NHS GREATER GLASGOW AND CLYDE

                      ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY

Lead Manager:                Mary Anne Kane, General Manager - Facilities
Responsible Director:        Alex McIntyre, Director of Facilities
Approved By:                 Sustainability P.I.G.
Date Approved:
Date for Review:             5th January 2011
Replaces Previous Version:   N/A

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde is committed to playing its part in the
development of a sustainable future for Scotland in the way we use
resources, plan and develop services and deliver effective and efficient
healthcare to the local community.

To this end the Health Board acknowledges that they have a responsibility
to consider the environmental implications of our corporate business
strategy and to support policies and programmes that will provide a
responsible approach to the management of the activities we undertake.

Our principal aim is to identify how and where we do or could impact on
the environment and to implement environmentally responsible practices
and procedures in order to reduce the overall impact of our activities and
future development. This can best be achieved by a combination of
improving our working practices, harnessing the efforts of our staff by
improving awareness of the issues and an on-going commitment to the
pursuance of technical improvements.

As part of our commitment to the environment, this policy statement has
been prepared to enable the Board to set targets by which continuous
environmental improvement can be measured.

As a measure of its commitment the Board will:

1.   Comply with and strive to exceed all legislative requirements and
     support the Scottish Executive’s sustainable development objectives.
2.   Designate a Senior Board member as an Environmental Champion.
3.   Demonstrate good environmental practice by adopting the
     GREENCODE environmental management system.
4.   Integrate environmental and social considerations into all its
     business decisions, adopt best practice wherever possible and
     promote initiatives aimed at conserving natural resources.
5.   Inform employees regarding the extent of the Board’s environmental
     impact and motivate and train them where appropriate, to
     understand and undertake their role in preventing, controlling and
     reducing that impact.
6.   Reduce the amount of natural resources used by adopting a carbon
     management plan.
7.   Ensure that all new developments meet the excellent rating within
     the BRE Environmental and Sustainability Standard.
8.   Set targets for energy and water use at all our sites and invest in
     appropriate new technology and staff awareness to ensure that
     targets are achieved.
9.    Prepare appropriate transport strategies for all major existing sites
      and new developments in line with the Scottish Executive’s greening
      transport objectives.
10.   Reduce waste from our sites by the adoption of waste minimisation
      techniques and by recycling wherever feasible.
11.   Put in place measures to ensure that any Contractors working on our
      site demonstrate an acceptable standard of waste management.
12.   Procure goods and services on a whole life basis in a way that
      achieves not only value for money but also generates benefits to
      society, the economy and the environment
13.   Ensure that the Board’s environmental performance is periodically
      audited, reviewed and an annual report prepared and publicly made
      available to all our stakeholders.

This policy will be made available to all members of staff and the public
and will be reviewed annually.

Policy Approved __________________ (Chief Executive)


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