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home made energy review

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In this Home Made Energy Review, I give you my honest opinion about this guide and what you
can and can't get out of it. I bought this guide because I am interested in building my own solar
panels and wind turbines. I want to do my part in helping the environment and finding great eco-
friendly product and DIY guides to help people like you find ways to save money and the

I downloaded the Home Made Energy guide with no problems. Included in the guide are:
--Seven Intro Videos
--Seven "How To" Videos
--Sizing Worksheets
--The Guide

Home Made Energy Review - Seven Intro Videos

These seven videos were jam packed with great information! Ben and Bill explain the types of
systems you can have for your home like off grid and on grid system and what components are
needed for the system you want in your home. You will learn electrical fundamentals like volt,
amps, watts and how much it costs to keep lights on in the house (a 100 watt light bulb left on for
10 hours = 1 kilowatt hour) They showed an electric bill and how much 1 kilowatt costs? It costs
11.83 cents to leave one light on for 10 hours. Just having appliances plugged into the wall is
causing load leakage. That information alone will help you want to conserve more electricity. They
also give you a comprehensive list of tools you will need to build your solar panels.

Home Made Energy Review - How To Videos

You follow along while Bill makes a solar panel. He doesn't skip a single step! In fact, you watch
how he makes a mistake in his math in laying out the cells and also in soldering the cells. You
watch how he fixes those mistakes. I thought that was great! Knowing how to fix mistakes will save
you time and money. The videos alone were enough to give me the knowledge I need to easily
build my own solar panel.

Home Made Energy Review - Sizing Worksheets

These worksheets will help you decide on the electrical load you have; how many batteries you
will need; the size of controller and inverter you will need; and how many panels you will need for
the load estimation. Basically, figure out your average daily load or watt hr per day (You can get
that from your electric bill) and put that number on the correct location on the worksheets and it will
calculate everything for you. Easy!
Home Made Energy Review - The Guide

The guide is to me a supplement to the videos. I would never have been able to figure out how to
build a solar panel with the guide alone. I wouldn't need this guide to build a solar panel except as
a reference. The guide shows diagrams on how to build a wind turbine, but I was confused on a
few of the diagrams. With a few calls to support, I may be able to figure it out.

Home Made Energy Review - Conclusion

This was definitely worth the money for building a solar panel. There is no question that anyone
can build a solar panel using these videos. But you won't be able to build a wind mill without more
help. I learned so much more about solar energy and energy systems than I ever could another
way. I am smarter for having watched them.

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