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									Characters in Computer Science

Author: Romi Satria Wahono • Published: August 25, 2007 • Category: Information Technology
Read the biography, is one of the therapy system of self-improvement. Within a few hours, you can
learn about the secrets of successful leaders, and examine their lives through the 60 years or even
more, during their lives. You'll also read about the successes and achievements. And understand
how many times the characters have to lose and fall up in the course to victory. While reading a
biography, you may get a surprising conclusion about how much excess you have. You may
conclude, "Hey, I can do this." You can make your life more meaningful. Biography help you find
your way.
With a philosophy that says "know the figures of computer science" is worked out. This paper
shows the history and biographies of figures who have been instrumental in developing the
business of Computer Science in different areas of arable, both in theory and implementation. List
of figures we are sorted in alphabetical order (first name), to facilitate the search. This paper is
under development, and will continue to grow in line with the new material that has been

       Adam Osborne
       Ada Augusta Lovelace
       Alan Turing
       Alan C. Kay
       Al Khwarizmi
       Andy Bechtolsheim
       Arthur C. Clarke

       Bill Atkinson
       Bill Gates
       Bjarne Stroustrup
       Bob Metcalfe
       Bob Taylor
       Brian Kernighan
       Bruce Schneier

       C. A. R. Hoare
       Carly Fiorina
       Charles Babbage
       Claude Shannon
       Christopher Alexander
    Daniel Bricklin
    David Packard
    David Boggs
    Dennis Ritchie
    Donald Knuth
    Douglas Englebart

    Edsgar W. Dijkstra
    Erich Gamma

    Frederick Emmons Terman

    Gary Kildall
    Gene Amdahl
    Gordon Bell
    Grace Murray Hopper
    Grady Booch

    Henry Ross Perot
    Howard Aiken

    Ivan Sutherland
    Ivar Jacobson

    J. Presper Eckert
    Jack Kilby
    James Clark
    James Gosling
    Jay W. Forrester
    Jerry Yang
    John Backus
    John Hennessy
    John Kemeny
    John V. Atanasoff
    John Vlissides
    John V. Mauchly
    John Warnock
    John von Neumann

    Ken Arnold
    Kenneth Thompson
    Konrad Zuse

    Larry Wall
    Leland Stanford
    Leonard Kleinrock
    Leonardo Chiariglione
    Leslie Lamport
    Linus Torvalds

    Marc Andreessen
    Marcian E. (Ted) Hoff
    Martin Hellman
    Marvin Minsky

    Nicholas Negroponte
    Nolan Bushnell
    Norm Abramson

    Paul Baran
    Phil Zimmermann

    Ralph Johnson
    Richard Feynman
    Richard Helm
    Richard Stallman
    Robert Noyce

    Samuel Morse
    Severo Ornstein
    Seymour Cray
    Seymour Papert
          Stanley Kubrick
          Steven Jobs

          Thomas J. Watson, Sr
          Thomas Kurtz
          Tim Berners-Lee

          Vannevar Bush
          Vint Cerf

          Whitfield Diffie
          William Hewlett
          William (Bill) Joy
          William Millard
          William Norris
          William Shockley

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