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									Anderson Cooper Is Getting Ready for a
Summer Wedding

CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper only came out as gay a little over a week ago but,
according to a new report, his fans should already get ready to hear he's a married man. He and
his boyfriend of 3 years Ben Maisani will be getting hitched this summer.

  The report comes from The National Enquirer via the Daily Mail so, for what it's worth, know that
it's best taken with a grain of salt – or more.

 Sources close to the very low-key couple tell the tab that they have been talking about tying the knot
for about a year, ever since same-gender marriage became legal in New York.

 Now that Anderson is officially out, they have no reason to postpone it, especially since they know
they will be spending the rest of their life together.

 “He'd been considering breaking the news [about being gay] since same-sex marriage became legal
in the state of New York last summer,” says the spy.

 “It's been about a year now and he wants to get married to Ben. They're totally committed to one
another,” adds the insider.

 According to the tab, in his decision to come out, Anderson received the most support from his
mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, but also from friends and, of course, from Ben himself.

 “French-born Maisani, 39, lives with Cooper in his converted fire station townhouse and together
they enjoy a low-key lifestyle – workouts at Chelsea's David Barton Gym and dinners with friends,
including Kelly Ripa, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick,” the Mail writes.

 Gloria was also the key player in their reconciliation after they hit a rough patch last year because of
their busy work schedules.

 In the end, Anderson agreed to cut down on trips abroad as much as possible, while Ben said he'd
work fewer night shifts at his own Eastern Bloc bar in Manhattan's East Village.

 Whether the two are really preparing for the wedding we'll probably never know until the deed is
done – and even then it's uncertain, considering how private Cooper is.

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