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									Several W
S                T Sh
         l Ways To Sharpen Y You
  Flirting Skills If You're Bad
 There are many people who just seem to
                              flirt. We've
  be born with the ability to flirt We ve all
  seen those people who can walk into a
  room and attract everyone with their
  natural charm. Unfortunately, for the rest
  of us, we're just not so good at it, in fact
  we may look downright dumb and clumsyclumsy.
 But, here's the good news-With a little
            effort                         flirt
  time and effort, you can learn how to flirt,
  even if you're really bad at it. And, here
              p     get you on you way.
  are a few tips to g y          y      y
Set Goals For Yourself Daily-
Practice makes perfect, so the best way
 to get better at it is to do it daily. You
 should try to practice for an hour a
 You can set goals such as maintaining
 g      y                   g
 good eye contact, smiling at strangers,g
 or even starting conversations with new
 people. Stick to it and you'll be well on
           t      f ti           fli ti
 your way to perfecting your flirting
Practice Smiling-
Staring and smiling at yourself in the
 mirror, isn't vain, it's actually a very
 helpful tool in flirting By practicing your
 smile in the mirror, imagining different
 situations such as check out counters,
 bank transactions, or even just passing
 by attractive strangers, you will know
 how t smile i your d il activities.
 h    to    il in        daily ti iti
 Keep practicing and it will soon come to
 you naturally
Rehearse Your Script-
Don't be shy, go ahead and write down a
 few phrases of what you might say when
 a situation to flirt arises. Search the web
 for opening phrases that sound natural,
 the last thing y
              g you want to do is sound
 like a robot when you're trying to flirt
 with someone. Practice until your
   h      fl       t
 phrases flow naturally.ll
Making A Stranger Laugh-
Just as we have instructed you to set
 daily goals for yourself, you should also
 try to make at least one stranger laugh
 daily. It feels good to make a stranger
 laugh, whether y
     g                            yj     y
                  you tell a funny joke you
 saw online, or you just try flirting with
 compliments, it's great practice. If you
     k         i tt       ti this d il
 make it a point to practice thi daily,
 you'll be an expert flirt before you know
Practice On People You're Not
  Interested In-
Just because we're telling you to
  practice practice, practice, doesn t mean
  practice, practice practice doesn't
  you have to do it on the super hotties.
  Instead get out there and p
           g                 practice on
  people you have no interests in, there's
  not any pressure this way, plus you'll
      k           ' d    It'     i / i
  make someone's day. It's a win/win
Practice With A Friend-
If you're still struggling even after
 practicing with all the above mentioned
 tips you may need to incorporate the
 help from a good friend.
Role playing might be a little
 uncomfortable at first but remember this
 is your friend, not a stranger. It's a
 wonderful technique to p
                     q                your
                             practice y
 flirting skills, so grab a friend and get to
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