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									                     PROFESSIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
                                         DRAFT MINUTES

                                         17 June 2008
                             Committee Room, St. Catherine’s Hospital


Members:            Medical Director – Wallasey Locality (Chair)     Dr Shyamal Mukherjee
                    Chief Executive                                  Ms Kathy Doran
                    Director of Finance                              Mr Russell Favager
                    Clinician                                        Dr Phil Jennings
                    Nurse Consultant                                 Ms Maggie Johnson
                    Medical Director – Employed Services             Dr Katy Kidd
                    Director of Strategic Partnerships               Mrs Tina Long
                    Medical Director – Birkenhead Locality           Dr Abhi Mantgani
                    Clinician                                        Dr Peter Naylor
                    Non Executive Director                           Mr Michael Roach
                    Medical Director – Bebington & West Wirral       Dr Shanila Roohi
                    Director of Primary Care & Provider Services     Mr John South

In Attendance:      Head of Bebington & West Wirral Locality         Mr Glenn Coleman
                    Head of Birkenhead Locality                      Mr Paul Edwards
                    Head of Wallasey Locality                        Mr Iain Stewart
                    Head of Contracts & Commissioning                Mrs Geraldine Murphy-
                    Divisional Head of Service Redesign              Mrs Alison Shead
                    Deputy Director of Public Health (attending on   Mrs Sue Drew
                    behalf of Marie Armitage)

Guests:             PBC Project Manager for Birkenhead (Ref: 058)    Ms Norma Currie
                    Prescribing Adviser (Ref: 060)                   Ms Lesley Irvin
                    Head of Dietetics (Ref: 057)                     Ms Lowri Lloyd-Jones
                    Head of Integrated Childrens Services (Ref:      Mrs Jane Lunt
                    PCT Dental Lead (Ref: 054/055)                   Ms Karina Klause
                    Joint Commissioning Manager, Mental Health       Mrs Debbie Mayor
                    (Ref: 056)
                    Wirral Dental Modernisation Manager (Ref:        Mrs Dilys Quinlan
                    Head of Therapies & Rehabilitation (Ref: 057)    Ms Jenna Ryan

Reference                                                 Minute
PEC08-09/      Apologies for Absence
               Mrs Marie Armitage, Joint Director of Public Health
               Ms Cathy Gritzner, Director of Commissioning & Performance
               Ms Jo Harvey, Director of Human Resources
               Mr Tony Kinsella, Head of Performance & Intelligence
               Dr Andrew Lee, Clinician
               Ms Maura Noone, Head of Commissioning, Health & Wellbeing
               Mrs Julia Simms, Head of Medicines Management
               Mr John Webb, Director of Adult Social Services

Draft Minutes PEC (17.06.08): Board Meeting 8 July 2008                                  1/4
Wirral PCT                                                                           Agenda Item: 4.5
                                                                                    Ref: PEC08-09/088
Reference                                                 Minute
PEC08-09/      Declaration of Interests
               There were no declarations of interest.

PEC08-09/      Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 3 June 2008
               The minutes of the previous meeting held on Tuesday 3 June 2008 were agreed as
               a true and accurate record.

PEC08-09/      Matters Arising
               There were no matters arising.

PEC08-09/      Local Agreement – NHS Dental Practice Contract Procurement Procedure
054            Consultation Document
               The Committee received the Local Agreement setting out the procedure to be
               adopted by the PCT when a dental services contract for the provision of ‘Mandatory
               Services’ is terminated, expires or is dissolved.

               The Committee discussed the report and the following points was clarified:
                Contract Renewal – contract will be renewed at the same premises if service
                  delivery/premises are fit for purpose in every respect.
                Retirement – the PCT will not recommission single-handed practice contracts.
                Estates – may be purchased if assessment criteria is met.
                Tendering – process may be implemented if current provider retires in single-
                  handed practice and there is no obvious provider for transfer of contract. Another
                  single-handed practice may not be considered.
                Consultation – document to be submitted to the next Dental Directorate Board
                  (DDB) on 10 July 2008 for discussion and final revision, if required, before being
                  circulated to all Wirral dentists for consultation

               The Committee approved the establishment of the Primary Care Dental
               Appointments Committee (PCDAC) and noted the Consultation document ‘Local

PEC08-09/      Bromborough Dental Practice – Contract Renewal Proposal
               The Committee received the report outlining the intention of Bromborough Dental
               Practice to leave the NHS and the proposal to re-provide services for residents in
               the locality.

               The Committee discussed the report and the following points was clarified:
                Process – initial Expressions of Interest to be requested. Reviewing returning
                  Expressions of Interest, if there is competition above availability a local tendering
                  process will then be followed including PCDAC.
                Patients – should be involved in selection process.
                Timescales – at 6 weeks
                LCD – are in agreement with the proposal for reprovision.

               The Committee approved the recommissioning of 80% of current UDAs with 20%
               retained within the Dentistry Budget noting that this was an estimation of demand.

PEC08-09/      Primary Care Mental Health Service Development - Primary Care Advice Link
056            (PCAL) Service
               The Committee received the report detailing the current Primary Care Advice Link
               Service and proposals for future development of the service which is part of the

Draft Minutes PEC (17.06.08): Board Meeting 8 July 2008                                        2/4
Wirral PCT                                                                         Agenda Item: 4.5
                                                                                  Ref: PEC08-09/088
Reference                                                 Minute
               whole development of Primary Care Mental Health Services.

               The Committee discussed the report and the following points was clarified:
                Costings – to be used for further development of service, signposting of
                  services, training and more robust systems. Has been identified as VfM.
                SLA – to include clear referral pathway and use of a web based system for data
                Implementation plan – to be agreed within agreed contract and in line with the
                  service specification. To be rolled out Wirral-wide.
                Extended service – to be implemented in October 2008.

               The Committee approved the funding of £358,650 for commissioning and the further
               development of the service by the PCT which is currently funded via NRF for
               £175,000 which ceases at the end of June 2008.

PEC08-09/      Paediatric Community Nutrition and Dietetic Service – Development Proposal
               The Committee received the proposal to build on the community based nutrition and
               dietetic service for adults and extend this service, to provide dedicated paediatric
               dietetic provision within the community and offer an in-reach service to WUTH

               The Committee discussed the report and the following points was clarified:
                Staff Funding – to be used for 4 clinical posts (1 to provide link to hospital) and
                  admin support.
                WUTH SLA – to include more detail and ensure PCT in-reach post used
                Eating Disorders – currently provided in hospital setting. Relocating to
                  community to be reviewed.
                Child Obesity – one session currently per week. Discussion required with
                  public health. Pathways being reviewed. Specialist training required.

               The Committee noted that further developments in the service are required but
               acknowledged the progress made on extending this service.

               The PEC approved the funding of £233,934 for a Primary Care based Paediatric
               Dietetic Service and approved the development within the current Community
               Nutrition and Dietetic Service provided by Wirral PCT Primary Care and Provider
               Services Directorate.

PEC08-09/      Wirral Intermediate Heart Failure PBC Service – Update
               The Committee received the update on the progress of the Wirral Intermediate
               Heart Failure PBC Service which has been in place since 14 April 2008.

               The Committee was advised that all posts have been filled and the official launch is
               taking place over a series of events in June 2008 to promote the service to GPs.
               The service has submitted an application for a HSJ Award. The Committee noted
               that Derek Noble, Chair of Wirral Heartbeat has recently received an MBE.

               The Committee noted the progress to date and supported the continuation of this

PEC08-09/      Local Safeguarding Children Board Audit
               The Committee received a report showing the PCTs current position following an
               audit undertaken by the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB).

Draft Minutes PEC (17.06.08): Board Meeting 8 July 2008                                       3/4
Wirral PCT                                                                          Agenda Item: 4.5
                                                                                   Ref: PEC08-09/088
Reference                                                 Minute
               The Committee was advised of the following points:
                Clinical Network – partially met. Job description for a project manager has
                  been developed and will link into Map of Medicine.
                Long-Stay Policy – Wirral has not had a child in hospital for longer than 3
                  months but a policy will be developed.

               The Committee noted that once the audit self assessment has been approved an
               action plan will be developed.

               The Committee noted the outcome of the audit and the progress made.

PEC08-09/      Anticoagulant Therapy – Actions for safer use
               The Committee received the proposal for safer use of anticoagulant therapy as
               recommended by the Anticoagulant Steering Group.

               The Committee discussed the report and the following points was raised:
                Warfarin Dosing – issues highlighted regarding the use of 0.5mg tablets.
                  Computer software to be purchased with minimum standard. Committee noted
                  that these were guidelines and GPs to make a clinical judgement.
                Education & Standardised Practice – to be rolled out via locality heads and
                  included in the LES.
                Costings – implications for localities to be reviewed. Funding of anticoagulant
                  therapy to be considered for BWW Locality as was not originally funded through
                  BWW PCT.
                MoM – to be appropriately linked.
                Yellow Book – to be available in other languages.

               The Committee noted that the Corporate Directors Group supported the proposal. It
               was requested that the word “exceptional” in paragraph 4 be removed.

               The Committee approved the recommendations subject to amendments.

PEC08-09/      Items for Risk Register/Assurance Framework
               The Committee agreed that the risk surrounding of Warfarin Dosing should be
               added to the Risk Register if the guidelines are not implemented.

PEC08-09/      Any Other Business
               Improvements to Older Peoples Mental Health Services
               The Committee was advised of Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation
               Trust intention to propose the relocation of the older peoples inpatient service at the
               Stein Centre, St Catherine’s Hospital to Springview, Clatterbridge for clinical and
               safety reasons. The report would be submitted to the Overview & Scrutiny
               Committee for noting.

PEC08-09/      Date and Time of Next Meeting
               The next Committee will be held on Tuesday 15 July 2008 at 11.00 am in the
               Committee Room, St Catherine’s Hospital.

Draft Minutes PEC (17.06.08): Board Meeting 8 July 2008                                        4/4

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