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Issue: (Thu) 08 Mar, 2012

Dear Valued Customer,

Please be informed the following Weekly Travel News highlights:

1.    Cathay Pacific (CX) - First and Business Class Fares Increase
2.    Singapore Airlines (SQ) - Reservations & Ticketing System Upgrade (Reminder)
3.    Kingfisher Airlines (IT) - Suspended by IATA for non-payment of Dues
4.    British Airways (BA) - Launch Three New Flights Weekly to London Heathrow
5.    Lufthansa (LH) & Swiss (LX) - Extension of Secure Flight Data Collection on US-Overflights
      Effective (Thu) 08Mar12
6.    Royal Brunei Airlines (BI) - Visa free for Macau SAR Passport Holders

Cathay Pacific (CX) - First and Business Class Fares Increase
        Please be informed that First and Business Class Fares will be increased by 3% as below:

       Destination (From Hong Kong
                                                     Class             Fare Increased                   Effective Date
       From Hong Kong to South West
             From Hong Kong to                                                                      For ticket issue on/after
      TC2 (Europe/Middle East/Africa)                                                                     (Fri) 09Mar12
                                               First & Business        Will be increased
             From Hong Kong to                       Class                    3%
         TC1 (USA/South America)
                                                                                                    For ticket issue on/after
       From Canada to TC1 (Canada)                                                             (Fri) 09Mar12 for travel on/after
                                                                                                          (Fri) 23Mar12
     *Remarks: 1. South West Pacific: Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane/Adelaide/Cairns/Perth/Auckland
              2. TC2: London/Paris/Amsterdam/Frankfurt/Rome/Milan/Moscow/Jeddah/Riyadh/Bahrain/Dubai/Abu Dhabi Intl/Johannesburg
              3. TC1: Chicago/New York City/Los Angeles/San Francisco/Vancouver/Toronto

Singapore Airlines (SQ) - Reservations & Ticketing System Upgrade (Reminder)
       Singapore Airlines (SQ) will be upgrading their Reservations and Ticketing system later this year. During the
system upgrade activities, some of their services will experience limited availability. Check-in for flights departing during
the exercise will only be available at the airport.

       In preparation for this event, they will be carrying out a series of rehearsals in February and March 2012 on
selected flights to fine tune the Customer handling process at the airports. In particular, flight SQ001 and SQ859 on
(Sun) 11Mar12 from Hong Kong to Singapore have been selected to participate in the rehearsals.

        For these selected flights, check-in services will only be available at the airport of departure and counters
will open from 3 hours from the scheduled time of departure. Customers are requested to carry them a copy of
their electronic tickets when turning up for check-in. Internet and SMS check-in services will not be available.

        Please contact our BCD Travel Hong Kong Counsellor for more details.
Kingfisher Airlines (IT) - Suspended by IATA for non-payment of Dues
      Beleaguered Kingfisher Airlines (IT) was suspended for non-payment of dues for the second time in just over a
month by the IATA from participating in a system which enables the airlines to settle their interline billings globally.

         "IATA has suspended Kingfisher Airlines' participation in the IATA Clearing House (ICH). This is because the
airline did not settle their ICH account within the stipulated deadline," IATA's assistant director (corporate
communications) Albert Tjoeng said in a statement from Singapore. He said, "Kingfisher's participation in the ICH will be
reinstated after the airline fulfills the ICH requirements."

       This is the second time since (Thu) 02Feb12 that the cash -strapped carrier has been suspended from ICH for
not paying its dues. Earlier, its status was restored ten days later. It has now been suspended once again, IATA sources

        Airlines and airline-associated companies join the IATA Clearing House to settle accounts for services provided
by them to other airlines or firms. The bank accounts of the airline, which is struggling to stay afloat, have been frozen by
the income tax, service tax and excise and customs departments for failing to pay dues.

        Crisis-ridden Kingfisher Airlines had last month also delayed joining the global airlines' grouping 'oneworld'
due to its precarious financial position. It was slated to formally join the airline alliance on (Fri) 10Feb12.

British Airways (BA) - Launch Three new Flights Weekly to London Heathrow
      British Airways (BA) are please to announced that, their three-times-a-week daytime flights from Hong Kong to
London Heathrow, will begin on (Sun) 25Mar12.

        The new flight, BA22, will leave Hong Kong on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9:10 am and arrive at
London Heathrow at 3:00 pm UK time the same day. The new flight from London, BA21, will operate on Wednesdays,
Fridays and Sundays, leaving around noontime UK time and arriving in Hong Kong in the early morning the following day.
The flights are scheduled to operate from (Sun) 25Mar12 to (Sat) 28Apr12, (Sun) 27May12 to (Mon) 03Sep12, and (Wed)
03Oct12 to (Sat) 27Oct12.

Lufthansa (LH) & Swiss (LX) - Extension of Secure Flight Data Collection on US-Overflights
Effective (Thu) 08Mar12
        The American Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has extended its Secure Flight program, covering
now besides flights from/to the US, also US-overflights. According to the TSA, US-overflights are all those flights that
while enroute and as scheduled transit the US airspace. Airlines operating these flights are required to collect and
transmit Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) as previously done on flights to/from the US. This new rule comes into
effect on (Thu) 08Mar12 and concerns flights from this day on.

        In order to comply with this extended SFPD rule, Lufthansa (LH) and Austrian Airlines (OS) are required to
transmit to the US-authorities, the collected Secure Flight Passenger Data (birthday, gender, surname, first name and, if
available, the redress number) 72 hours prior to departure.

        Additionally to the mentioned routes, the collection of SFPD is required for a significant number of flights (city-
pairs), which may either be flown by a LH Partner or OS Partner, a Star Alliance Partner or any other airline,
independent of the carrier/ticket stock being used for the issuance of the ticket.

       Please contact our BCD Travel Hong Kong Counsellor for more details.

Royal Brunei Airlines (BI) - Visa free for Macau SAR Passport Holders
       Macau SAR passport holders are now can enter Brunei without visa for a period of 14 days.
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