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Business Travel

Contract Ref. R164/05

Effective 1.1.06 – 31.12.06 with an option to extend for 3 periods of 12 months

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   1      Preferred Agents                                      2

   2      Agent contact details                                  2

   3      Agents Fees and charges                                2

   4      How To Book                                            4

   5      Air Travel                                             4

   6      Rail Travel                                            4

   7      Visas, passports etc                                   4

   8      Group Travel                                           5

   9      Links to useful web sites                              5

   10     Hotels                                                 5

   11     Travel Insurance                                       5

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Issued January 01, 2006
 1.   Preferred Agents

 The University, following an extensive tendering exercise, has awarded the contract to two travel agents:

 Senior International Travel Group, based in Derby
 Good Travel Management, based in Hull

 Both Agents are able to provide a complete package of travel services covering air fares, group travel, visas
 and passports, currency, rail travel etc.

 2.   Agent Contact Details

Account Manager – Kevin Harrison               Account Director – Tim Upchurch             
Tel: 01482 325780                              Tel: 08702 413202

Fax: 01482.320647                              Fax: 01332.292976

Emergency contact no: 44 870 160 2144          Emergency Contact no. 0870 160 2130
e-mail:             e-mail

Purchasing Supplier Code : GOO0026             Purchasing Supplier Code: SEN0010

web:              web: On line enquiries & discounted fare search
                                               User Name:
                                               Password: HULL11
Account handlers:                              Account Handlers:
Phil Pedder e-mail      Main - Toni Forsey
Joanne Miller e-mail    Main - Michele Negus
Andrea Harrison e-mail                         Rail – Kerry Hall                       Back-up - Anne Sadler
Alison Lewis (Rail Travel only)

 3.   Agents Fees and Charges effective from 01.01.2006

 The travel sector has undergone many significant changes over the past few years and airlines, rail
 companies and hotels have reduced or removed the commissions that traditionally travel agents relied on.
 This has resulted in many services now incurring a booking charge. The details of the fees relating to each
 Agent are:

   Service                                Good Travel Management              Senior International Travel Ltd
   Published Airfares – Domestic       £10 per electronic ticket           £13 per electronic ticket
   Published Airfares – Europe         £17 per electronic ticket,          £18 per electronic ticket,
   Published Airfares -Longhaul        £22 per electronic ticket           £23 per electronic ticket
   Consolidated Airfares               £0 charge                           £0 charge
   Budget Airlines                     £15 per booking                     £ 15 per booking (up to 4 persons),
   Continental Rail                    £15 per booking                     £ 10 per booking
   Eurotunnel/Eurostar                 £15 per booking                     £ 10 per booking
   Ferry                               £10 per booking                     £ 10 per booking
   UK Rail                             £0 charge                           £0 charge
   Overseas Car hire                   £ 0 if paid for locally, £20 per    £ 5 per booking
                                       booking if billed back to the
   Foreign Currency                    3% commission payable,              1% commission payable with a
                                       minimum £5                          minimum £2.50 charge. Delivery

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      Issued January 01, 2006
Service                                   Good Travel Management                  Senior International Travel Ltd
Passport Application                   £15                                    £ 15
Visa Application                       £15                                    £ 15
Collection of Air or rail ticket on    At cost if charged by airline or       At cost if charged by airline or train
departure                              train company                          company
Air ticket re-issues                   £10                                    £10
Airport car parking                    £0                                     £0
Process a refund                       £10 on air or rail plus any            £10 on air or rail plus any supplier
                                       supplier charges                       charges
Overseas hotel reservations            £0 if charges settled by               £0 if charges settled by traveller.£ 5 if
                                       traveller.£ 5 if billed back/ £ if a   billed back/ £ if a pre-paid voucher
                                       pre-paid voucher
Delivery of tickets (air or rail)      No charges for delivery to Hull        Standard delivery via first class mail is
                                       Campus or Castle Hill.                 FOC. Tickets should be booked a
                                       Additional ad-hoc                      minimum of 4 days in advance.
                                       ticket deliveries are chargeable,      Special delivery at cost for
                                       therefore please try to keep to        emergencies.
                                       the 1200 cut off
                                       where possible.

    It is believed that the chosen agents will be able to provide the most cost efficient route for all air and
    rail fares. The charges made by the agents are to cover their operating and administration costs.

    4.       How to Book

    Contact your preferred agent directly to obtain timetables, availability and prices of the travel service
    you require. An official purchase order must be raised for all travel bookings. Purchase orders can
    either show the net/all inclusive fare, which includes all costs, fees, rebates and taxes, or an order line
    for each of the charges and rebates shown separately.

    If you are raising an order for a number of items these should all be shown separately as per the
    example below. It is also important that the detail entered on the order is sufficient for the travel agent
    to process the order.

    TRA001          Train ticket Passenger A.N.Other Hull/London/Hull
                    out on 31/12/03 return 05/01/05, Apex fare                             £ 57.00
    AIR001 Air Ticket Passenger name Prof A.N.Other, date of
                    departure 01/01/04, route Heathrow/ Singapore/Heathrow,
                    class: economy                                                         £350.00
    MIS003 Visa for Prof A.N.Other for Singapore                                           £ 10.00
    HOT001          Hotel Accommodation Prof A.N.Other
                    Hilton Singapore 3 nights from 1/1/04                                  £150.00

    Any amendments to orders should be advised to the travel agent by telephone and an amended order
    raised and sent to them that clearly states this is an amendment.

    Airlines have recently brought in ticketing time limits to overcome flight and multiple seat over-
    bookings. This has resulted in tickets having to be issued 42 days prior to departure. If bookings are
    made less than 42 days before travel the ticketing requirements of the airlines are that tickets are
    issued in 3-7 days. The agents will not issue tickets without a formal purchase order.

    The travel agents will invoice you upon issue of the tickets, invoices should be authorised upon ticket
    receipt and passed through to Finance for payment. Any changes made to air tickets will probably
    incur a charge from the airline.

    If a planned journey is cancelled and the air or rail ticket is no longer required the ticket must be
    returned back to the agent within 7 days so that a credit note can be issued.

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    Issued January 01, 2006
5.      Air Travel

Both Agents offer competitive air fares with the major airlines as well as the ‘no frills’ companies. They
are able to compare published airfares with consolidated and other low cost fares, many of which are
not available on the high street or internet.

When making air travel enquiries try not to be too specific, tell the agent where you want to travel and
ask them to give you alternatives. Give the agent alternative dates if convenient (a day either side
could perhaps enable you to obtain a cheaper fare).

Check the fare restrictions, a cheap fare may appear attractive but will often have a catch somewhere.

If you travel frequently contact the agents to provide them with your preferences, they can compile a
profile for you so that the next time you book you do not have to repeat all the information; or, if
preferred, you will be able to create your own profile by logging onto their respective web sites.

When travelling abroad, photocopy your passport and keep it separate from the original. If it is lost or
stolen it will be easier and quicker to obtain a replacement.

The agents are able to book flights on the low cost carriers, at present the University does not allow
internet ordering and it will be necessary to pay a booking fee for these flights. Please be aware that
low cost carriers are not always the cheapest or best option for flights to UK or Europe, many airlines
offer fares that are very competitive to the low cost carriers, with the advantage that the flight may be
more comfortable, the airport will be closer to the destination city (low cost carriers are notorious for
using airports many miles away from the city you are travelling to and the extra costs of transport into
the city and time involved in travelling can outweigh the benefit of travelling on a low cost carrier).

Both Agents offer a ‘lowest fare guarantee’ promise on published air flights. If you can find the same
flight itinerary cheaper elsewhere the Agents guarantee to match the fare.

Only Good Travel Management are able to provide tickets on the same day as ordered (if ordered prior
to 12:00 noon). Senior International will deliver tickets by 1 class post and you should allow 3 days for
delivery. Most air tickets are now ‘electronic’ so delivery is usually by e-mail accompanied by your

6.      Rail Travel

When booking train tickets, if you book in advance you can take advantage of APEX and other reduced
fares, the agents can also recommend alternatives such as booking two single tickets rather than a
return ticket which can often be more cost effective.

Only Good Travel Management are able to provide rail tickets on the same day as ordered. Tickets
ordered from Good’s prior to 12:00 noon will be delivered by 5:00pm (to Hull campus and Castle Hill
only). Senior International can provide rail tickets which will be despatched by 1 class post so you
need to allow for delivery (recommend 3 working days due to Royal Mail service).

7.      Visas and Passports

Both Agents can provide a passport and visa service to overseas travellers. Please discuss with them
your requirements. Make sure you allow enough time for the processing of passport and visa
applications prior to your departure.

8.      Group Travel

Both Agents can provide a service for the provision of group travel bookings for staff or students going
on field trips.

9.      Links to useful web sites

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Issued January 01, 2006
There are number of web sites that can provide useful information for UK and overseas travellers.
These can be found on the Purchasing Office web site on and then
select Travel from the Buyers Guide link.

Senior International have a web site which can be access from the Buyers Guide. On this site you can
search for flights (low cost, published, nett fares etc as well as trains).

Good Travel Management will be setting up an internet site so that you will be able to browse for flights
and timetables, this will be available by the end of March 2006.

10.      Overseas Hotels

Both Agents have special rate access to a wide range of hotel groups and can make the bookings for
you. On overseas hotel bookings the agents can either provide a pre-paid hotel voucher or a ‘bill-
back’- facility so that travellers only need to pay for their incidental expenses on departure.

11.     Travel Insurance

All travellers must have valid travel insurance, this can be annual cover for frequent business travellers,
or ad-hoc cover for travellers who only go abroad on University business occasionally. Information
about travel insurance is available on the Insurance Office web site -
where you can download an Annual Travel Insurance Proposal Form or by contacting the Mark
Hawksworth, Insurance Officer on 6403.

If you have any queries relating to business travel please contact the Purchasing Office on 5331 or

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Issued January 01, 2006

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