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					                                                                  18 June 2010

Coming up in August, and now in its third year, is Toyota’s successful Fathers
and Sons Cricket Coaching day, which is held in Durban, East London, and
Johannesburg. This event is a must for any fathers and sons with an interest
in cricket, and it includes coaching from a number of professional cricketers.
One of those cricketers, who will be hosting the event, is retired star Shaun
Pollock, or Polly if you prefer, our ex-captain and one of the game’s great all-
rounders. I had a chat with him about the event and cricket in general…

Pollock doesn’t often get the chance to coach young boys. “I have 2 girls
myself”, he tells me. But despite having no sons of his own he enjoys the
events, which he says are “a lot of fun”, while stressing that it’s not a
completely frivolous exercise. “I think the idea is to get someone with a
history as a professional cricketer, who can provide some expert coaching in
a setting that’s enjoyable”, he says, adding that “it’s important to have the
fundamental steps before you start growing as a player, otherwise you
develop bad habits early on”. And the Fathers and Sons event is not just for
the boys. “It’s also important for the dads to get some good coaching tips too
so they can pass it on to the kids, and it’s also about a day that everyone can
enjoy – moms and daughters are also welcome”.

As the member of one of SA cricket’s most impressive families, his dad being
former SA fast-bowler Peter Pollock and his uncle the legendary all-rounder
Graeme Pollock, Polly knows the value of coaching first hand. “It was
important to have my dad around – the fundamentals were given to me at an
early age and it was because of this that my game was able to develop”. This
doesn’t mean that Pollock feels it’s a good idea to force the game on your
kids. “My dad didn’t put me under a lot of pressure – I think that’s important,
and any parents who want their kids to do well at sport should stress the
enjoyment factor, rather than emphasizing results and winning”, he says,
adding that fun is what Father & Sons is all about.

I ask Pollock how it feels to be retired. “I’d be lying if I said there were not
moments where I miss it – like when I see the Proteas doing well now, but to
be honest I think I had my share, I don’t even watch too much of it myself
now. If I had to choose one thing I miss the most it’s probably the batting more
than the bowling”. Despite saying that he isn’t too concerned with what’s
happening now, he is certainly knowledgeable about the current state of SA
cricket. When I ask about standout players he says “Dale Steyn has been
amazing – he’s a match winner, we need that kind of speed when it comes to
bowling. Morne Morkel too, with the two of them playing I know that SA cricket
is in good hands”, he says.

And with Polly coaching the kids at this year’s event, we know they’re in good
hands too!
Tickets for Fathers and Sons are R95 and must be booked in advance. For
more details on the event, and to register, go here:

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