Wilson and Christine
                                        space until it is desired to initiate
red blood cells stored at 4oC for                                               Zawodzinski
                                        an explosion. To enable an inflat-
prolonged periods, is achieved by
                                        able container to be used, at least
reducing the oxygen level in the                                                A polymer electrolyte membrane
                                        2.5 wt percent DETA is used in the
blood at the time of storage.                                                   fuel cell includes a metal mesh
                                        explosive mixture. A barrier is
Oxygen levels are reduced by                                                    defining a rectangular flow field
                                        formed of a carbon composite
flushing the cells with an inert gas                                            pattern having an inlet at one cor-
                                        material to provide the appropriate
and storing them in an aqueous                                                  ner and an outlet at another corner
                                        barrel geometry and energy trans-
solution that includes adenine,                                                 located diagonally from the first
                                        mission to the explosive mixture
dextrose, mannitol, citrate ion, and                                            corner. The mesh supplies reac-
                                        from the slapper detonator system.
dihydrogen phosphate ion, but no                                                tants to membrane surfaces in the
sodium chloride, in an oxygen-                                                  fuel cell. All flow paths from the
permeable container located in an                                               inlet to the outlet over the mesh
oxygen-free environment contain-        High Performance                        are equivalent, such that the reac-
ing oxygen-scavenging materials.        Parallel Interface                      tant is uniformly distributed over
                                        To Synchronous                          the catalyzed membrane assembly.
                                        Optical Network
Compact Chemical                        Gateway
Energy System                           Wallace B. St. John and David H.        Polymers With
For Seismic                             DuBois                                  Increased Order
Applications                                                                    Samuel P. Sawan, Abdelhafid
Raymond P. Engelke, Robert O.           Formatted data signals are trans-       Talhi, and Craig M. Taylor
Hedges, Alan B. Kammerman,              mitted along sending and receiving
and James N. Albright                   systems having gateways for high        This invention provides a method
                                        performance parallel interface          for increasing the order of
This invention provides a chemical      (HIPPI) interconnection systems.        polymeric materials, particularly
energy system for producing deto-       Electronic logic circuitry formats      synthetic fibers, by exposing such
nations in a confined environment.      data signals and overhead signals       materials to supercritical carbon
An explosive mixture is formed          in a data frame that is suitable for    dioxide or other dense gas systems
from nitromethane (NM) and              transmission over a connecting          while applying an orienting force
diethylenetriamine (DETA). A            optical fiber link. Multiplexers        to the materials.
                                        route the data and overhead
Reduction Of                           termined ratio of copper with           transmission line having both an
Diffusional                            silver to produce a composite           outer and an inner conductor. The
                                       material. This material is melt-        inner conductor defines an annular
Defocusing In
                                       spun to produce a ribbon of copper      cavity whose dimensions can
Hydrodynamically                       and silver. The ribbon is heated in     support an electromagnetic field in
Focused Flows                          a hydrogen atmosphere and then          a TEM00m mode. A radial field
Rhett L. Affleck, James N. Demas,      die-pressed into a slug. The slug is    emission cathode is formed on the
Peter M. Goodwin, Richard A.           placed in a high-purity copper ves-     outer conductor for providing an
Keller, and Ming Wu                    sel, and the vessel is sealed with an   electron beam directed toward the
                                       electron beam. A cold hydrostatic       annular cavity electrode. Micro-
An analyte fluid stream with a first   extrusion process is used to            wave energy is then extracted from
molecular species having relatively    extrude the vessel and slug into        the annular cavity electrode.
low molecular weight and a corre-      wire form.
sponding high coefficient of
diffusion has reduced diffusional                                              Minimizing Radiation
defocusing out of an analyte fluid     Smart Tool Holder                       Damage In
stream. The analyte fluid stream       Robert D. Day, Larry R.
of the first molecular species is                                              Nonlinear Optical
                                       Foreman, Douglas J. Hatch, and
associated with a second molecular                                             Crystals
                                       Mark S. Meadows
species of relatively high molecular                                           D. Wayne Cooke, Bryan L. Bennett,
weight having a relatively low coef-                                           and Nigel J. Cockroft
                                       An apparatus for machining
ficient of diffusion and a binding     surfaces to accuracies in the
constant effective to associate with                                           Laser-induced damage to nonlin-
                                       nanometer range utilizes an elec-
the first species. A focused analyte                                           ear crystals, such as potassium
                                       trical current flowing through the
fluid stream is maintained because                                             titanyl phosphate crystals, is mini-
                                       contact of the cutting tool to the
the combined molecular weight of                                               mized by electrically grounding the
                                       workpiece to provide a feedback
the associated first and second                                                crystals to diffuse electrical
                                       signal which controls the depth
molecular species is effective to                                              discharges in the crystals caused
                                       of the cut.
minimize diffusion of the first                                                by an incident laser beam. In
species out of the analyte fluid                                               certain embodiments, electrically
stream.                                                                        conductive material is deposited
                                       Radial Electron-                        onto or into surfaces of the nonlin-
                                       Beam-Breakup                            ear crystal, and the electrically
Hydrostatic                            Transit-Time                            conductive surfaces are connected
                                       Oscillator                              to an electrical ground. To mini-
Extrusion Of
                                       Thomas J. T. Kwan and Michael A.        mize electrical discharges on
Copper-Silver Melt                                                             crystal surfaces that are not
Spun Ribbon                                                                    covered by the grounded electri-
Mary Ann Hill, John F. Bingert,        A radial electron beam breakup          cally conductive material, a
Sherri A. Bingert, and                 transit time oscillator (RBTO)          vacuum may be created around
Dan J. Thoma                           provides a compact high-power           the nonlinear crystal.
                                       microwave generator. The RBTO
A high-strength and high-conduc-       includes a coaxial vacuum
tance copper and silver conductor
is produced by combining a prede-
Blue, Green,
Orange, And Red
Ping Xie and Timothy R. Gosnell

A laser which produces visible light
at wavelengths in the blue, green,
orange, and red ranges is formed
by doping a substrate, such as an
optical fiber or waveguide, with
Pr3= ions and Yb3= ions. A light
pump such as a diode laser is used
to excite these ions into energy
states that will produce lasing at
the desired wavelengths. Tuning
elements such as prisms and grat-
ings are used to select desired
wavelengths for output.
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Strobl, Karlheinz                     Walker, Robert B.                      Cells
Patents (2):                          Copyright:                         Patent:
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Stutz, Roger                          Copyright:                             Blood Cells
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Unruh, Wes
Patent:                               Wolf, Michael A.
    Long Range Alpha Particle         Patent:
    Detector                              Long Range Alpha Particle
Distinguished   Distinguished                          Distinguished
Awards          Patent Award                           Licensing Award

                This award honors patent recipi-       This award honors innovators who
                ents whose technologies exhibit        have effectively used the
                outstanding innovation. The            Laboratory’s Licensing Program to
                Laboratory’s patent attorneys and      license their technologies. The
                representatives from the Civilian      award is determined by a selection
                and Industrial Technology Pro-         committee of nine members who
                gram Office rate all issued patents    represent the Licensing Program,
                and submit the ten highest rated to    the Intellectual Property Manage-
                a committee of Laboratory Fellows.     ment Group, the Business and
                The Fellows decide which patent is     Patent Law Office, and Civilian and
                most distinguished based on tech-      Industrial Technology Program
                nical advance, benefit of the          Office Management. The five
                invention to the mission of the        innovators nominated by members
                Laboratory, and adaptability of        of the committee are reviewed for
                the invention to public uses.          final determination based on the
                                                       number of technologies licensed,
                                                       the number of licenses per technol-
                Distinguished                          ogy, the individual’s support of
                Copyright Award                        multiple uses of their technologies
                This award honors the author(s) of     tion), the individual’s promotion of
                disclosed copyrighted materials        their technologies, the extent to
                determined to be extraordinary by      which the individual actively
                a selection committee of nine          engages in the licensing process,
                members who represent the              and the contribution the licensing
                Licensing Program, the Intellectual    activities make to the enhancement
                Property Management Group, the         of the University of California’s
                Business and Patent Law Office,        and the Laboratory’s reputation.
                and Civilian and Industrial Tech-
                nology Program Office
                Management. The six highest rated      Entrepreneur of the Year
                materials nominated by members
                of the committee were reviewed for     This award honors individuals who
                final determination based on           have successfully started and man-
                potential commercial applications,     aged, or contributed significantly
                programmatic impact, and poten-        to the development of, a Northern
                tial to enhance the reputation of      New Mexico business based on a
                the University of California and the   Los Alamos relationship. Nomi-
                Laboratory. In addition, if the        nees may be current or former
                copyrighted material is software,      employees or have a licensed tech-
                selection is based on whether the      nology from the Laboratory. The
                DOE requirements for distribution      award recipient exhibits the
                have been met.
characteristics of successful entre-         Los Alamos
preneurship, such as risk taking,        National Laboratory
strong personal commitment, and
creative thinking and ingenuity.                and the
The honoree has conducted
business relationships with the             US Department
highest integrity and has served              of Energy
as an inspirational role model in
encouraging others to engage in         would like to express
entrepreneurial activities that          appreciation to the
contribute to the Northern New          sponsors who helped
Mexico economy.                        make this event possible.

                                        Century Bank of Santa Fe

                                         EG&G Instruments, Inc.

                                          Hathaway Industrial
                                            Intel Corporation

                                        Los Alamos National Bank

                                               Los Alamos
                                           National Laboratory
                                            Director’s Office
                                             Motorola, Inc.

                                       Murphree Venture Partners

                                        Norsam Technologies, Inc.

                                        Trident Technologies, Inc.
                                         University of California

                                          Valley National Bank
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