HARDINGSTONE PARISH COUNCIL

Present: Cllr G Greaves, C Greaves, J Bolton, D Adams, K Barton, S Barton, B Wright.
Also present: K Houlihan, PCSO Ron Calvert, PCSO Laura Mitchell, Debbie Shepherd Tesco Community
Champion, and 3 members of the public.

1.Opening         Receive apologies
activities        Apologies were received from:
                  Cllrs Canning, Greenaway and Faichnie.
                  Apologies had also been received from Cllr M Hill (NBC)
                  It was resolved to accept the apologies

                  Declarations of Interest
                  None received

               Approve and sign the minutes of the meetings 28th June 2011
               The minutes of the meeting held on 28th June were approved as a true record.
2. Public Time 2.1. Borough Councillors report
               None received

                  2.2. County Councillors report
                  None received

                  2.3. Report from Police
                  PCSO Ron Calvert reported there has been a marked reduction in anti-social behaviour in recent
                  months. From 1st-25th July there has been one theft of a vehicle, no theft from vehicles,
                  residential burglaries or robbery offences. There had been a total of 9 interactions with the
                  public for feedback where 6 reported no problems and 1 each for dog fouling, litter and parking
                  problems. The Parish Council noted these.
                  There was an update on the two priorities for Nene Valley Ward.
                  1. Alleviate parking problems around the primary schools: the scheme has come to an end due
                      to school holidays. The Police are still working with young people about the importance of
                      road safety.
                  2. Working with land owners to tackle motorcycle nuisance: The Police continue to carry out
                      patrols across hot spot locations and there are patrols planned for every weekend over the
                      summer. In July two section 59 warnings were issued to people found riding in an
                      inconsiderate manner. Should these people be caught again their motorcycles will be
                      confiscated by the Police and they will have to pay a considerable charge to get them back.

                  2.4. Neighbourhood Watch report
                  None received

                  2.5. Public
                  A member of the public advised that he was attending The Parish Council meeting that evening
                  as it was a formal meeting of a statutory body. The Council were asked to be clear in
                  announcing the timescale scale for the recreation ground project.
                  A member of the public advised that The Council should remember that it is the Parish Council
                  who are the elected body and have the statutory mandate. No persons should shake the
                  Council from that position. The member of the public also noted that currently all members of
Hardingstone Parish Council                           1
               the Parish Council are elected and that elections had only taken place in May, when only 11
               people stood for 11 seats.
3.    Council 3.1. To receive the NCALC training calendar
matters       The clerk drew member’s attention to training opportunities available. In particular the new
              training courses for new councillors were noted.

                  3.2. To receive the NCALC local council survey
                  The clerk is to complete this on behalf of the Council.

                  3.3. To receive details of the NCALC AGM October 2011
                  All Northamptonshire councils are invited to attend but Hardingstone PC has had a particular
                  invitation in order to receive their Quality Council certificate at this meeting.
                  It was agreed that representatives of Hardingstone would attend.

4.   Reports 4.1 To receive the schedule of meeting for 2011/12
from         A schedule of meetings for the working groups was circulated for all members.
              4.2 Finance & General Purposes
              a) Finance Summary
             The clerk circulated the finance summary for the 1st quarter. In future the finance summary will
             be circulated on a quarterly basis with the minutes.
             The clerk noted the following:
                  50% of the precept to date has been received. (The second instalment to be received in
                     October as is standard practice)
                  £2950 worth of grant income had been for the youth project received by 30 June 2011. A
                     further £5300 had been awarded and would be received in the coming months.
                  The net cost of the youth project was expected to be substantially under budget due to
                     the grant income received.
                  Costs under Parish land were associated with mowing of the recreation ground and
                     Village maintenance included the village warden and maintenance of street
                  Utility costs at the Parish Room had been high during the extremely cold winter.
                     However it was noted that the bill for the May/June/July period was only £32.23, water
                     rates will be part recharged to Scouts and Guides.
              b) To approve the amended financial regulations to allow for the payment of invoices via
                  Direct Debit and electronic means.
             It was proposed and seconded and unanimously resolved to amend financial regulations to
             allow for the payment of bills by direct debit and electronic banking.
             Direct debit mandates to be signed by two councillors and reviewed annually.
              c) To approve the amended financial regulations to allow for the payment of invoices via
                  procurement card
             It was proposed and seconded and unanimously resolved to amend financial regulations to
             allow for payments to be made via procurement card (£500 limit)

                   d) Payments for approval: To approve the payments to be made in July.

                       K Houlihan                       Salary July                        £480.69
                       Keith Rose                       Village Maintenance                £352.16
                       Hardingstone Girl Guides         S137 replacement cheque            £300
                       Wootton and East Hunsbury        NB cheque previously raised for    £1800
                       Parish Council                   wrong amount
Hardingstone Parish Council                             2
                      Wicksteed Leisure              Replacement swing seats                  £268.21
                      Park Landscapes                Mowing recreation ground                 £360.00
                      Bouverie House                 Donation (proceeds of fete raffle)       £71.20
                      Cha Cha Entertainments         Punch and Judy fete                      £130
                      Peter Clarke Butchers          Burgers etc fete                         £112
                      S Barton                       Costs for fete                           £125.53
                      Northampton Academy            Printing                                 £17
                  It was resolved to approve the payments to be made in July.

                   4.3 Open Spaces and Environment
                 a) To note progress with provision of Planters / Notice board.
                  These will be installed week commencing 8th August 2011.
                  The total cost of the planters this is expected to be £200 approx (£300 under the budget for
                  this project)
                 b) To note progress with the recreation ground consultation.
                  Up to £100,000 has been set aside for the improvement work to the Recreation Ground. This
                  will include play equipment for all ages, access, security and lighting if required. The formal
                  consultation has now closed and a proposed master plan will be shared with the village during
                  September. Details will be on the notice boards. Tenders for the work will be invited in line with
                  Hardingstone Parish Council financial regulations. The Council is unable to give a specific date of
                  start of works until the tender process has been completed.
                 c) To note progress with the leases.
                  The scouts have requested a 99 year lease; this will be discussed in more detail at open spaces
                  group and a recommendation made to the September meeting. Further feedback will be sought
                  from the guides.
                 d) To review the request for benches at the Parish meeting room
                  This will be discussed at the land users meeting.

                 4.4 Community
              a. a) To note the outcome of the fete.
                 The fete had been very successful. Positive feedback had been received from local groups who
                 had the opportunity to raise funds at the fete. The total cost of the fete was £100 approx.
                 Thanks were passed to Debbie Shepherd Tesco’s community champion for their kind donation
                 of raffle prizes. Thanks were also passed to Sadie Barton and the clerk for organising the fete
                 and to all volunteers who helped on the day.
              b. b) To approve the Service Level Agreement for the provision of Youth Services between
                 Wootton and East Hunsbury Parish Council and Hardingstone Parish Council.
                 It was unanimously resolved to accept the amended service level agreement as discussed at
                 the June meeting. It was noted that the SLA included targets set by NCC as a requirement of
              c. c) To note the priority for 2011/12 is the website.
                 The council acknowledged and thanked the volunteer who has offered to support the council in
                 developing the website.

              d. d) To note progress with the village sign and outcome of the consultation at the fete
                 The clerk had received very positive feedback to the village sign consultation held at the fete.
                 This will be combined with feedback from the youth project and a final decision made at the
                 September meeting.

                  4.5 Planning & Highways
                  a) To note the applications received from NBC.
Hardingstone Parish Council                             3
                  No new applications had been received. The application for No1 Ansell Way is expected to be
                  amended and resubmitted.
                  b) It was noted that the LDS had not been approved by the WNJPU. Whilst this would mean
                  that housing allocations for the area would be revisited councillors noted that the down side of
                  this was that there was no strategic plan for the area.

5.    Reports Items requiring a decision are for the next agenda.
from          1. Councillor Bolton asked it to be minuted that she did not support the production of the
Councillors      leaflet distributed at the village meeting.
not covered 2. Councillor C Greaves drew the Councils attention to the next Friends of Hardingstone Coffee
in Committee     Morning on the first Saturday of every month from 10am-11.30am in the Parish Room. All
reports          welcome.

Hardingstone Parish Council                           4

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