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									Timeless Conflict
Author: Ute Perkins

Edition: 1

Some 5,000 years ago an ancient race of immortal beings brought humanity into existence by pulling
them from their grass huts and caves and into a modernistic society along the Nile river valleys. For
centuries, mankind flourished under the tutelage of these immortals until a group of men became
conscious of the power their living gods possessed and plotted to eliminate them... the group, the
Masons, nearly succeeded.Since the decimation of his people Warren Alexander has roamed throughout
the world feeding on humans in order to conceal his true identity. As one of the few survivors of their
ancient immortal race he now walks undetected amongst the humans while he hunts the members of the
group of men that killed his family and virtually eliminated his people.When Warren meets the step-
daughter of a direct descendant and participating member of these Masons he draws the girl close, in an
effort to reach her step-father and access to the Mason organization. Not expecting to, Warren begins to
fall in love with the girl as they race to avoid the FBI and the secret Masonic guard that has been trained
to capture and eliminate the immortal threat. Now, Warren must not only fight to save his own life, but the
life of the girl he has grown to love.

There were no screams, just rapid breathing. His prey was paralyzed and without use of all their
extremities except those involuntary motions needed to sustain life. While they could breathe and had full
use of their sight, the toxin prevented them from speaking or moving. With the exception of the
occasional gurgle and their coarse breathing, the victims were silent.He first picked up the girl driving the
car and walked over to the bear. Tossing the animal onto its back, he sat upon its belly and began to eat,
conscious that he was leaving evidence on the bear's thick brown coat.Rachel watched the outlines of the
gruesome spectacle before her as the dim moonlight created a sinister silhouette through the thick
darkness. Finally, the malevolent scene was too much. She closed her eyes tightly and prepared for what
was going to happen when this thing had finished with her friend.With a hiss-like whisper, but clearly
audible and distinct, Rachel heard what could only be described as humming. It was low and quiet, but to
call it a hum would not be correct. The beast was generating a tortured and sad melody. Although fear
raged through her body as she listened to the beast devour her friend, the tune was hypnotic, slowly
giving way to the sadness in the creature's sound. It pulled at her heart with such intensity that it hurt.
Author Bio
Ute Perkins
Ute Perkins grew up in a small southern Nevada town. He served in the U.S. Army for 5 years during
which he participated in Operation Desert Storm. Upon completion of his military obligation, Ute earned
his bachelors degree from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tn. Later he completed his MBA
from Eastern University in Harrisburg, Pa. He has lived in Nevada, Tennessee, Missouri, and now resides
in Pennsylvania with his wife and four children. Ute has traveled a great deal for his job and enjoys
traveling and spending time with his wife and family.

Bodies are showing up in the mountainous areas of Western Montana stripped to the bone. Animal
attacks? Maybe, but something just doesn't make sense to FBI agents, Marcus Reading and Travis
Russell. Usually, with an animal attack, the bones are visibly gnawed on and scattered around the area,
but this killer seems to be taking great care in how it eats its prey. The only theory that makes any
sense is another Jeffrey Dahmer type of cannibalistic serial killer. Or maybe, they ponder, it is a cult-like
game among college students. Then, just when it seems like you have indentified this as just another FBI
murder mystery/thriller, the author throws in an ingenious fantasy component that puts an interesting
twist on events in history, including the origins of Egyptian civilization and the secret brotherhood of the
Masons. That's all I am going to say about the plot, though, because part of the beauty of this book is
how the story unfolds gradually, revealing crucial details that allow you to slowly put the puzzle together.
Each reader needs to experience the journey themselves, with no spoilers, to get the most out of the
experience. It's one of those stories that open up your mind to alternate possibilities which are still rolling
around in your mind after the last page is turned. It's the type of book that you want to talk about
afterwards to keep the story going in some sense.I don't even know quite where to start with my review
because I am filled to overflowing with praise for this book. Ute Perkins has definitely succeeded in
putting all the different ingredients together to make the perfect recipe for an edge of your seat suspense
story. The anticipation begins with the intriguing title, and then it is like the best amusement park ride,
taking the reader up to great heights of suspense, then plunging them down again, and being able to do it
all over again at other key points in the story. It had me hook, line, and sinker from Page 1.The
characters are strong, believable, and interesting, and the relationships between the characters are well
developed. As the age-old battle between two groups intensifies once again, you feel the frustrations,
tension, and fear of everyone involved, and there were many times when I felt like I was running with the
characters as they tried desperately to evade their pursuers. Throughout the story, we follow the
characters through their inner turmoil and battles to do what is right but which also fulfills their desires.
We meet Marcus who is torn between upholding his duty as an FBI agent to protect his country and its
people and fighting for what his instincts tell him is right. And then there is Warren who is torn between
his growing and barely controllable feelings for Rachel and his desire to save her and his perpetual goal to
eliminate the Mason bloodline and avenge the extermination of his race. In order to save Rachel, will he
be able to make the ultimate sacrifice? He may have to face the failure of not fulfilling his people's
vendetta! On the one hand Warren seems like such a cruel, savage beast, but on the other hand you
really feel for him and his cause.Perkins is a gifted writer with excellent descriptive skills and wonderful
use of similes and metaphors to help make the story visual for the reader. He definitely has a way with
words – his writing just flows. I knew it was a great read when I almost didn't go to work one day. I just
couldn't put it down because the suspense builds so gradually that it almost drives you crazy.

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