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									Ready to Begin List

This ready to begin document is to ensure you know how to navigate the Blackboard course management system,
understand the assignments using Myitlab and the textbook. This MUST be completed before any grades can be
earned. There is a due date for it so please check the calendar. This assignment will help to determine if you have
reviewed all of the instructional materials and resources. Being able to read and follow directions is a necessary
skill to do well in online courses. This assignment will require those skills. Are you Ready?

Information Located in BlackBoard
    Read the syllabus (Getting Started)
    Read Online Learning Tips for Success (Getting Started)
    Read the Classroom Management Document (Getting Started)
    Complete the Do You Have the Technical Savvy? Assignment (Getting Started)
    Look at the hard copy assignment calendar (Calendar)
    Check to see that MS Excel 2010 (Office 2010) is installed on your computer. Make sure you have done a
      full installation. (Textbook/Software)
    If you have not done so, purchase your textbook. (Textbook/Software)
    Please post your first answer to the discussion group. Click on
           o Discussion Board (button located on the left side at the course website in BlackBoard)
           o Introduction
           o Add new thread. In the "Subject" box: Type in hello or any other subject line
           o In the "Message" box respond to the discussion question. This way you will be answering beneath
               the original discussion (thread).
           o Click submit
    Register at using the access code bundled with the textbook following the detailed
      instructions provided in the myitlab Student Registration PowerPoint or .pdf file. (myitlab information)
    Enroll into your myitlab course following the detailed instructions provided in the myitlab Student
      Registration PowerPoint (myitlab information)
    Run the Home Computer setup. (myitlab information)

Information Located at Myitlab course website
    Read the Assignment Sheet for Students (Welcome to OAT152 folder)
    Watch the “Video with explanation of course content” (Welcome to OAT152 folder)

When you have completed all of the above, take time to answer the questions below, Copy and paste the lines below
to a blank word document. Key your answers following the questions. Save the document as Last Name (this would
be your last name) + Begin List--last name-begin list. Once you have answered all questions, you should submit the
Ready to Begin list assignment via email. This is a required assignment for the course.

This Ready to Begin List assignment must be returned via email to your instructor as an attached Word file by the
due date requested.
     Course Number and Section:

   1. The course syllabus lists how many measurable performance objectives?
   2. What must you place in the subject line when sending emails to the instructor to assist in managing the many
        emails received from students?
   3.   Assignments are due at what time?
   4.   Do you have a copy of the correct textbook?
   5.   What software do you have installed on your computer to learn Excel? Office 2007 or Office 2010
   6.   Are you able to attach a file/files to an email?
   7.   Did you post your first message on the discussion board to show that you know how to use it?
   8.   What is the consequence of not completing assignments or assessments by the due date?
9. Are you aware that all students participating in Excel Level I will need to follow the same calendar and are not
    permitted extensions for assignments or exams?
10. Have you registered at myitlab?
11. Have you enrolled into your course at myitlab?
12. Did you complete the Home Computer setup?
13. Where are data files located?
14. Did you watch the “Video with explanation of course content”
15. Looking at the content-based assessment GO! Fix It Project 2H Confections on page 170, what skills are being
    covered? Project A, Project B or both.
16. What date is the Skill Based Exam for Chapter 2 due?
17. Where are solutions to the Content-Based Assessments located at the end of each chapter?
18. Graded assignments include Skill Based Training, Objective Quiz, Grader Project Exam and Skill-Based Exams.
    True or False

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