2008/09 Scholarship Recipients by A5HD259


									South Australia Premier’s Nursing and Midwifery Scholarship Recipient Reports

 These reports are written by nurses and midwives who have undertaken either international
 or Australasian study tours by visiting other health organisations over the past few years. The
 reports describe their learning’s, the knowledge gained and skills and attributes required, in
 order to benefit and make a difference to professional practice and community outcomes.

 2008/09 Scholarship Recipients

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 Michele Biggs – To gain strategies involved in establishing the role of Community Palliative
 Care Nurse Practitioner in the Northern region of Adelaide

 Raya Dubyna – To build on knowledge of pregnancy-related drug and alcohol issues. To
 identify appropriate screening methods and specific interventions to improve outcomes for the
 mother and child.

 Wendy Fraser & Jacky Talmet – To observe and consult on potential process of nurse non
 medical prescribing for Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) Nurses

 Andrea Marsh – Investigate best practice in Oncology management, particularly cytotoxic
 use. To investigate incorporating a young breast cancer survivor program into health services

 Megan Wake & Carla Zampatti – To examine the training of Resuscitation Nurses in
 Emergency Departments at Level 1 Trauma facilities in the Unites States of America and

 2009/10 Scholarship Recipients

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 Tracey Nicholls - Developing the ENT Perioperative Nurse Practitioner (USA)

 Jenny Hurley - Explore innovative strategies to support the nursing and midwifery
 information system (USA)

 Karleen Thornton - Observe current practices and the role that emancipatory practice
 development plays in acute care settings (UK)

 Georgina Paterson - Improving health outcomes for children and young people with chronic
 conditions, specifically asthma (UK)

 Lyn Croft & Karen Monaghan - Observe innovative mental health nursing practices and
 systems that address contemporary issues of the care and custody of forensic mental health
 patients (UK, Canada)

 Linda Nobes & Susan Wilson - Observe continuity of nursing care for people with serious
 mental illness at risk of developing Metabolic Syndrome (NZ)

 2010/11 Scholarship Recipients

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 Valerie Aylesbury - To investigate early intervention programs with an infant mental health
 focus in pre-school children (USA, Canada)

 Danielle Bowden – To investigate how other communities have commenced and promoted
 new services; planned and evaluated health promotional group activities; community
 partnerships – governance structure and sustainability of programs (UK)
Debra Earl - Investigate the UK model of Nurse Led Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinics

Karen Harlin & Cathi Montague – To examine health care delivery in contemporary
correctional environments. To inform the direction of the SA Prison Health Service in
establishing a strongly nurse-led service within this challenging practice setting.
(Australia, UK and Ireland)

Alison Slinn - Investigate the Nationwide implementation of the “Community Matron”
program across the UK – hospital avoidance program specifically for older people

2011/12 Scholarship Recipients

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