When You Can’t Afford to Relocate or Remodel, Redecorate with New Bedroom Furniture! by luxurycomfortersets


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									 When You Can’t Afford to Relocate or Remodel, Redecorate with New Bedroom Furniture!

                                                      There comes a time in many a person’s life in
                                                      which he or she needs to decide whether or not it
                                                      is better to move or to remodel his or her home.
                                                      This decision usually comes about due to an
                                                      increase in family size or a change in disposable
                                                      income levels, but whatever the reason, it is a
                                                      decision that should neither be taken lightly nor is
                                                      it a decision that comes without possible monetary

                                                      Several questions must be raised when deciding
                                                      between whether to move or remodel your
current home:

       Will remodeling make your home more valuable than all the other houses in the neighborhood?
        If you spend money to remodel and your house ends up being the nicest on the block, when it
        comes time to sell, all that remodeling will work to your detriment because not many people
        will want to buy the most expensive house on the block when they can spend the same amount
        of money to buy a more average house in a more expensive neighborhood.
        Do you like the neighborhood you currently reside in?
       Do you have the space or the ability to expand the size of your house within your lot size?
       Can you afford to move?

Whatever your individual circumstances, whether you choose to move or remodel, you will most likely
find that there are high monetary risks you may be taking. If you choose to remodel, there is a good
chance that you may not see any returns on the money you invested on upgrading your house; although
one can usually expect about a 63% return on the amount spent to remodel a kitchen when it comes
time to sell the house, if the housing market has a depreciated the value, you will not be seeing any
return on your remodeling investment. If you choose to move, you will end up spending about $40,000
in financing charges, real estate commissions, utility deposits, moving costs, and other unexpected costs
and fees that are pure expenses – money you spent with no chance of any kind of return.

If these kinds of monetary risks are not feasible for you to absorb at the moment, your best bet at
upgrading your living environment is most likely to simply redecorate the existing rooms of your house.
Doing something as uncomplicated as changing up furniture, such as couches or bedroom furniture
sets, has the ability to breathe new life into a room as well as make it much more comfortable and fit for
modern living. Redecorating the rooms of your house doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of
money buying new things. You always have the option to redo existing furniture and fixtures. Adding
new knobs to cabinets or sewing new pillows to match your traditional bedroom furniture are just two
small things among many others that you can do to your home to cumulatively add up to give your
entire house a fresh, updated look.

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