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									Punctual MattNerbonne Press Release
 There are numerous ways of successfully starting and running a business.

  MattNerbonne maps out a couple proven ways to increase a company’s overall ROI and

  In many ways your time is more valuable than money. You’ll always have the opportunity to
make more money, but once all your time has been spent it’s gone forever. When you think of time
as a commodity, and all of your actions as investments, it modifies the way you go about every
day decisions.

  Most people think their time is not valuable when they aren’t working, so they throw it away on
activities that have a low return on investment and don’t build for the future. The actual truth is, no
one else is going to consider your time valuable until you do. If you want to gain the wealth that will
provide the freedom to live your ideal lifestyle, start thinking of every decision as an investment.
Nothing is not significant.

  Numerous studies have shown that companies’ return on innovation (ROI) or hit rate is
somewhere between 2-10%. Which is another way of remarking that around 90% of all innovation
efforts are never materialized or used overall.

  Planned investment terms set actual dates for your business to keep money with certain
companies or venture capital opportunities. This enables your business to withdraw its money and
physically access its investment profits. The company can as well choose to invest the funds in a
separate sector of the market that could be performing better than previous companies or firms.
Using this strategy within your own business allows your company set absolute dates for
departments to begin showing positive ROI before you either terminate the departments or rethink
your strategies.

 Investors usually look for companies with ROI that are high and growing.

  Decision makers often look for ways to improve Returns on Investment by lowering costs,
increasing gains, or accelerating gains.

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