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									Black Hills
Author: Jay Kirschenmann

Explore the Black Hills of South Dakota with Tourist Town GuidesR. Revised and updated, use this guide
to discover the striking natural beauty, abundant wildlife and many attractions that the Hills have to offer,
including: the best area attractions, top dining and shopping choices, the Badlands' unique landscape,
and more!From iconic Mount Rushmore to the historic Mammoth Site, use this guide to discover the best
of what the Black Hills has to offer.
Author Bio
Jay Kirschenmann
Jay Kirschenmann is a full-time news and feature writer for a national news service. He's based in Sioux
Falls, South Dakota, where he writes about local and national artists, musicians and actors. He has
visited the Black Hills dozens of times as a child, a parent, and now with his wife, Jane, as empty

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