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					Costa Rica - Pure Attractions
Costa Rica is really a resort country which has a total of seventy four resorts located on its territory.
Lush greenery, mountains and ocean - that's what you must come here for. The country's main
attractions are generally : national resorts, hills and underwater caverns , waterfalls, picturesque
valleys and volcanoes. Over 25% of the place's territory are busy by government-protected pure
The first attraction is Arenal Volcano - one of the most famous active youthful volcano in costa rica.
All in all, there are about one-hundred-twenty volcanoes located on the place's territory, with seventy
active ones. Arenal is a high cone-shaped mountain, which is illuminated at night. Indians believed
the volcano would be a sacred animal. It absolutely was very active ahead of the XVI century. And
then in 1968, immediately after approximately 400 years of dormancy, the volcano erupted again.
NOwadays tourists from worldwide come to La Fortuna de San Carlos, an Indian negotiation situated
by the ft. Of the volcano. However , sometimes the pile is all covered with atmosphere and is hard to
observe. There are also lots of pools , ponds and falls found by the Arenal. Tourists will also similar to
local mini zoo with tropical seeing stars , snakes and other animals.
Poas Volcano is one of the country's most visited volcanoes. Its crater can be 1,5 km big and is one
of many largest craters on the globe. Entrance to the nationwide park is sealed during the volcano
eruption. You should definitely notice a beautiful Botos lagoon located in one of the nearby craters.
There is also a Sarchí town not far from Poas. This is the centre for Costa Rica timber handicrafts,
where you can purchase excellent hand-made things.
Irazú Volcano is situated 31 km north-west of Cartago. This is actually the highest of the productive
Costa Rica volcanoes. Gleam national park surrounding it. The top of the volcano is often in contrast
to the moon area and its crater includes a mineral lake, that changes its color from red in order to
Costa Rica is also famous for the parks. Local nature is almost the same as it absolutely was a million
years ago. A pair of of the most famous parks in Costa Rica are generally : Tortuguero National car
park and Manuel Antonio national park, framed by wonderful beach locations with clean white sand.
Manuel Antonio car park is ideal for bathing, sportfishing and wildlife pursuit : there are iguanas, red-
colored crabs and lizards living here.
550 km from costa rica coast there is an not inhabited Cocos Island, twenty four sq. Km huge.
Jacques-Yves Cousteau called it the most beautiful island on the globe. This is a wild forest-covered
place, untouched by simply civilization. The island is usually the centre with regard to diving and
thousands of people from all around the world come here annually to dip directly into crystal-clear
waters. On the list of other islands to visit in Costa Rica are generally Negritos and los Pájaros.
There are about 15 types of rainforests found on the country's small area. Monteverde is a foriegn
forest located on top of a mountain. The degree of humidity is really substantial , and there are about
120 Amphibia as well as reptile species dwelling here along with a hundred mammal species as well
as 400 bird varieties (including the famous quetzal - many people come to Costa Rica just to observe
this bird). Purchase a skytrek "take flight " to have a look at the bad weather forest from the
substantial trees.
These are just a few of Costa Rica's natural attractions - but the number of these is really high, since
country's economy is determined by travel industry. However , for some reason, travel customers are
mainly oriented about beach vacations but not eco tourism. However the number of eco travelers is
getting bigger and bigger annually.

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