Homes bought without Inspection

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					                                  Homes bought without Inspection

If you have identified a potential new home, and plan on submitting an offer, be sure to carefully
assess the status and quality of the home. Certain home sellers have completed a detailed home
inspection prior to listing their property for sale. In those rare instances, you may feel comfortable
relying on the report based on the quality of the inspection company. Companies such as Symmetrize
Home Inspection complete a thorough inspection in an unbiased fashion, and such reports are

In most cases, the home has not been inspected prior to listing. When that happens, you, as the
buyer, should not hesitate before contacting a reputable home inspection company. Completing a
detailed home inspection is imperative prior to closing on the purchase.

The home inspection report is very valuable as it clearly conveys the current condition of the home,
and identifies any issues you should be aware of prior to closing the purchase.

Unfortunately, many home buyers do not opt for a home inspection since they view it as just another
expense associated with buying a home. Often, these buyers already feel financially stretched by the
home buying process and they therefore take every opportunity to save money. Such a strategy
represents the classic “penny wise, pound foolish” since misunderstanding the quality and state of a
home can result in dramatic unforeseen costs and heartache upon taking possession.

A good home inspection pays for itself. First, there is the comfort in knowing that you buy a house
with your eyes wide open. Current problems are identified and the repair costs can be incorporated
into your offer price. Moreover, there is the peace of mind associated with moving your family into a
home that has been thoroughly investigated for safety-related issues. Taken together, these two
benefits are invaluable!

When deciding upon your home inspection, remember the following:

      Your home inspection should be conducted by a qualified home inspector, one who is
       associated with a reputable company in the industry.

      Seek referrals from friends or family who have recently bought homes.

      Make sure you are present during the inspection.

      Ask your home inspector any questions you may have. A good home inspector is always
       interested in providing feedback to their clients.

      Read through your report carefully! There is no substitute for a well-informed buyer.

      All homes have minor issues that have to be addressed. Recognize that as fact when buying a
       home, especially an older home.

      Homes are constantly in a state of flux. Remember that your home inspection is conducted at
       a point in time. Things can change. A dramatic storm can cause problems that did not exist
       at the time of inspection. Unfortunately, even a great home inspector cannot see into the

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