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					The DATA Team and
    their plans…
   Improve data acquisition and data management at
    the site or incident level by:
       Building each Regions’ capacity to manage data
       Providing site-specific support to Regional operations
       Serving as the implementation arm of the IT Forum

                        Environmental Response Team
          Advisory Group

        Team Coordinators

Active Members              Alumni Members

          Environmental Response Team
   Team Coordinators (Elected to 1-year Terms):
       Martin McComb, R8 (Team Coordinator)
       Joe Schaefer, ERT (Capacity Building Coordinator)
       Randy Nattis, R4 (Site Support Coordinator)
   Active Members
       Eric Delgado, R6 (Deputy Team Coordinator)
       Dan Wainberg, R1 (Deputy Capacity Building Coordinator)
       Stephanie Wenning, R3 (Deputy Field Support Coordinator)
       John Gilbert, ERT (Deputy Field Support Coordinator)
   Alumni (reach back support)
       Mark Gallo, R2
       Bob Cibulskis, ERTEnvironmental Response Team

   Environmental Response Team
              Capacity Building
   Goals:
       Provide consistent Technical Direction to all START
       Facilitate incident-level Data Management Workshops
        to EPA staff and contractors
       Organize Data Management Symposiums that develop
        solutions to specific challenges
       Provide Training to EPA staff and contractors
                        Environmental Response Team
             Capacity Building
   Key Accomplishments
       Established Regional Data Management TDDs
       Developed Data Management Plan Guidance
       Inaugural Data Management Workshop
       OSC Readiness Training

                      Environmental Response Team
              2009 Workshop
   Tabletop Exercise
       Data injects
       GIS mapping products
   28 Attendees (Expert Data Managers)
       15 START, 13 Federal
       ERT, OEM, OSCs, RSCs, ER GIS Workgroup
       7 different companies

                          Environmental Response Team
                Site Support
   Goals:
       Analyze requirements and identify solutions
       Develop Data Management Plans
       Implement appropriate tools and SOPs
       Provide incident specific training and user support

                           Environmental Response Team
                       Site Support
                       Analyze Requirements     Develop Data     Implement    Direct Training
                         Develop Solutions    Management Plans   Tools/SOPs    and Support

    TVA Flyash

  Gulf States Steel

  Libby Asbestos

 Vermont Asbestos

  Empire Exercise

Liberty Rad Exercise

   NH Anthrax

                                   Environmental Response Team
NH Anthrax Support

    Environmental Response Team
        NH Anthrax Support
 R1DATA Team Member requested reach-
 back support to:
   Provide Scribe support
   Implement an innovative GIS visualization tool
    that R7 developed and presented at the 2009 Data
    Management Workshop

                 Environmental Response Team
            NH Anthrax Outcomes
   DATA Team provided technical support on the
    timeline required by the incident. It was important
    to get the data management going quickly to ensure
    partner agencies’ confidence in EPA.
   Technical support freed up the OSC and R1 staff to
    manage higher level issues of the incident.

                     Environmental Response Team
Data Management Plans

     Environmental Response Team
        Data Management Plans
   Scalable template of proven but generic guidance
    to manage specific data streams.
   Site specific customization to include tools,
    processes and reporting functions that were used.
   Integration of other plans as activities become
    more complex.
   Metadata and documentation for how data was
                   Environmental Response Team
               Potential DMP Topics
   Mercury Release                         Residential Exposure/Health
                                             Assessment Survey
   Residential Removal
                                            Bulking and Disposal
   MARSIM Radiation Survey
                                            Drinking Water Assessment
   Emergency Response w/
    AreaRAEs                                Oil Spill Response
   Anthrax                                 Activity-Based Sampling

                          Environmental Response Team
        Components of a DMP
I.     General Information
II.    Overall Workflow
III.   Data Collection Tools and Processes
IV.    Tabular Data Management Details
V.     Spatial Data Management Details
VI.    Data Verification Protocols
VII.   Data Analysis and Reporting Procedures
                     Environmental Response Team
      General Information
   Scenario
   Special Considerations
   Privacy Concerns
   Date of Last Update

                Environmental Response Team
           Overall Workflow
   Data Flow Diagram

   Roles and Responsibilities

                    Environmental Response Team
Data Flow Diagram

       DATA CAPTURE                      DATA CAPTURE
       Logbook/Field forms               Electronic (PDA/Terrasync)

                                         Temporary Database
                                         (merge fields and possible

       GIS database          Load to Scribe                           Archive


                                                                            DM Leader
       Figures                       Tables

                                                                            Not on small

                             Environmental Response Team
                     Log data management issues and track related tasks

                     Log Access Agreements, community interactions and track related tasks

                                                        Update Geodatabase               Update PDAs

                                                        PDA Download                 PDA Field Data Entry
                       Update Sampling
                       Project (Scribe)                 Occupant Form

                                                        Lot and Worker/Work Zone Sampling Forms

             Publish                                    Sample Preparation Spreadsheet                                              Laboratory Assignment

                                           Lab Services Request Spreadsheet

                                                                 Simplified Chain of Custody

                                                                 Access Agreement

                                                                 Chain of Custody

                       Update Analytical
                                                    Analytical EDD
                       Project (Scribe)

                                                          Public Mailings

         Subscribe        Combined Scribe Project         Libby 2 Reporting Tables

                                                          General Queries

      Property Sketches and Field Logs              Scan to PDF
                                                Environmental Response Team
                Collect Digital Photos                           Local File Structure
                               Roles and Responsibilities
                         Position                Agency             Name           Phone                     Email

GIS Coordinator                                TetraTech   Ed Madej            406-442-5588

Alternate GIS Coordinator                      TetraTech   Jessica Allewalt    406-442-5588

Field Teams (Coordinator)                      TetraTech   Mark Stockwell      406-295-9238

Field Teams (Alternate Coordinator)            TetraTech   Charles Mortensen   406-295-9238

Sampling Coordinator                           TetraTech   Angela Bolton       406-295-9238

Alternate Sampling Coordinator                 TetraTech   Randy Dorian        303-312-8832

Sample Prep Teams (Coordinator)                EPA         Randy Brown         303-312-

Sample Prep Teams (Alternate Coordinator)      EPA         Martin McComb       303-312-6963

Analytical Coordinator                         TetraTech   Jessica Allewalt    406-442-5588

Alternate Analytical Coordinator               TetraTech   Ed Madej            406-442-5588

Community Involvement Coordinator              TetraTech   Michelle Carlson    406-295-9238

Alternate Community Interaction Coordinator    TetraTech   Elane Dallas        406-442-5588

VOLPE Sample Broker                            CDM         Anni Autio          617-452-6257

MT-DEQ Project Officer                         MT-DEQ      Catherine LeCours   406-431-1630

EPA Team Leader                                EPA R8      Paul Peronard       303-312-6808

EPA Remedial Project Manager                   EPA R8      Kathryn Hernandez   303-312-6101

Technical Support Coordinator                  EPA ERT     Joe Schaefer        609-865-8111

Data Standards Coordinator                     EPA R8      Martin McComb       303-358-1974

                                              Environmental Response Team
          Data Collection
 Field Data Collection Methodology
 Data Deliverables (ie. Lab EDDs)
 Data Collection SOPs & Checklists

                  Environmental Response Team
             Tabular Data Management
   Data Processing Details

   Scribe Import Mappings

   Data Element Dictionary

   Entity Relationship Diagram

                     Environmental Response Team
          Spatial Data Management

   GIS Requirements

   Spatial Data Collection Methodologies

   GeoDatabase Format and Structure

   Spatial Data Reporting Requirements

                   Environmental Response Team
           Data Verification Protocols
   Verification SOPs & Checklists
   SQL Verification Queries

                   Environmental Response Team
          Data Analysis and
          Reporting Procedures

 Reporting   Requirements (Who is using the
 Reporting   SOPs & Procedures
 SQL   Reporting Queries
 GIS   / Spatial Data Visualization Requirements

                 Environmental Response Team
 DATA Team Contacts
Marty McComb, R8

Joe Schaefer, ERT
Capacity Building

Randy Nattis, R4
Field Support

           Environmental Response Team

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