Child Custody and Visitation Rights – The Focal Point of Divorce Settlements

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					Child Custody and Visitation Rights – The Focal Point of Divorce Settlements

A divorce, more often than not, is the culmination of bitter acrimony and bickering between two
individuals which spills over into other spheres of life. A divorce is not the be all and end all of
everything. There are so many things to be taken into account. The children have to be taken
care of. The details for their financial support have to be worked out. Both parents must get
visitation rights and the parenting time has to be fixed. The first will depend a lot on the latter
and vice versa. Sometimes, there is a dispute between the parents on this issue. The matter
may be resolved by mutual consent and an amicable settlement arrived at. But if one or both
parents dig in their heels, the matter may go to trial and court verdict will be sought. This is
where a good child custody attorney in San Mateo will come into the picture.

It is not always that an attorney is required when a dispute goes to court. Reconciliation is his
primary job since warring parents leave a lasting scar on a child’s mind. He will try to resolve
issues through mutually agreed settlements and persuade the parents what will be best for the
child. It helps both parties avoid costly litigation expenses. A fair agreement which upholds this
should be arrived at. Only and only when he fails to convince the parents will he take it to court.
Then, of course he will stand up for his client strongly and take the legal route to get the best
possible deal.

Parenting time, that is the time each parent gets to spend with the child and financial
contribution for support is closely linked. The more the parenting time, the less is the amount of
child support. However, a lot depends on the income level of the parents also. A reputed child
custody lawyer in San Mateo will coordinate with his client to determine the extent that give and
take is possible. Some points can be compromised with, some are non-negotiable. If all fails, he
will represent his client in court efficiently to get a fair deal. San Mateo County has Child and
Family Services where child custody matters have to be settled at the earliest. He will prepare
his client for this task and represent him in all negotiations before taking the matter to court.

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Description: A divorce is a painful matter and the worst affected is the child. As a child custody lawyer in San Mateo, we ensure that he gets what is best for him and our client.