ces process flow ec warehouse by IntV6L2


									Centralized Examination Station

   C E S E X A M I N AT I O N P R O C E S S F L OW

               SEPTEMBER 14, 2011
                     Exam Notification

The CES is notified of exam based on type of exam:

    • Agriculture and Contraband Enforcement Team (CET) –
      Notification is sent to the CES by CBP. The hold sheet will specify
      whether the exam is a tailgate or full strip.

    • MET/Trade – Customs House Broker sends stamped 3461 to the
      CES. The CHB includes the CES in box 29 of the 3461.

With new agreement that is scheduled to take place on December 22,
2011, the CES operators will be required to be act as an AMS Service
Center. At this time, the CES will get notified of the exam hold and
release via AMS.
         Container Availability and Pick-up

The CES checks for container availability at terminal.

• If available for CES pick-up, the CES arranges to have container picked
  up from terminal within 24-48 hours.

• If not available for CES pick-up, the CES will resolve issue of availability
  thru known entities – including Steamship Line, Customs House Broker,
  Freight Forwarder and CBP.
                     Cargo Devanning

• Container is delivered to the CES and moved to cargo door

• Cargo is made available to CBP based on their instructions.

    •Full-strip - Entire contents of the container or devanned and laid
    out for inspection

    •Back-in (Tailgate) – Container is backed into door and doors are
    opened for inspectors to inspect cartons at door or tailgate of
    container. Tailgate may be converted to full strip.
                      Cargo Inspection

• CES provides CBP with report listing containers that have been picked
  up by CES and what stage the containers are in (in yard, at door, on
  floor, etc)

• Each exam type (AQI, CET and MET/Trade) is inspected by their
  respective team.

• Cargo may remain on Government hold after exam.

• After initial inspection, cargo may re-load or remain on floor dependant
  on type of additional hold and pending further release.

• Release status can be accessed via CES customer service or using
  CES internet tracking.
                Cargo Released by CBP

• After hold is released from CBP, the CES will:

    • Get payment or credit agreement for CES for exam charges
    • Check with Steamship Line for line release

• Container must have both Custom’s and Steamship Line release in
  order to release exam container

• Container is delivered.

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