Road Rage by P-PiePress


Pray you never see Walter Haskell's headlights in your rear-view mirror. This road-raging vigilante roars up and down the highway, burning rubber as he guns for reckless drivers with his fast and furious moves. Walter plays for keeps in his war to make the roads safe—and redeem himself for a terrible accident that totaled his life. But one night, the road warrior becomes a moving target, as the actual highway comes to life and strikes back. It's the ultimate case of road rage as the haunted pavement turns against Walter, racing him through a nightmare journey where the final exit is Hell itself. Don't miss this edgy, exciting, and surprising horror thriller in the tradition of Stephen King. It's the latest story from award-winning storyteller Robert T. Jeschonek, a master of unique and unexpected fiction that packs a punch. This award-winning writer's fiction, comics, essays, articles, and podcasts have been published around the world. DC Comics, Simon & Schuster, and DAW Books have published his work. His story, "Fear of Rain," was nominated for the British Fantasy Award. His young adult urban fantasy novel, My Favorite Band Does Not Exist, is now available from Clarion Books/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and received a starred review from Booklist.

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