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词汇量从 5300 上升到 5500
abdomen – accountant –addict –blackmail – composite –divine --entity – evacuate – formidable
–glamour –hurricane – interim -juvenile – layman –marital –metaphor – ozone – pharmacy-
prototype – questionnaire – ritual –scrutiny-spectrum
Co-: coauthor; coexist; co-operate        Bi-: bilingual; bicycle;
Counter-: counteract; counterattack; counterclockwise
Extra-:extracurricular; extraordinary; extramarital;
Multi-: multinational; multipurpose; multidimensional;
Mal-: malfunction; maltreat; malnutrition; malign; malignant
Pseudo-: pseudonym; pseudo-science;
-free: carefree; duty-free; -ics: economics; statistics; linguistics; electronics
-an,-ian,-arian: librarian; musician;
Canada: Canadian; Canadian;
Greece: Greek; Greek; Greek
Israel: Israeli; Israeli
Sweden: Swedish; Swedish; Swedish
cm: centimeter; BA: Bachelor of Arts; B.C.: before Christ
i.e.: that is; VIP: very important person; PS: postscript



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The passage is mainly about ______.
The best title for this passage might be _______.
The passage was written to explain______.
2) 段落主旨
From the first (last, 2nd, 3rd, etc) paragraph, conclusion can be drawn that ______.
We learn from the first (last, 2nd, 3rd, etc) paragraph that ______.
意识不断重复的观点;3)通过以“in short”, “therefore”等引导的结论句回过头看主题句。
What is the tone of this passage?
The author’s attitude towards…might be summarized as _____.
In the author’s opinion, _______.
The author thinks (believes, suggests, deems, asserts) that______.
Objective; impartial; helpful; positive; supporting; admiring; interesting; unbiased; concerned;
confident; impressive; optimistic
Detached; factual; indifferent; impassive; uninterested; ambivalent; apathetic; neutral; impersonal
Disgusting; critical; negative; intolerable; disappointed; subjective; biased; doubtful; worried;
pessimistic; hostile;reserved;cautious
The phrase (word, sentence) “…” most probably means _____.
When the author says that…, he means ______.
What does the author probably mean by “..” in …paragraph?
细节事实题:占 40%。           (技巧:对原文进行部分重复,但替换某些词组或表达,关键找出同

     But the human mind can glimpse a rapidly changing scene and immediately disregard the 98
percent that is irrelevant, instantaneously focusing on the monkey at the side of a winding forest
road or the single suspicious face in a big crowd. The most advanced computer systems on Earth
can’t approach that kind of ability, and neuroscientists still don’t know quite how we do it. (2002)
Q. The author uses the example of a monkey to argue that robots are
A.Expected to copy human brain in internal structure.
B.Able to perceive abnormalities immediately.

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C.Far less able than human brain in focusing on relevant information.
D.Best used in a controlled environment.
    In any case, basic computer skills are only complementary to the host of real skills that are
necessary to becoming any kind of professional. (1999)
Q. According to the author, basic computer skills should be______
A.Included as an auxiliary course in school
B.Highlighted in acquisition of professional qualifications
C.Mastered through a life-long course
D.Equally emphasized by any school, vocational or otherwise
The longest extension ever granted was to Georges Valensi; his 1939 patent for color TV receiver
circuitry was extended until 1971 because for most of the patent’s normal life there was no color
TV to receive and thus no hope of reward for the invention. (1993)
Q. George Valensi’s patent lasted until 1971 because_____
A.Nobody would offer any reward for his patent prior to that time
B.His patent could not be put to use for an unusually long time
C.There were not enough TV stations to provide color programmes
D.The color TV receiver was not available until that ime
The world is going through the biggest wave of mergers and acquisitions ever witnessed. The
process sweeps from hyperactive America to Europe and reaches the emerging countries with
unsurpassed might. (2001)
Q. What is the typical trend of businesses today?
A.To take in more foreign funds
B.To invest more abroad
C.To combine and become bigger
D.To trade with more countries
     By drawing attention to new ideas it (advertising) helps enormously to raise standards of
living. By helping to increase demand it ensures an increased need for labour, and is therefore an
effective way to fight unemployment. It lowers the costs of many services: without advertisements
your daily newspaper would cost four times as much…(1995)
Q. In the passage, which of the following is NOT included on the advantages of advertising?
A.Securing greater fame.
B.Providing more jobs.
C.Enhancing living standards.
D.Reducing newspaper cost.
转折与对比处(由 but, however, unlike, in fact 等引导)
      Reporters tend to be part of a broadly defined social and cultural elite, so their work tends to
reflect the conventional values of this elite. The astonishing distrust of the news media isn’t rooted
in inaccuracy or poor reportorial skills but in the daily clash of world views between reporters and
their readers. (2001)
Q. The basic problem of journalists as pointed out by the writer lies in their______

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考研英语讲座                                                            SMU 外语培训中心 唐伟胜

A. working attitude           B. conventional lifestyle
C. World outlook         D. educational background

I believe that the most important forces behind the massive M&A wave are the same that underlie
the globalization process: falling transportation and communication costs, lower trade and
investment barriers and enlarged markets that require enlarged operations capable of meeting
customers’ demands. (2001)
Q. According to the author, one of the driving forces behind the M&A wave is_____.
A. the greater customer demands
B. a surplus supply for the market
C. a growing productivity
D. the increase of the world’s wealth

“Large numbers of physicians seem unconcerned with the pain their patients are needlessly and
predictably suffering,” to the extent that it constitutes “systematic patient abuse.” He says medical
licensing boards “must make it clear… that painful deaths are presumptively ones that are
incompetently managed and should result in license suspension.” (2002)
Q. George Annas would probably agree that doctor should be punished if they_____.
A. manage their patients incompetently
B. give patients more medicine than needed
C. reduce drug dosages for their patients
D. prolong the needless suffering of the patients

英语文章特点:1)用词考究、正式;2)句子结构复杂(平均 33 词)                                          ;3)文章内容抽象;
常见考点:1)定语从句;2)宾语从句;3)被动语态句; 4)代词指代;5)比较从句;
    The method of scientific investigation is nothing but the expression of the necessary mode of
working of the human mind; it is simply the mode by which all phenomena are reasoned about
and given precise and exact explanation.
      科学研究的方法不过是人类思维活动的必要表达方式,                                  也就是对一切现象进行思考并给
以精确而严谨解释的表达方式。                    (前置法)                   But world attention also is focusing on
another step which will make the smoker increasingly self-conscious and uncomfortable
about his habit.
      同时,    人们正把注意力集中到另一项措施上。                        这项措施将使吸烟者越来越意识到自己的
不良习惯,并为此感到不安。                   (后置翻译)
Behaviourists suggest that the child who is raised in an environment where there are many
stimuli which develop his or her capacity for appropriate responses will experience greater
intellectual development.
      行为主义者认为,          如果一个儿童在有很多刺激物的环境里成长,                             而这些刺激物能够发展

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考研英语讲座                                                           SMU 外语培训中心 唐伟胜

其做出适当反应的能力,那么,这个儿童将会有更好的智力发展。                                     (定语从句表达条件)
        Its beginnings obscured by unemployment caused by the world economic slow-down, the
new technological unemployment may emerge as the great socio-economic challenge of the end of
the 20th century.
      新技术所引起的失业在开始时被全球经济衰退所造成的失业掩盖了,                                              但到了 20 世纪末,
它却可能会成为重大的社会经济问题。                          (根据语法结构判断)
3. 被动语态的翻译
This seems mostly effectively done by supporting a certain amount of research not related to
immediate goals but of possible consequence in the future.(1996)
      给某些与当前目标无关但将来可能产生影响的科研给予支持,                                         看来通常能有效地解决这
一问题。      (原文主语译成宾语,将原文被动句翻译为主动句)
4. 非谓语句的翻译
   This has the entirely unintended result of making the food supply inadequate and lowering
the standard of life in the parts of the world that have the greatest populations.
      这就导致了完全无意要达到的结果:                        使世界上人口最多的地区粮食供应短缺、                           人民生活
   The point is this: without agreement on the rights of people, arguing about the rights of animals
is fruitless. It leads the discussion to extremes at the outset: it invites you to think that animals
should be treated either with the consideration humans extend to other humans, or with no
consideration at all.

     Another result of automation should be to accelerate the accumulation of surplus capital,
which could then be made available for the purpose of assisting the emerging countries to solve
some of the problems of underdevelopment.
     工业自动化的另一个结果必然是加速剩余资本的积累,                                    而这些剩余资本可用于帮助新兴
     Such teenagers harbour a generalized resentment against society, which denies them the
rights and privileges of adults, although physically they are mature.
     像这样的十几岁的孩子往往对社会存有普遍的逆反心理,                                      虽然他们发育成熟,            但社会并
     Young scientists cannot realize too soon that existing scientific knowledge is not nearly so
complete, certain and unalterable as many textbooks seem to imply.
     年轻科学家应尽快认识到,                    现有的科学知识远不像许多教科书所叙述的那样全面、                               那样
     A creative person will almost never follow a set pattern in developing an idea. To do so
would tend to structure his thinking and might limit the creation of possible solutions.

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     译文 1: 一个创造性的人几乎永远不会遵循一种固定模式去发展一种思想。这样做倾
     译文 2:一个有创造性的人,在构思一种想法时,几乎永远不会墨守成规,因为那样就
     Nobody knows for sure, but most experts think it will soon be difficult to obtain sufficient
electricity from these sources.

简介:一篇长度 500-600 词的文章,其中有 5 段空白,文章后面设 7 个选段,要求考生在
其中选择最适合的内容分别填进空白处,每小题 2 分,共 10 分。
Part B
In the following article, some sentences have been removed. For Questions 41-45, choose the most
suitable one from the list A-G to fit into each of the numbered blank. There are two extra choices,
which do not fit in any of the gaps. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET 1. (10 points)
     Long before Man lived on the Earth, there were fishes, reptiles, birds, insects, and some
mammals. Although some of these animals were ancestors of kinds living today, others are now
extinct, that is, they have no descendants alive now. 41)___________________.
     Very occasionally the rocks show impression of skin, so that, apart from color, we can build
up a reasonably accurate picture of an animal that died millions of years ago. The kind of rock in
which the remains are found tells us much about the nature of the original land, often of the plants
that grew on it, and even of its climate.
     42)________________________. Nearly all of the fossils that we know were preserved in
rocks formed by water action, and most of these are of animals that lived in or near water. Thus it
follows that there must be many kinds of mammals, birds, and insects of which we know nothing.
     43)________________________. There were also crab-like creatures, whose bodies were
covered with a horny substance. The body segments each had two pairs of legs, one pair for
walking on the sandy bottom, the other for swimming. The head was a kind of shield with a pair
of compound eyes, often with thousands of lenses. They were usually an inch or two long but
some were 2 feet.
     44) _______________________. Of these, the ammonites are very interesting and important.
They have a shell composed of many chambers, each representing a temporary home of the animal.
As the young grew larger it grew a new chamber and sealed off the previous one. Thousands of
these can be seen in the rocks on the Dorset Coast.
     45) ________________________.

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考研英语讲座                                                           SMU 外语培训中心 唐伟胜

     About 75 million years ago the Age of Reptiles was over and most of the groups died out.
The mammals quickly developed, and we can trace the evolution of many familiar animals such as
the elephant and horse. Many of the later mammals, though now extinct, were known to primitive
man and were featured by him in cave paintings and on bone carvings.

[A] The shellfish have a long history in the rock and many different kinds are known.
[B] Nevertheless, we know a great deal about man of them because their bones and shells have
been preserved in the rocks as fossils. From them we can tell their size and shape, how they
walked, the kind of food they ate.
[C] The first animals with true backbones were the fishes, first known in the rocks of 375 million
years ago. About 300 million years ago the amphibians, the animals able to live both on land and
in water, appeared. They were giant, sometimes 8 feet long, and many of them lived in the
swampy pools in which our coal seam, or layer, or formed. The amphibians gave rise to the
reptiles and for nearly 150 million years these were the principal forms of life on land, in the sea,
and in the air.
[D] The best index fossils tend to be marine creatures. These animals evolved rapidly and spread
over large areas of the world.
[E] The earliest animals whose remains have been found were all very simple kinds and lived in
the sea. Later forms are more complex, and among these are the sea-lilies, relations of the
star-fished, which had long arms and were attached by a long stalk to the sea bed, or to rocks.
[F] When an animal dies, the body, its bones, or shell, may often be carried away by strams into
lakes or the sea and there get covered up by mud. If the animal lived in the sea its body would
probably sink and be covered with mud. More and more mud would fall upon it until the bones or
shell become embedded and preserved.
[G] Many factors can influence how fossils were preserved in rocks. Remains of an organism may
be replaced by minerals, dissolved by an acidic solution to leave only their impression, or simply
reduced to a more stable form.
41 题句前文说,有些动物已经灭绝了,而后一段则提到通过岩石(rock)我们可以了解很早
以前的动物。很显然,41 题句是过渡句(转折上句,接承下句)                                         ,看选项,只有[B]中有转
42 题句所在段明显在讲动物化石是如何形成的,所以选择[F]。
做 43 题句时,我们已经知道前文在讲化石如何形成,再看后句,There were also crab-like
creatures (还有形似螃蟹的动物) “also”一词提醒我们前文应该在讲某些动物,只有[E]
第 44 题句前文讲两类动物,我们可以推测文章会继续讲其他类动物(当然也可能在此转移
话题,要注意判断!。            )“of these”   (其中)提示我们第 44 句在提供“一大类动物”的信息,
然后才有“其中”的承接关系。虽然我们也许不认识 ammonites,但紧跟一句我们知道,这
第 45 题句之前,我们知道已经讲了三类动物,文章完全可能继续讲第四类(同样需要判断
作者思路是否在此发生转移!,                  ) 但似乎[C]和[D]都在讲某类动物,                   此时需要通过下文来判断。
下文说“About 75 million years ago the Age of Reptiles was over and most of the groups died
out.” (大约 7 千 5 百万年前,爬行动物时代结束,这一类动物大都灭绝了)                                         ,那么第 45 句是

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考研英语讲座                                                              SMU 外语培训中心 唐伟胜

however,also, among these,in addition 等;注意各段的主题词,然后在选项中寻找。
     Scientific inventions and discoveries greatly influence cultural variability (变化性), they
affect tradition, customs, beliefs and faiths. They not only affect the present and future ideology of
a society but also practically bring about changes in artistic products and cultural environment.
They quite often undermine the spiritual aspect of cultural life and provide material patterns.
Inventions and discoveries bring about changes in the mode of production, art, morals, customs,
laws, literature, etc. The changing mode of production affects the culture. Karl Marx held that the
culture of capitalist countries differed from that of socialist countries because of the differences in
the modes of production.
     What does culture do? The first function of culture is to make man a human being. It is
culture that regulates his conduct and prepares him for group life. 41)_______________________.
The culture of a group plays a major part in the heightening human qualities of its individuals and
saves them from avoiding participation in the cultural stream.
     The culture of the group must give to its individual the capacity to lead a social life as an
effective member of society. 42)________________________________.
     The second important role of culture is to keep social relationship intact so that the group as a
whole can maintain and develop the values and ideals of the group through the regulation of
behaviors of its members and by satisfying their primary needs and objectives in respect of the
necessities and luxuries of life. People learn to behave socially in a group because their behavior is
subject to approval or disapproval.
     43)___________________________. A cultural advanced group is also capable of providing
a coordinated set-up to take the best out of each member and in return give the necessary comfort
for personal development, recreation and emotional living. 44)__________________________.
     The next important function of culture is to instantly provide new interpretation to different
situations arising from the traditional cultural elements transmitted to the group
45)_____________________________________. For instance, in the modern era it is the duty of
the school and other institutions of a group to tell its members that if a cat crosses his way he
needs not consider it unfortunate and give up the new projects, which is needed in the modern
norms of society.
     However, these interpretations based on tradition may differ from culture to culture. Among
some cultures the owl may still be regarded as a symbol of bad luck while in others it may be
symbol of wisdom.

     A. The culture of a group provides a number of controls on the irrational conducts for its
members. It organizes many cultural aids like schooling, provision of work, outlet to talent, etc.
these outlets go to provide rationality and responsibility to the members and integrate them
mentally, morally and sentimentally in the group.
     B. Provision of interpretation to traditional culture helps the reorientation (重新定位) of
present and future cultural trends, putting them on the right track.
     C. It teaches him the art of living as per the cultural traits of the group. He takes the food,
wears the clothes, goes to school, speaks the language and does so man other little things of

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考研英语讲座                                                            SMU 外语培训中心 唐伟胜

day-to-day life which are a part of the conventional norms, mores (风俗), laws, customs and
morals of the group.
     D. The most important vehicle of cultural diffusion is mass communication, tourism, and
exchange of educational and cultural delegations and teams, literature, film, etc.
     E. With the induction of the individual as an effective participant in the social life of the
group, one can greatly gain by the utilization of energy of the individual in different constructive
activities, which not only provides satisfaction on to the individual but also benefits the group.
     F. This process, although indirect and slow, has in due course a lasting impact as it appeals to
the coming generations of the foreign countries which are still not fully socialized to the local
     G. It must also provide other facilities for broadening the vision of the individual members so
as to provide necessary motivations for creation in different fields of social activity including
production of pieces of art, handicrafts and scientific implements and equipments which the group
may need for the satisfaction of its different cultural and material requirements.

1)选词:正式还是非正式?如 pass away –die—kick the bucket; eliminate—kill –wipe out;
terminate—end; variation –change; etc.
Thank you for your help in advance– your help will be highly appreciated;
“He is a decisive man. He knows what to do at any time.”—He is such a decisive man that he
never hesitates about his responsibility under whatever circumstances.
3) 语气:诙谐还是庄重?

写作 A (新题型) : 依据所给情景写一篇约 100 词(不计标点)的应用性短文,10 分。
         :依据所提示的信息写一篇 160-200 词(不计标点)的短文,20 分。
写作 B (老题型)
1)字数要求不同:PART A 应在 10 分钟左右完成;
2)文体要求不同:注意分析 PART A 中要求写什么,写给谁看,由此决定文体及语域的选
择(正式还是非正式?)  ;PART B 多为正式文体,以议论、叙述或夹叙夹议为主;

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考研英语讲座                                                             SMU 外语培训中心 唐伟胜

3)考察要点不同:PART A 形式灵活,注重实际交流中的信息传达(如道歉信、求职信、
寻物通知、给同学留的各种便条如借书、讲座、延课、介绍等)   ,多不要求正式语言,主要
考察是否将要求的信息正确完整地传达。PART B 强调文章结构,论述的完整性,使用复杂
4)评分标准不同:PART A 主要关注信息传达的完整性,格式的正确性;PART B 主要关注

(1)评分时,先根据文章的内容和语言确定其所属档次,然后以该档次的要求给分,调节 1-3 分。
(2)A 节作文的字数要求是 100 词左右。B 节要求 160-200 词,文章长度不符合要求的,酌情扣分。

You lost your sports shirt, so you write a notice found. It includes the following information:
1)About when and where it was lost
2)The color, style and character of your sport shirt
3)Your name and contact information

Yesterday, I played football in the grassland of xx Park from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Before leaving,
I forgot to put on my shirt and I thought I must have left it behind somewhere in the center garden.
When I got back home, I found that my shirt was lost. I returned to the playing ground, but failed
to find it in the place where I put it.
It is cotton sport shirt with blue and white in color. There is a lovely bear printed in front of the
shirt. Whoever found it, please kindly inform me about it. My name is Mary and my phone
number is 12345678. (110 words)

As is shown in the picture, we can see clearly that love is like a lamp and the darker the
environment is, the brighter love is. And it is no denying that among all the worthy feelings of
mankind, love is the noblest. Actually, because of love, many people in trouble get help and
encourage, so they will try their best to overtake the difficulty and look forward to a better future.
What’s more, when others are in trouble, they take helping them for granted. Therefore, love will
be found all over the world.(94)
描写段字数分量太大,压缩了主要段落。共 5 句,有语法错误,最后两句似乎与提示图画无关。
Several years ago, some areas suffer disaster because of heavy rain. The PLA help them rebuild

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考研英语讲座                                                            SMU 外语培训中心 唐伟胜

their families. This year, Taiwan also suffer disaster because of the earthquake. Many people in
our country do our best to help them. (40)
It is necessary to take some measure to spread the love. For one thing, we should encourage
people who have love and are happy to help others. For another, we should enhance the awareness
of people that love is benefit for all of this society. Also I make sure that by this way, we have a
brighter future. (59) (12 分)

The picture shows a beautiful American girl in traditional Chinese costume. She is also wearing
traditional Chinese adornments. She is smiling happily. Obviously she likes the costume very
much. (29 words)
描写段共 29 词,4 个简单句,突出描写服饰特征和脸部特征。难词只有:adornment(装饰品)
I think this picture is quite meaningful. It is meant to tell us that cultures are not only national,
but they are also international. Traditional Chinese costumes symbolize Chinese national culture.
They are our nation’s pride. That’s why President Jiang Zemin and the other heads of state wore
traditional Chinese costume at the Shanghai APEC meeting. In that sense, cultures are national.
On the other hand, cultures are also international. As China gets more and more open to the
outside world, more and more foreign friends become interested in the Chinese culture. Many of
them come to China to learn the Chinese language and to study the Chinese culture. The American
girl in the picture is one of them, I suppose.(122)
分析段共 122 词,10 个句子:6 个简单句,1 个并列句,3 个复合句;短句 5 个,长句 5 个,其中最长句
                            ;分析文化的民族性(4 句,举例)
为 22 词,其次为 20 词。首先指出图形意义(2 句)               ;文化的世界性(4
It is exciting to know that the Chinese culture is known and accepted by more and more foreign
friends. This is a good phenomenon, but we must never stop our efforts to introduce our splendid
culture to the world. In the meantime, we should also learn from the splendid cultures of the
world so as to enhance our national culture. I look forward to the day when Chinese culture is
found in every corner of the world.(78 )
评论段共 78 词,4 个句子:1 个简单句,2 个复合句,1 个并列句;均为长句,最长句为 21 词,其次为 20

1)as can be indicated (seen) in the table…(如图所示)
2)from this chart /diagram /table /graph we can see clearly that…(我们从图表中可以看出)
3)the table /chart /diagram /graph tells us/ shows /reveal/ …(如图所示)
11)Men may be superior to women in physical affairs. Yet, there is no difference in intelligence.
12)people’s attitude towards drugs varies from person to person.
13)Some people are in favor of informal education, while others are strongly against it,
condemning it as ineffective.
14)Each has its benefits and drawbacks / advantages and disadvantages / gains and losses /

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positive and negative aspects.
15)X is different from Y in that X is …while Y is…
21) It is no simple a task to give the reason for this complicated phenomenon.
22) There are several causes for this significant growth in…. Firstly…, Second…, Finally…23) A
number of factors could account for ( explain ) the development in…24) The change in…largely
results from the fact that…25) The demand has increased. Therefore ( so, as a result, accordingly,
consequently, because of that, thus, hence, for this reason, now), the prices are higher.
26) The prices are higher because of (as a result of, on account of, owing to) an increase in

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