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									                       Natural Results with Westlake Village

Unlike cosmetic surgeries from the past, modern procedures place more emphasis on the
patient’s individual physical structure to deliver better and more natural results. A body part is
not one-size-fits-all; a certain nose shape is going to look great on one person, but may look
completely unproportional on another person. Thus, the most successful cosmetic surgery will
take into account the patient’s individual physicality, as if the patient was born that way, and that
philosophy is what makes the Plastic Surgery Westlake Village one of the most sought after
centers on the West Coast.

The advantage of many of the services provided here is that each patient receives a completely
personalized evaluation that suits their own facial structures, creating a unique but enhanced look
that is all their own. The surgeons at the plastic surgery center in Westlake Village pay
particular attention to the underlying bone structures and muscle tissues of the patients, important
elements to achieve natural results.

One of the most highly-requested procedures done at this center is for Breast Augmentation
Oxnard. Many female patients are concerned with the appearance of their breasts after life-
changing experiences, such as pregnancy, extreme weight loss, and even breast cancer. Women
are searching for surgeons that are well-verse in breast symmetry and proportion that will
provide a more firm and youthful shape. Breast Augmentation in the Oxnard center specializes
in a variety of procedures for enhanced breasts, from breast enlargement and lift, to revision
procedures after previous surgeries. The type of implant and size will all be determined at your
initial in-office consultation.

This first step is fundamental in that your doctor will assess your physical health so that there
will be no complications during and after your surgery. It is very important to discuss with your
doctor about your medical history, any drug or medication allergies, and to undergo some lab
testing if it is required. Here, your implant type and size will be decided on. He will evaluate
your height, weight, and body frame to determine which size will provide the best enhancement
for you. Implants come in two materials: saline-filled and silicone. A saline-filled implant is
composed of a solid but flexible silicone shell that is filled with a salt water solution. The other
type of implant is the more popular and slightly more expensive silicone one. Made of the same
silicon shell as the saline-filled implant, a silicon implant comprises of a cohesive silicone gel
that has been said to provide more fluid and natural movement in the breasts.

Whatever you and your surgeon have discussed, be confident that the plastic surgery center at
Westlake village will give you the best and customized service for your needs.

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