Friends of St Josephs RC School, Brecon by IntV6L2


									                       Friends of St Josephs RC School, Brecon
                     Silver St, Llanfaes, Brecon, Powys, LD3 8BL

               Minutes of the Friends of St Josephs RC School held on
                           Thursday 24th September 2009.

                 Present                                          Apologies
Mrs J. Davidson                                 Mrs P. Draper
Miss A. Howe                                    Mrs L. Green
Mrs H. Covington                                Ms D. Addis
Mrs Z. Porter                                   Ms S. Stewart
Mrs H. Dunne
Miss J. Anderson
Mr A. Thornley
Mrs K. Lewis

Item               Points Discussed                              Decisions Made
       Opening Statement
 1                                                Many thanks to Mrs H. Dunne for all her
       The Friend of St Josephs RC School         hard work and support as Chairperson over
       Meeting was opened by Mrs H.               the last year and a bit.
       New Committee Appointments.                Chairperson: Mrs H. Covington
                                                  Vice Chair: Mrs H. Dunne
 2     The following people will take up the      Treasurer: Mrs Z. Porter
       new appointments within the                Secretary: Miss J. Anderson and Mr A.
       committee from 24th September 2009.        Thornley
       Financial position as at the 1st           Z. Porter gave a copy to all present of the
       September 2009.                            current financial position as of the 1st of
 3                                                September 2009.

                                                  Balance of Friends account £3356.66.
       Summer Fete 2009                           A thank you letter is to be sent to all those
                                                  who donated prises.
 4     Discussed how successful this event
       had been. And especially the success       Letter to be written by J. Anderson, and
       of the grand draw, due to the high         distributed by members who helped to
       level of prizes donated to the school.     organise them.
       Christmas shopping trip 2009               Trip to be arranged for November 14th 2009,
                                                  it will be to Cardiff this year for a change.
 5     Discussed where and when this event
       should occur.                              H. Covington to get a quote for a 33 and 15
                                                  seat bus to help reduce overheads for this

                                                  Williams buses £285 for 33 seats.

                                                  S. Donnelly to be informed and arrange
                                                  details once coach confirmed.
     October half term event.                  Autumn Fete to be held on 22nd October
                                               2009. Will commence after harvest festival
6    Discussion into the type of event to be   service at the school.
     held and the format for it to follow.     Stalls decided on :
                                               Pocket money
                                               Teddy tombola
                                               Face painting
                                               Filled jar stall
                                               Tea and coffee to be provided.

                                               J. Anderson to organise a letter before the
                                               5th October, explaining jars, asking for
                                               donations to school office and volunteers for
                                               the event.
     Individually designed Christmas           We will to do this again.
7                                              H. Dunne to contact company and arrange

                                               Letter to explain how to do the cards to go
                                               out with packs.
     Curry and movie night.                    To be arranged for 11th February 2010.

8    Discussion into format of event and       Children to watch movie while adults to
     date to occur.                            have social gathering.

                                               Possibly sell alcohol, sweets, popcorn,
                                               drinks and a meal.

                                               Licence for one off event to sell alcohol

                                               K. Lewis to check with Mrs Winston about
                                               having hot food at the event.
     Body shop party                           Will not arrange before Christmas, possible
                                               joint event at Easter along with other stalls
9                                              such as chocoholic.

                                               H. Covington to contact and ask about doing
                                               a joint evening.
     Chocoholics                               Will not do orders before Christmas,
                                               possible joint event at Easter.
                                               Z. Porter to contact and ass about doing a
                                               joint event or a party around Easter.
      Yellow Moon Catalogues                   Z. Porter to arrange these to go out with the
                                               letter for parents about autumn fete on the
 11                                            5th of October. This is dependent on when
                                               the orders have to be back at school.

                                               Note to be attached to catalogue with return
                                               to school date.
      School stall at the Town Christmas       Z. Porter to talk to organisers to see if any
12    fete.                                    available stalls for the school.
      Farmers Market Type event.               This will not be done in the run up to
                                               Christmas but possible future event.
      Summer Ball                              Possible date 10th July 2010.
      Discussion into where and when to        Z. Porter to contact relevant person at
      take place.                              Dering Lines about prices and available

                                               Ball committee to be arranged at next
                                               meeting to allow time to plan event.
      Food Hygiene certificates.               L. Porter to do food hygiene course.
                                               J. Davidson also has valid certificate.
      Summer Fete.                             To be on the 19th June 2010.
                                               H. Dunne to contact and book town band for
                                               this event.
      Church Christmas fete.                   Fete to be held on the 28th November 2009.
                                               Although children not singing at lights this
                                               year. Children will be able to sing at the fete
                                               to show their support for the community.
      Dates for the diary for upcoming year.   22nd October 2009 Autumn fete
 18                                            14th November 2009 Shopping trip
                                               28th November 2009 Church and town fete
                                               19th June 2010 School fete
                                               26th June 2010 Leckwith catholic sports day.
                                               30th June 2010 School sports day
                                               10th July 2010 Summer ball
                                               14th and 15th July 2010 School concert.
      Requests from school.
      £1125.00. Towards 2 new climbing         All voted yes for these playground items.
      walls for school playground. To be
      used in winter.

      £150.00. Towards science equipment.      All voted yes for this request.
      Date of next Friends meeting
 20                                            Thursday 15th October 2009. At the school
                                               hall at 3.45 pm.

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