Elements of a Play_1_ by hcj


									  Elements of a Play

What are the 5 components of a
         play’s script?
   List of characters
   Setting (includes time and place)
   “As the curtain rises” – what the audience will
    see as the play begins
   Dialogue – the name of the speaker is often in
    bold and capitals followed by a colon
   Brackets – indicate to the reader/actor
    information not provided by speech (ie. actions,
    attitude, tone)
         NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!!
   Using your silent reading novel, create your own
   You must base your play around a
    problem/conflict from your novel and it must be
    resolved throughout the course of the play.
   It will be due on Monday, Nov. 16th.
   You must include your rough draft with the final
   Don’t forget to include a title.
   Length – 3 to 4 pages
       You will be assessed on the
 (5) FORMAT – correct use of 5 elements
 (5) BRACKETS – do they provide the reader/actor with
  the information required to understand/act out the play
  the way the writer intended
 (5) CONVENTIONS – complete sentences, punctuation,
  spelling, etc.
 (5) CONTENT – is the problem/conflict introduced and
  resolved completely and fluently
 (5) Cover – can be drawn or printed but must reflect the
 (5) Presentation – care and effort put into the final

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