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									PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING!!!!! Shipping, Discounts, and

Here at we us USPS shipping. We offer two types of shipping, Priority and
Express. We only guarantee orders with express shipping. USPS usually delivers
Express in 1-2 days and priority in 2-3 days. If the weather in your area drops below 50F
at anytime in the day or night you should order a heat pack from our product section. If
you want your Express package guaranteed and it’s below 50F you must order a heat
pack. I do live in California, so usually West and Central states receive package a little
faster than East Coast customers. I do use 60hr heat packs so they even work well in
priority shipments. If there is a problem with a priority shipment we will work with our
customers to try and help out, but there are no guarantees. Please read the bottom
section below to get my thoughts on shipping.



Once upon a time before I started this site I would not sell less than 100 roaches to
anyone. My thought was that if you really wanted to start a breeding colony that was the
minimum number you should have. When I decided to create this site I wanted everyone
that wanted to try roaches to be able to buy them. This is why I broke my pricing down to
per ten on the more common feeder species. I do have a bonus program for repeat
customer buying roaches as feeders. If you want to start a colony I still recommend 100
as a good start. Customers looking to buy more than 100 are subject to discounts listed
101-200 receive 10% discount
201-500 receive 20% discount
501 and up receive 30% discount
The roaches do not need to be all the same species to qualify for a discount. I know
roaches are still expensive, but read my thoughts below on their value.

Value of Roaches:
There are plenty of places on this site where I talk about the food value of a roach. How
they have a much higher meat-to-shell ratio than common feeders therefore transferring
more goodies to your pets. Now I want to talk about their monetary value. Here are the
questions you should be asking yourself.
How long have I kept reptiles or inverts?
Will I continue to keep them for the foreseeable future?
How much do I pay on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly for feeders?
My answer’s where about 20 years, probably the rest of my life, and more than $500 a
year. The most frustrating part was when I would hatch babies I was paying for small
crickets of which about half would die before even being fed off. I turned to roaches for
two main reasons. The food value is 3-4 times that of a cricket, and I needed to cut down
on my food bill. I’ll be the first person to tell you it doesn’t happen overnight. It can take
several months to a year to build a colony worthy of meeting all your feeder needs, but it
takes very little work and with proper care is very easy. So after being patient and
building my colonies I soon cut out my food bill to a few bucks to feed my roaches a
month. I also had feeders of every size for my hatchling to adults. So if your thinking
about spending $50-$100 on roaches, just think about the long-term value and rewards.
This is where I will talk about shipping. Even though I have tons of roaches, I’m
always buying new stuff. I also get my stuff shipped express unless the weather
conditions are perfect. The $10-$15 price difference between priority and express is
worth it to me. If I’m sending $50-$100 or more for something its worth the extra few
buck for the guarantee. Remember your in this for the long-term value. Thanks again for
visiting and we hope to help in any way we can.
Thank you,
James Tuttle

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