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Parent Governor Nomination Form

Mrs Maureen Casey

Children in Years 7 and 10

Why do you want to become a School Governor?

As a mother of three children, two of whom attend Whickham School, I would
like to make a positive contribution to this school by supporting the Governors
and staff with their approach for managing further improvements with the school
for the benefit of all the children and the local community.

What contribution do you feel you could make?

I have over 20 years commercial purchasing experience which ay help the
school with respect to it’s contracts, especially in the light of it moving away
from council budgetary control.

More importantly I recognise the challenges faced by our kids today; I want my
own kids to have every opportunity, to be happy, healthy and excel in a wide
range of academic and practical disciplines. My intention would be to work
alongside the other governors to ensure this is achievable for all our kids.

Please provide details about yourself – include interests, work
experience, membership of voluntary organisations/community groups:

When I’m not acting as a taxi driver for my children I like to keep fit, socialise
and read.

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