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									     There is a lot of talk about social
   bookmarking when it comes to search
  engine optimization, and it's sometimes
 hard to see through the haze of marketing
              to the true facts.

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Basically, social book marking services go to sites such as Digg,
Stubmleupon, Reddit, Delicious and create links to your site, tag it
and share it with the world This can help drive traffic to your site in
two ways First, if you have a novel or interesting site, people will
naturally be drawn to it and Web Directory follow the links to your
 People spend hours on social book marking sites and use it to find
the majority of their information If you send readers to an interesting
article or valuable service, they will naturally send a link to their
friends, and their friends will do the same Secondly, each one of the
links provided by a social book marking service will deliver "link juice"
to your site
 "Link juice" is jargon for site credibility in the eyes of search engines
Social book marking sites have a lot of credibility, and with each link
it gives your site a bit of that credibility So even if nobody looks at
the social bookmark on Digg, the site will help your site a little more
 The way this works is that when the bots from Google or Bing
search your site, they find back links to sites with a lot of credibility
So even if it's just a blank link, those search spiders will assume that
there is a reason for the link, thus believing that your site has
credible information within There is a downside to social
bookmarking services though, there are many disreputable
companies that will take your money then spam social book marking
sites with garbage -- and that garbage is directly connected to your
 The social bookmarking sites don't like it and nor does Google,
using a dirt cheap social book marking service is an easy way to get
your site kicked out of search engine rankings completely So
webmasters looking to capitalize on somekeyword should make sure
they find a good service that goes at a natural pace with good
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