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									                                                                                                               January/February 2006
Claim 2003 CME allotments until
                                                                                             Fall 2006 RF/AGM
March 31                                                                                     September 14-16
Physicians are encouraged to use their 2003                                             The Sutton Place, Edmonton
Continuing Medical Education (CME) allotments.
Note that March 31 is the deadline to claim them.                                In this issue . . .
After that date, the 2003 allotment will be forfeited.
Members with expiring allotments should watch                                    •     Last chance to join POSP
their mail for reminder letters from the AMA.                                          Phase 2 ............................................ 2
                                                                                 •     Prefer electronic submission of
For more information, please contact Deanna J.
                                                                                       driver medical exam forms? .......... 3
Longmuir, Membership and Benefits Administrator,
AMA: deanna.longmuir@albertadoctors.org,                                         •     Calling for TD Meloche Monnex/
T 780.482.0324 or TF 1.800.272.9680, ext 324.                                          AMA Scholarship applicants .......... 4
                                                                                 •     AMA calls for Achievement Award
                                                                                       nominations ..................................... 5
Clarification of diagnostic and                                                  •     Syphilis screening alert .................. 6
treatment protocols for MVA patients                                             •     Physician and Family Support
New regulations regarding the diagnostic and                                           Program ........................................... 7
treatment protocols for motor vehicle accident                                   •     Order your mini fee schedule –
(MVA) patients came into effect October 2004. Since                                    while supplies last .......................... 8
that time, physicians have raised a number of                                    •     Recent web postings ....................... 9
issues regarding their experiences with the new                                  •     People ............................................ 10
The Alberta Medical Association (AMA) has been
working through these issues seeking solutions that
work for physicians and patients. As a result,                                                       Emailed this month:
Alberta Finance, Office of the Superintendent of
Insurance issued a bulletin clarifying issues raised
                                                                                √      MD Scope
by the AMA on behalf of physicians.                                             √      Section News
Physicians who are the most involved in the                                     √      Letter from Dr. Tzu-Kuang (T.K.) Lee
treatment of MVA patients have already been                                     √      Applications for Committee Service and
emailed directions to the information bulletin                                         Member Emeritus
online. To view the bulletin, visit www.alberta                         √              Terms of Reference of AMA Committees
doctors.org/MVAInsurance/Index. The site will                           √              Medicalendar
prompt a member sign in (member number and
password).                            Canada Post Publications Mail Agreement No. 40070054
                                                        Return Undeliverable Canadian Addresses to
                                         Alberta Medical Association, 12230 106 Ave NW, Edmonton AB T5N 3Z1
guidelines to help                                         What's new at POSP?
referring physicians
The Canadian
Association of                                             Last chance to join Phase 2
Radiologists                                               The Physician Office System Program
(CAR) has                                                  (POSP) Phase 2 is drawing to a close. To
adapted a set of                                           apply, physicians must submit their
appropriateness                                            applications to POSP before March 8.
                                                           Under the trilateral master agreement,
developed by the
                                                           POSP Phase 2 runs from April 1, 2003 to
Royal College of
                                                           March 31, 2006. While POSP is in place
Radiologists in
                                                           until March 31, the last opportunity for
Britain, that they
                                                           physicians to join Phase 2 of the program is
anticipate will
                                                           the March intake.
benefit referring physicians, patients and health
care delivery.                                             Physicians accepted by this date will be
                                                           eligible for 48 months of funding, change
The guidelines should help clinicians order the
                                                           management services to help them
best test first, allowing patients to be diagnosed
                                                           incorporate information technology in their
more quickly, leading to faster treatment and better
                                                           clinics, and support of the POSP technical
care, according to Dr. J.R. Bruce Bristowe, Past
                                                           team who test physician office systems and
President, Alberta Society of Radiologists (ASR)
                                                           represent the interests of physicians in the
and provincial representative, CAR Guidelines
                                                           evolving electronic health environment.
                                                           The POSP sponsors have indicated that
Dr. Bristowe stresses that the guidelines won't
                                                           after this intake, there will be no further
replace clinical judgment but rather will guide
                                                           monthly intakes until negotiations are
referring physicians in making the best decisions.
The guidelines will supplement consultations with
                                                           Physicians enrolled in POSP by the
radiologists and formalize the information they
                                                           deadline will continue to be eligible for
have been sharing with referring physicians for
                                                           48 months of funding and all the services
years. But now, information is accessible on a
                                                           offered through the program.
digital basis and can be integrated into order entry
and scheduling systems.                                    If interested in applying, please contact the
                                                           POSP office for more information:
This should make it easier for referring physicians
                                                           T 780.452.1616,
to keep up with the latest research and easily
                                                           TF 1.866.817.3875 or
reference, consult and order diagnostic imaging
exams. With evolving technology and the volume
of scientific studies published each year, the best        Application forms may be
practices and which is the “best test first” has not       downloaded from the
always been clear.                                         POSP website at
Scientific evidence is used to establish the best
possible diagnostic imaging exam given a
particular set of clinical symptoms. A CAR
committee will review and update the guidelines
The CAR guidelines are available online through
the Canadian Medical Association (cma.ca) and
the College of Family Physicians of Canada
(www.cfpc.ca), as well as through CAR at

January/February 2006 MD Scope                         2                         Alberta Medical Association
                              Primary Care Initiative
New Primary Care Networks help ring in the New Year
Rocky Mountain House and Chinook Primary Care Networks are the
latest Primary Care Networks (PCNs) to begin operating, bringing the
total to seven networks established around Alberta under the Primary
Care Initiative.
On January 1, the Rocky Mountain House network launched with
11 participating physicians centered in the town of Rocky Mountain
House. The network serves a largely rural network population of more than 16,000 patients.
Some key areas of focus for the network include: geriatrics, palliative care, mental health, information
technology and care of the chronically ill. Models of interdisciplinary teams and shared care are planned.
On December 1, the Chinook Primary Care Network began operating. The Chinook Health Region has a
unique approach to developing this network as the whole region is involved. The network has planned
initiatives specific to each community.
Phase 1 of that PCN is now operating with two Lethbridge clinics and rural communities in southern
Alberta, including Cardston, Pincher Creek and Taber. Phase 2 will begin in the near future. Once all
phases of the PCN are operating, it is expected that 80 physicians will be participating in the Chinook
Primary Care Network, providing care to more than 100,000 regional residents.
In addition to these networks, there are five other PCNs that began operations in 2005: Edmonton Southside
(May 1), WestView (June 1), Bonnyville/Aspen (July 1), Camrose (November 1) and Wood Buffalo
(November 1).

RF Region 6 members now                                   Ministry) are working together to update the
                                                          driver’s medical form, as well as examine
elected                                                   associated issues.

AMA members elected on December 19, 2005 as               One issue is privacy of driver’s personal medical
Representative Forum (RF) delegates for Region 6          information. The AMA supports finding
are:                                                      alternatives to submitting this information through
                                                          a third party. The government branch is currently
    Dr. Catherine G. Flood, GFT delegate - term           exploring the option of direct electronic submission
    expires Fall 2008                                     of medical information to its office and wants to
    Dr. Jody Ginsberg, new delegate - term expires        determine the level of physician interest.
    Fall 2008                                             By February 24, the AMA would like comments
                                                          from physicians with electronic office systems
    Dr. Christine P. Kyriakides, re-elected - term
                                                          about the following. Would it be preferable to
    expires Fall 2008                                     submit driver medical examination forms
Dr. Allan L. Bailey was re-elected by acclamation         electronically to the ministry rather than have third
to a three-year term as a suburban delegate.              parties (registries) collect the medical
                                                          Comments and/or concerns should be
Prefer electronic submission of                           forwarded to Janet E. Boyer,
driver medical exam forms?                                Coordinator, Professional Affairs,
                                                          AMA: janet.boyer@albertadoctors.org,
The AMA and the Driver Fitness and Monitoring             T 780.482.0305, F 780.482.5445.
Branch (Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation

Alberta Medical Association                           3                        January/February 2006 MD Scope
Government resource rebate
cheques gratefully accepted                                 Calling for TD Meloche
             Members are invited to help start                   Monnex/AMA
             raising funds for the 2007 AMA/
             Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF)
                                                            Scholarship applicants
             Medical Student Bursary. All
             donations go to Alberta medical
             students in financial need. The              March 31 is the deadline to apply for the $5,000
             charitable donations are tax                 TD Meloche Monnex/AMA Scholarship.
             deductible; receipts will be issued.
                                                          Scholarship applicants must be seeking
    The bursary program was initially established         additional training in a clinical area of
    six years ago, in partnership with the                recognized need in Alberta, be an Alberta
    CMF, Canadian Medical Association,                    Medical Association (AMA) member, plus be
    MD Management and the AMA, to alleviate               enrolled and accepted in a clinical program at
    escalating medical school tuition fees and to         least three months in length in a recognized
    assure every qualified student can afford to          educational facility.
    attend medical school.
                                                          The proposed program must be supplementary
    The program has distributed $396,000 to               to completion of a Royal College of Physicians
    Alberta medical students since 2000. Each             and Surgeons of Canada or College of Family
    bursary is $1,500, and 266 bursaries have been        Physicians of Canada certification program, or
    awarded to date.                                      the physician may be in an established practice
    Please consider making a donation, payable to         and wishing supplemental training.
    the Canadian Medical Foundation-Alberta               Dr. David J. Patton, of Calgary, was the 2005
    student bursaries. Mail it to: AMA/CMF                scholarship recipient. He is using the
    Medical Student Bursary, Alberta Medical              scholarship for a 15-month fellowship in
    Association, 12230 106 Ave NW, Edmonton AB            Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (CMR)
    T5N 3Z1. For more information, phone J. Glenn         Imaging to study at the Franz-Volhard-Klinik at
    McAthey, Manager, ADIUM Insurance Services            Campus Berlin-Buch in Berlin, the Children’s
    Inc., at 780.482.0307 or visit www.alberta            Hospital in Philadelphia and the Stephenson
    doctors.org/AwardsScholarships/                       Cardiac MR Centre in Calgary.
                                                          After completing his extra training, Dr. Patton
Help keep the history of medicine alive by donating       will return with skills to develop specialized
to the Alberta Medical Foundation (AMF) Fund.             expertise in the area of pediatric CMR imaging
The AMF is the only registered charitable                 in Alberta. Currently, there are no pediatric
foundation that promotes the research, study and          cardiologists in Western Canada trained in
appreciation of the history of medicine in Alberta.       CMR.
    Donations assist with funding medical history         To request a scholarship application form,
    research, purchasing medical history books for        please contact Pat Shinkewski, Coordinator,
    Alberta’s two medical school libraries and            Public Affairs, AMA: pat.shinkewski@
    supporting History of Medicine Days.                  albertadoctors.org, T 780.482.0315 or visit the
    Please consider making a donation, payable to         AMA website (www.albertadoctors.org/
    the AMF Medical History Fund. Mail it to the          AwardsScholarships/MonnexAMA)
    Alberta Medical Foundation, c/o Alberta
    Medical Association, 12230 106 Ave NW,
    Edmonton AB T5N 3Z1. For more information,
    visit the AMA website at www.albertadoctors.
    org/AMF/Index or phone 780.482.2626 and
    ask for the secretary of the AMF Fund.
    Help the AMF preserve the past in order to
    guide the future of medicine in Alberta.

January/February 2006 MD Scope                        4                          Alberta Medical Association
   AMA calls for
   nominations to
   in health care
   The Alberta Medical Association (AMA) is
   calling for Achievement Awards nominations            DUE Quarterly online:
   for individuals who have contributed to the          October 2005 addendum
   improvement of the quality of health care in
   Alberta. Nominations must be submitted by               and January 2006
   April 28. Awards will be presented at the
                                                       Drug-related nausea and vomiting may
   AMA annual general meeting, September 15,
                                                       be caused by improper drug usage,
   in Edmonton.
                                                       polypharmacy, drug-drug interactions,
   The Medal of Honor is awarded to a non-             drug-disease interactions or, sometimes,
   physician who has raised the standards of           toxicity.
   health care and contributed to the
                                                       The January issue of the Drug Use in the
   advancement of medical research, medical
                                                       Elderly (DUE) Quarterly reports on the
   education, health care organization and/or
                                                       approaches to nausea and vomiting that are
   health education of the public.
                                                       caused by drugs that affect the central
   The 2005 Medal of Honor recipient was a             nervous system.
   pharmacist and teacher, Dr. John A.
                                                       Visit www.albertadoctors.org/DUEQuarterly
   Bachynsky, Edmonton.
                                                       /Index to access the January issue, which is
   The Medal for Distinguished Service is              called “Drugs that impact nutritional intake,
   given to a physician who has made an                Part II: CNS drug-related nausea and
   outstanding personal contribution to                vomiting.”
   medicine and to the people of Alberta, and in
                                                       In addition, also find the October 2005
   the process has contributed to the art and
                                                       “Practically Speaking . . . Addendum” on the
   science of medicine while raising the
                                                       same web page. The addendum covers
   standards of medical practice.
                                                       dosing of drugs, as influenced by food, that
   The 2005 Medal for Distinguished Service            do not target the central nervous system but
   recipients include: Dr. William H. Lakey, an        may cause nausea and vomiting.
   Edmonton urologist and renal transplant
                                                       Watch for the April 2006 issue, which covers
   pioneer and Dr. S. Terence Myles, a Calgary
                                                       ocular effects of systemic medications.
   neurosurgeon and pediatric neurologist.
                                                       DUE Quarterly focuses on the provision of
   For more information about these
                                                       practical drug management information for
   prestigious Achievement Awards or to
                                                       practising clinicians.
   request a nomination form, please contact
   Pat Shinkewski, Coordinator, Public Affairs,        Comments and suggestions for future topics
   AMA: pat.shinkewski@albertadoctors.org,             are welcome. Please contact Candy L.
   T 780.482.0315 or visit the AMA website             Holland, Manager, Website and Publications,
   (www.albertadoctors.org/Awards                      AMA: candy.holland@albertadoctors. org,
   Scholarships/AchievementAwards).                    T 780.482.0675 or TF 1.800.272.9680, ext. 675.

Alberta Medical Association                        5                     January/February 2006 MD Scope
Syphilis screening alert:                                   CPSA introduces resource to
                                                            standardize methadone
Cases increasing in                                         treatment
Capital Health region                                       Physicians and other health care providers may
                                                            now access a resource that will guide them in how
Continuing to screen pregnant women for
                                                            best to use methadone as a possible treatment
syphilis is of increasing importance as the
                                                            method for opioid-dependent patients.
reports of infectious syphilis in the Capital
Health region unexpectedly increased in 2005,               This follows the work of an expert group of
as did the number of confirmed cases of                     physicians, established by the College of Physicians
congenital syphilis.                                        and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) in the fall of 2004,
                                                            to develop consensus standards and guidelines for
Congenital syphilis can result in neonatal
                                                            methadone maintenance treatment in Alberta.
death or severe malformations. The risk of
vertical transmission of primary syphilis in                The new Standards and Guidelines for Methadone
pregnancy is 70-100%. Another concern is that               Treatment in Alberta will improve patient care by
syphilis can increase the risk of HIV acquisition           increasing consistency of treatment, allowing
or transmission.                                            implementation of a quality assurance mechanism,
                                                            reducing illicit drug use and encouraging more
Suspect primary syphilis lesions should be
                                                            physicians to take opioid-dependent patients into
screened by a direct test (e.g., Fluorescent antibody
                                                            their practices.
for Treponemal pallidum) and by serologic tests
including an RPR, TPPA and FTA-ABS. Suspect                 The clinical practice resource also establishes a
secondary cases should be screened using an RPR             process of ongoing support to individual
and TPPA.                                                   practitioners. Following comprehensive stakeholder
                                                            consultations, the final document was approved by
    Continue to screen pregnant women for
                                                            the CPSA Council. Visit www.cpsa.ab.ca/
    syphilis with an RPR.
                                                            collegeprograms/methadone_standards.asp to
    Women at high risk for primary syphilis                 access the document and consultation summary.
    should be screened with treponemal test(s),
                                                            For more information about the CPSA Methadone
    and retested for HIV and syphilis at delivery
                                                            Program, please contact Chris Mayberry, Opioid
    even if earlier testing was negative.
                                                            Dependency Treatment Coordinator, CPSA, at
    Screen a pregnant woman – who has not                   780.412.2698 or cmayberry@cpsa.ab.ca.
    received antenatal care – for: syphilis (RPR),
                                                            Support for this project has been made possible
    HIV and hepatitis B surface antigen at delivery,
                                                            through a financial contribution from Health
    and other serology requested as per routine
                                                            Canada. The views expressed herein do not
    prenatal guidelines.
                                                            necessarily represent the views of Health Canada.
From January through October 2005, more than
110 locally acquired infectious cases of syphilis
were reported in the Capital Health region. The                                      Email from AMA:
expected number was zero. Five cases of congenital                                        It's the way
syphilis, including one neonatal death, were
reported. Four of the women were not tested for
                                                                                                 to go!
syphilis until the time of delivery. The fifth was                               Email is the best way to receive
tested two months prior to delivery but could not be           the latest information . . . in the least amount
located for treatment.                                         of time . . . in the most efficient way. If you
The majority of infectious syphilis cases were in the          haven't switched from fax or post, you may
heterosexual population; some reported sex with                want to think about it now!
known sex trade workers and others with casual                 Forward your email address by contacting
anonymous sexual encounters.                                   Kirsten M. Sieben, Membership and Benefits
For more information, please contact Dr. Ameeta E.             Administrator, AMA: kirsten.sieben@
Singh, Medical Director, Capital Health STD Centre,            albertadoctors.org, T 780.482.0323,
at 780.415.2825 or STD Centre staff at 780.413.5156.           TF 1.800.272.9680, ext. 323.

January/February 2006 MD Scope                          6                             Alberta Medical Association
                                                              March 4: Department of Anesthesia
                                                              Residents Retreat – Wearing Masks 2,
                                                              Dr. Dianne B. Maier, Canmore Inn & Suites,
                                                              March 24: Alberta Psychiatric Association
                                                              General Meeting; Writing About Your
          We cannot live better than in seeking               Clinical Experiences, Dr. Vincent M.
                  to become better.                           Hanlon; Medical Qi Gong Through
                                      Socrates                Calligraphy, Dr. Steven K.H. Aung; Reflect
                                                              upon your practice and build resilience – A
 How can PFSP assist you?                                     visual arts workshop, Dr. J. Rowan Scott;
 Request via the administration office                        Physicians’ Marriages, Challenges and
 (403.228.2880 or pfsp@albertadoctors.org):                   Solutions, Dr. Mike Meyers; Physician
                                                              Suicide, The Lasting Legacy, Dr. Mike
      An on-request presentation, workshop and/               Meyers, Rimrock Resort Hotel, Banff
      or seminar about physician health: work/life
      balance; physician stress and burnout;              For referral and counseling: TF 1.877.767.4637
      Physicians for Physicians; creating effective       24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year.
      healthy workplaces; effective conflict              Most of the time we can handle difficult or
      management; physician retirement – beyond           stressful events on our own. Other times, they
      the financials; mindful meditation; sleep,          interfere with our relationships, effectiveness,
      alertness and fatigue; the resilient medical        happiness, safety at home and work and even
      family; the medical marriage; health                our health. Call PFSP.
      promotion events and initiatives                    Assess yourself: I’m Safe.
      A support group in your community                           I    Illness?
 Look for PFSP-sponsored events in February                       M    Medication?
 and March:                                                       S    Stress?              Are you?
      February 2-4: Alberta Association of                        A    Alcohol?
      Surgeons – Physician Health, Issues for                     F    Fatigue?
      Surgeons, Dr. Dianne B. Maier, Rimrock                      E    Eating?
      Resort Hotel, Banff
                                                          Do you have a family physician? Physicians
      February 4: Second Annual Medical Student           for Physicians: Call TF 1.877.767.4637.
      Conference (sAMSCAR) – Mindfulness                  Do you recommend an annual health
      Meditation, Maureen Angen, PhD, Banff               assessment for your patients? What about your
      Centre, Banff                                       own? Do it now! PFSP keeps an updated list of
      February 23-26: Alberta College of Family           Physicians for Physicians.
      Physicians’ 51st Annual Scientific Assembly         Celebrate your profession! Contact PFSP:
      – Qi Gong for the Healer, Dr. Steven K.H.           403.228.2880 or pfsp@albertadoctors.org.
      Aung; Seven Secrets of Relational Intimacy,
                                                          Are you or your practice group ready to give a
      Dr. Rick Griffin; Mindfulness Meditation,
                                                          gift to your profession? Willing to see
      Dr. Maureen Angen and Dr. Leslie I. Ellestad;
                                                          physicians and their families in your practice.
      Docs Walking the Talk, Rimrock Resort Hotel,
                                                          The PFSP believes in a collegial, professional

Alberta Medical Association                           7                       January/February 2006 MD Scope
Join annual tournament;                                     Order your mini fee
support student bursaries
Get ready for friendly golf rivalry
                                                            schedule – while
between northern and southern Alberta
doctors to raise funds for Alberta                          supplies last
medical student bursaries.
                                                            Physicians may order, from the AMA, a mini fee
On Monday, August 14, the AMA and                           schedule: $20 for AMA members, $50 for non-
the College of Physicians and Surgeons                      members, including GST and postage.
of Alberta (CPSA) will be co-hosting one
of the oldest organized golf                                Quantities are limited.
tournaments in Alberta – the 79th                           The convenient, pocket-sized abbreviated version of
Annual North South Doctors’ Golf Tournament. It             the Schedule of Medical Benefits combines elements
will be held at the Red Deer Golf and County Club.          of the price list with the procedure list, contains the
Only 144 spots are available for this prestigious           entire Governing Rules package and includes the
event. Watch for registration information in April.         dental and podiatry schedules for anesthesia use.

All money raised will go toward the 2007                    To order the mini fee schedule, sign in to the AMA
AMA/Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF)                       website (www.albertadoctors.org/BillingAdvice/
Medical Student Bursary. Created in 2000, the               Index) and download the order form.
student bursary helps alleviate the financial burden        Print the form and mail it with your payment, by
faced by many medical students in Alberta.                  cheque, VISA or MasterCard, to Irene Townshend,
In addition to the McEachern Trophy, the                    Administrative Assistant, Practice Management
tournament will crown Alberta’s best physician              Program, Alberta Medical Association, 12230 106
      golfer, a title to be hotly contested and             Ave NW, Edmonton AB T5N 3Z1 or fax Irene at
      coveted among competitors.                            780.482.5445. For more information, email Irene
       The AMA and CPSA are taking over the reins
       from long-time tournament organizer
       Dr. Patrick B. Rose and, most recently,
       Dr. Patrick G. Heslip, who will continue to
       assist with the tournament.

                                                               Update AMA member info
Honoraria rates increase                                       Did you know you can
                                                               update your AMA
The AMA honoraria rates have increased, effective
                                                               member information such
January 1. Members will automatically receive the
                                                               as email and mailing
new honoraria and mileage rates for all meetings
                                                               addresses, phone and fax
after January 1.
                                                               numbers online?
For future reference, see the Guide for Honoraria and
                                                               Visit www.albertadoctors.
Expense Allowances on the website. Please sign in
                                                               org/BenefitsandServices/Intro, open the drop-
(AMA member number and website password) to
                                                               down menu and click on Update Your Profile.
view the documents on www.albertadoctors.org/
                                                               To sign in, use your AMA member number
                                                               and password.
In addition, find the Personal Expense Claim Form
                                                               Alternatively, contact Kirsten M. Sieben,
on the same web page.
                                                               Membership and Benefits Administrator,
For more details, please contact Marie J.                      AMA: kirsten.sieben@albertadoctors.org,
Frankovitch, Membership and Benefits                           T 780.482.0323, TF 1.800.272.9680, ext 323.
Administrator, Corporate Affairs, AMA: marie.
frankovitch@albertadoctors.org, T 780.482.0308.

January/February 2006 MD Scope                          8                             Alberta Medical Association
                                                            PFSP article, “Collegiality, wonder and
Recent postings to                                          celebration nourish growth”(from November/
AMA website                                                 December 2005 Alberta Doctors’ Digest) –
                                                            January DUE Quarterly – www.alberta
                  To find these recent postings             doctors.org/DUEQuarterly/Index
                  online, first sign in on
                  www.albertadoctors.org                    October 2005 DUE Quarterly “Practically
                  with your AMA member number               Speaking addendum” – www.alberta
                  and password.                             doctors.org/DUEQuarterly/Index
                                                            December 2005 MD Scope – www.alberta
                                                            November/December 2005 Alberta Doctors’
   AMA web calendar of events –
                                                            Digest – www.albertadoctors.org/Digest/Index
                                                            December 2005 Section News – www.alberta
   Practice and Locum Opportunities –
   Locum                                                 AMA/CMA members save time and money with
                                                         our free online clinical resources. Search OVID
   Medicalendar – www.albertadoctors.org/                Medline and other medical databases, and access
   Medicalendar/Index                                    MD Consult and EBSCOhost’s collection of medical
   December 9 and 22 President’s Letters –               reference books, journals and patient education
   www.albertadoctors.org/PresLetter/Index               materials.

   Achievement Awards news release –                     Through the Lexi-Online drug database, access
                                                         more than 8,000 Canadian brand names and
                                                         monographs. Visit cma.ca, click on Clinical
   Achievement Awards Nomination Form –                  Resources and log in or register. No CMA ID
   www.albertadoctors.org/Awards                         number? Please contact the CMA Member Service
   Scholarships/AchievementAwards                        Centre at 1.888.855.2555.
   Order a Mini Fee Schedule – www.alberta
   AMA/CMF Medical Student Bursary –
   Guide for Honoraria and Expense Allowance –
                                                                  @ your service
   HonorariaExpenses                                        Discover the wide range of benefits and
                                                            services available to you and your family
   Alberta Health and Wellness Bulletin Gen 52,
                                                            as a member of the AMA and the CMA.
   November 28, 2005; Tip-Line; Gen 53, Revised
   list of opted-out Alberta residents 2005-06              Refer to the AMA/CMA @ your service
   (replaces lists of Gen 48 and Gen 49); Gen 54,           guide – go to www.albertadoctors.org/
   Facility Listing updates – www.albertadoctors.           BenefitsandServices/Intro – for
   org/BillingAdvice/Index                                  information about membership and about
                                                            innovative products and services
   Clarifying Issues with Diagnostic and                    designed to meet your
   Treatment Protocols for Motor Vehicle Accident           professional, personal and
   Patients – Information Bulletin and letter from          financial needs.
   Senior Medical Advisory to the Superintendent
   of Insurance – www.albertadoctors.org/                   We’re pleased to be “at your
   MVAInsurance/Index                                       service.”

Alberta Medical Association                          9                       January/February 2006 MD Scope
       AMA benefits and
                                                     People . . .
          services                                   AMA Immediate Past President Dr. Jane E.
    ADIUM Insurance Services Inc.                    Ballantine, of Calgary, and AMA Executive
                                                     Director Michael A. Gormley, of Edmonton,
    T 780.482.2626     TF 1.800.272.9680
                                                     have each been awarded the Alberta
    AMA-Physician Locum Services                     Centennial Medal. The medal pays tribute
    T 780.482.2626     TF 1.800.272.9680             to Albertans whose achievements have
                                                     benefited their fellow citizens, their
    AMA, Southern Alberta Office
                                                     community and their province . . .
    T 403.266.3533      TF 1.866.830.1274
                                                     Dr. James E. Bell, of St. Albert, is the new
    Physician and Family Support Program             College of Physicians and Surgeons of
    TF 1.877.SOS.4MDS (1.877.767.4637)               Alberta representative to the AMA
                                                     Representative Forum (RF) . . . Dr. David W.
    Physician Office System Program                  Bond, of Edmonton, is the new past
    T 780.452.1616        TF 1.866.817.3875          president’s representative to the RF . . .
    Primary Care Initiative Program                  Dr. E. Sandra Corbett, of Fort McMurray,
    T 780.488.4350                                   is the new RF delegate and RMO president
                                                     for the Northern Lights Medical Staff
                                                     Association . . . Dr. William G. de Haas, of
     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                    Calgary, is the new RF delegate for the
                                                     Section of Plastic Surgery . . . Dr. Margaret F.
          AMA-endorsed                               Kirwan, of Grande Prairie, replaced
                                                     Dr. Marquis Fortin, of Montreal, as CMA
            services                                 speaker. Dr. Ernst P. Schuster, of Edmonton,
                                                     takes over as AMA speaker and Dr. Patrick J.
    Hertz Rent a Car (quote CMA rate                 White, of Edmonton, is the deputy speaker
    #84800)                 TF 1.800.263.0600        . . . Dr. Alan N. Lin, of Calgary, is the new
    MD Management Limited                            president of the Section of Plastic Surgery . . .
    Calgary           TF 1.800.661.4669              On December 31, 2005, long-term AMA legal
                                                     counsel Jon P. Rossall was recognized for
    Edmonton North    TF 1.800.282.6901
                                                     his professionalism and contribution to the
    Edmonton South    TF 1.877.434.1333
                                                     community with an appointment as Queen’s
    Lethbridge        TF 1.888.320.3431
                                                     Counsel . . . Dr. Rajnish K. Sherman, of
    NWT               TF 1.800.668.4480
                                                     Edmonton, is the new president of the
    TD Meloche Monnex                                Section of Emergency Medicine . . .
    (Home/auto insurance)TF 1.800.268.8955           Dr. Brian L. Siray, a family physician of
                                                     20 years in Black Diamond, was named
    VIA Rail (quote corporate rate #10248)           Family Physician of the Year by the Alberta
                           TF 1.888.842.7245         College of Family Physicians, and one of
                                                     Canada’s top 10 family doctors for 2005
                                                     by the College of Family Physicians of
                                                     Canada . . . Dr. B. Matt Wheatley, of
                                                     Edmonton, continues for another year as
                                                     the Section of Neurosurgery representative
                                                     to the RF.

January/February 2006 MD Scope                  10                          Alberta Medical Association

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